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07-20-2013, 01:32 AM
(writers note: What's changed? Fireteam name is now War wolf instead of Stray dogs, added more detail, enjoy!)


Team lead: Call sign: Jarl; Years in imperial Spec forces-5
Marksman: Call sign: Pook; Years in imperial Spec forces-4
Rifleman: Call sign: Specter; Years in imperial Spec forces-5
Automatic Rifleman: Call sign: Frostbite; Years in Imperial Spec forces-3
Ops director: Call sign: Odin; Years in Imperial Spec forces-10

"All units Deployed, mission light is green, you have 36 hours to complete the op, if the mission is not complete in that time you will NOT be extracted." Odin informed us as the sounds of the pelican began to fade along with the desert night.

"War wolf one to War wolf actual, enemy warthog on approach from the west. Cabin sighted 50 meters to the east looks abandoned from here, I cannot play as an offensive unit this op, say again you are without sniper support until objective is secure." Pook whispered.

"War wolf actual to War wolf one, copy last, moving to cabin, move eyes over to the village and link enemy patrols to our HUD's, out." I whispered back.

Half an hour had passed before we were able to leave the cabin and the sun was beginning to peek up over the horizon. We were lucky enough that the rebels Hadn't stopped to search around. We left with no trace and proceeded North to the small village where our HVI was being held. Specter spotted several enemy riflemen on a sand dune roughly 300 meters east of the village, I gave him the signal to kill them. He slipped his suppressor onto his DMR and squeezed three rounds from the weapon. We were rewarded with three enemy insurgents collapsing in the dust.

"War wolf 1 to War wolf actual, there's no way we can complete this op." Pook informed

"War wolf actual to War wolf 1, stow it. We are going to extract the HVI." I said stubbornly.

"Negative sir, enemy SPARTAN's are patrolling the village, we have no chance against them, advise we fall back and call for extraction." Pook said worriedly.


"Attention REDD force, surrender now and you will be treated fairly as prisoners of war!" boomed a voice from one of two circling hornet VTOL's.

We were walked to a makeshift prison which was really just a house cut into the side of a mountain a SPARTAN was assigned to guard each one of us. I couldn't tell what time it was as my hands had been bound to a chair, but it felt like 4 hours. Around nine A.M. finally "someone" wanted to see me, Colonel Izotov.

"Colonel? Why aren't you bound like me? you didn't change sides did you?" I asked.

"That will be enough, I am asking the questions, I trust you can be civil enough to not need the bindings. You, cut him loose." he said.

The SPARTAN grumbled something while taking a knife from his chest and quickly brought it to the ropes. It seemed like forever since I'd been able to pop my knuckles, and almost instantly did so. I took a brief look around the room, there was nothing in it besides two chairs and a table, it was a very boring shade of brown (having been made of carved rock) I then stopped and stared at Izotov, my eyes almost ablaze.

"Now, Jarl, is it?" he chuckled. "what is the name of the prowler that brought you and your team here?"

"Kiss mine." I replied.

the smile vaporized from his face and repeated, "What. is. the name. of the prowler. that brought you here.?"

"Why did you switch sides?" I asked back.

"In case you haven't noticed captain, I'm still asking the questions." he said, irritated, "Are there other teams on the planet?"

"Hell if I know." I replied truthfully.

"You want to know why I'm BLUE now? because I've seen the atrocities of the empire first hand, commanding a destroyer. the enemy had surrendered. you know what the Admiral ordered? to destroy ALL of the remaining ships, approximately 20,000 people, military and refugee, dead in minutes. I jumped orbit to the nearest planet with an offer that I assume you know what it was and how it went." He said emotionlessly.

"You piece of sh-" I said before the SPARTAN punched me in the jaw, "I aint gotta glass jaw dirt-bag! Try again!" I taunted

The SPARTAN was more than willing and smashed me in the face again. my vision was fuzzy and I thought i could see blood on the table. my vision got worse and worse until I finally fell forward into a dark slumber.

07-20-2013, 01:43 AM
Looking good Spattan, liking what I'm seeing thus far. Just try to describe each scene as much as possible, right now it seems to be a lot of speech with not a lot of painting the picture mid-dialogue.