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04-08-2013, 01:35 AM

"You submit your questions, and we answer them honestly".

So, I am a huge fan of "Machinima Respawns: Inbox" series, and I figured "Maybe FC should have one". I understand we have a podcast, however a podcast doesnt settle with answering direct questions, instead it is usually answers to an open subject.

On "FC Mail", you will submit your questions once a week for a video to be released on the following friday.

Q: "What kind of questions can we ask?"
A: Anything your heart desires.

Q: "Any restrictions to the questions we can ask?"
A: Yes, however, it is very small. The only restriction there really is is that whoever is asked to answer the question can deny to answer or say or do anything they don't feel like doing. We don't want our host(s) feeling uncomfortable in anyway. They are doing this for your enjoyment.

Q: "You just said: answer or say or do anything; what do you mean by that."
A: Just having questions can be rather boring. Why not add some flare to things. You can ask the host(s) to do something or accomplish something (has to be realistic, not "fly to the moon and kill alians"). We can do a simple challenge or something stupid.

Q: "Is this just going to be audio or will there be video?"
A: Depends. Most question will be answerd through audio, however there may be some video. For example, if you asked the host to eat a full bag of marshmellows, it will be recorded by video to prove it was done. Be creative ;)

Q: "Sex? Drugs? Rock 'N Roll?"
A: Sex? No... maybe a nip slip for you though ;). Drugs? No. Beer is fine though for those that call that as a drug. Rock 'N Roll? Hell fuckin yeah!

Q: "Will there be swearing?"
A: Why the fuck not. They're just fuckin words. Words don't fuckin kill people, other shit can though.

Q: "Where do I ask my questions at?"
A: Go to our Offical Facebook page FC Mail (https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficalFCMail?ref=hl&bookmark_t=page) and "Like it". Every week, either monday or tuseday, a post will be made with the names of the hosts. In the comments on that post, you can ask your questions. They can be about their life or about FC. Make it fun!

Q: "Who are the hosts?"
A: Currently, there is only Gargoyle and myself (Bazongaman502). But we are interested in other people. However, there will only be a maximum of three hosts each week.

Q: "When are the videos released?"
A: Every Friday!

Q: "My question wasn't asked/answerd."
A: It's not the end of the world. We may hold onto some questions for a later episode, that way we have a more variety. Possibly, your question may have been answerd before, and we don't want to keep answering it many times.

So when is this starting? NOW! As I finnish typing this, a post will be made on its official Facebook page and you can start asking your question asap. We are happy to get this started!

Don;t hold back on some questions because you think it wont be allowed. If its to "bad" of a question, we will contact you and let you know ahead of time. Have Fun!

04-08-2013, 11:32 PM
I just saw this, cool idea bro. This'll be fun!