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Everyone loved to talk about it, yet no one believed it would ever be true. Franchises have been built focused solely on them, but no one knew how the idea started, or knew why so many people were so enamoured with them. The public had thought them to be fake, but it turns out that they were very much real.

Scientists’ had found the gene that controls the feeding habits in humans. It had all started off as a low budget research all the way in the 60’s. After the gene was found, a few more scientists’ were sent in to see what they could mess around with the genetic code, going through thousands of lab rats, yet every single one ended up dieing.

Only one of them ever survived, only one. The rat had been injected by a man made virus that had been made solely to cause a genetic mutation and to change the feeding habit, the virus was practically harmless to humans.

Shortly after having injected the rat, notes reading about 10 minutes, the rat seemed to have died. No one really took notice of it, as there had been multitudes like it that had died before it. Nearly 12 hours after having been injected, the rat started to move again. It had been 10 years since the research had originally started.

The scientist’s were ecstatic about the sudden positive changes in what had happened. The lead scientist took the rat out of the cage it had been in, and held it for closer examination. The rat quickly bit his finger, and blood slowly ran down the researches finger. He didn’t seem to mind, for he was too happy about the success. Two other researches took the rat in the arms, and examined it. They were also bit, but didn’t seem to mind.

Finally the final test came. The rat was put back into his cage, and a chunk of raw meat was placed before it. The rat quickly came at the piece of meat with great zeal. The chunk, which weighed about 2 pounds, was gone within a few minutes.

The scientists were very proud they were able to do this, yet none of them knew exactly why they were pleased. All of them were shocked as their leader fell to the ground, seemingly dead on contact. Everyone rushed to him, except two people, the ones who were bit as well. They fell over as well, the same as their predecessor. The men had a very weak pulse, but were still alive.

They had to call for a helicopter to come pick them up, as they were away from society a good ways. It wouldn’t be able to get there for nearly 14 hours. From here nothing is known, except that 10 men were sent in during the research, but only one came out, my father.

I was born in February of the year 1993. I never knew my mother, so i spent my life with my father. As soon as I could walk, I knew how pain felt. My father spent 10 years making sure that I was in top physical strength, yet I had no idea why. By the time I was 13, my father taught me how to hold and shoot a gun.

This would have kept on going for my whole life probably, until my father randomly got ran over by a black car while we were out on a jog. I was 18. Ever since then I had kept up with my fathers work, but nothing could prepare myself, or anyone for what happened next.
I can hear my friend Jack waking up from a quick nap, so we will have to go soon back to my house now that we have gotten enough supplies. God protect us still alive.

Chapter One: The Way Home
“Come on, it’s about time to go.” I told Jack while helping him to his feet. He looked at me like he didn’t recognize what in the world I was talking about, then the grim realization came over him.

“Right” He muttered half excitedly. I did a quick check over of the packs that we had brought with us. A good days search, at least that is what I thought. About enough canned food to last us about a week, as well as a few bullets that would fit in the 9mm I had at the house.

“Go check the windows.” I ordered to Jack, he went to them without a word.

“We have one right outside about halfway through the yard.” He called out quietly. “As well as a few more in the street, fairly spaced out from each other though.” Jack continued, sounding slightly frightened.

“That’s it?” I joked, then slightly chuckled. “Well then.” I whispered, putting one of the rucksacks on my back, “We shouldn’t be keeping them waiting.”

Outside was total chaos, cars were everywhere, and the damp smell of decay clung to the ground and air. Just as Jack had said, a man stood stationless in the middle of the houses lawn. He stood staring right at us, but he was missing one eye, and the other looked at us as if we weren’t even there.

The risen, as I had called them, were completely blind when a human became infected. They wouldn’t be able to react to you if you stood right in front of their deformed face, but they had uncanny hearing. If you so much as move a blade of grass wrong by them, they will attack you with extreme ferocity.

Their strength remained unchanged, if you were a bodybuilder when you were alive, you were that strong as a risen. Speed was a different story though. For a reason unknown, speed increases immensely as a risen. I doubted that they would be faster than me when I first set out of the house after I got Jack, that mistake had nearly cost me my life.

I motioned behind to Jack to follow me, and I took the pathway to the sidewalk, hoping it to not make as much noise. Slowly reaching my feet off the steps while not taking my eyes of the risen in the yard. Thankfully it did not move. I kept going, inching forward step by step. Finally I passed the risen when I heard a clang from behind me. Jack had dropped his hammer that he kept as a weapon.

The risen turned toward us and charged straight ahead. I barely had time to unsheath my fathers sword when the risen was at Jack. Jack fell to the ground and covered up, hoping to draw the attention away from him. The risen stayed on him and would have killed him had I just drove my sword through his head, the only weak spot in the things body. Blood spurted out and I kicked the risen off of Jack.

“Thank you” Jack whispered to me, as he attempted to wipe some of the blood off of himself.

“Let’s get going” I told him, and we made our way back to the street. We weaved through the maze of cars that were in the middle of the street. The smell of decay still hung heavy in the air, churning my stomach massively.

We made it across the street and into a side alley just fine, but we found our way blocked by two risen in military clothing. I signaled to Jack to stay put where he was at, and I creeped my way towards the duo. As I got halfway through, I unsheathed my sword and prepared myself for whatever may come.

I somehow managed to get right up next to them, so close that the stench nearly watered my eyes. One of them had a whole section of their chest missing. It was so deep that I could see the faint sight of what I believe to be the heart. I caught my breath, but was too loud in doing so, and the risen turned to face me.

I left my crouched position and swung my sword at the duo, slicing both of their heads in half, which proceeded to roll onto the floor. I signalled to Jack to rendezvous and waited until he got back to me.

“Could have been a slight bit nicer” Jack quirked, noticing the other halfs of the heads.

“They are dead” I said coldly, “And they deserve to say that way.” I took a small pause, “Ok we need to loot their bodies. By the looks of it, they are military, and will hopefully have a gun or two between them.” I looked to Jack, and he nodded his head reluctantly.

I took the one with the missing chest, and was appalled to learn that what I had seen was indeed the mans heart, motionless. I personally found 3 clips for a 9mm, but Jack was the lucky one. He pulled out a Beretta M9, as well as a good deal of preloaded clips. Jack’s eyes were glossed over with what he held in his hand, the perfect jet black finish captivated him.

Jack tried to hand it to me, but I refused, handing it back to him. “You keep it” I told him, “Besides, I have mine at the house, you need your own.” Jack wasted no time in returning back to his glossed over state.

“Come on” I grunted, removing the soldiers side holsters, “We both will need these from now on” Jack took off his soldiers holster, and put in on. “Now remember” I started, dead serious, “Only use that gun in an emergency. The sound of the muzzle blast will cause for a horde to come our way.” I took a moment to look at him to make sure he understood. Jack shook his head.

The rest of the way back went uneventfully, we only ran into one more risen, which I had Jack take out with his hammer that he preferred to use. As my house came into view, the sun was starting to set. We had made good timing, and were glad to finally be back home. I opened up the small gate that encompassed my families house, and walked up the steps. I opened the door to have a a barrel of a shotgun pointed at my head, and a female voice saying, “Who the hell are you?”

Chapter Two: A Long Road North

“Well come on now” The voice said with a slight southern twang in her voice.

I couldn’t get a good view of the wielder of the gun due to the fact that all I could see was a barrel right in my face. “Careful now” I told her calmly, “I wish to have no trouble with you, we are not your enemy.” I continued.

“No, you aren’t my enemy.” She replied, calmly, “But you are someone who would plan on killing me the second you get the chance” She ended coldly.

“No we aren’t” Jack whined, “We can work together” He said.

“Taylor” A voice from inside said, getting closer. “Who are you talking to?” Suddenly the gun was put down and a tall man stood in front of me.

“Hello boys, my name is Henry Thiamin, and you have already met my daughter Taylor obviously” The man said warmly. Henry stood at a tall height of probably around 6’5”, and had broad shoulders and huge hands. His physical presence scared me for a second, but his dark brown eyes brought on a feeling of comfort, and I could tell he was someone to be trusted.

“Hello sir” I said when he finished, and Jack said the same thing.

The man laughed, a deep laugh that I hadn’t heard since my father died, “Well aren’t you two so formal in these informal times, but please, call me Henry.” Henry then pushed his daughter in front of him, “And this is my angel” The girl held her face down, and finally looked up.

The girl made me catch my breath, she was very slim, but absolutely gorgeous. Her gold curls bounced just longer than her shoulders, and she had a pair of piercing green eyes. “Hello” She stammered.

“Well now you are shy” I heard Jack quirp behind me. The meeting was cut short by the sound of a risen coming to investigate behind us.

“Quick, come in” Henry grabbed me and Jack and pulled us in. I was glad to finally be back home, my house was a two story house, and was richly decorated, but the basement was what was really important. “Follow me, I know a safer place” I went up to the second store, and into what used to be my fathers room. I grabbed the vase that stood on his nightstand and opened up a compartment that was in it. A button appeared and I pushed it. “Back downstairs” I told them and went back down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Where the deep freezer had been was now a staircase that led down to a room that was well lite and had a comfortable sense about it. “This is some place you have here” Henry gasped when he entered.

“My father used to work for the government” I explained, “He had this built in his house in case anything were ever to happen” I took a second to look at them. “Now tell us, what happened to you when all of this went down?”

Henry cleared his throat, and started telling his and his daughter’s story.

“I was born in a small town down in southern Texas, but moved shortly after high school with my girlfriend Haley to a nice town in northern Alabama. We had a great life there, I took care of the farm, and Haley took care of our first son James” I saw a slight hesitation for Henry then.

“A year later and this little girl was born” Henry then grabbed his daughter in his huge arms, and continued. “Life was going well, everything was peaceful and quiet, then there were rumors about some type of disease spreading around” Henry then was quiet for a bit, looking solemnly into the distance.

“They took my wife and son, saying they were sick and a danger to us. Then a week later all of this started. I saw each of my neighbors get mauled by these things. We barely got out of our house before we were swarmed. I still remember shooting one of them in the chest, but seeing as he still came after me. I bashed that demon across the head and he went down to never come up.” Henry then stayed silent for awhile.

“We took to the road” Taylor piped in. “We had met up with a group, and they said they were going north, saying it was safer and the government was defending the big towns. I see they were wrong. When we got to this city, we were not prepared for this many of them, nearly all of us were killed and we got split up. We have wandered around this town for about three days now before we found this place.” Taylor said grimly.

I took a second to think about what to say, but Jack spoke first. “That is quite the story indeed, and I am sorry for your loss, but you can probably stay with us, as you can see, we are fairly well defended here, and we could use some extra help.” Jack then looked at me for confirmation.

“Indeed, we could use more people” I agreed.

“Really?” Taylor asked, “Even after I almost shot you?” Her eyes were slightly tearful, and scared.

“Oh ya, about that, just please don’t do it again. I very much would like to keep the head which I have.” I joked.

“Are you sure?” Henry asked, seemingly about to cry for some reason, “Because I would not like to intrude about you kids.” He ended.

“Of course you can stay” Jack said, “Now follow me, I will show you around the area down here. Say, how long has it been since you guys have ate?” He asked the two.

“It must have been right before we got separated I believe” Taylor said.

“Follow Jack” I told them, “He will show you where we keep the food. Help yourself, for we have plenty for a while now that we just got back from a supply room.” I handed Jack my rucksack with the food in it, and took Jacks weapons he found. He went to the pantry, while I went to the armory.

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