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My story begins in halo 3 where i was known for my good looks and needler skills.
After a month worth of training i mastered the three darwhip states of mind.
The first is greenwhip, In greenwhip mode i have incredible aiming abilities and enhanced sight.
The second is blackwhip mode, In this mode i have incredible strength, speed and endurance, my sense of smell and hearing are increased as well.
The last is darkwhip mode witch combines the effects of the other two.

But after a while i seeked out a fourth mode.
The lightwhip mode, This mode made me 5x better in every aspect, i could dodge bullets, hear and see for miles, i could even use jetpack for 2x longer by shifting my wieght in certain areas.

Lightwhip mode was amazing at first but i soon noticed a weakness.
After only a few minutes in lightwhip mode i would go berserk, killing comrades and enemys with no mercy.
It was extremely difficult to turn off lightwhip mode.
Some times i worried that i would never change back, that i would be stuck forever as lightwhip.

After a while i gave up on halo.
That is until i found fc and more importantly, the blue army.
They took me in and helped me block off lightwhip mode for good.
Jamiedj helped me put up mental barriers and nicholas had blue armys best scientist create a series of specials armors that would allow me to tap into all three darkwhip states with ease.

How ever jamie told me that one day i may need to use lightwhip mode again.
And i myself knew this to be true.

I fear that day when i am consumed by power and pure killing intent will come soon.
As blue army dwindles down in size and as our home worlds are taken from us i will be placed with two choices, use lightwhip mode knowing the risk of killing all those i hold dear or try to fight using the three states that are available and watch my comrades die.

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you will fail the pop quiz silko.

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