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03-21-2013, 02:46 AM

"I remember the days when this world felt cold, I recall a time not long ago where I couldn't break free from the grips of this ungodly mold. The past reflected much upon the winds of my present change, and still I wonder, without these trials, without these difficult moments on the timeline of my existence, would I be the same? Perhaps. But the real question to my quest through life can only be, who will I become? That, is an answer I cannot ever behold until I've given away my last breath. Until the sands of my existence shift and fall unto the final conclusion called death..."


Such are the worries of the broken and lonely soul of a soldier, the man who's footprints are withered away slowly, erased by others treading the same path. But all this is not true of the warriors, the ones who band together in the face of all obstacles and achieve the goals so far out of reach from the lone wolf. This is their story...

This is the story of REDWATCH.


Within minutes of the first notification from the ISS Mombasa's AI, each member within the REDWATCH Special Forces Company had awoken and readied themselves for training. This was a regular routine for REDWATCH, as they had been practicing on the holodeck for some time with Major Brant. Standing at attention, each squad was sounding off as their officers were performing a role call. VICTOR Squad was lead by Chief Warrant Officer Adam "Brood" Palmisano, NOVEMBER Squad was under the command of Chief Warrant Officer Travis "Eagle" Jay.

"Sir, all personnel present and accounted for." Captian Puba announced to Major Brant. "Awaiting orders sir."

Everyone on the holodeck was standing at attention awaiting instruction from the Major, each squad lined up and organized according to rank and fireteam.

"Alright men..." Major Brant began by projecting his latest message from high command on the holodeck "...we've received orders from our Field Marshal to mobilize."

There was a shift in the atmosphere, a sense of interest, everything seemed dead silent as the Major spoke.

"I need all of you prepped and ready to go in 08:00 hours. As soon as our scout team signals, our assault will begin and we will be at the front lines against the brotherhood... We've had some casualties since the last engagement, lost good men, good soldiers. But we have gained more, become stronger, and together we will be unstoppable." Brant took a deep breath and slowly scanned his audience, his soldiers... "For The Emperor!!!" He shouted and then proceeded to make his way to his personal quarters past the squads and officers.

"For The Emperor!!!" Everyone shouted back saluting as he passed by.

"Attention!!" The Captain called out to the squads "Okay men, you heard the Major... Let's get busy!"

The squads split into their respective designations and prepped themselves for mobilization, the war was about to begin...

Major Brant had just arrived at his quarters when a top priority message appeared on screen.

"Oh no..." Brant whispered to himself as he read the message "...this isn't good." Just then Lan, Brant's AI came to life "In need of assistance sir?" Coda closed down the message and cleared his throat "No Lan, that will not be necessary..." Looking at his view screen he watched as REDWATCH began preparations for war.

"...I'm sorry Eagle... but this isn't the time."

03-21-2013, 03:44 AM
HELL YES. So glad this is up and running :) Major props to you and Rain. Keep it up.

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Nicely done Eagle. I'm excited to see how it continues.

03-22-2013, 09:06 PM
Nice prologue...I better be in it! Just kidding (or am I?)

But for reals, good job man.

03-22-2013, 10:12 PM
Nice prologue...I better be in it! Just kidding (or am I?)

But for reals, good job man.

Thanks man, yes you will be in it. ;)

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Will spiderman be in it?

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Will spiderman be in it?

Did you get sig bombed?

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Did you get sig bombed?

No. I definitely made my signature like this. There isn't a chance in hell that Mededust did this.


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Will spiderman be in it?

Yes of course!