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05-17-2015, 11:35 PM
mongoose- $1000
vehicle points- 1
carrying capacity- 2
weapons- N/A
Mods- N/A

warthog- $10,000
vehicle points- 2
carrying capacity- 3
weapons- N/A
Mods- (1)
(1)Troop transport- increase capacity to 7
(1) chain gun- add a anti-infantry chain gun in the back

Heavy warthog- $25,000
vehicle points- 3
carrying capacity- 3
weapons- N/A
Mods- (1)
(1)Rocket launcher- add a anti-air rocket launcher with lock on in the back
(1)Gauss variant- add a anti-vehicle armor piercing gauss cannon in the back

Scorpion tank- $50,000
Vehicle points- 5
carrying capacity- 6
weapons- Heavy anti-vehicle cannon, anti-infantry machine gun turret
mods- (1)
(1) cannister shell- one user anti-infantry area of effect weapon. +1 vehicle point
(1) power turret- increased turn speed for the turret. +1 vehicle point
(1)Grizzly variant- Add a second anti-vehicle cannon. +5 vehicle points

wolverine tank- $50,000
vehicle points- 5
carrying capacity- 3
weapons- long range anti-air missile pods with lock on
mods- (1)
(1)dual launchers- double the missile pods, double the fun. +5 vehicle points
(1)volley launchers- launchers can target ground installations. +3 vehicle points

Cobra artillery- $70,000
vehicle points- 10
carrying capacity- 3
weapons- long range armor piercing anti-vehicle/building gauss cannon, short range anti- light armor cannon. must deploy to use long range weapons.
mods (1)
(1)dual firing- if at carrying capacity, both weapons can be used in deployed mode. +10 vehicle points

Rhino tank- $100,000
vehicle points- 15
carrying capacity- 5
weapons- long range anti-ground plasma artillery system, must be deployed to fire.
mods (1)
(1)fast artillery- can fire while undeployed with reduced accuracy. +5 vehicle points

Hornet attack VTOL- $60,000
vehicle points- 10 or one hanger slot
carrying capacity- 4
weapons- 2 anti-infantry machine guns, 2 anti-armor missile pods
mods (1)
(1) anti-infantry spec- replace the 2 anti-armor missile pods with anti-infantry machine gun pods.
(1) anti-vehicle spec- remove the 2 anti-infantry machine guns. -3 vehicle points

Sparrowhawk- $80,000
vehicle points- 10 or one hanger slot
carrying capacity- 2
weapons- anti-armor gauss cannon
mods (1)
(1) anti-everything! Add another gauss cannon. +15 vehicle points/+1 hanger slot

pelican dropship- $25,000
vehicle points- 10 or one hanger slot
carrying capacity- 18
weapons- nose mounted anti infantry machine gun
mods (1)
(1)support dropship. adds 2 anti-air missile pods. - 8 carrying capacity. +3 vehicle points

shortsword bomber- $100,000
vehicle points- 15 or one hanger slot
carrying capacity-2
weapons- 6 air to ground bombs
mods (1)
(1) carpet bomber. +6 air to ground bombs. +15 vehicle points/one hanger slot
(1) chaff pods. Launch chaff to disrupt missile lock on systems. +15 vehicle points/one hanger slot

falcon- $15,000
vehicle points- 10 or one hanger slot
carrying capacity-7
weapons- 2 side mounted anti-infantry machine guns
mods (1)
(1) more chairs- remove the guns, +3 carrying capacity. -2 vehicle points
(1) nose mounted chaingun, +3 vehicle points
(1) Mounted Grenade launcher, +5 vehicle points/+1 hanger slots, -2 carrying capacity

HRUNTING Mark 2 power suit systems- $200,000
vehicle points- 15
carrying capacity-1
weapons- Heavy anti-infantry machine gun system. shoulder mounted anti-vehicle gauss cannon. back mounted Lock on anti-air missiles (2)
mods (1)
(1) epic- replaces anti infantry machine gun system with anti-ground machine gun system. (think SAW from halo 4, but better. has armor piercing rounds.) new technology allows for explosive rounds to be fired from the gauss cannon. (4) anti-air missiles rather than two. +25 vehicle points.
(1) jetpack- allows a great increase in vertical mobility. +10 vehicle points
(1)energy shields- +10 vehicle points