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Contaiment part 1 and 2 are out! check out nervy's story "the parasite" taking place alongside it! Part 1-3 of that is out.

CIoG Chapter 6 :

The crew has jumped 4 months into the future, where they must now orientate themselves and learn what has transpired in their absence.

will also come with a re-write of the first 5 chapters. Will be the first time ever that i've gone back to edit a story, but i feel like my writing has improved since i wrote the first five chapters, and the way they are now doesn't do my vision justice.

Trials of Kabr CANCELLED due to disinterest in destiny

FC RPG Shorts:"Joint Strike Force" :

The brotherhood and empire join forces to assault a covenant space station, aiming to cripple the covenant naval forces.

FC LARP Shorts: "Battle of the gulch" :

The Brotherhood and Empire clash along a beach, cave system, and gulch.

FC RPG Shorts:"Trek Nok" :

A small background story on a strangely popular jackal

Imperial campaign mini-series Chapter 1:

The empire assaults a brotherhood controlled planet, fighting for space control, they prepare for a full scale invasion.

Brotherhood campaign mini-series chapter 1:

The brotherhood assaults a imperial controlled planet, fighting for space control, they prepare for a full scale invasion.

Covenant campaign mini-series chapter 1:

The covenant take advantage of the humans fighting, and launch an invasion of a contested planet, aiming to destroy the weakened forces and conquer it for themselves.

FC RPG Shorts: "Covenant Attack!" (brotherhood/imperial, vote in comments):

The covenant are launching an invasion! The <data missing> forces in orbit must defend the planet!

FC RPG Shorts: "Covenant Protection":

Prometheans have brought a large fleet of captured ships to assault a covenant homeworld. They've called for help, and are willing to offer some ships to any who help them.

FC RPG Shorts: "forerunner ship":

A brotherhood fleet encounters a forerunner ship. Mysterious.

FC RPG Shorts: "Siege":

A group of <Data missing> must defend against seemingly endless waves of <data missing>

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