View Full Version : What is FC anime night?

Zeta Crossfire
09-01-2014, 01:32 PM
Welcome to FC anime night!

What is FC anime night?
Every Saturday we will be watching 1 episode each of 7 different shows. We will be on the FC anime Skype chat or on Xbox live talking and having a good time.

When it is?
FC anime night will be held on Saturday at 9 PM EST until all 7 shows are finished.

How do I watch the shows?
All the anime we will be watching will be on the website watchcartoononline.com but If you prefer another service (crunchyroll, Netflix, ect) that's fine to, as long as its the same show. It will be pretty simple, everyone loads up the show on their service and start it at the same time.

What shows will we be watching?
The first seven shows are as followed;
Soul Eater
.Hack Sign
Persona 4: The Animation
The Future Diary
Blue Gender
Paranoia Agent
Eureka Seven

While these will be the first shows we watch I plan on switching out shows once they have finished. I have a list in my head on what shows we should watch next, but suggestions are always welcomed.

(If you feel I should add anything else to this PM me)