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07-23-2015, 02:29 AM
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Nervy: Hey
P4rAd0X: well well well
P4rAd0X: you dropped right off the grid there huh?
Nervy: Look I know I'm sorry
Nervy: Had to cut ties with the Brotherhood
Nervy: It's a long story
P4rAd0X: Yeah I heard
Nervy: you heard?
P4rAd0X: Are you serious? Dude you pinged on BLUE's terrorist watch list
P4rAd0X: The "benevolent" BLUEs went out and put a bounty on your head man
Nervy: well I did kind of lead the Empire right to their front door
P4rAd0X: Aw the big bad LTG. Lead the lambs to slaughter
P4rAd0X: See you're on the REDD database now Captain
P4rAd0X: How's that squad of yours?
Nervy: Doing well. We're managing
Nervy: I assume you know why I contacted you.
P4rAd0X: I got something for you
P4rAd0X: A little welcome back gift
P4rAd0X: On the house
Nervy: Is it bad? Some warships went dark...
P4rAd0X: It's uh pretty bad yeah
P4rAd0X: So fun fact, wanna know how Captain Keyes died?
Nervy: I'm listening
P4rAd0X: Well since you went dark like an asshole, I hired someone to check on something
Nervy: who?
P4rAd0X: He calls himself "Raptor"
P4rAd0X: Christ let me tell you he took forever
P4rAd0X: But it paid off
P4rAd0X: Which in turn makes you pay me
Nervy: Thought you said it was on the house?
P4rAd0X: Yeah, but I need some funds. I'll tell you why later
Nervy: -_-
Nervy: dude, just hack a bank or something
P4rAd0X: ugh so much work though... Fine attaching the file

07-23-2015, 03:04 AM


//REPORT- CPT Keyes Jacob//

Captain Jacob Keyes was the Commanding Officer aboard the Halcyon Class Cruiser "Pillar of Autumn." On September 19, 2552, after fleeing Reach, he stumbled onto the first documented Halo Ring. Once there, the Pillar of Autumn was attacked by multple CCS Class Covenant Battle Groups before making an emergency landing on the Ring. The Captain was captured and held aboard the Covenant Cruiser "Truth and Reconciliation." The Captain was rescued later by Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. Keyes was pivotal in the finding of Halo's Control Room

Captain Keyes and his company stumbled into a Flood Containment Facility that had been breached by the Covenant. Believing there to be a Weapons Cache inside, the Captain continued on deeper into the facility before encountering the flood. Keyes was infected by an Infection Form [reference "Flood Types"] and attached to a Proto-Gravemind [Reference "Gravemind"]. The Proto-Gravemind is believed to have stripped Keyes of his memories before finally assimilating him fully. John-117 ended his life after punching through the Captain's skull to retrieve his neural implants. The implants were used to assist in the destruction of Alpha Halo.


Ribbon 1: Medal of Honor
Ribbon 2: Distinguished Service Cross
Ribbon 3: Purple Heart
Ribbon 4: Air Force Commendation Medal
Ribbon 5: Combat Readiness Medal
Ribbon 6: Armed Force Expeditionary Medal
Ribbon 7: Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon
Ribbon 8: NCO Professional Military Education Graduation Ribbon
Ribbon 9: Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon
The Colonial Cross (Posthumous)


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Nervy: Paradox!
Nervy: What the hell?!
P4rAd0X: Why hello there
Nervy: Where did you find this?
P4rAd0X: This is old ONI classified intelligence
P4rAd0X: Had that Raptor dude grab it for me from an old base
Nervy: This is...
Nervy: I know what a Gravemind is
Nervy: And they're dangerous...
P4rAd0X: mmhmm
P4rAd0X: Not quite the way the news told you of his "Heroic death"
P4rAd0X: Fended off the flood so the Chief could escape
P4rAd0X: hogwash is what it is
Nervy: Jesus
P4rAd0X: I'll dig up some more intel on the Gravemind
P4rAd0X: I have something for you too!
Nervy: What?
P4rAd0X: Something I want you and your squad to check on
Nervy: Alright
P4rAd0X: Ship went dark recently
P4rAd0X: Orbiting a planet
P4rAd0X: I hope it's not what I think it is
P4rAd0X: Flood is bad for business
Nervy: Send me the location
P4rAd0X: bring me a postcard