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02-03-2014, 10:45 PM
The Unsung Story

Prologue: The Old Days

“Wake up son” A voice said in the background. A young boy, Cole, groaned and rolled over in his bed. “I said wake up son, you can’t be late today” Cole opened his eyes to see an older woman, well older to the six year old boy. The woman, Valerie, who was his mother shook him and picked Cole up.

“Come on mommy” Cole whined, shaking sleep from his eyes, “Do I really have to go to school. Why can’t I just stay home?” The boy asked, sitting back on his bed rebelliously.

The women's tone became much harsher, “Because I said you are going, and that is that. Now hurry up, school starts in an hour.” The mother then walked out the room to get ready herself.

Cole’s mother was a single parent. It had been that way for the past three years since Brad House, Coles father, was killed by insurrectionist on his station on Reach. Cole barely knew him, so he didn’t feel anything when it came to his deceased father.

Cole slowly climbed out of bed and into the bathroom, his short curly blonde hair in a complete mess. When everything was done Cole settled into his mothers car and was heading to his first day of kindergarten.

Cole dredged through the day slowly, he knew that he would hate his teacher, Ms. Mcanan, and was not looking forward to the days that would be coming. Finally the bell sang throughout the school, the piercing sound a sound of freedom to Cole.

Cole rushed outside and waited for his mother to pick him up. While all the kids conversed with how great their summers were, Cole stayed to the side.

A lady and a man came up to Cole and started to talk to the kid. “Hello child” The women said, “My name is Elizabeth Halsey, and my friend here is Jonathan Keyes” The women then looked at the boy intently.

“Hello ma'am” The shy Cole said sheepishly. He was slightly scared of the man, he seemed intimidating to him, but the women seemed to be nice to him.

The women then pulled out a shiny coin of some time, “How would you like to play a little game child? If you can guess which side this coin lands on, then you can keep if.” The women then showed him the coin.

The coin seemed to entice the young Cole, and he really wanted it for some reason, “Ok” He said.

“Great” Elizabeth Halsey said. She then flicked the coin into the air very high. Cole watched as the coin tumbled end over end, hoping to figure out which side it may end up landing on.

“Tail” Cole said when the coin reached it’s peak. The women caught the coin when it went to about her chest level. Sure enough the coin landed tails side up.

The women took a second to think, then handed the boy the coin “Fair enough, here you go boy. Now if you would excuse us, we must get going.” The couple then left immediately, leaving the boy gawking at the shiny coin.

When his mother got there, she immediately noticed the coin that was in his hands. “What is that son?” She asked him.

“Just a coin that I won at school” The topic was then dropped and they continued on their journey home.
Later that night, Cole went to bed at the same time and quickly fell asleep. Cole suddenly woke up when he was picked up from his bed, but was unable to say anything when a sudden wave of sleepiness washed over him and he went back to the world of dreams.