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07-10-2013, 10:24 PM
Operation Black Dawn
0600 hours
Over Covenant Planet
Spartan Team Blue
Fire Team Leader James Gallat

“Fuck I'm hit” the UNSC O.D.S.T pilot said as he fell to the floor. He screamed in pain as the pelican, spiraled to the alien planet.
“This is not how I will die”, said Aqua.
Aqua hit a button on his wrist, his Armor went into lock down, and he started to walk to the pilot's seat. Every hit from the enemy, his armor absorbed. But his armor could not take all of it. The pelican would not last another direct hit. He climbed to the pilot seat and took control, the pelican was in grave danger. Systems were at thirty five percent. The left engine was completely on fire, and the pelican was shifting to the right side. Being on the pelican was uneasy for Aqua, even for a spartan. Him and his team were about four thousand feet from the ground. Banshees flew from one side to the other, shooting their plasma bolts, one after the other. There was about five of them. Plasma burned from every direction, burning through important parts of the plane. Aqua looked down and saw the pilot again.
“Splash, get the hell over here, and help this pilot”. Aqua commanded.

The pilot was rolling all around on the floor of the airship, he was screaming in pain. Plasma was ripping through his armor, burning his left arm. Another shot hit his right thigh. Plasma was flying into the back of the pelican, hitting the Spartan's armor. All three Spartans were at 70-100% of shield. Wave was taking most of it. She shot a sticky detonator bomb out into the catastrophe, hoping to hit one. The bomb landed on the left wing of a banshee, she hit the trigger. The left wing went spinning into another banshee, causing it to crash into another one. Two to go...

“This is Blue Team, from Alpha Company, request assistance at my position”, said Aqua over the radio in his helmet.

“Spartan-Aqua, we have visual on your position, but we can not send reinforcements to your position anytime soon. What we can do is send an ODST squad to help assist you.”

“Did command just say to fuck ourselves?” ,questioned Splash, “what in the hell is an ODST squad going to do?”

Aqua knew this might be it, but he was a spartan, they never go without a fight. He thought in his head, over and over again. Is this a set up? Do they want to get rid of me? Spartans never die right?
He shook his head, and all the questions went away for a brief moment. He finally answered back...

“Send them anyway”, Aqua said as he clicked off his radio. “Alright, everybody lock your armor, we are going into more direct measures.”

Over Aqua's helmet, he heard all of his team members armor locking. He told them all to get a weapon, as he tried to hold the pelican. It was no use, the pelican was still going down either way. Five hundred feet to go, they had to think of something quick. Before the other two could speak, they were pushed out of the back side. Aqua grabbed his sniper rifle, and jumped.

Shrapnel flew everywhere, hitting the Spartan's armor, but it was still absorbing it. Two hundred feet. Aqua swung his head back up to where he saw the pelican, it was in a ball of flame, ripping through the atmosphere. That's when it hit a tree. “Holy Shit” said Aqua covering his visor from the explosion. The blast collateral damage, made Aqua fly faster and faster into the planet. One Hundred feet.

His shields were out, but his armor was still in tact. He shut down all remaining power, to put into his shields. Fifty feet. He flew into a ball. Thirty feet. He was ready to hit. His shields were on full power, and his armor was locked. Then he hit the muddy ground, going over two hundred miles per hour. He was unconscious, he could not hear anything.

“Spartan Team BLUE, is MIA, their pelican was just compromised” rang over the radio.

Five cylinders flew down from the sky, and hit the ground. They were in a tight radius, all near each other. They all kicked their pods open, the doors flew over thirty feet away. The members of the squad all grabbed their weapons and stepped out. They looked around at the landscape, seeing brushes and trees everywhere. They could see all of the wreckage from the pelican and the banshees that followed it into its demise.

“Secure a perimeter, now!” said the O.D.S.T.

“Do you think their dead?” said another O.D.S.T..

“Spartans never die, didn't you hear the comms”, said the leader, John Shepard. “Now fix that perimeter!”

“Paul and Dana, take point, find that pelican” ,said Shepard, “Liz, go up to that mountain, find over watch, then report back to me.”

“Where do I go sir?”, said Alex. As he looked towards the leader, Alex was the only recruit on the team.

“Rookie, you're with me, any covenant, blow them to shit”, “Now where are you Blue?”

The day was setting, the mission Blue took was at day break. The mission was supposed to be easy. Get in, get the objective, then get out. It was not that easy, when two patrol banshees flew by. Spartan Blue was good, they never failed.

“I found one” said Liz, “She is up in the mountain, armor at fifteen percent”

“Good shit”, said Shepard, “I'll be up there in a minute”

As Shepard walked away, the recruit was left alone, near the muddy swamp, he finally sat down, and stared up at the sky. That is when he saw the sniper rifle tip, almost submerged in the mud.
It was sinking, Alex pulled at the sniper rifle, it was not budging. He exerted all his force, and pulled. He started to pull it out, when he saw a hand on it, a blue hand. Aqua was still alive, but in grave danger. His armor was being forced upon itself because of the weight of the mud. His visor was completely darkened. He could feel mud on his face, the visor was cracked somewhere. Alex pulled as hard as he could, he was hyper-ventilating, Aqua's suit started to gain power again, He read seven percent on his visor.

“Sir, I have another spartan, he is stuck in the mud, I need help”, Alex said to Shepard, “He is to far in the mud and he wont budg--.”

A plasma bolt flew into Alex's left leg, sending him to the ground. An Elite surfaced from his active camouflage, his sword in one hand, plasma rifle in the other. Alex hit the floor, his grenade launcher falling to the side of him.

“Finish him, you despicable creeps” the elite ordered the two grunts with him.

The grunts stood by the elite's orders, and walked towards Alex. Alex looked to his side, grenade launcher to far out of reach. Alex holstered his magnum, he took aim and shot. The first shot whizzed by the grunts face, piercing through the tree right next to the elite. The elite growled and started walking towards Alex with his energy sword. The glow of the energy sword glowed through the landscape of the night. The grunts charged up their plasma pistols, and took aim at Alex. Alex started breathing very hard, he took aim again, and fired. The grunt fell to the floor getting a bullet through his head. Alex took aim at the last grunt, and shot. The second grunt fell to the floor with another bullet in his skull. The elite growled once more and walked closer and closer. Alex took two more shots to the elites head, the shields discharged. The elite grabbed Alex by the neck and held him, so his feet dangled.

“The human race is sick and unbearable...” the elite snarled, “I will enjoy ripping your insides out.”

The sound of the radio from Alex's head set was chattering with voices of his teammates. The elite ripped off Alex's helmet and looked Alex in the eyes. Alex stared as the elite took his energy sword into the air.