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The day was long and hard. The Redd Army moved on us from all front's. The casualties were high 2 to 1 ratio in favor of the Redds. When things looked like all was lost and that the day was in the Hands of the enemy. We received reinforcements from the newly formed Sovereign Company which turned the tied of battle in to the Brotherhoods favor.
I stood there tired as hell and in disbelief at the fact we had Actually won against them.
"Get some rack time" a voice said through the pain and fatigue. Moaning I pulled of my Helmet and noticed it was Silent who had spoken. "What sleep?" I said sarcastically "Never heard of it Ill sleep when Im dead again" I chuckled. Ignoring me he continued "Its been 3 days since you've had any rack time so im making that an order" He said. Too tired to argue I headed towards the Barracks. "Weird" I thought. Taking orders from Silent like that but then again im lucky that im even here and have a place to go to bigger then a 6x4 white room.

Every thing turned into one big blurr as i walked the corridors to my rack. I did however notice some old faces among all the new ones along my journey. Entering the Barracks i strode over to my bunk. I said aloud "There you are beautiful did you miss me". From the shadows a voice said whimsically "Yes you never call never write I was beginning to think you were dead" A small book flew out at me as the person who threw it followed it out into the dimly lite barracks. Turning I caught the book in mid air. Turning It over realized it wasn't a book at all more of a "Journal". In an instant I was fully awake and aware as the ice cold sweat began to cover my body and my stomach began to turn.

My eyes went from the Journal to the person who had thrown it. General Purple. Our eyes meet and locked. I could tell he wasn't happy with me right at the moment not happy at all and the shitty thing was. I knew exactly why he was angry. It was purple who spoke first I couldn't find the words too. "You know he asked me to give it to some one and make sure they read it." he paused to compose him self. "But for the life of me i couldn't bear to part with it and I couldn't bring my self to read it." Angrily he said "So Im ordering you to" then Barking out the last part "READ IT". It took a little while to read it not because it was long more because it hurt to much and I was stalling.

Finishing the Journal I looked up at Purple with out saying any thing. "So answer me this question before i put you in the brig and fprget where the key is" he paused catching his breath " Why is the Dead owner of that Journal up walking around as a Lt Colonel in Sovereign Company. I said exactly what I was supposed to say "Its Classified Sir".
His face began to turn the color of his call sign. "ClassifiedIm the second Highest Rank in this Army what can be classified from me and who could make it that way." I just stared at him raising my eyebrow as it dawned on him who had made this happen besides my self. "of course Anarchy" he whispered as the tears welled up into his eyes.

I couldn't take it any more "to hell with my order's" I thought. It was me who spoke this time "It wasn't Anarchy per say He did give the order for Project Phoenix for the cloning of all of the Blue Army Spartans it was our Contingency plane in case the Brotherhood was defeated completely. You know the saying to live to fight another day." I paused this time steadying my self trying to explain what happened to the Blue Army after the Fall of Reach to the Redd Army. "I...He was givin Command of the project". Purple interrupted. "Whos he?" I paused for what seemed an eternity as the realization came across his Face "Your not Lloyd". I continued confirming his thought "Yes I am not the Lloyd you knew from Reach My call Sign the one you knew As Lloyd gave me the call sign BluesArcAngel we were to defend the science installation where all the clones were housed."

The memories of what happened welled up in side of me. It was like looking in a mirror in slow motion while watching your self being killed. Sighing i continued "Brigadear General Lloyd died at Installation Ora Defending Project Phoenix. While the fire fight ensued one of the pods activated...Yes it was Messi's and to answer your next question he couldn't bring himself to terminate him. SO we stuck him in a cryopod and gave him false memories of his life before. Lloyd went down with the installation while he ordered me to take Messi and reinteragrate him into Blue. He thinks he has amneasea it explains the holes in his memories. And as they say the rest you know."

We looked at each other for a few seconds. Purple spoke first "From what I see there are two options I put you both in the brig or not" he paused as to think it over " Im going to choose the second option we need the people and this would bring unneeded drama at a critical point in the war so as long as you keep your mouth shut Ill keep this dirty little secret agreed?" I nodded He continued" Its good to have you both even if it isnt the way it used to be" as he walked away "get some sleep that's an order"

The End

Sorry Messi Spartans never die. They just either go m.i.a or I clone em lol

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DAMNNNN, What a twist >.>

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Lawls I'm in it.

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