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01-25-2014, 02:06 AM
about as rough as the idea is

2776: Humanity is now a space faring empire thanks to Russian scientists creating a wormhole generator in 2713. Humanity was quick to find an ally, the Skrata; an avian empire. however; humanities new alliance with the Skrata is not all it seems, as they (the Skrata) allied with the new species in hopes of preventing themselves from being enslaved to a reptilian empire: The Vrika. seeing that humanity was new to galactic affairs, they (the Vrika) left them alone for a time. but as soon as humanity helped win a semi-major battle for the Skrata, weapons began to turn in all directions.


so, if I get this here poll working properly (I aint an engineer) we can all vote if this should be a RP or just another work of mine that will hit a dead end. my creativity has been in the toilet for months, so on my part this is pretty B-A. as for what you all think, I don't know. I have a hard time invisioning the aliens, but I see the Skrata averaging out in height at six foot eight. (but if you give me feedback/ideas; "no money down, cash back, and I'll throw in a toaster. and that's the best I can do." 250 v-cash to whoever can find the video I got that sales pitch thing from.)

Edit: all votes past Friday afternoon are invalid. I know I should have set it to close at a certain time. I'M NOT THAT SMART. but it don't help if it's 50/50 half the day.

01-31-2014, 06:16 PM
... Guys?

Character name:
Character race: (Human, Skrata, Vrika, or Human/Skrata warrior slave)
Character faction: (Alliance or Empire)
Character skills: (Choose four) -Sniping
-Close Quarters Combat (this includes hand to hand, shotguns, SMG's, and melee weapons
-Large-Scale Ground Combat
-Driving (this includes tanks, APC's, boats, and any physical surface based vehicle of the like)
-Large-Scale Naval Combat
-Night Engagements
-Mid-range weaponry
-Wilderness Survival
-Guerilla Warfare
-Field Medicinal
-Combat Engineering (Combat Construction and impromptu battlefield altering)
-Atmospheric Piloting
-Space Piloting
Yes I did steal them from the FC RP. :...: One of them is mine! :...: Well if you have such a great idea tell me!
Character Personality:
Character appearance:
Character Bio:

02-13-2014, 12:45 AM
I closed the poll for you, and protip, people don't get notified by edits.

Character name: Boreika
Character race: Vrika
Character faction: Alliance
Character skills: (Choose four)
-Close Quarters Combat (this includes hand to hand, shotguns, SMG's, and melee weapons)
-Wilderness Survival
-Guerilla Warfare
-Field Medicinal
Character Personality: Dislikes Violence, lonely, Closed off from the outside world.

Character appearance: Tall, visually intimidating

Character Bio: Having been outcast by the Vrika people for his refusal to participate in the war and his disdain of slavery, he went into self-exile. Eventually, he managed to contact a human ship. Despite him being a Vrika, they did not shoot him on sight. He sent a distress call, and was picked up as a prisoner by the human ship. After having spent ten years in a jail cell, a riot broke out, in which many escaped, but he stayed behind to treat the wounded. He was nearly killed then and there when he was found over the body of a bleeding warden, but luck was on his side, and his exceptional medical skills, gained from the Vrikan academy, got him a spot as a combat medic in the human army. Despite having rejected his kind, he's clearly held in disdain by his fellow soldiers, and it's not uncommon for the other soldiers to act violent towards him. He refuses to fight back to cause pain however, provoking them more. He has recentely taken up position as a Self defense instructor among the armed forces, teaching hand to hand combat to recruits.

02-14-2014, 01:06 AM
I know, thanks for closing the poll. I don't know should I allow more than one character? I think I will but, rather get player feedback first.

Character name: Ryan C. Brenner
Character race: Human
Character faction: Alliance
Character skills: -Mid-range weaponry
-Large-Scale Ground Combat
-Driving (this includes tanks, APC's, boats, and any physical surface based vehicle of the like)
-Guerilla Warfare

Character Personality: Constantly having to keep his squad in check, Brenner has developed a tendancy to frown all day and shout at his squad.

Character appearance: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.ne t/__cb20110927145534/battlefield/images/thumb/0/01/MarlowSatelliteConsole_05 .jpg/500px-MarlowSatelliteConsole_05 .jpg
Character Bio: 32 year old Imperial Army sergeant, soon to retire, joined the Army to see the galaxy's secrets and beauties. Currently serving in Easy company, a joke among generals and members of the company as it has the highest mortality rate in the army. After several missions that almost got him and his squad killed he's been looking for a chance to go AWOL with his men who've been speaking of it long before he'd been thinking it.