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04-10-2015, 01:19 PM
//SENT TO "NervyDestroyer" ID-1213//

Paradox here, ask and you shall receive right? Listen Nerve you gotta send this to the right people. This is a recovered log I dug up from the REDD database. No black ink. PRIORITY LEVEL CLEARANCE. There is NO way they would blacklist this if it was harmless speculation. You know what I think? I think they saw something down there. Something bad, something awful. I'll dig some more on this "Flood" and let you know. It sounds familiar to the rumors about Africa right before the lizards glassed it. Anyway, transfer the credits to my account, I'll keep digging. This has got my interest now too



//VIEW JOURNAL- LCPL Weston, Cosmo// //ID-9078//

I read the reports, we all did... They gave them to us. You know when a white collar hands you something that says "Clearance Level Black," it's big. Everything known about Delta and Alpha Halo was in the reports. That parasitic organism, the wildlife, the capabilities, everything. When I signed up, I thought about joining the Deployment Division. My body couldn't handle the rigorous genetic screening so I was denied access. I was transferred to a frigate, The Divine. It was relatively simple. The Deployment Division would go down, we stay in orbit bombing and providing tactical assistance. I was helping with gun matrix maintenance most of the time. Now I'm a part of the groundteam. You see, the Deployment Division was too focused on the Exiles and High Command was too afraid of losing ground. Now, as I sit on this Assault Pelican, I realize how stupid they were. This ring is the biggest find we've had in a long time. It's also the most dangerous. Preliminary scans revealed nothing but wildlife. I know better. There is something down here, I can feel it. The others think I'm crazy, but what if there's another outbreak? We aren't capable of that. We NEED the spartans. We need the REDD, hell we need the BLUE. We can't afford to be fighting right now. If there is an outbreak, we're gonna die. All of us. I want, no need to believe this is all paranoia, fear from the awful descriptions of that organism dubbed "Flood." If they are here, things will become very messy very fast. The higher-ups assure us we are here to set beacons for some scientist back at Bloodline. Just gotta focus on that. I just hope this isn't a big mistake.

Cosmo Weston ID-9078 signing off



(Inspired by Silversleek's RP Short "Containment")

Nicholas Sapien
04-10-2015, 07:16 PM