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05-05-2013, 11:54 AM
Another potshot whizzed by and hit the rock behind him. He wasn't that far forward, was he? He took a deep sigh and looked up anyway and fired some more shots into enemy shields. It wouldn't get a kill, but maybe it would help. Maybe it would stop the absurd advance that put him in a position where he was taking fire while almost at his own base. Maybe a friend would find a nice position so they could even get those bastards the hell out of friendly territory. A huge explosion shook the rock he was using as cover and his mic threw some heavy static across the comm. "You okay, sir?" A wry smile came across his face, but he'd never let anyone know that. "Sure, Bio, thanks for your concern." He had said it sarcastically, but the genuine concern was comical to him. "I'd be even better if you'd get your ass to the right and kill this guy that is making my life hell on earth right now!" Soon, he thought. Soon he won't have to say those things out loud. His thoughts were interrupted as it happened while he was talking. Specact and SlidinScrewball had teamed with Ap3x Bullet to neutralize the guy he had weakened from another angle. They had the high ground. There was his chance. He pushed forward and took out two who had turned to look at what happened. The return fire was already coming from those three guns, and there was nothing the two in front of him could do. Not much was left to clean up after that. Somehow, they had done it again. They had called him a ramblin' wreck in the past, and he was definitely hell on wheels, but he wondered to himself how many more of these he had in him. "It'll get easier, kid," he muttered to himself. "What was that?" Another smirk, and he felt a wrinkle appearing with this one. He had to stop smiling if he wanted to keep looking young like these kids. "Oh, nothing Specact. Hey, great work out there guys, thanks for the backup. Let's clean up this mess and fortify our position here." "Right with ya, sir," replied Specact. Good lord, what a good group of guys.

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Don't mention me. I gotcha, Panic. :moose:

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Lol I don't always mention everyone.

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The low hum of the lamp beside his bed was the only sound in the room. He had put his helmet down on the nightstand and sat on his bed reflecting on the events. There had been plenty of close calls today, but they got the job done. He opened the small refrigerator and grabbed a beer and cracked it open. That first sip was nothing short of magical, and it was always his favorite way to unwind after a victory. He opened up his laptop and began putting together a debriefing document. A knock on the door caused him to look up. "It's open," he called to whomever was on the other side. Specact opened the door and walked in. "Ah just who I wanted to see! How do you think it went tonight, kid?" "Not bad, we'll definitely take it." That was the answer he expected to get. He nodded. They both knew it wasn't ideal just yet. They both knew there was a lot of work to be done. But they also both knew a win's a win. "I think we've made some progress here. There's still quite a ways to go, though." "Yes sir." Again the expected reply. They would talk quite a while, planning, making notes on things to work on. It would be the typical discussion after a skirmish. By the end of the night the plan would be set, and just like every new week, tomorrow it would be time to go back to work. Tomorrow, he thought, as he took another long pull and continued the discussion.

05-14-2013, 05:37 PM
It blazed through the atmosphere and barreled into the ground with a loud thud. Smoke still surrounded the container as the fire was just dying down when it popped open. "What the hell are those things, soldier?!"
"Sir, personal ordinance drop. It gives you an option of a temporary system upgrade, grenades, or a weapon. They're really cool sir!"
"Sounds fantastic, Bio," he muttered almost to himself. His enthusiasm did not match that of his new fire team leader.
"Something the matter, sir?" The question was innocent enough, even if he did think the answer was obvious.
"You know I remember back in my day when it wasn't even possible to run in this damn suit. Now you kids are flying all over the place, placing turrets and hard shields. It's getting absurd. And don't even get me started on active camo."
"You gotta love the technology!" This was an interesting statement. Who was in charge of their tech department? It's about time for a reprimand, maybe even a demotion. Or maybe Mythonian was up there like Zeus shooting pods straight out of his backside.
There was a good reason for his lack of enthusiasm for the technology, as now he gazed back through the binoculars straight toward a scope of a different type. "Get the hell down!" He dove under cover, and a shot whizzed by where Rougemedic had been posted before he did the same. "How come we don't have things fall out of the sky like some kind of God damn magic show?"
"Oh we can, you just have to earn a little credit before they show you some love."
He knew Bio had a wry smile under that helmet. Bio knew that statement would get him a little worked up.
"A little credit? Kid, we doing everything we can down here to win a war and get out alive in case you haven't noticed." Just then the indicator on his HUD lit up. "All right looks like it's my turn!" He scanned the choices and his displeasure became more like rage. "What the hell is this? A needler, some pulse grenades, or an overshield?! Who in the HELL is running our tech department?" He selected the overshield and the container came rocketing toward the ground, and not exactly where he wanted it to go. "Watch out!" he yelled as he dove and tackled Bio out of the way with him. They got up, he looked at the container as it popped open, looked up at the sky, and looked back down at the container. There was his overshield which had nearly killed him. He looked over at Bio, shook his head, and took the overshield.
Another container flew to the ground in the distance, and a red binary beam scanned their area shortly after. They weren't going to hold this spot. "All right guys, we have to retreat! Let's get the hell out of here and regroup at the Ravine! Saddle up!" They scrambled into warthogs and a couple of mongooses and hauled ass for all they had. A shot from the binary rifle took off Jsmooth's bumper and damn near hit JIMI in the gun. The UNSC sniper went off and the shot actually dropped his overshield and careened off his knee. He was pissed. Oh, somebody was going to hear about this when they got back.

05-14-2013, 05:53 PM
Nice one Panic. I laughed when I read Mythonian shooting ordnance drops out of his ass xD