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//Gen Reniku//-ID "Raptor"//
\\Receiving Message from <error>\\

<User> Midnight_Kitty

It's been a long time hasn't it Gen? I remember the last time we encounter each other. It was March 06, 2599 and the moon was glistening over the clear blue waters. I wore a long ebony silver dress with diamonds sowed inside the fabric. Clearly, I fixed myself up for such the occasion to met you for the first time but I never thought you would speak to me. I saw you standing at the end of deck dressing as a special agent. I couldn't tell if you were legit or not but I found out you was the real deal. When I made my way toward you, you darted your eye's at me with a glare. At first I was frighten of your glare but you was just annoyed until I approached you. You offered your hand as I accepted it with great care. It felt like a fairy tale: Beauty and the Beast. You always looked annoyed and frustrated as we danced. Other men may laid there eye's upon me, but you were the only I wanted. I made sure no other woman had you that it was just me in your love life. I love you Gen and have a perfect day.

//End Message

"Gen, do you want to replay again?" asked Magnis as he appeared as a Japanese Samurai avatar. "No Magnis. I believe that's enough for the day. It's time to get back to work." Gen shook his head placing his helmet back on. "Gen I just want to say-" "It's alright Magnis...it was only a year ago. It's for the best that I forget about her." There were reasons why Gen wanted to forget the events of his wife. It was March 06, 2602, Gen wife suffered a massive heart attack that killed her at the age of 36. Although, that wasn't the moment Gen wanted to forget about. He wanted to forget about the death of wife and his unborn child. They was going to name the child Alex after Jennifer younger sister who died in the destruction of USS Yunnan. Gen was hoping to live a long and healthy future with Jennifer and Alex. Although now, he only focuses on the task at hand. Finding the truth behind the Flood.

Gen stepped outside his tent and onto the snow covered ground of Installation 05. The snow fell twice as fast as yesterday and a lot heavier in this specific area. He believed the weather was controlled by a special mechanism inside the installation core processors. The core is the only place guarded by sentinels and especially the monitor of this ring. But he's not here to find out the situation of the ring, he needs to find hidden information about the history of the flood. It wasn't too long ago when he received a message from "now" client. He went by the name Paradox.

//Receiving incoming message from P-<redacted>

Hello, sorry about the encrypted message. I have to keep everything I send to others a secret, but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paradox and I'm here to offer you a specific job that may catch your eye. I've heard a lot about you and your works. R.E.D.D and B.L.U.E databases gave you the name Raptor. A very unique and extinct creature; fast, intelligent, and works best in a pack. Although, I notice your different than a normal raptor. You rely mostly on yourself than anyone else. Your the type of guy that can get in and out without any knowing and that's the type of guy I need. But let's get back on topic, shall we. I need you to recover some lost information about the history of the Flood. If you do this for me, I'll give you access to 5 million credits. Specifically, transferring those funds into your bank and yes, I do have access to your account. Hope to hear from you soon ^-^.

\\End of Message

It didn't take long for Gen to accept the mission and that's how he ended up on installation 05. If he is willing to offer that much credits than Gen can hire someone to help him off R.E.D.D and B.L.U.E Grids. He can finally be left alone by those two factions, finally at peace. Gen gathered his gather and traveled through the snow avoiding any signs of wild life. The wild life here were dangerous and deadly. He heard rumors of a imperial team crash landed on this ring and died in two days from the wild life. "Magnis extend radar big enough for me to notice anything sneaking up on us. Also keep a check on any messages coming my way." "Got it".

Gen was walking miles and miles until he arrived at his destination. By strict research, he found what they called the Library, but only a piece of the library. Gen walked closely to the giant door and laid his hands upon it. "Magnis, find me a way to upon it." Gen removed Magnis chip from his helmet and inserted it inside the console near the door. "It's pretty complex from my design. It's going to take at least 5 minutes to break through the firewall."

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You can't handle the truth!!