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11-06-2013, 07:31 PM
We will be looking for community-made maps to use for next war! If you have a map to submit, keep reading. If you don't have one, hop onto Halo 5 and start up Forge! These can either be maps you forged, or ones other people forged you simply want in the wars!

To submit a map to be considered for use in the next war, please post a new thread in this subforum, following the format below.

The thread title should be the name of the map. Only one map per thread. You may submit as many maps as you wish.

All submissions should be quality maps. All maps submitted will be tested and rated by the many forge department members as well as others in the community. If rated high enough, it will be added to a "list" of maps the War Council can choose for next war.

Map Name:
Map Description:
Preferred Number of Players:
Type of gameplay map is focused on:
Other Details:
Waypoint File Browser Link:

Example of properly filled out submission, using default MM map:

Map Name: Empire
Map Description: closed human facility with one open side, and multiple pathways between two opposing bases with cover.
Forger(s): 343 Industries
Preferred Number of Players: 4v4
Type of gameplay map is focused on: Focus on short-medium gameplay, with power weapons capitalizing on short range and heavy cover, IE shotgun, plasma caster, overshields.
Restrictions: None
Other Details: Is in matchmaking, and is symmetrical for fair gameplay!
Screenshots/Videos: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie. net/halo/images/2/2a/H5MB_Empire3.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141111165623
Waypoint File Browser Link: N/A

Incorrectly formatted submissions will not be considered until they are corrected. All submitted maps must contain at least one screenshot or video.