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10-07-2013, 09:55 AM
Max and I bring you guys some more news, including some more information of Battlefield 4, Destiny and the SteamBox. Check it, son :batman:

And your links:

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And news links of course:

The Weekly Update - unchained and on the loose. (http://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=11162)

Behold, the box art for Destiny. Tune in tomorrow for a new trailer & a kick ass announcement! (pic.twitter.com/EJry1Bv8zc)

Destiny Pre-Orders Grant Access to Beta, Launching in Early 2014 (http://dlvr.it/43qmz4)

Something's living deep inside our Moon, and it's not friendly. The latest #Destiny trailer (http://youtu.be/eAbpZfqE8r4)

Valve's first Steam Machine prototype is crazy powerful (http://bit.ly/15a7qnN)

Playing video games on Xi3's Piston living room PC / game console (http://engt.co/18Q7IiU)

http://dlvr.it/44p0wW]Battlefield (All [url) 4 Beta Now Open [/url]

'We should be slapped' for Battlefield 3's unlocks, says DICE creative director (http://sbn.to/174Xw4h)

Battlefield: Bad Company franchise will make a comeback, says director (http://sbn.to/16HDsL7)

Xbox Live Gold members will get “Might & Magic Clash of Heroes” & “Halo 3” #Free in October (http://mjr.mn/15FTkaP)

How Dead Rising 3, Project Spark & Just Dance 2014 will use Xbox One's Smart Glass (http://mjr.mn/GAKiFX)

#XboxOne game Fable Legends gains the support of series steward Peter Molyneux. (http://l.gamespot.com/19laC3l)

Kinect 2.0 sees your face, muscles, and soul. Maybe not that last one. (http://bit.ly/15JAW6t)

New Vids Explore The Eyes and Brains of Xbox One Kinect (http://dlvr.it/44Qbhx)

New Kinect can understand two people talking at the same time (http://sbn.to/16Ysjjg)

Xbox One DVR features will let you record video commentary for game clips (http://sbn.to/16Yvc3B)

Xbox One day one patch download to take 15-20 minutes (http://sbn.to/18LciPz)

Update: The latest GTA Online title update has now gone live for Xbox 360. (http://rsg.ms/1hrDV3j)

Warner Brother Games Montreal to add 100 dev jobs via $1.5 Million investment from gvt. (http://sbn.to/1fSsJRH)

Half-Life 3 trademark removed from European database (http://sbn.to/1fQTplZ)

Valve Database Reveals Two Teams Potentially Working on Half-Life 3 (http://dlvr.it/446C4X)

Lawyers for college football players say killing the NCAA Football series was not their intent. (http://bit.ly/1e1eENn)

A glimpse of the work being done on College Football 15, right up to its abrupt end. (http://bit.ly/19cPL2a)

Announcing the Borderlands 2 $100K Loot Hunt Sweepstakes -- awesome loot awaits (Begins Oct.11) (http://Borderlands2LootHunt.com)

So, Maxis is exploring the possibility of making an offline mode for the always-online SimCity... (http://bit.ly/176RwYU)

Bioshock Infinite trailer goes on an 80s-esque hunt for Rapture (http://sbn.to/176GV02)

Playing through BioShock Infinite's compelling Burial at Sea (http://sbn.to/176tQE3)

Tom Clancy has died at the age of 66. (http://bit.ly/19V02Lh)

How Assassin's Creed IV uses the PS4's touchpad (http://bit.ly/1bXBBDb)

Sony reveals that #PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall's file size is around 50GB (http://l.gamespot.com/1fWB0l8)

Dude tries selling a copy of GTA V for PC on eBay. Comes on a disk. Not disc. Disk. (http://bit.ly/19VQCiJ)

Final question for you to think on and write in about: Battlefield 4 war - just a mini-war, gamenights or full on WARSIM? Something else entirely? Want to ll it with fire?

Let us know; send in that listener mail. And of course, the contest is still going.

Make us some art, answer our question, and as always, Stay Classy