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"It isn't something that can be explained, it has to be realized..."

Deployment came with the first transmission received from the scouting party. November and Victor Squads were deployed on multiple battlegrounds code named Ortelius and Settler. Not one soldier knew what they were up against, only small and vaguely detailed reports here and there of BLUE movement within the areas designated. Fireteams Orion and The REDCOATS, under the direction of CWO Eagle moved into position on Ortelius...

"Alright men, this is what we trained for. We are going into unknown enemy controlled territory. Stay sharp and watch your positioning!" Eagle ordered. "Orion, you're going in first. REDCOATS, you follow up with support and secondary objectives! Leave nothing standing! For the Emperor!"

Within moments, fireteam Orion and The REDCOATS found themselves neck deep in BLUE soldiers. The sound of gunfire filled the air as REDWATCH's soldiers pushed into the BLUE territory. Orbital ordinance drops fell from the sky, replenishing the efforts of the valiant soldiers.

"That's it men! Keep those BLUEs down!" Sergeant Rain ordered his men.

"Sniper spotted near ordinance drop echo!" Zeta called out, as the sniper's smokey trail just missed the Sergeant.

"I see him..." Eagle said as he lined up the BLUE soldier's head in his sights and fired, his limp body falling to the ground. "Enemy sniper down."

"Nice shot!" Sergeant Zeta cheered, "It looks like the BLUEs are retreating!"

The Sergeant was right, the brotherhood had called back it's troops in a retreat and REDWATCH had pushed them out of the designated region known as Ortelius. It seemed like everything was going according to plan when November received a transmission from Field Marshall Fuzzy...

"REDWATCH! Your men are needed at the provided rendezvous point known as Settler! We are taking heavy casualties and BLUE forces are pushing us back. Report immediately and secure Settler!" With that the transmission ended.

"Move out men! We cannot let BLUE have Settler!" Eagle ordered.

November called in pelican transport back to the ISS Mombassa and then headed to Settler...

Some time later, November Squad once again mobilized it's men and took a pelican transport from the ship towards Settler. Warrant Officer SeaWolf stood against the wall, silent just like the others. Everyone knew the situation they were going into was desperate, but there were still so many unknowns.

"Sir, how bad is it?" Lance Corporal GAME asked, his tone low but solid.

"From what I heard..." Eagle took a breath "...it's not gonna be easy." He got up and looked out over the landscape as they approached their destination. Gunfire and black smoke could be seen flooding the battlefield. Eagle sighed as he turned to his men. "This is it men, get ready!" The pelicans landed and each fireteam lept into action.

The scene was grim, REDD soldiers were getting slaughtered by the approaching BLUE army. Bravo base had already been taken, and it was up to REDWATCH to secure Alpha base and push the BLUEs back and secure Bravo. The squad had arrived at losing battle. Orion was again the first to push onto the battlefield, followed by Sergeant Rain and Corporal Toxic with the REDCOATS.

"Send these BLUE bastards to hell!" A fellow REDD soldier shouted just before his body fell limp as a sniper round passed through his skull.

"GET DOWN!!!" Eagle shouted as another REDD soldier fell from the BLUE sniper. Eagle loaded his rifle and peered over the battlefield and saw an entire army of BLUE. "FIRE!!!"

REDWATCH held their positions at Alpha base and extinguished the first wave of BLUE troops, but it was a mere drop in an empty bucket compared to the force that was fast approaching in front of them.

"Sir! Orion is overwhelmed!" Zeta called in over the comms.

"Eagle, we are taking heavy fire! I don't know how long we'll be able to..." Sergeant Rain's words were cut short as a grenade exploded and breached their fortification. "Alpha base isn't holding!!!"

The scene was getting darker as Eagle pulled out his sniper rifle and viewed the soldiers in the distance...

"Oh no... RETREAT!!!" Eagle commanded to his men "RETREAT!!! Everyone, get to the pelicans!"

With that, everyone retreated and took off, the BLUE soldiers shouting and crying out in victory. REDWATCH was secured and headed back to the ISS Mombassa for debriefing. The victory they had achieved at Ortelius carried little weight as they contemplated the loss of Settler. But for now they had escaped with their lives, and that is something they knew the brotherhood would regret.

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Looking good :) Keep it up

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Great chapter :D

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A great read after a long day. I'm about to read part II. My only complaint was that it was missing something authentic...hmmm...perhap s a certain XO ;)

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My only complaint is that Settler and Oedipus reside in two completely different Systems, yet you guys took a Pelican ride to get there. xD

Was a great read though, really glad you and Rain are doing this, on top of all else you guys do. <3 Make me a proud Company parent.

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Edited for your pleasure... ;)