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09-30-2013, 10:40 AM
Here ya go guys. Hopefully we get more listens this week then lasts. As always, your embed:

And your other links:

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News links, anyone?

The last Mail Sack? (http://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=11105)

Destiny Design Director Joseph Staten Quits Bungie After 15 Years at Studio (http://dlvr.it/42133K)

The Bungie Podcast is back! Download. Listen. (http://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=11100 …)

Battlefield 4's multiplayer modes, player counts detailed by DICE (http://sbn.to/1fL6lHm)

You had more questions, we have more answers. #BF4 Commander Mode revisited (http://bit.ly/1ayNTOx )

All BF4 Maps Announced After Leak (http://blogs.battlefield.com/2013/09/battlefield-4-maps)

Battlefield 4 Customisation Options Discussed in Latest Vid (http://dlvr.it/41gtRC)

"Notch" has spoken out to praise Valve's announcement today of SteamOS. (http://l.gamespot.com/19yfb51)

Valve announces their own hardware, the Steam Machines (http://bit.ly/1eHhRon)

Valve announces Steam Controller, a gamepad for its game console (http://engt.co/18vQAPz)

Steam Controller in use: game developers sound off on the beta version's highs and lows, how it feels (http://engt.co/1ePxOZB)

EA Sports will not publish a college football video game next year. (http://bit.ly/175d9fi)

Xbox One demo tour outed (http://sbn.to/1fK5XZU)

Microsoft forms Chinese console venture (http://sbn.to/1b7Gbzg)

Xbox One Has a Twitter-like Followers System, New Gamerpics Revealed (http://dlvr.it/41jR2k)

Xbox One Gameplay Vid Sharing Coming to YouTube, Facebook in 2014 (http://dlvr.it/41VPxd)

Microsoft shows Halo 4 running on PC, Windows Phone streaming from cloud (http://sbn.to/1fJUnhm)

http://sbn.to/18sPlk3]Subscription-based (http://Xbox.com [url) Xbox One fitness app details leak from [/url]

Microsoft reveals that almost 40% of the #XboxLive "audience" in the US is female. (http://l.gamespot.com/18LqAU3)

The first ever direct-feed gameplay footage of @ForzaMotorsport 5 (http://mjr.mn/1h5oqh8)

Microsoft doesn't expect indie launches on Xbox One until early 2014 (http://sbn.to/17XEorF)

Rockstar confirms GTA Online microtransactions, warns that launch will have "growing pains." (http://bit.ly/19FtViL)

Watch Dogs will run at 30 frames-per-second on #XboxOne and #PS4. (http://l.gamespot.com/1bhkyMS)

Watch_Dogs for Xbox 360 Comes on Two Discs, Requires a Mandatory Install (http://dlvr.it/42m7HX)

Tons of cancelled Star Wars games. Micromanagement. This is the story of how LucasArts fell apart. (http://bit.ly/1eMuHl8)

Star Wars 1313 concept art, demo detail story starring Boba Fett (http://sbn.to/15u94D0)

Rod Fergusson (formerly of Epic and Irrational) heading up new 2K Games studio in the Bay Area, may hire talent from LucasArts. (http://dtoid.it/1fs1365)

South Park: The Stick of Truth finally has a release date: December 10. (http://bit.ly/19EYyEV)

Steam's Family Sharing plan has officially entered beta. (http://l.gamespot.com/190hkM0)

New Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Trailer Features Infamous Pirates (http://dlvr.it/42STz9)

The new Ace Combat will have free single-player. But its multiplayer, let's just say "microtransactions." (http://bit.ly/15VKjOx)

Watch Metal Gear Solid 5's intro to hear Kiefer Sutherland as Snake (http://sbn.to/15rvEwb)

Report: Colin Farrell offered World of Warcraft film lead (http://sbn.to/1b66pSF)

Naughty Dog debuts new alternate The Last of Us ending (http://dtoid.it/197RG1R)

PS4 user interface images offer a look at video edit, live stream screens and more (http://sbn.to/15sGJx3)

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Jam Cliché
09-30-2013, 12:54 PM
BLUE Mix included "Violent by Nature", "Dynasty", and "Birds of Belief"

None of those are Squads, and thus I classified them as Mixes after the fact.

The Squad Statistics are ordered by highest win count first, then lowest loss count next. If a Squad goes 1-0, that would still be a 100% victory rating. But with only 1 win, that doesn't really count for much. So I order them by highest win, lowest loss.

Brigade counts on each map does not matter when making a Primary attack, only an auxiliary. REDD's options right now are Wreckage, Two, and Vertigo in terms of auxilaries.

09-30-2013, 02:09 PM
Toast, you're not as interesting as you say during your solo segment. :P

Also, there was a helluva lot of gaming news that came out this morning. Check it out on the Twitter feed!

10-04-2013, 03:11 AM
Its boring , if i wanted to hear gaming news i have machinima and ign for that. I would rather listen to the politics in FC.