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-Clok Tower

The Story:

Prologue: “Really, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I think the nature of the substance would require a bit of…” Jamie trailed off, looking for the word to complete his sentence. “Experimentation.”

“I don’t think anyone is arguing that,” Freelance Responded, “But I think you should still try and bring it back, considering they sent us out into the field and that’s the first thing we've found all day.”

“I think there’s more valuable things out here. I think we’re close to our calling, guys.” Plat chimed in.

“Aye, shut up. You’re always babbling on about your calling and your future and how you’ll become the best damn soldier there is. There’s nothing for you but search and well.. Search missions, like this. Keep looking for anything valuable.” Penguin pointed ahead and Plat nodded in disappointment. Waffle looked at both of them and shook his head in sorrow for the bickering, but loveable squad-mates of his.

Animus, led by Jamie, given strategies by Freelance, held close to the chest by Waffle, and assisted by Plat, was a simple squad, but a devoted one. They were willing to do anything their leaders asked them- which may cost them in the long run. Shadey, the radio and mission control guy assigned to Animus, contacted Lyrics, the infield radio unit for Animus.

“How you boys doing? Find anything, or kicking pebbles and burning time like usual?” Shadey asked.

“Bite me. Doing fine, why?” Lyrics responded.

“Better be. Hurry up, command needs you here, soon. Got more rocks for you to come dig up!” Shadey snarled.

“Screw off..” Lyrics ‘lost signal’ and motioned to Jamie. Jamie was in his mid thirties, apart from the rest of the guys. Jamie was big and buff, with a strong core, and long hair. The rest of the group, excluding Freelance, were all short haired, eighteen to twenty year olds. Freelance was similar, but long haired. They all were buff, Jamie was just the biggest.

“Yes Lyrics?” Jamie asked, ever so willing to help.

“I need some relief from this shitty boss of ours. Thinking he can call in and be a dick whenever the hell he pleases. Mind seeing if your momwife is busy, or if she can come relieve some stress for me?” Lyrics and the crew started giggling.

“You’re lucky I can take a joke, kid. Now c’mon boys, I think I see something up ahead.”

Shadey Pegasus was fat, and the majority of people he ruled over didn’t like him. He ran things stern and mean, and mostly sent units out on collecting missions. Like Animus, for example, out on a mission collecting Artifacts or strange scientific objects. But there was one man he treated well. The enemy.

“Yes, that’s what I want, Penguin. When you approach the prison site, you know what to do. You’re in full control of Animus’ direction? Good.” Shadey had a plot, and whatever It was, it wasn’t going to be good.

“Penguin, where are we going?” Jamie asked.

“Hold on, just a little more ahead. There’s something on the map I want to check out. You said you saw something, and I think this may have been what you saw.” Penguin answered kindly.

After going over a hill or two, the squad stumbled upon an ancient city that looked to be occupied by a few covenant forces, but nothing much. “Think we can take em?” Freelance asked.

“I think you could, If it wasn’t for..” Penguin started, but didn’t finish his thought.

“For?” Lyrics pondered.

“Let’s press on.” Penguin suggested.


“No, goddamnit! I said two double cheeseburgers, a bag of fries, and…ah fuck it, dumb covenant piece of shit. You’re lucky I’m working with you, and that I can’t understand your garbage language.” Austin shouted out angrily.

“Austin, hunny, relax. That’s no way to treat someone who was so kind in giving us their prison facilities in order to dispose of Animus.” ReiBear, always the voice of reason in correlation to her husband, Austin.

“Fuck that. I hope the lot of them get slaughtered during the capture.” ClokTower had officially threw in his two cents, and it was worth a lot more.

“Jesus! You guys are unbelievable. Talking about peace and getting rid of Animus, so the restoration can begin, but all you want to do is harm someone we could be friends with. You…you, halfwits! Are exactly what is wrong with this great universe. We could have universal peace but no, always picking a fight.” ReiBear, known for standing up for what she believed in.

“Sorry..” Austin looked down in disappointment and got back on the radio system, probably to try and re-order food.
“Me too.” Cloktower pitched in.

“There you go, nice attitude for one fucking time in your life. Matter of fact, Fuck you guys. I’m running the show around here, got it? Don’t like it, get out. We’ll capture Animus since they’re the last remaining problem- always coming and digging up artifacts that the Covenant have rightfully claimed- then we’ll betray Shadey for making us do this shit. He may just want Animus gone for no reason, probably a silly vendetta, but I have a reason goddamnit, and I plan to put it into action. Don’t like it, leave.” Reibear screamed, and everyone seemed to agree.

“Now, lets refocus. Everyone get ready, hide somewhere. I think I see them coming..”

Animus was approaching the ruins, and saw a few grunts here and there but nothing more. Lyrics wanted to take them out, but Freelance and Jamie advised against it due to the simple fact of peace. Penguin refused to be anywhere but behind the squad, and the squad basically had to oblige, so that’s how they pressed on. Jamie first, Penguin last. They entered a small, square building that looked to be like a former guard barracks kind of deal. Jamie investigated, and Freelance followed. The rest stayed outside. After a short inspection and a few flipping of beds, Jamie left.

Freelance tried to follow him, but on his way out of the building was grabbed by a hand. One placed on his neck, one placed on his mouth. He was told not to talk. The figure produced a napkin, and placed it against Freelance’s mouth. Freelance dropped to his knees, passed out.

The squad pressed on, unaware of his absence. Penguin had produced some knockout gas from the base, and Lyrics had seen it, but didn’t really think anything of it. Platinum had noticed it too, and brought it up.

“What’s that for?” Plat pondered.
“Incase we run into anyone we need out quickly.” Penguin had a good enough answer for the guys, and they pressed on surely enough.

They entered another room, a two story tower that looked like it had been renovated recently. A girl, mid thirties, sat in there. Jamie approached her as the rest of the unit entered the room.

“Madam?” Jamie asked.
“Yes?” the figure responded.
“Are you alright?” Jamie’s curiosity had peaked.
“Even better..I have new pets.” The face looked up and revealed itself to be ReiBear. Reibear threw down knockout gas and covered her face with a mask quickly, as did Penguin, throwing down his knockout gas too. Everyone in the squad was knocked out, except for Waffle. He ran outside, but was quickly met by two elbows directly to the face. Austin and Cloktower.

“Place them in the cells.” Austin said.
Cloktower and a few covenant jackals began to drag their motionless bodies away, and then ReiBear heard the radio call in.

“Is it done? Everything good?” Shadey had called into her.
“Better than good. See you very, very soon.” ReiBear giggled.


“Lyrics? Report?” Shady begged over the inrtercom.
“This isn’t Lyrics, sir.” Reibear replied, heavily breathing into the radio.
“What the..“ he trailed off.
“Quit being so butt hurt, Brent. Really? You thought you could send us out here to kill of people we’ve worked with for so long. Truly, we never liked them. But we never liked you much either. And see, Penguin maybe working for you. Cause I can’t quite figure out why he attacked them with stun gas either, but I’m sure we can convince him to form up with us. And Shadey, we’re all tired of your shit. We’re also tired of Jamie’s shit, and this squad’s shit. Sexist jokes, being a bunch of assholes. We’re going to kill you, leave them here to starve and run the show from here on out..you’ll see..and when we-” Rei bear stopped, thought to herself for a second about what to say next, and right as she began to continue, was tackled from behind by Penguin, who was then immediately jumped on by Austin.

Penguin reacted by reaching for his magnum, successfully grabbing it, and launching a shot through Austin’s chest. He fell over, crippled in pain, and began to whine.

“Austin!” Reibear cried out. Cloktower and her began to check on his wound, as Penguin made his escape.
“Cloktower! Will he make it?” ReiBear had tears dripping from her face, and she drenched them into ClokTower’s shoulder as she buried her face into him.

“I..don’t think so.” Cloktower smiled and stabbed Austin quietly while Reibear wasn’t looking. “I’ll bury him. You go rest, sweetheart.”

Animus had been there for two days as of an hour ago, no food, no drinks. Lyrics was asleep, Freelance was playing with himself, Jamie was working on a way out, and Waffle was digging at the wall with a spoon- no dice, of course.-

The area was like exactly how you would imagine it. Old desert ruins, wooden structures encompassed by sand with only a wooden door and glass windows to keep you safe. The cells were made out of steel, like usual, and the bars were really thick. And even with the walls encompassed with sand, they were hard as hell to get out of. Waffle thought he might have made a breakthrough when he saw a hole, so he clawed at it and clawed at it. Only to let rats, big, hairy, covenant rats in.

“Jesus christ Waffle..covenant rats. Really? You can’t do anything right, can you?” Lyrics pouted as he woke up.
“You know what? Fuck you man. At least I’m not the one who got us in here” Waffled rebutted.
“Hey! Jamie led us into this shithole!” Lyrics shouted.
“You guys are immature, at least I’m a fucking grown up.”
“With a momwife..” Plat screamed back.
“Guys!” Freelance shouted with authority. “Turning on each other and bickering like two cops over a donut won’t help our situation. Shut the hell up, and work on finding a way out.”

“Hey freelance, I think I found one.” Waffle pointed at the covenant rats, who, unlike normal rats, had super long claws and bigger bodies, could chew through fifty times their own weight, and lucky for Animus, had broken the lock on Jamie’s cell.

“Where’s the key?” Jamie got out and began to look around, stepping on the little rat friend in the process.
“No clue. I don’t even know how we got put in here. All I know, is that I was knocked out.” Freelance said.

“I know how we got put in here. Austin, Reibear, ClokTower, and Penguin.” Waffle was the one who had ran out and made it to the exit. “They dropped knockout gas. Penguin was behind the squad the whole time.. That must’ve been the reason. Reibear and Cloktower were setting us up in correlation with Penguin!” If only Waffle knew how wrong he was.

“Did you see which had the keys?” Lyrics asked.
“I think it was Austin, but I’m not too sure. Everything’s a little fuzzy..” Waffle stopped. “I made it out, but I was met by two elbows at the exit.”

Jamie began to search around, and found Austin’s corpse. Which, luckily enough, had keys attached to it. He let the squad out. “Where do you boys think we should go? This place is too tiny to have our weapons.”

“Do we even need them? Maybe we should go back to base. I don’t think Shadey knows we’re gone.” Lyrics suggested, not knowing Shadey was in on it with Penguin.

“What if he’s in on it?” Freelance suggested.
“Naw, he’s too awesome.” Plat said, to a chorus of laughter. The boys did come to the conclusion Shady was at least trustworthy, and began to hightail back to camp, stealing a few dusty warthogs on the way. It was night, so they went unnoticed.

“Three in the morning, and I can’t believe my husband died nearly five hours ago…and I’ve already had sex with another man.” Reibear looked at ClokTower’s sleeping body. “What have I done?” She looked up the sky, and clenched her hands together like someone who had faith. “I’m sorry, Austin..” She laid back down, but unable to slip asleep.

“No. This isn’t my fault. It’s ClokTower’s. I don’t need him..do I?” She thought to herself. “He’s just, well, another man. At least I got something from him. I could get rid of the pest while I have the chance. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do, right Rei? I’ll get rid of him and have myself all to myself..wait, myself all to myself? Isn’t that.. Psychotic? Hehe, oh well I guess. No! I can’t be like this. What am I? Why am I? Who am I? When am I? Ahhh!” Reibear could not escape her troubled thoughts. In the room over, Animus’ was escaping but her troubled thoughts were allowing her no notice of the situation.

“Jesus. Please forgive me for what I do.. For I know not, what I have done.” Reibear pulled a blade and got eerily close to kowtowers face. Rubbing the blade on his pillow, his sheets, his chest. He took no notice, sleeping like a child.
“No!” Reibear put the blade away, left the room, and went into the Animus’ holding area. They were gone.
“Fuck!” She thought for a second. “They’re probably going to Shadey. He must perish.” She had decided to chase him in the morning, and took some sleep aid to hopefully subdue herself for the night.

Bushes, thorns, all prickled Penguin, but he didn’t mind. All he cared about was protecting his leader, not only for his leader’s sake but for his own. Why? He might sell him out and get him killed. He didn’t care about Rei, Austin, or Cloktower. That was coincidence. He proved he didn’t care, taking one of them out.
What he did care about, was taking out Animus. If they got to Shadey, they’d make him talk. He knew that they knew who attacked them, and must’ve made a connection they were working with someone and wanted answers from Shadey. Right? Or is this just a ball of confusion and maybe they think Penguin is working alone and they are going to tell Shadey, and Shadey gets nervous and sells Penguin out as alone to save his own skin, and tries again later?

No matter the case, Penguin needed Animus dead. Reibear and Clok were a side issue, they were nothing. Making the assumption Animus had escaped, which is why Penguin killed Austin, he had the keys, and therefore they’d be an easier kill and less of an attraction, he’d just need to find them. He knew a cutoff point from here to the base, which was located ironically enough close. It was going to be risky, but it was worth it.

Penguin, and probably Animus, were going to meet at Calcutta. An abandoned city littered with Forerunner artifacts. How did Penguin know? Animus had been there numerous times before, found nothing and left, but the place had been rumored and proven to be littered with Forerunner artifacts. That’s another reason Shady wanted Animus gone. They never found anything.

Five in the morning, and Clok Tower wakes up to a blade at his bedside table and his alarm going off.
“Where are we going today, Rei?” No answer. “Rei?”
“Sorry sweetie, making eggs.” Rei was very flirtatious it seemed this morning, and then threw a map at him. Same old Rei.

Labeled on the map was “Calcutta.” Oddly enough the map had blood stains. Cloktower had wounds from what looked to be a knife, and the wounds were located on his chest.

Rei threw the eggs away. “You’re not that lucky. Don’t expect anymore one night stands. Get ready.”


Animus had made its escape, and was indeed on its way to Calcutta. They had stopped in the forest of good fortune and high-power, for drinking out of the lake and bathing. Lyrics was singing, while the rest of the squad was practicing good hygiene.

“I had developed a crush, I just didn’t know how to tell it to her.” Lyrics was jamming to what was left of his MP3 player. A faint ‘Eminem’ beat could be heard, the song ‘Same Song and Dance’ was playing. “Should I cut off one of my ears and mail it to her? Send her pictures of my collections of skeletons or..maybe an elephant tusk!? I’ma settle this one and for all, ima tell her at dusk. Tonight, tonight is the night, and tell her I must. Sneak up to her mansion and ring the bell, like hello my love.”

Jamie walked over and kicked out the rock from which Lyrics’ was sitting upon. “Dude, you can’t rap or sing. Stop. We have shit to do anyway.” Jamie approached Freelance and slapped him across the face. “Quit giggling. This isn’t a game, we’ve escaped and they’re probably on the lookout for us. Do you guys not know how serious this is? Or are you just blind to the facts?”

“I think you’re blind. You can’t run a squad worth a damn.” Waffle chimed in.
“Anyone else agree?” Jamie was getting visibly steamed, red in the face and smoke comin’ out the ears.
“Yeah.. Me.” Lyrics threw a rock at the nearby lake, and him and Waffle walked away.

Entering the forest of good fortune and high-power, Waffle began to shake nervously. Lyrics was ignorant of it, but began to notice as the shaking increased. With time, Waffle felt sick and fell over about two miles or so away from the first squad.

“Waffle? You okay?” Lyrics asked.
“No, I feel like I’m going to die all of a sudden.” Waffle began to cry in immense physical and mental pain. In the distance, a ghostly-like figure approached the two with what looked to be a gravity hammer. It got closer and closer before it was a mere feet away.

“Hello..” Lyrics said, nervously. “We don’t have any protection. So if you’re going to-” Lyrics got cut off mid sentence. He and Waffle were hit with the ‘God of Gravity Hammers’ and propelled into the sky, at over a thousand miles per hour. They rested upon the cloud of Calcutta, a cloud in ancient mythic times said to only be visible to gods.

“What are you..” Waffle stuttered, having felt better than before.

“Heed this, as it is your true and only warning, dear friends. Traveling down the path of departure from your base unit is a scary path indeed, and if you heed this path you will suffer. Physically, as did your friend moments ago, mentally, and beyond.” The ghostly figure said. “But know, that if you do this, you or your friends will die. I cannot tell you which one. I can only try and steer you clear of said path. Please, turn back.”

“No. I will not work with someone who doesn’t grasp the simple concepts of running a squad, and I know Lyrics agrees with me. We are immovable on the subject.” Waffle stood firm.

“Very well. By the way, my name is Mythonian. I am the over-ruler of the forest of good fortune and high power, obviously you have no good fortune, or your friends don’t, but I have high power. I now present you with a choice, dear friends. Do you die, or do your friends?” Mythonian presented them with the decision that could shape numerous fates.

Traveling, not alone but not accompanied. “He’s always asleep.” Reibear thought to herself looking at Cloktower. They were taking a pelican to Calcutta, and he had dosed off. “In a noisy ass Pelican? Jesus.” She reached for her blade again, and pricked him two more times in the chest, just like the last night. Except this time he woke up.

“What the fuck is your deal?” Cloktower slapped her across the mouth.
“Hey! You don’t hit a woman.” Reibear shouted.
“But you’re a bitch. There’s a difference, you know.” Cloktower, closing his eyes, would pay for that. Reibear stabbed him in the throat and dragged the blade the full length of it, slicing back and forth. Still alive, she decided to kick open the pelican’s back door, and threw him out of it, thousands of feet in the air.

“Safe to say I’m rid of that bastard. Now to focus on getting to Calcutta, alive.” Reibear mumbled.

Penguin had mostly stumbled around since his last encounter with everyone, but he had decided where they were going. Calcutta, an ancient city with nothing but ruins and forerunner artifacts. He was the first to arrive, staying in a pyramid like building, with three openings, one in the front and back, and one in the basement.

Mostly unbothered by the outside world, he began plotting. Why and what he was going to do when Animus got there. If they didn’t arrive, was he going to check the surrounding forests for them? (Hell yes!) and what about Reibear and Clok tower? Not an issue, in his mind. They’d already died most likely or plain don’t care for Animus.

Packing up to check the neighboring forest (he found it a bit odd they hadn’t shown up, considering they left before he did.) He noticed something. A small, but nimble figure approaching the Pyramid. Of fear or planning, he retreated inside. Soon, the figure joined him.

“Hello?” A girly voice rang through the base.
“Hi.” Penguin muttered, knowing now who it was. “Reibear.”
“Penguin! Longtime no fight.” Reibear giggled and approached him. “Look, I’m not here for you. I’m here for my prisoners.”
“I’m here to kill them. They can’t be in my way. Having them in your prison is a liability.” Penguin disputed.
“Oh I’m sure we can work something out Penguin.” Reibear grabbed his hand and pulled him into a side room. Penguin, taken aback, began to stutter.
“I..I..I don’t know.” Penguin was blushing.

“Lay down with me.” Reibear demanded, and the world had turned to night. Penguin did as asked, but jumped back up.
“Why now? Never showed any interest before.” Penguin was angry at the situation and his foolishness.
Reibear laid him down, tucked him in, tucked herself in, and the night dripped away like the rain, as did their clothes.


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I would like to join.

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“Is it done? Everything good?” Shadey had called into her.
“Better than good. See you very, very soon.” ReiBear giggled.

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