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The Forerunner Conflict: Reclamation
Revision 2


I - Principles, Conduct,
and Punishments

Court Room Procedures

II - Factions


III - The War Council

The Voting Chambers
War Directors

IV - Official Ranks

Neutral Leadership
Army High Command
Army Officer Corps
The Enlisted
Neutral Members

V - Rules of Engagement

The Warmap
Auxiliary Forces
The Capital
Special Requisitions
Pregame Procedures
Ingame Rules
Battle Forfeiting

The Accords are the core document upon which the community stands and are written for the purpose of providing protection for members of Forerunner Conflict from threats to its established ideals and to provide a process by which the community may be directed.

The Accords contain a listing of ranks, positions, and responsibilities attainable by members. Everyone is expected to know and understand the details below. Ignorance is never a valid excuse.

Article IV
Official Ranks

1. Neutral Leadership
These ranks are for individuals who have shown continued dedication throughout several years, earning a long-term neutral position of leadership over the community.

Founders (FND)
--Original Founders of Forerunner Conflict from June 14th, 2006, or honorary Founders.

Website Administrators (WA)
--The primary administrators of the website who work to ensure the website keeps working.
--Other ranks with administrative powers: Field Marshals and Generals.

War Directors (WD)
--Members given the job of overseeing the wars and ensuring they work as intended.
--Deals with Attack Plans, Battle Results, Rules of Engagement, Battle Nights, and more.
--See Article III (http://fcwars.net/forums/showthread.php?14146-FC-Accords-Article-III-The-War-Council#War%20Directors) for more details.

Precursors (PR)
--A high honor for veterans who are well known for their leadership and great contributions to the community.
--Precursors are only selected by a successful 3-1 or 4-0 Voting Chamber decision, followed by a unanimous vote of all current Precursors.

2. Army High Command
Members holding these ranks are responsible for leading and representing their entire army.

Field Marshal (FM)
--The primary leader for the army. This member has absolute control over the entire faction.
--The Field Marshal serves as a crucial leader for the community, and must be active within the War Council and community leadership.
--As a leader, the FM must maintain a strictly impartial attitude towards the squads and members of their army. All individuals and squads should be considered equals, devoid of unwarranted bias.
--See Article II (http://fcwars.net/forums/showthread.php?14145-FC-Accords-Article-II-Factions#Leadership) for details on FM elections.

General (GEN)
--The second-in-command for the army. The primary adviser for the Field Marshal. Takes over in the absence of the Field Marshal.

Lieutenant General (LTG) / Colonel (COL)
--The remainder of the High Command generally take charge of an aspect of the army and oversee it more directly than the FM/GEN.
--May assume command with the absence of the FM/GEN.

3. Army Officer Corps
The elite members within an army, overseeing and leading at the Squad, Company, and Battalion levels.

Major (MAJ)
--The Senior Officer rank. This rank manages the Companies and oversees and assists the other Officers.

Captain (CPT) / Lieutenant (LT)
--The core of the Officers, these ranks manage the Squads and oversee the soldiers.

4. The Enlisted
The regular soldiers.

Gunnery Sergeant (GSG) / Staff Sergeant (SSG)
--The Senior Enlisted ranks. They are used to distinguish members with responsibility from newer ones.
--Time, activity, and dedication earn these promotions.

Sergeant (SGT) / Corporal (CPL) / Lance Corporal (LCP)
--The core of the Enlisted ranks, these members have been in the community for at least a month and have shown high activity and dedication.
--These members may have small responsibilities within the squad or during squad events.

Private First Class (PFC) / Private (PVT)
--The basic Enlisted ranks. These members are either rather new to the community or aren't active/dedicated enough to get promotions.
--Continued perseverance can quickly allow members to advance beyond these ranks.

5. Neutral Members
The neutral ranks, these members do not belong to either army.

Respected Member (RM)
--This rank is reserved for senior community members who have retired from the wars.
--These members have dedicated at least two years to the community and previously served in the War Council.

Community Member (CM)
--This rank is for new members who have not yet been accepted into an army.
--Retired members who do not meet the requirements for Respected Member are also returned to this rank.