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Episode 1:Begging of a legend............. or not.

It’s a sad day a very very sad day.
One of the jedi councils strongest have left to join the red side.
As the jedi council mourns their loss they are slowly motivated by this loss.
They now have one complete goal, kill every sith they can.
As all of the jedis train the remaining jedi masters gather in a meeting chamber.

Drth: we must stop the siths some how.

Waffle: how? Its not like we have a billion jedis to dispatch.

Drth: but if we don’t act they will take more young jedi.

Waffle: how about jedi team screwball.

Drth: um well lets not talk about them.


Austin: the jedi master toilet is clogged again.

Meantime in the mountain of 3rd saturn all we can hear are groans and yells from training.
Yes truly jedi team screwball is training hard.
Oh wait scratch that.


Aww puppet you bitch, how the hell did you use that combo.
Poor poor darkwhip, maybe if you knew how to use your thumbs that woudnt have happened.
Its x-x-x-y-y-b-up but you always press down dark.

Albino: you idiots no wonder team screwball is not taken seriously.

Dark: well playing video games is part of practice.

Puppet: yeah it teaches strategy.

Albno: no more excuses drop and give 600.

Albino: and while your doing this I will get rid of this silly console, right after I exzamine it for um enemy spy devices.


Albino: aww man we got an alert, darkwhip and puppet get suited up and I will join you in um 30 minutes.

Episode 2:stupidity unleashed.

After a long run through 3rd saturns jungle like environment our young jedis puppet and dark finally make it to the small settle meant area.
It is where all young rebels are trained and is top priority on 3rd saturn.

Dark: aww man that was exhuasting but we made it now where are the enemies.

Lloyd: enemies? What are you talking about we just called cause our fax machine is broke.

Puppet: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Puppet: we ran all the way here.

Puppet: it took 3 hours.

Lloyd: well it was call tech support or call you and tech support cost 10$ to come all the way out here so….

Dark: were not going to repair you fax machine were jedis.

Lloyd: technically your apprentices so get crackin.

Meanwhile back at the meeting witch has lasted 4 hours now.
The remaining jedi masters enter a heated discussion about um…well…celebrities.

Austin: all im saying is Lindsay lohan is really getting her life back on track.

Waffle: your full of shit she is probably in rehab again.

Drth: um you guys im getting reports that a group of siths going by the name redwatch are entering 3rd saturn.

Waffle: deploy all jedis and get a cruaser ready were going down there.

Austin: do we have to.

Drth: yes dumb ass.

Now back to 3rd saturn where our screwballs are working hard to fix that fax.

Ok try now.

Its still not working.

Damn it.

Hey you hear something.


Oh shit.

While dark and puppet are safely inside an exploding unstable building.
Outside rebels fight envading storm troopers.


Darkwhip grabs his light stick(light saber is copyrighted) and heads outside.
Meanwhile puppet is crying and balling in the corner.
Darkwhip rushes out the door and slays atleast ten troopers

Darkwhip: im a jedi bitches.

Darkwhip is soon shot in the arm because he made puppet look like a bitch in the story.
Who shot him you wonder?
None other than jamie darwhip former master.

Jamie: long time no see bitches.

Darkwhip: jamie you dick why did you shoot me.

Darkwhip: im out of neosporin you dick.

Jamie: it been a long while former apprentice.

Darkwhip: why would you ever join the siths.

Jamie: because they don’t use hand me down armor and broken light sticks.

Jamie: plus you get your own wii and a hot tube.

Episode 3: Stranded

3 hours after the 2 minute battle between jamie and darkwhip darkwhip was left on the ground unconcious while puppet draws on his visor.
It is now getting dark and the small brotherhood settlement has more than just a broken fax to deal with now.
Most of their food and supplies are gone and they lost 70%of their soldiers.
All other soldiers are badly injured and all communications have been destroyed thanks to jamie.

Dark: what the hell my neck hurts.

Albino: glad to see your awake darkwhip.

Dark: ya but what happened to jamie.

Puppet: he beat your ass to a pulp and left.

Dark: and where were you two?

Puppet: im a lover not a fighter.

Albino: I was um scanning some cheeseburgers.

Dark: well im glad were all alive but when is back up coming?

Albino: unfournately our satelites have been destroyed so probably in a few days.

Puppet: for now dark lay off heavy lifting and running while those stitches are there.

Meanwhile in a small cruiser ship 3 jedi masters argue over who won a game of rock paper scissors when suddenly.
BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Drth: what the hell was that.

Austin: were hit everyone get down.

Drth: were crashing strait into tatooine.

Waffle: aww I hate that planet.

As they enter the planets atmosphere austin uses his force abilities to slow the ship down while waffle tries to drive it.
Drth just sits in a corner quietly.
Soon the ship collides with the planets desert like rocky surface they are all knocked unconscious.
The crash is so loud it awakens every merc and bounty hunter on the planet.

Now back to 3rd saturn where our famous team screwball is.
Without any communication and little food things look bad.
All of the mongooses were stolen and the walk back requires to much water.
Punctual and albino desperately try to repair the satelites and meanwhile darkwhip stares blankly at the sunset.

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keep this up :D

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what....the....fuck.....w as......that.......

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what....the....fuck.....w as......that.......

dont worry in the next episode (spoiler alert)

the reds will each have their own wii

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keep this up :D

Your name doesn't look right in red. Definitely gonna take some getting used to...

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Your name doesn't look right in red. Definitely gonna take some getting used to...

I'm still trying to get used to it myself ;)

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keep this up :D

LOL Love it darkwhip :D

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best thing since buttered toast

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The hell did I just read? Is this a sequel to Star Wars made by Disney? O.o

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Necro much?

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Good times