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Legendary Nova
06-24-2015, 11:22 PM
“I remember when this whole war started.”

That’s such a cliché line, but I’ll use it anyway, because I really do remember. How many people do you know can say that? I was there when it started, and I can sure as hell tell you I’ll be there to see it end...

I was just fine living in my home. I didn’t have a family or very many friends, but I liked it that way. The place I chose to stay was pretty open and you couldn’t see anyone for miles. I guess now I know why.

I don’t know how they knew where I was, or why they thought I was important, but they did. Four soldiers engulfed in red armour barged into my home and grabbed me before I could even react. They tore me from the place I had lived for decades and one of them started dragging me away. The other three had the one carrying me well defended, covering all sides from an attack as I quickly got pulled further and further from my place of residence. One called out to another, “Spartan, cover that flank.” Spartans… I had heard about them but I hadn’t ever seen one before… They knew very well what they were doing and didn’t even have time to slow down. It was all too swift for me to even figure out what half of the stuff around me happening was. Thankfully, the whole ordeal went past relatively quickly. The Spartans had stopped in an alleyway, and the three from before began to set up, still around the fourth, who had refused to let go of me at any point. I thought they had stopped to tell me who they were, or why they wanted me so badly, but they still completely ignored me, only occasionally calling out to each other warning them of dangers that might be coming. What dangers they were talking about? I didn’t know, until the others showed up…

“Spartan down! Spartan down!” One cried out as another plummeted to the ground, their body rag-dolling as they connected with the solid concrete beneath them. Their helmet had a giant hole in it, going straight through. It must have been one heavy-duty sniper rifle to get through all that in one go. The Spartan holding me ducked, forcing me down with him. I was only inches off the ground when I heard another two gunshots and another clunk which I could only assume was two dead bodies. The one holding me ran. It was faster than what should have been humanly possible, but here he was, doing it all while still firmly holding me and dragging me with him. He had leaped a few yards before his grip on me loosened. He suddenly landed on the ground sideways, sending me hurtling a few feet from where he had landed. He wasn’t moving. I was so terrified and injured that I struggled to move, inching away from where I had just slammed into the ground at a gruelling pace. I had turned to see what happened and then I saw the ‘danger’ the red Spartans were talking about. Just behind where the one carrying me had landed, four new Spartans emerged, only this time they were wearing all blue instead. They sprinted towards me at lightning speeds and another one of them swooped down to pick me up and continue dragging me along the painful path they were on. Now the roles had switched. I heard one of them call out to watch for the red troops as they came to a halt. It was happening again. The red Spartans came out of nowhere, easily taking out three of the blue Spartans before taking three casualties of their own. The last two charged at each other, colliding with such a thud, that it sent them both flying backwards, straight into the ground.

It went quiet. I was sitting there, broken and alone. No answers. No energy to move. Nothing.

I don’t know how long it was quiet for, but eventually I heard footsteps again. More red Spartans had found me and were rushing right towards where I was laying on the ground…

Why do they want me so badly? What could they possibly do with me? I’m not useful to anyone… I’m only an Oddball…

06-24-2015, 11:39 PM
Keep it going. I wish to see more of this.

06-25-2015, 01:12 PM
Omfg that is so funny xD

06-25-2015, 01:20 PM
Well played, sir, well played.