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05-18-2015, 06:19 PM
Hey everyone,

I've recently gotten a break from school and decided to change how I want to interact with the community. I've been "leading" for quite some time, but RL is honestly too demanding and it would truly be a disservice to continue being a leader of anything. However, I really refuse to not do anything with/for the community when I have the time to do so. Therefore, I've decided to focus on content creation/social interaction.

Part of the content creation part is that I wanted to start writing a new FC story again. I haven't necessarily given up on finishing the Ruins of Reach story, but I really did write myself into a hole there and I just don't think I can find myself finishing that story for quite some time yet. That said, I think I would be able to start a new story, with your help. This thread's purpose is to allow you guys the chance to create some interesting characters and to invest in the story.

In 2568, the Imperial and Brotherhood forces continued to wage their conflict for control of the technological assets that the Forerunners had left behind after the firing of the Halo Array. However, after over a decade of fighting, both factions forgot the threat that the Forerunner had failed to fully eradicate. While neither faction knows which side unleashed the Flood, both soon realized their utter failure to contain the threat whilst waging their bloody conflict. Installation 07 was a major site of conflict, with a three year naval engagement being waged over its research archives. While both sides had agreed not to engage while on the surface of the ring, neither managed to live up to their word. The Flood, had been unleashed. This time, there was no solution to the outbreak. Quickly, the Flood spread throughout the galaxy. The Sol system was lost very soon after the outbreak, and from there the Flood spread. Covenant worlds learned too late of the parasite's release, and they too soon succumbed to the spread of the Flood.

The year our story takes place is 2587. The Empire and Brotherhood still exist, but merely as partner entities in the struggle for survival. The former Covenant races split into various factions, yet the Sangheilii deemed it wise to coordinate with humanity in the form of what came to be known among civilians and soldiers as the Desperate Alliance. While the official name for the alliance was the Rift Alliance, the more common name aptly described it. Three factions who, at one time or another, had killed millions of the other factions people, had to band together in an unsteady alliance in order to evade and survive the Flood. All that remains are a handful of Infinity-Class Battlecruisers, and several remnants of the Sangheilli fleet. Several independent factions have managed to evade the Flood's search for all sentient life, but the decades have been harsh. The RAS Song of Heaven is what is known as an incursion ship. Serving aboard are members of each of the client factions of the Rift Alliance, and several elite units of Spartans and Elite soldiers. The Song of Heaven is outfitted with everything the Rift Alliance could muster. It's mission is to locate further resources from systems not patrolled by the Flood, scout weaknesses of the Flood's blockade of all known Forerunner locations and former RA-held worlds.

There are exactly ten spots for characters. Four of these are GUARANTEED to be Spartans, but the rest can be Elites or some other client race of the Covenant (Brutes are an exception, and will be explained in the story)

If you want to make a character, please post and fill out the following:

Character Name:
Character Race:
Character Homeworld:
Character Personality:
Relevant Character Backstory:
Character Skills/Combat Role:

I reserve the right to tweak anything posted here, but I'll post why I made the tweaks. People can make more than one character. The more, the merrier! :D

Lol its James
05-18-2015, 06:54 PM
Character Name: James Trettor(Codename: Frost)
Character Race: Human
Character Homeworld: Earth
Character Personality: passive, does what's right for the human race(even if it means turning), likes to be on the backline, has killed but doesn't feel the need to always.
Relevant Character Backstory: James was born into a very rich and militaristic family. His father a fleet commander and his mother a stay at home mother but would do anything for the Empire. She would do various events around the planet to take part as much as she could even if not in the military. His father wanted him to be the star of his class and be an Admiral at the end of his military career. His father wanted him to be flying ships into battle and defending the Empire as he did for many years. James wanted something different.

He joined the military at age 20 and started going through bootcamp. The Empire watched him very closely and saw how great he was at the obstacles. The Empire thought he was a good candidate for the Spartan IV program. He accepted and was given the right procedure to make it happen. James took it on himself to do whatever he could do to fly something smaller than a frigate. The Empire started testing him on hornets and he loved the idea, but he still wanted to show his father he would take his promise. He learned how to fly a pelican fast and even though it wasn't a frigate, he still "flew the Empire into battle."

Other than flying vehicles, he excelled in driving vehicles too. He loved driving the transport hogs and warthogs too. He left the scorpions and mongooses to marines, but he knew how to use them. If there is a situation where a vehicle needs to be driven successfully, James is that spartan.
Character Skills/Combat Role: Piloting, driving(drives the vehicles and pilots the pelicans/hornets/falcons)(very good at it)

His mother was on a campaign the first year James started his military career. She was expanding to the outer colonies with her military events when the brotherhood attacked. The Brotherhood was waiting for a good time to strike and they hit that planet hard with an attack force that would scorce a planet. Needless to say even if James's mother was a civilian she was a known threat to the Brotherhood. Constantly raising money for the Empire improving their tech. When the Brotherhood hit they weren't only looking for her but they struck at the right time and the right moment. The whole planet was taken into Brotherhood control and James's mother was reported KIA. She took an assualt rifle and shot at marines, killing two Brotherhood marines and then being gunned down. Intel was reported back from cameras all around the event, everybody saw how she died including her husband.

James's father was torn up about it but not enough to go on a lone wolf escapade. He stuck to the Empire and made the Brothehood wish they never attacked that planet the best he could do. He led the attack back at the planet and unloaded troops that did serious damage to the Brotherhood. The Empire eventually took back the planet and he was awarded. James's dad finally got James on his ship and the Emperor himself wanted them both to take soldiers to Insallation 07 and figure out the flood problem. James's father to unload troops form his ship and James to fly the pelican down with warthogs and scorpions to combat the flood. When they got there they already noticed ships that were covered and being piloted by flood forms. Before James's father could redirect the his ship and others, a flood ship was already heading towards them. The flood ship smashed into the Wakes of Darkness head on, James's father, Jack Trettor, thought that was a better idea than letting it hit the middle of the ship. Jack took the brunt force of the blow and was knocked out by the collision.

James sprinted to the bridge and saw his father knocked out with flood spores on the floor heading towards him. James took his magnum and shot off two shots killing the first two spores he saw. The rest were too much for him and he knew he had to conserve ammo before he got to the armory. He watched his own father get infected and brought back to life before him. James did what a real son would do, he put his father's body out misery. He then stated to double back to the armory and realized by that time that the whole ship was infected and flood was spreading throughout the vents. He decided to take only the magnum, find his team, and get the hell off the ship. He ran to the pelican bay expecting his team to be there and they were. Two of them were fighting off the other two's lifeless bodies. James knew Spartans were gonna be too tough to take down so he grabbed the closest pelican and radioed the two other Spartans to get on.

All three spartans successfully made it off the Wakes of Darkness as the flood took it over fast. They made their trip away from the ship and called in for transport. Over the course of nineteen years James has lost two of his closest teammates in the hands of the flood. James's teammates are now being survived by him. Even through all the shit James has seen, he still wants whats best for the human race and their Allies. Being an elite Spartan, James was picked to be on the Song of Heaven becuase of his vast knowledge of the flood and how they have hurt his family. He will do whatever it takes to honor his family but he will never go into a fight with only emotion. He is now residing on the Song of Heaven as a pilot and driver for the team.

Legendary Nova
05-18-2015, 08:45 PM
Character Name: Jacob Avon

Character Race: Human

Character Homeworld: Mars

Character Personality: Doesn't show many emotions, but still cares for his friends when they need it. Can keep his cool under a lot of pressure. Doesn't like seeing arguments between the alliance members. Treats squad members like his own family. Has a hatred for Imperials, but can somewhat suppress it if needed.

Relevant Character Backstory: From a young age, Jacob was greatly oppressed by the Imperials. He stood out of the crowd as a very strange child to them. He was always... questioning things. Why do we have to do this? Why don't you like the outer colonies? Why am I not allowed to talk about that? Naturally, the Imperials stopped him talking rather quickly when, in 2563, on Jacob's 13th birthday, Imperial soldiers stormed his home, destroying decades of memories in the process. Jacob's mother was badly injured and his older brother killed in defending her. The conflict ended with the building going up in flames and Imperial soldiers beating Jacob down a nearby alleyway, shattering his right arm. He was told that if he ever was to speak against the colony again, the consequences would be much worse. The blaze was blamed on faulty equipment and Jacob and his mother's bruises on pieces of building falling on them in their escape.

2566, the year of his enlistment. He was still very young when he joined the brotherhood, being only 16 at the time. He was quickly put into the Spartan program due to his quick and tactical thinking, and his absolute hatred of the Imperial forces thanks to that horrible event three years ago. He was deployed in numerous battles in his first years, most of which involved liberating Imperial controlled colonies. Over time, he grew very emotionally attached to his entire squad, even to the point of having a crush on one, who felt the same way to him. His squad may as well have been his family, and Jacob treated them all as such.

The initial flood outbreak of 2568 destroyed him emotionally more than anyone would ever know. His squad was fighting on the ring at the time, attempting to take control of a heavy Imperial encampment. They had been moving wide around the camp to do a standard flanking manoeuvre when it happened. Hundreds upon hundreds of the forms rushed at them from every direction. He had come this close to being taken over, holding that damned infection form in his hands as if it were a vicious dog trying at his head. The squad was quickly overwhelmed and two turned almost as soon as the conflict started. Jacob, along with the other two survivors, attempted to get back to where the Brotherhood was meant to be, only to find it completely overrun by the parasite. They fought heavy opposition attempting to get to the hangar, another squad member falling on the way. The final two eventually made it to the hangar, which had already been completely abandoned, apart from a few pelican dropships. Since the experienced pilot of the squad now had a flood form in his chest somewhere on the ring, Jacob took to the cockpit and the other sat in the back tending to a heavy bullet wound on his left arm. The pelican took flight and was accelerating towards the nearest cruiser as a flood combat form leaped into the yet closed cargo hold, pulling the squad member from the back and down into the morass of flood waiting for them on the ring’s surface. Jacob barely made it to the ship before collapsing of emotional and physical exhaustion.

Only recently has he managed to recover from that event and become an able soldier, his emotions now almost completely non-existent. Jacob had learned the hard way that emotional attachment only ends one way… He was approached by the Rift Alliance in 2586, aged 36 years old at the time. Hesitant at first, he decided that this would be the best way to ensure that nothing like he experienced will ever happen again.

Jacob hasn’t officially been assigned a squad yet. He hasn’t wanted to, fearing growing attached to a squad again only to suffer the same fate. He is currently stationed on the Song of Heaven as a freelance soldier who goes where he’s needed.

Character Skills/Combat Role: He has most of the abilities an able scout would. Sitting back from the action lets him take all of it in and figure out what to do next. He is also exceptional at recon, able to quickly work out the best way through most terrains with ease.

I read James' submission and now I'm really embarrassed about my puny background paragraph... :)

Edit: I also read Nervy's and got so embarrassed that I've expanded mine now... :)

05-18-2015, 10:33 PM
Character Name: Damon Trent

Character Race: Human

Character Homeworld: Harvest

Character Personality: Can be very outgoing and friendly toward every ally he meets. Cold and calculating towards his enemies. Once immersed in his work, nothing can disturb his transfixed state. Has a weakness for fruit.

Relevant Character Backstory: The alarm sounded, Harvest was under attack. The militia prepared for combat. What followed soon after was to be known as the worst tragedy Harvest would encounter. Worse than when first contact was made with the Covenant. An event Harvest would never recover from. The year was 2572. Damon was 17 at the time.

Even at a young age, Damon was considered among the elite. A tactical genius, he could outwit even the most seasoned of players at any type of strategy simulation. It's said that he even outwitted an Admiral in a game of Chess. His mother had died when he was born leaving only his father to care for him. His father constantly encouraged him to hone his talents and convinced Damon to join the Brotherhood when he would be old enough. With such intelligence and analytic ability, at age 16 he was offering tactical advice to the Militia regarding where to set up defensive positions during an attack. It paid off a year later...

Damon awoke to the sirens and sounds of screaming outside. He quickly made his way to his front door and opened it. What he saw next would haunt him forever. He saw his friends and neighbors being violently attacked by the flood and transformed into a decaying organism. His father, recognizing the danger, grabbed Damon and rushed out the door, magnum in hand. It was clear the situation was deteriorating rapidly. Avoiding major public areas, they made it to an emergency extraction zone. Harvest was dying and once the extraction zone became unmanageable, the evac shuttle took off. The shuttle boarded with The Lost, a military frigate designed to evacuate outbreak survivors. Once aboard, Damon had enlisted.

Making his knack for strategy known, Damon quickly found himself in charge of his own troop. He would lead his squad to the worst of outbreak areas in efforts to help with extraction and disposal. With him at the head, Damon's squad, "Renegade," would always find a way to get the job done. Damon writes to his father whenever he can.

The year is 2587. Damon and his team await further orders aboard "Song of Heaven."

Character Skills/Combat Role: Tactician

05-20-2015, 04:02 AM
Character Name: Joshua Danem
Character Race: Human.
Character Homeworld: Skopje
Character Personality: Despises the flood, with great fervor. He puts the eradication of the flood above all else. He's intensely focused on his goal of destroying the flood, but remains approachable most of the time. He's a master of unconventional weaponry, able to continue fighting with just about anything he can get his hands on, desperately if need be. He's fiercely loyal to the brotherhood, and dislikes the empire and covenant remnants, but is willing to put aside their differences to deal with the flood. He will not attack non-infected beings unless extremely provoked.
Relevant Character Backstory:

Joshua was known as a "Flood child". A child who grew up after the flood outbreak of 2568, never knowing anything beforehand. As a child of a brotherhood soldier, he grew up being taught their word is law. He was trained and taught to combat the flood, being trained in all forms of combat, taught to think tactically to inflict massive casualties on the seemingly infinite parasite. At 14 years old, aboard the Solon class ship "Veer not to darkness", He had his first encounter with the parasite. The carrier was ambushed by flood controlled ships while transferring civilians between two world, and while it's captain was able to valiantly outmaneuver and destroy the ships, the flood had already gotten on board and was spreading fast. Everyone was filing towards the escape pods, and it was a slaughter. Joshua realized that there would be no making it to the escape pods through the crowd, and headed towards the hangers. Sprinting down the hallway to the hanger, he watched a swarm of infection forms charging. Two brotherhood soldiers yelled at him to run, and turned to fire at them. Joshua ran- towards the guards. The guards opened fire with their assault rifles, cutting through the throng of pods, unfortunately for them, several broke through. Soon, several pods latched onto one of the guards. Joshua tackled the infected guard, pulling his sidearm in one motion and firing at a pod that leapt for the other guard. He scrambled to his feet, falling back and firing. The other guard followed. He was armed.

Sealing the door behind them, Joshua watched as the infested guard rose, and felt revulsion. He backed away from the door, and raised the pistol, hands shaking. He was snapped out of it by guard, who yelled at joshua to follow him. He ran in a daze, dodging flood forms and looping around to the hanger. The longer they were out there, the more combat forms there seemed to be. Then he began recognizing people, the colonists that not even an hour ago he was having a conversation with. These hellspawn did all of this? no more. He would stop this. He fired, till his clip was empty, flood forms falling all around him. They ran for so long.

They were almost at the hanger, when joshua felt something slam into his side. He was thrown into the wall, and felt his left arm snap from the force. Above him stood a combat form, which had charged him from around a corner. He raised his pistol, and with horor realized it was empty. He had nothing. Assault rifle fire blasted into the combat form, knocking it off of him. The guard stood defiantly firing at it. He scrambled up, running. Infection forms charged around the corner, with a carrier in their midst. He looked around for something, anything. He smashed the glass around a nearby fire extinguisher, tossing it down the hall and onto the floor. He looked back, seeing the guard busy fighting off several combat forms. He reached for the guards pistol, whipping it back and firing into the carrier form. It popped, spewing infection forms out. He fired a round into the fire extinguisher, the pressure slamming it through some nearby infection forms and popping them. an assault rifle clattered to the floor near him, an arm still attached. He rolled to the side, picking up the assault rifle and ripping the arm off. he watched a combat form skewer his guard ally with its tentacles, and infection pods overwhelm the position. He Ran down the hallway, running off adrenaline.

3 infection forms lay between him and the hanger. he opened fire, missing most of his shots, two went down. click. the pod leapt, and he threw the assault rifle into it, knocking it to the side. He ran into the hanger and sealed the door. There was one pelican left, brotherhood guards retreating into it, firing at a threat he couldn't see. He ran for it, and made it in as the doors were being closed. flood forms leapt for the pelican as it sped out into the darkness of space. Escape craft littered the area, with nowhere to go. He watched as infested pelicans followed the escape craft, boarding them. Fire roared out from the carrier, and an explosion was triggered in it's engine compartment. A self destruct. The ship veered suddenly, firing at a nearby pelican and disabling it. All hope seemed lost, when several Rift ships appeared and began cleaning up the infected craft. He wasn't sure what happened after that, he went into shock.

Ever since then, He's been determined to become the hunter, not the hunted. He enlisted in the brotherhood in 2583, and quickly became renowned for his tenacity. He volunteers for any missions with flood engagement, no matter the difficulty. He's survived an unprecedented 16 encounters with the flood, 4 of which were "successful" engagements. unheard of by any member of the Rift alliance. He's escaped 5 flood attacks on Rift territory, made 3 excursions to claim forerunner tech, one of which succeeded. He's taken part in 8 rescue attempts, 3 of which succeeded in rescuing over 50% of the trapped Rift members. In 2587, he's now 19 years old, artificially aged by the stresses of his job, he seems almost 30. He was placed on a list for spartan augmentation at the end of 2586, and is undergoing the augmentation as of the time of the start of our story, and is to be transferred to the RAS class "song of heaven". As he falls into a deep sleep, doctors peering down at him, he only longs to awaken, stronger than ever before, and ready to destroy the flood.

Character Skills/Combat Role:

General Infantry/explosives expert. He's deployed as a soldier on the front, and over the course of his engagements, has become a master trapper, laying ambushes, and explosive traps for the flood to trip. He's known for thinking outside the box, trying to maximize casualties of the flood. After enlisting, he aquired formal explosives training, and now carry's quite a fair amount of them on him at all times.

very good at using unconventional weaponry when in a desperate situation.

05-22-2015, 11:01 AM
Current Squad Roster:

Spartan Commander Kara Lawrence, Empire

Spartan Joshua Danem, Brotherhood
Lieutenant Damon Trent, Brotherhood
Spartan Jacob Avon, Brotherhood
Spartan James "Frost" Trettor, Empire
Igido Karu Quanu/Fenawa Karu Hiro, Hunter Pair, Covenant Remnant
Kara, Imperial AI, created right before the beginning of the story
"The Twins", two Yanme'e (Drones) mechanics and recon specialists, Covenant Remnant
Arbiter K'ras Kalum, Sangheilios Survivors
Drifts to Side, Huragok Engineer, Covenant Remnant

There's room for about 2 more characters