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08-31-2014, 02:25 AM
"Since the outcome of Operation: Panic Attack. Our lines of defense have dropped to a minimum. All of our resources are either captured or destroyed by the Brotherhood scum. Now we don't wants going to happen next. What's next for the Brotherhood? What are they planning? Whatever it is, it's not pretty." Rex standing on the peak of a cliff across Valhalla, codename Ragnarok. Taking off his Mark VI helmet and placing it near his steel toe. The beams of the sun reflecting off his chestplate. Glossy black spiky hair blooming. His mind focused on the conflict that has happened for the past two years; hoping one day a change will come. Through every battle, a friend is lost...my good friend, Panic, went missing in action about three months ago. No word from command about his location. I'm not feeling bad for myself, but for his squad mates. Man, it has to be tough losing a leader like him. Rex sighed turning his head to what remains of squad Marauder. They was doing the usual type of training: CQC. Otherwise known as, close quarter combat. A form of technique used against enemies at close range. Usually with anything in arm length. Just learn to take down the enemy or the enemy will take instead. It's the rule of war baby.

>A.I. CC
>Orbit of Earth
>2:22:03 PM

So quiet in space. No one can hear you scream, nobody can help you. Space is a empty vacuum of complete darkness. You may find something, but understand that whatever you find. It may either destroy you or help you, but that's your decision. Always a surprise happening here and there, but no one can expect it. That's why A.I.'s are here right? ....Hm? Strange radiation signals picked up on a satellite orbiting earth atmosphere. CC was doing a diagnostic check at first until she picked up strange readings. Then the unexpected happen..."Slipspace rupture detected! Slipspace rupture detected! Slipspace rupture detected! Slipspace....rupture....d e...."ZEET..Satellite was shattered to pieces as a Brotherhood warship was on course to Earth. Over twenty ships had infiltrated Imperial controlled space better yet the home planet. Must...warn....High Command... said CC transmitting her data back to headquarters notifying all officers of the Empire.

"So, they have finally came.." Xavier gave a low smile sipping his wine. "I should have known they would arrive very soon. Captain Nick has definitely stepped up his game, but selfish to make a move on Earth." He placed his glass down as his butler followed him to the patio. Sirens were sounded throughout the city of New Mombasa as every civilian took shelter inside their homes. "Sir, do you require evacuation?" asked his butler dusting off his chair. "No, I would actually like to watch this blood battle, but there is something I would like you to do Vaxus." Xavier stepped across his red carpet to his safe. Inside was one of the keys of Janus; a special key created by a forerunner and given to a spartan that used to be part of the UNSC. The has a orange color with blue lighting lines surging through it's metal core. "Funny, my brother, Britain, would love to abuse this power, but sadly he is dead." He chuckled a bit handing Vaxus the key. "Take it to Level 00, and lock the doors behind you." "Understood sir."

Now is the time. The final battle that everyone has been waiting for. Who will be victorious? What's so important about this key? Your questions will be answered Sunday night. Welcome to the end of the Reclamation Era.

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When is part 2?

Legendary Nova
08-31-2014, 03:29 AM
I love it. Especially the ending. It's amazingly good writing!

08-31-2014, 09:48 AM
I love it. Especially the ending. It's amazingly good writing!

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But, tis true.