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(Disclaimer: The original draft for the following document is not my own. I am not the creative mind behind the story, though I did expand upon it)

January 22, 2027: Dr. Hagiru Sato, along with a team of handpicked scientific minds from Japan, the United States, Canada, Britain, China, and India, begin research into Matter-Energy transference technology. They hope to find a solution for the world energy crisis by circumventing the need for fusion-based energy platforms.

May 8th, 2030: First open test of matter-energy technology fails. A 3 kg carbon block is disintegrated into atoms. Sato’s team is unable to confirm new energy readings from the event.

December 9th, 2032: The 17th generation of the matter-energy transference machine is produced. Three units are constructed. Final test of the project is scheduled. Eastern governments prepare to cut funding to the project if test failures persist.

February 11th, 2033: First successful test. All matter within test chamber is reduced to subatomic particles for several minutes before energy readings spike to unexpected levels. Test chamber becomes a vacuum-state and collapses. New safety protocols are enacted.

April 24th, 2033: The team predicts profitable results by the end of the year. Government funding demands are high. Energy produced must amount to more than that which is used, reversible energy-matter tests should be performed, safety risks to be eliminated.

September 18th, 2033: Research into reversing the process leads to application with current technology and a full change in direction for the project. The team begins studying the storage and movement of matter subjects in energy form.

January 22th, 2034: Seven-year anniversary of the project. Preparations are made for first test of the new matter-energy transportation grid. One of three 18th generation units is moved to an undisclosed location in South America, where a separate facility is constructed. The second remains in Sato’s facility in Hiroshima. The third is received, in secret, by the U.S. government.

February 2nd, 2034: First successful test. A carbon block is transported, as energy, across the Pacific Ocean. Numerous tests follow.

July 18th, 2034: A catastrophic incident with the matter-energy transportation unit destroys the city of Hiroshima, with devastation not seen since the atomic bombing almost 90 years prior. Energy washout spreads throughout the region to coastal Asia. Similar event occurs within southern Brazil. Effects spread to the center of the South American continent.

July 19th, 2034: Japanese government moves to ban the research. The Eastern world governments agree. The U.S. urges its continuation, but fails to achieve support. All of Sato’s team is confirmed dead. Argentina surrenders all land within the affected area to Brazil, whose government initiates a containment program aided by the United States. The land burns for days.

April 30th, 2036: First sightings of infected individuals in the ruins of Hiroshima. Most are animals, though some humans are also found to be susceptible to infection.

May 13th, 2036: A nation-wide quarantine is enacted in Japan, splitting the North from the South. Anarchy spreads through the infected regions. The “virus” is believed to be a spreadable corruption of DNA, causing rapid mutations in individuals. 18.6% of the population is shown to be immune. Another 81% are affected fatally. The remaining .4% of confirmed cases are either mutating stably or showing symptoms leading to death.

January 21st, 2040: All uninfected animal life in Japan is wiped out. Ecosystems are ruled entirely by infected population.

May 8th, 2048: To preserve quarantine, the Japanese Defense Force engages infected individuals. Coordinated attacks by infected animal and human population are seen. High intelligence and sentience is confirmed.

May 10th: The JDF fails, and the nation of Japan falls to the infection completely.
October 1st: The United States Aircraft Carrier George W. Bush is attacked and sunk by an unknown force, later revealed to be an assault by the infected. Use of atomic weaponry to retaliate is considered, but denied.

June 12th, 2052: Footage of remaining inhabitants has appeared, showing the adoption of the infected into local religions. This includes the banning of violence against the individuals and an anti-weapon policy. Conflict with the infected has ceased.

April 4th, 2055: Infection reaches North America. Military preparedness results in far better containment, though thousands from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico die.

March 19th, 2061: The United States military recovers its last remaining MET unit and fragments of research from the network grid dating as late as the incident itself. Classified reports of “living energy” are discovered. Source of the infection is now believed to be this “living energy”, mutating individuals on far deeper subatomic levels than DNA makeup.

August 23rd, 2061: The U.S. military begins experimenting with the combat prowess of infected animals. The subjects begin to show loyalty to kind treatment, becoming domesticated. Others are indoctrinated. Initial tests exceed expectations, and the animals, with their handlers, are later separated into military units.

November 7th, 2061: China, Russia, Vietnam, India, and North Korea sign the Kommu pact to ensure protection against the overpowered West.

July 2nd, 2063: The Kommu Alliance declares war on the United States. The U.S. military utilizes its new fighting force and its trainers to great extent.

October 9th, 2066: War ends. Kommu states are dissolved. Asia falls under the jurisdiction of NATO.
December 25th, 2072: The regions formerly known as Japan open up to the world through scientific trade, joining research expeditions together with the United States. The new breeds of life caused by the infection, which has since spread worldwide and died off, are found to be naturally susceptible to remote forms of matter-energy transference, and production begins on marketable technology to subdue the new species for domestication to the public

February 1st, 2091: Japanese scientists sneak into heavily-infected Brazil. They believe the greater source of the infection occurred on the receiving end of the initial event in 2034. The unconfirmed test subject was a lab mouse, the first living subject to be used in an MET experiment. They recover DNA from the subject, believed to be the first complete mutation of the infection and the source of the “living energy” washout.

March 9th, 2091: After numerous cloning attempts of the DNA, one experiment is successful. The resulted clone, capable of self-induced Energy-Matter transference, is responsible for the death of dozens before escaping.

May 22nd, 2091: Ash Ketchum turns 10 years old.

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May 23rd, 2091: Everybody walked the dinosaur.

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