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If you havent read it already please do so this is what started this whole thing.
Journey-Of-A-Journal!-(An-excerpt-to-a-Beletorian) (http://fcwars.net/forums/showthread.php?10017-Journey-Of-A-Journal!-(An-excerpt-to-a-Beletorian))

Chapter One

"89" pant clap "90" pant clap "91" pant clap. My body was covered from one end to the other in sweat. It wasn't from the repetition I currently was doing. No it was from being tranked. It felt like they had used enough on me to stop an Elephant. "92" pant clap "93" pant clap. Slightly chuckling to my self in between reps and breathing i thought "they probably did". I could feel 3 distinct spots where the darts had penetrated where my armor was the weakest. I could barley recall the EMP that took out my shield then the multiple cracks from gun fire that echoed in the court yard then to waking up here an hour or so ago. "94" pant clap "95" pant clap.

Most people that I have captured and threw in a cell in similar circumstance woke up pissed of and yelling stuff like "Why am I here" "I haven't done any thing" "This is all a terrible mistake contact whosiwatzzit they will explain every thing". Me on the other hand I had a good inkling as to why the hell I suddenly found my self on the other side of the locked door. Yeah I knew alright. It all could be summed up to two words Project Phoenix plus the fact the man I am pretending to be died defending that project. "100" pant clap.

The buzzer to my cell went off then some one spoke "Stand up, move to the the door and stick both of your arms out". I complied Click click. Some one probably one of the guards had just put shackles on my wrist's. "Now move to the back of the cell, then turn around". I couldn't recognize the voice past the fact it was male and semi deep. They purposely made these speakers this way to leave you wondering. I complied. The door opened. The same voice now more pronounced more clear then the speaker Barked "On your knees hands behind your head, now cross your ankles. I complied again. At that moment the room filled with three Marines I could tell from the boots and the sounds their body armor made as they quickly moved in. I contemplated on making a break for it just for giggles knowing I probably wouldn't even make it out the door there are safe guards in place to make sure some thing like that wouldn't happen. Just then the air recycling system must have kicked back on because at that moment my nose confirmed what I had suspected. I picked up the smell of the carbon nano-fiber tube's that make up the exoshell of a Spartans armor. "So trying to fight my way out was out of the question at least for now'. "Like I would really even try". "I am about to get what I deserve" I thought.

As the Marines finished shackling my feet then my hands to the belt they put on me I could here some familiure voices from the hall way out side of the detention room I currently had the misfortune of being in. I could hear one of them say to the other " This has to be a joke or some kind of mistake were talking about Lloyd here". Another voice interrupted the first. "No Zeke I wont tell him I was the one who shot him in the butt". So not two Spartans there were three and I knew every one of them. "Wait what? I thought "ALL three shot me, figures" I smiled.

The Marine right behind me Barked "On your feet Solder" simultaneously he went weapons hot buy turning off his safety on his weapon . The other two moved to either side of me to assist me up because I couldn't bend my legs far enough to do so on my own. After I was on my feet and turned around facing the First Marine in front of the cell door the other two did the same while falling back behind me to a safe distance. "Slowly, move out" The first Marine said more cautiously this time while stepping out of my way to my left.

As I was guided out of my cell three Spartans came into view....

Chapter Two

Walking forward out of my cell with the Marines following me my restraints clinked with every movement I made. Out side I quickly scanned the corridor and was greeted by the three Spartans I had suspected were there just moments before. I had to admit to my self they choose wisely on which three to send. Minus the three Spartans in front of me their were only four or five others I wouldn’t try to move against “Good move who ever you are” I thought.

Zeke, Manderrs, and James stood there looking at the floor of the corridor as if they hadn’t noticed me and the Marines. They didn’t know what to say. If I were in there shoes I probably wouldn’t know what to say either. I decided to break the ice. “Was it really necessary to trank me with three separate darts and who was the wise guy who shoot me in the butt?”. All three looked up at me. Zeke shrugged his shoulders while raising both of his hands waving them back and forth in protest then he pointed at Manderrs. One of the Marines behind me Barked “Quite You”. It was Manderrs who spoke this time with a shocked voice “UH Really I hit him in the left leg THE LEFT LEG Zeke”. Zeke chuckled slightly then looked at me shrugged his shoulders again and nodded in agreement while pointing to him self. James laughed a bit then spoke next “ Sorry about shooting you three times there was a slight mix up in communications”. I tried to say no harm no fowl but all I got out was “No...” because at that moment one of the Marines took the butt of his Assault Rifle and hit me in the back between the shoulder blades nearly making me fall over while he yelled “QUITE”.
I probably would have fallen to the floor if not for the fact that both Zeke and Manderrs sprang forward to steady me. While james flew forward also to help but seeing that the other two had me he quickly moved behind me so that he was right in front of the Marine who had just hit me.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR” James yelled clearly angry then in a more level tone but still agitated he added “Do that again and you will be scrubbing out the latrines during bean week with your tongue do I make my self clear Sergeant?”. The Sergeant James just had chewed out replied with a tight lipped “Yes SIR”. Then James ordered “Dismissed Marines we will take it from here” “YES SIR” they replied and headed down the hallway around a corner out of sight.

“Sheeesh some one needs to start drinking decaf what the hell?” Manders said clearly agitated at how the Marine acted. “He's on edge we all are with the Empire starting up hostility’s again they just hit one of our ship yards just hours ago”. “You said it Zeke” Manderrs said in reply to what he texted her over her H.U.D in her helmet..

“Sorry Lloyd we have to get you section 9 now were under orders to shoot to kill if you try to resist” James said clearly distraught at the thought that if I was dumb enough to try to escape that they would have to kill me. “He added “Ready?”. I nodded and said “Lets get this over with”.

Chapter Three

The corridors began to blur together. From what I could tell we had to be clear across the compound by now. To my recollection I had never been to this section 9. For the most part we exchanged no more then a dozen words. There just wasn’t much to say. Lost in my own thoughts I almost missed the two big double doors we stopped in front of after turning the last corner.

“Were here” James said in a flat tone then he added “Zeke, Manderrs doors please and stay here come on Lloyd their waiting for you”. After crossing the thresh hold of the two double doors James and I entered a small room that couldn’t have been more then Ten feet by Ten. There were two single doors besides the ones we just came through. The first one I noticed was directly across the way in front of the ones we had our backs too. The other one was to our left in the far corner next to a mirror as high as the ceiling that ran the rest of the length of the room. Besides that the only noticeable things were the circle in the middle and the walls were made of luminescent white paneling.

Suddenly there was a woman’s voice that I didn’t recognize she spoke “Captain you'll have to come into the observation room, Lloyd move to the middle of the circle please”. James headed for the door on our left I went to the middle of the room. Before entering the room James said “It helps to take a deep breath and close your eyes”. I turned my head hastily and said “Wait what?” right as he closed the door behind him.

Without warning the room went dark the only sources of light were the ones coming from underneath the doors. I immediately tensed up “What did James say” I thought “.Oh ya breath deep and close your eyes”but before I could a blinding light emanated from the ceiling throwing me off guard and I instantly forgot about taking a deep breath. What happened next could only be described as like a light electrostatic field because all of the hairs on my body began to stand on end. Then out of know where it felt like I got punched in the stomach making me loose my breath. I fell to my knees catching my self with both hands before I smacked my face into the floor.

I tried to catch my breath it seemed like it took forever before my diaphragm below my lungs stopped spasming long enough for me to take a breath. I almost passed out then it came that first sweet sweet breath of fresh air. I coughed uncontrollably mean while my eyes were tearing up like a small child who had had its favorite toy taken away from it.

After collecting what was left of my dignity I realized I wasn’t alone in the small white room any more. I looked up to my left and noticed James had rejoined me. He was chuckling at me “Told you”. “I bet your grinning from ear to ear under that helmet” I thought. After I took a few more deep breaths and I was sure I wasn’t going to vomit I asked “What the hell was that!” I moaned. He replied vaguely ”Well I cant tell you exactly what it was but I can tell you that you checked out at least for the most part”. “What the hell?” I thought angeraly “Some kind of security scanner perhaps but not like any I had ever scene nor experienced before” nor did I want to go through it again. Suddenly I noticed his demeanor was different odd for him he seemed way more cautious now then he did before kind of like how Purple reacted when he figured out I was actually a clone of Lloyd.

“So that scanner is ForeRunner in design I presume and not only did it scan my DNA judging by your reaction it also checked foooooor what?” I paused for only the briefest moment as I ran the possabilitys threw to there conclusion. “Micro detonators transmitters” James drew his side arm and aimed for my head “So whats next?” I asked then continued on to my next statement there was no reason on continuing the charade they knew. I turned and faced the Mirror “You know what I am your holding all the cards here so again I ask whats next?”. I was about to find out because James seemed like he was listening to some thing through his H.U.D in his helmet.

The door on the far wall slid into the wall suddenly and a moment after James motioned with his Magnum for me to go through.......

Chapter Four

“Well this is anticlimactic” I mumbled to my self. As I looked around I found my self in yet another room. The weird thing about it is that it was small. To small in fact it wasn’t much bigger then an ODST drop pod minus the seat and all the electronics that accompanied one. I stood there for a few minutes with no other visible way out.. I did a double take around to make sure I hadn’t missed something. I was still seeing spots from that light that came from that scanner so this time I went over it much slower this time. “Nope Nothing” I said out load frustrated a bit. By this time it had to have been over five minutes I stood there in that small coffin like room getting more perplexed and more frustrated so much so I didn’t even notice that the door had opened behind me until a voice said “This way”. I turned around as fast as I could with the shackles on which turned out to be more of a waddle side step waddle side step action till I faced the person who had spoke.
I was slightly surprised to see an Avatar who appeared roughly six feet tall wearing cloths from..... I couldn’t really tell the era I believed it to be the 1920's from earth judging by the style of hat and over jacket he wore with that slug over his top lip that was supposed to pass for a handle bar mustache common for that time.

“So what are you supposed to look like” I said with a smirk on my face then added “A roaring 20's pimp from earth?”. “Yes actually!. Girls to the left and the right” he said sarcasticly he then pointed to his right then left”. He added in a more commanding voice “ please step forward out into the corridor”. I took two steps out then dropped to the ground with what felt like the weight of 20 men suddenly holding me down. .The Avatar walked into view so I could see him. “FYI Its Sherlock Holmes or if you prefer Lock for short sheesh the more muscle they get the dumber”

From some where outside of my view I heard a male voice that I recognized instantly “You can let him up lock”.Lock replied “Are you sure I cold just increase the gravity around him until he turns into goo it would save every body’s time and effort”

“Naw the cleaning crew would never forgive me. Let him up”. With the last command the gravity got lighter. As I tried to get up I realized it had been turned down below a standard Earth g. Felt almost like one third below norm. I could actually get up with out assistance this time.

I got to my feet then lifted my head up and was standing face to face with Anarchy. I spoke with a mixture of light mocking with uncertainty. “Now this is a pleasure their sending out the big guns” I left it there with a “its good to see you grin” He turned and looked at Lock then nodded once. Locks Avatar disappeared then After a second Lock reappeared then said “Its done you have full privacy but only for a few minutes till it becomes obvious that I have closed every thing down down here.” Anarchy replied thanks Lock just keep them off my back for just a few”. You got it Boss” Lock replied.

“Look since Ive stepped down things have changed” Anarchy said. I interrupted “Since you were forced to you mean by the council” He nodded slightly then just said “yeah” and quickly added "We dont have much time so listen Im going to get you out of this but not right now You follow me so far” I nodded while he continued “There have been some for a lack of a better word strange things going on since project Phoenix and it all leads back to you and Him I dont know all the details but I can tell you this some of the Council wants you Dead but he cant do it ith out the votes and I have those so whats going to happen is your going to be questioned by HC but its only for show your fate has already been decided I cant tell you know” He paused took off his helmet then looked into my eyes so he could gauge my responses then said“ Was every thing destroyed” I nodded yes” Are you sure absolutely sure everything was destroyed” I looked at him and replied “Yes as far as I know the Redds were all over us like they knew our address's. Lloyd put me in charge of keeping the line until he could initiate the self destruct.......

Chapter Five

Three Month's ago

The bullets were flying in all directions from Redd to Blue, and back from Blue to Redd. It was Hell reincarnate. I could see both Blue and Redd corpses lining the court yard that lead into the CnC.
The Empires forces were advancing hard and fast . We aren’t equipped to deal with a force this size I thought but by the almighty these boys were giving them Hell. “All units report” I called out over my comms”. I was met with static I repeated it again nothing. I looked around and did a quick head count. Seven was the count eight including my self. Nine counting Brigadier Lloyd.

“BluesArcAngel to Lloyd come in” “Yes I'm here hows it going out there” Lloyd replied. “Weell you want the good news or the bad” I said. “Alright whats the good news” Lloyd said a bit irritated”. “I’m still alive that’s a bonus aaaand Ive managed to keep Seven marines alive”. I could here him sigh threw his comms” Whats the bad news”. “We’ve fallen back to a few yards just out side the main entrance to the CnC so things are gonna get ugly real quick so watch your back”. “Im almost done with setting the self destruct.....” I could hear shots ringing out over His comms. “Stay here hold this position no one gets by” I said as I started sprinting throught he main doors to the CnC down the corridor to the left “You better be alright” I thought.

I stopped short of the Glass doors to the CnC or where they should have been. They currently were shattered into a million pieces across the floor. With my weapon drawn I crouch walked slowly in. It was dark some of the panels that weren’t damaged glowed giving me enough light to see by. I switched to my helmets I.R so I could get a better look. My heart dropped from what I was seeing. I could see four bodies one was sprawled on a consol station with a knife sticking out of it right where the heart was located. “Damn it” a Redd Spartan. I quickly checked the next two bodies that were nearest to me. The first one's neck was snapped the second died of close rang gun fire to the chest. Both were Imperial Marines.

Over in the far right corner lay the Brigadier. “Shit, shit, SHIT” I said the anger swelling inside of me. I rushed over to where he lay slumped over in the corner. I looked him over. He had one gun shot to the chest. The entry point was just right under his chest plate with no visible exit wound. “Damn it” I said aloud while gritting my teeth. That meant the projectile zig zaged around in side of him. If he wasn’t dead already he soon would be. His helmet made a slight whoosh sound as I cracked it and took it off.

He was unconscious and breathing very rapidly and shallow. I flew across the room and grabbed the med kit from the wall. I was beginning to panic. So much so that I had a hard time getting the smelling salts out. I returned just as fast as I left.

I cracked the seal on the package and waved it under his nose. I could see blood oozing out of one corner of his mouth. He started coughing and regaining consciousness. “Get me up” he said in a horse whisper. “No”I said “ You need to rest while I get a medic” He shook his head and said “No time get me over to that panel I have to finish entering the last code sequence then set the timer”.

I did what I was told and helped him up he winced as I lifted him then we moved over to the panel he wanted. The screen was flashing big red letters that said. Subject 12131 reanimation in process. “Damn it that’s Messi's” Lloyd said. “Go down there put him in a cryo pod and get him home he doesn’t have all of his memories so you’ll have to fill in the gaps for him theirs a Saber prepped and ready in bay 2. I tried to protest but to no avail he wasn’t listening to me. “There done” He paused and then looked at me with a blank expression on his face'” You’ve got ten minutes to get the hell out of here and there’s one more thing I need from you”. His expression went from blank to somber “ Need you to kill me” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing “I cant be taken alive or whole in death. If the Empire were to get a hold of my body they would be able to extract information from me even in death so when you do it it has to be in the brain”. “Wait what, HELL no I, I, cant” I said fighting back the tears that start welling up in my eyes” He looked at me his expression was stern then softened a bit. “During the Reach wars The Redd Army managed to get a hold of a piece of equipment that copies memories. They managed to kill and capture a few High ranking officers and gain access to what they knew.” He started coughing profusely spitting up blood then he continued “That's how they managed to steam roll us for so long. We gained the technology then started this project “he paused to gulp some air in then continued”This project could save every thing we hold dear. Look at your self your living proof of it." he paused looking around. "This whole project it wouldn’t have worked if we hadn’t managed to gain that piece of technology you would be a child in a man's body if we hadn’t." His cough was real bad this time and his breaths were wheezing and you could hear a faint gurgle in it as well. “DO IT” he tried to yell. His lungs must have been almost full of blood by now his shallow breaths were extremely labored. I yelled back “ALRIGHT” then I added almost crying “I’m sorry so so sorry I should have fallen all the way back to the CNC” He tried but couldn’t say anything back. I took out my magnum and aimed. My eyes were so full of tears I almost couldn’t see. “What am I now with out you”. BANG........

Chapter SIX

Present Time

I was finishing up my story from my escape from Ora station with the Saber to the resupply station hidden in the asteroid belt. Then to rejoining the Brotherhood after the Blue Army’s retreat from Reach. Mean while Anarchy had removed the clunky shackles for more up to date electronic hand and ankle cuffs that were designed to subdue the individual with extreme amounts of electricity while allowing the prisoner to move with out the aid of guards.

“Boss times almost up” Lock said. “Thanks Lock. Now from what you told me makes sense but opens up a lot more questions which I cant go into with you right now.” He paused then added ”Listen carefully Since I have the votes to keep you alive and normally you would be executed . So whats going to happen is we have to put you into the freezer. They think its going to be long term but I have different plans sometime in the near future if every thing goes as planed you will be brought back out but not for a little while I need certain people to think you have been removed from the equation so they will let their guards down and when that happens you will be free once again.” I was getting ready to say something but got interrupted by Lock “Times up I have to release my hold on things down here some one is starting to poke around and ill give you three guesses who.” Anarchy just nodded then said “Alright traitor time to move Lock lead the way”.

I followed Lock in silence as Anarchy followed me weapons hot. “Ok” I thought to my self “So Im not going to die although someone wants me dead. For what reason past the fact I had to kill Lloyd.....”. Then it hit me like a WartHog “Some one some where thinks I know some thing... something that's worth killing me for.... no not me..... HIM”. There was only one way into that section I thought remember ing back.. “They were waiting for Him but WHY?”.

I think I was about to get an answer or at least a clue in a few seconds because Lock had stopped us in from of a room that read “H.C Court Room #3”. “Were here” Lock said. The doors opened Lock disappeared and I went in with Anarchy right behind me.

I entered a circular dimly light room minus one light blaring down right in the middle of the room. I could barley make out the H.C benches. The highest one in the center was for the F.M the second one a bit lower and to the left was for the General the third one slightly lower then th generals to the right was for the Lt General and the last two at the same height were on both sides were reserved for the Brigadier and the Major General.

I moved to the center of the room and as I did so. I heard a voice echo through out the room it said “This court is now in session The BrotherHood verses The Spartan know as Lloyd. The charges Conspiracy and Murder of a superior Officer Sedition Treason. All bring the Penalty is Death if found guilty and voted so.. How do you Plead?”.

“Not Guilty on ALL counts”. I said. “Duly noted” another voice chimed in. The first voice began to ask me a series of questions. At first all seemingly normal then repeated with slightly different wording then forceful just shy of yelling. “Who ever this is isnt getting what they want there loosing there cool” I thought.

“So your telling me you shot an Officer in the head by his Order's?” the voice asked annoyed. “Yes” I replied.

“Your a clone of the Brigadier General Lloyd correct?”. “Yes” I repeated

“All the clones were destroyed on the Asteroid Base known as Ora?” again “Yes”

All the consoles in the room light up suddenly with a picture of a dead Spartan wearing the typical Imperial armor. “Then how THE HELL do you explain this?” The voice yelled with a sence of vindication. The large console at the base of the H.C pews zoomed in. The picture showed the face of a male with the approximate age that of a 35-40 year old with brown hair green eyes. My heart stopped and my mouth dropped open..It was ME!. More correctly a clone of Him.

I paused for what seemed like an eternity. As I began to open my mouth the first voice said “Ive had enough of this this is over. Since the votes went with a stay of execution.” It paused then continued “I have no other choice but to send the guilty party to installation Hammer Down in the system Hades where you will serve out a three hundred year sentence in a cryo pod in deep freeze or until death takes you. This court is now adjourned presiding Judge Field Marshal Pheniox.. Court recorder please not the date and time. Good day every one.”

Chapter Seven

MY heart was pounding so hard I thought at any moment it was going to burst out of my chest. My legs felt like mush and I could swear it felt like I was trying to run through quick sand. I stopped to looked around. I could feel the presence of some one else but when I turned around no one was there. The hairs on my arms began to stand up on end. I was terrified and for the life of me I didn’t know why nor could I calm my self down.

I was in a thinly packed gully of trees. Daylight was approaching dusk. I thought “Maybe hes hiding behind one of the tree's” I yelled “Come out I know your there”. Nothing! Literally no sound's what so ever. “Some thing is wrong here” I said out loud. Then I heard a growl. It started out low and as if it was thirty to forty feet behind me and getting louder fast as it approached.. My muscles got tight as I coiled and spun around bracing my self for a life or death fight.

What I saw put the fear of the almighty into me. Twenty feet away and closing was a pair of Red glowing eyes that looked as if they were on fire. I couldn’t make out much of “Its” body. As a matter of fact I couldn’t move. My eyes locked with its. The growl was so loud now I couldn’t hardly stand it as it approached. As it moved out of the shadows it slowed way down as it did so I could make out more definition. The “Eyes” were the face plate of a Spartans helmet and the glow was the reflection of the Suns light hitting it at a odd right angle. As it stepped even closer I noticed the color of the armor was primarly a gold with purple high lights tracing the outline of the areas of gold. It was standing right in front of me now. It raised both of its arms to its helmet and as it took it off the growl turned to laughter.

As this spartan removed its helmet I could hear Off in the distance a voice. What ever it was saying I couldn’t make it out past the laughter. My attention went back to the spartan as its helmet cleared its face. I realized I was looking at my self.

I could almost make out what the voice off in the distance was saying some thing it was muffled and seemed so far away and appeared to be talking very slowly. “LLLooooyyyyddd Wake up”Did some one just call my name? At that moment two things happened. The first was that I noticed I was surrounded in a sea of Spartans that looked just like me and they all were pressing in on me crushing me. The second was Every thing was getting fuzzy and began to spin out of control as if the world wasn’t real as if I were dreaming.

“Lloyd wake up!” My whole body jerked to attention as I gasped for air. I opened my eyes. For a second I couldn’t make out much just shapes until my eyes adjusted. “Where am I” I said aloud rubbing my eyes waiting for my senses to adjust to my environment. “Your still in Hammer Down”. I knew that voice but it wasn’t the voice I had expected to be here when I was released. Shaking I stepped out of my cryo tube while looking to my right to locate the owner of the voice. “Well this is a surprise Messi long time no see” I said as my shaking got less and less. “Can you fight?” Messi said.

“Fight” I said a bit surprised. “Ya fight its kill or be killed time. Purple's with Manderrs there just down the corridor holding things down with a handful of marines they could really use our help Zero, James and Silent are holding down our extraction point.” Messi said in a hurry while he handed me a DMR.. Then he added “Sorry youll have to use this spare Marines Helmet. It was Specialist Johnsons so for now thats your RFID Tag.” “Ahhh you brought me a gift sorry I dont have any thing for you...” I said as shrugged while I looked down at my self “and it appears Im a bit under dressed for the occasion”. It looked as if I was just wearing a pair of black shorts and a t-shirt. Messi shook his head I heard him chuckle a bit then say “Cmon lets go”.

I put the helmet on as Messi took point as we entered a long hall way with only a few other doors connected to it. At first we moved slow and cautiously then Messi started to jog I kept pace with my weapon drawn and ready a few feet behind him. Suddenly he stopped and raised his left arm up with his fist clenched I went into a crouch while covering him.

He must have picked something up on his motion tracker because at that moment the door to the left and about 5 feet in front of us came flying off of its hinges. A Spartans motion tracking system was more sensitive then a Marines so I didn’t see any thing till just right before it happened.

The all to familiar sound of a couple of grenade pins being pulled then clinking across the floor is his what happened next. One landed near Messi he caught it in a mid air hop and threw it down the hall towards the direction we were heading. What I did was purley out of reflex and insane in compared to Messi.'s reaction. As the second one skipped and bounced across the floor I flipped my DMR around to use the butt as a paddle. And hit it so hard the impact bent the stoke of the gun launching it into Messi's shields on his lower left back then it bounced off back into the room it had been thrown out just a second before.

Both grenades exploded simultaneously. hitting me in two locations. One in the left shoulder and the second I could feel it had ripped open my left cheek. Right below my left eye. Messi shields took the brunt of both grenades. Messi turned and looked at me perplexed then said “Did you just....”then he shook his head and added “Stay put Ill be right back Im going to check out the room but I think you got them”. He disappeared into the room leaving me to cover his six.

A moment later he reappeared saying “All clear there was only one. That little grenade trick did the job” he stepped closer and noticed that my entire left side from my face down was covered in blood. “How bad” he said I replied “Its looks worse then it is. I just got hit with some shrapnel in a couple of spots it could have been much worse” he nodded. Speaking into his comms I could hear his voice through mine “Purple we need to get moving Lloyd needs medical attention he got hit with some shrapnel from some grenades” It was purples voice I heard this time “Alright well be there in just a sec I see your locations on my tracker were just around the corner”. No sooner then he said that then I could see him and another Spartan rounding the corner at the end of the hall I presumed it was Manderrs.

Messi and I moved forward and met them half way to the end of the corridor. “Lloyd you look horrible how bad is it” Manderrs asked. Replying I said in a reassuring tone “Not bad ive been through worse”. Messi spoke next “How's it looking out there?”. Purple replied “Surprisingly easy there actually wasn’t very many of them maybe two dozen at the most we took care of them we also noticed that all the other prisoners are gone were lucky Lloyds here still alive. Enough chit chat lets get you to a doctor “.

After I received medical attention on the the ship known as Destiny’s Journey and spending two boring days in her infirmary I was released. During my time there I thought about all that had happened to me thus far and I had a million questions that needed to be answered.

I was on my way out when I ran into Zero. “Hey Lloyd, you feeling better?” I nodded “Yup how have you been?” I asked back. “Good” he replied then added “Your needed in the main conference room level twenty two port side section thirty three” I started to head in the direction Zero had just told me about when I noticed he was heading in the opposite direction. I stopped “You coming? I asked. “Sorry no I have to run some battle sims with Belletor in twenty minutes.” “Oh Ill see you soon then bud” I said to him. “You too” was his reply.

I finally arrived at the location Zero had told me about. On my way here I could tell tensions were high. I also noticed how people were reacting to my presence. It was like I had some disease they were afraid of catching every time I got to close they just moved away and stared at me with a look of disdain.

I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked in. There were four People in the room. Anarchy, Blackhawk, Purple, Jamie. They were around a holographic projection of the galaxy with territories marked separately with Blue but mostly Red. “Thats bad real bad” I thought. I heard Blackhawk say “This is a bad idea Its suicide”. Anarchy spoke next.”What other option do we have with half of our forces that defected and the Half we managed to keep are mostly gone were down to a third of that due to losses”. Purple was the first to notice my entrance. “Lloyd” he said . Every one turned in my direction. I just nodded back to every one. Anarchy spoke next “Welcome back sorry it took so long but as you can see weve had our hands full”. “Thats an understatement were getting killed” Purple added.

“Took so long?. How long was I in there for?” I said as I pondered four months eight months a year!. They all looked around at each other in silence. It was Jamie who spoke this time “Its been three years since you were put in cryo sleep.”

Three years I thought in slight shock “Holy.....” I said then I whistled. Anarchy spoke with a somber voice “You have to believe me Lloyd it was supposed to be only four to six months max but as you can see” He lifted his hand and waved at the galactic map” Weve been kinda buisy and your location fell into enemy hands two months after you arrived there we were lucky you were still there any ways thers a lot you need to catch up on”

Anarchy continued explaining the events that had taken place from the start of the war when I was put into cryo. To the Redd Army using clones of our Spartans and imprinting them with more suitable memories to there cause then to double there ranks of Spartans. Then onto the defection of Half the Blue army lead By Pheniox and the three remaining council members the other two were assassinated. Then he added with the look of a person who had seen the unthinkable been through the impossible.

“You see there not just occupying and subjugation the people in these systems any more there almost completely wiping them out and leaving a small percentage of the population and enslaving them. “It's genocide” Blackhawk added when Anarchy paused “Now to current events we just received a data stream from one of their Redd Army Generals Verboten to be exact. He wants to rondavoue in under two days the plan is to just send one ship. The data stream we got was completely corrupted all we could get out of it was “Surrender”and some quadrants.

“So the plan is we are giving you a small recon ship with a skeleton crew aboard of volunteers. I want you to listen to what they have to say and tell them you have to come back and discuss their terms with your leader's. That way hopefully they will allow you to do so”Anarchy continued. “You understand why Im having you do this?

“Ya” I said continuing “The scanner Ive been out of the loop so I wouldn’t know any pertinent information like troop deployment's and the like”
“Exactly my point” he said more to the rest of the group then to me. Purple was the one who spoke next “You dont have to do this I could....” I interrupted him “No Anarchy's right It has to be me or some one like me and since Im here you guys couldn’t find a better candidate Im assuming”

“So when do I leave?” I asked “Within the hour your ship is ready but there are some things we need to go over first be fore you leave".

Chapter Eight

The crew its self was a green crew of fifteen commanded by Captain Zero_Swat on the recon vessel Midnight's Terror. The ship it self had light defenses but what it lacked there it made up for in speed an maneuverability. With her only having one small bay she could only carry one pelican three warthogs and five mongeese. Most of her crew were volunteers from
one of the few Planets the remnants of the Blue army have managed to protect from the on genocidal war the Redd Army had unleashed on humanity.

“Report” I barked. Ensign Valeez Reported back “The Pendock system consists of four Gas Giants only one of them has a class M moon capable of supporting life. Due to its widely elliptical orbit its host World nick named “Moloch” spends 4 months in the habitable zone. Right now its on the out side of the zone so its pretty frosty right now. Thirty years ago it was used as a mining colony. When the ore ran out it shut down and thats where the Redd army quordanents lead to.

“Uh informational Valeez. Next time leave out the history lessons any activity on the Redd's yet? I said. “”Er yes sir I mean no sir no activity” she replied. “Alright send an encrypted stream back to General Purple notify him we have arrived, running silent and the “Delegation” team will be going to the rondavoue point in just under the hour.

Delegation team I chuckled to my self. The only delegating my team Belletor had ever done was at the end of a gun. “Inform Captain Zero we have arrived and have Belletor met in the bay thanks Valeez”. I said. Her reply was mixed she didnt expect the thanks part “Eye Sir”. I figured if we were all going to die I might as well be polite about it.

When I arrived at the bay the Pelican was prepped and ready along with Belletor at least the members that could join us. Manders was in the cockpit doing her pr flight check list. James Killer and Andy were checking there gear as Silent briefed them on the mission.. I could hear Silent say “ Manderrs remember to keep her hot in case of a hasty retreat James, Blue or if you prefer Lloyd and myslef will make contact with the Redd delegation Killer you and Andy stay and guard the Pelican if things go south then you three bug out as fast as you can and Report back to Zero. Understood every one?”. Every one acknowledged back. Alright then “he said “Load up and lets come home in one piece”.

The ride through the upper Atmosphere was one of the bumpiest rides I had had in a while. It was due to the climate change the Moon was experiencing while it and its parent Planet moved out of the Fertile zone it was a good thing were were all strapped in. Through the comms I could hear Manderrs say” It should clear up in a few seconds”. Just as she had finished the whole pelican lurched up with a bang then dropped rapidly while listing to starboard. We started to free fall. “Did I say a few seconds?” Manderrs said sarcasticly while trying to regain control again. The engine’s fired back up while out of no where it got quite while the turbulence went away. “Finally” James said “Reminded me of my training days the pelican had ingene trouble due to an ice over we had to do an emergency landing and when I mean landing I meant we crashed”. Manderrs piped in “Like Id let that happen to you your in the hands of an expert here” “How many times have you flown under conditions like this” Killer asked. “Counting this one?” Manderrs asked then continued with a slight giggle. “once”. Killer sat upright and I could swear he was stiffer then a board every on else started laughing. Killer looked around then shook his head.

“Were almost there the facility is less then two clicks away.” Manderrs chimed. Silent spoke next. “Alright every one get ready lets do this”. As soon as we felt the Pelican landed and her bay door open we headed out. Killer was the first out then Andey the rest of us followed as soon as we got the all clear.
Leaving the Pelican I thought back to the schematics they looked to be accurate I thought. There were two landing pads with a central spire where the ore was grav lifted then loaded and taken into orbit then delivered to a ore frigate.

Since we landed on the North side the Redds should be landing on the South side when they arrive.
As if they read my mind Manderrs poped up over the comms again “Heads up guys Zero said a Destroyer class ship just arrived and.... wait... never mind he says there’s a pelican on its way here right now. It will be here in a few minutes.” “Roger that ok very one you know what to do” Silent said.

Silent, James and my self proceeded to walk the hundred foot cat walk to the middle spire then entered it. Looking around it had another cat walk just big enough for two people to walk side by side all the way around the inside obviously it was intended for maintenance with one central walk way leading from the north to the south entrance which retracted when the ore was being brought up.

“How long until they arrive” I asked. “There landing now” Manderrs replied. “Thanks “ I said. “Alright this is it Lloyd your on. James find a spot keep hidden I'm with Lloyd” Silent ordered. I walked up to the control panel for the central catwalk and pushed the button to extend it out. As It made its way across to the other side two Redd Army Officers appeared on the other side just as it joined the other side .Silent and myself turned and looked at each other for just the briefest of moments then started towards the middle of the spire it took only second but felt like an eternity until we finally were face to face.

We four Spartans. Two Blues and two Redds stood there for a couple of seconds sizing each other up. I spoke first “ Obviously we got your communication although we were a bit.....”. The Redd Spartan on the left interrupted me. “Save it we dont want to hear it. Not after all you have done you scum”. Silent looked at me I kept my eyes locked on them and there body movement. You can tell a lot about a person from how they moved when they talked.

Something was off I could sense it. “Look you called us if your having second thoughts then this conversation is over and we will report back that you weren’t in the mood to talk about this like normal Adults” I added a twinge of sarcasm at the end as to spit in there face. 'Really' I thought 'All that we have done'.

The Redd on the right put his right hand on the other Spartans left shoulder to calm him down. He then stepped forward then spoke “Look he's a little testy after what we have been through my apologize leaving wont be necessary.” He then reached up and took off his helmet while saying “Lets all talk face to face shall we, without all the hard ware that separate's us as humans”.
'Something is off here” I thought. Silent looked at me then I nodded slightly. Letting him know to go ahead and indulge him.

As we all reached up and started to pull off our helmets the one on the right continued. “Look we sent out that communication in the hopes that we could barter a bit in good faith. I’m Verboten” I noticed that the Redd on the left hadn’t taken his helmet off yet. “Lloyd this is Silent”I gestured to my left as Silent nodded. I then looked at the other Spartan the one who hadn’t taken his helmet off. Verboten looked at the other Redd Spartan Then he introduced his comrade. “This” he gestered ”Is Redleader”. Redleader slowly took off his helmet. Both Silent and I looked at each other in shock. It must have been out of instinct Silent drew his Magnum and pointed it right at Redleaders head. Verboten did the same to Silent. I followed and pointed my Magnum at Verboten. “Well” I said “Looks like we have a bit of a stand off here before we all shoot each other can you tell me something? Why is Pheniox here there's no need to pour salt into a festering wound. Bringing him here might just bring our surrender to an all out altercation where you all starting with him wind up dead”

“Pheniox?” Both Verboten and Redleader spoke at the same time perplexed. Verboten continued “You think Redleader is...Your surrender?... We came here to surrender in hopes you would allow whats left of our people to Live. You and your people have all but wiped out everyone In the Empire”. There was anguish with heavy anger in his voice. I Looked at Silent and made s light gesture with my eyes as I nodded so he would holster his weapon. He did so and so did I at the same time said “We obviously have aaaalot to talk about so please put your weapon away”. Verboten complied.

From the South of the mining complex there was a blinding light with a loud rumbling as if a thousand Lightning strikes had just hit the same spot all at once. All four of us were blown off our feet from the shock wave as the outer south wall to the spire melted away.

Still shaken Redleader drew his weapon and popped off two quick rounds which missed both me and Silent but barley. The one Verboten called Redleader Screamed out in anguish “ Why? Why would you monsters do this all we wanted was for whats left of our people to live that’s it you could kill us but not them”. I yelled back “This isn’t us”.

From behind us James yelled “Two ships just came out of slip stream one fired on there ship the other fired the Mac Cannon on our location we’ve got to get the hell out of here this complex is going to collapse at any moment. “ C'mon”I said to both of them “Your not going to want to stay here” as I gestured to where there pelican had been..
Both Vererboten and Redleader looked back then to each other as the spire moaned and swayed.

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