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*Hears small burst fire with orders cutting through the bullets* Contact on my six! *A Marine shouts to his teammates* I'm hit I'm hit! Medic! *Three minutes is skipped into the video. Hears a man inhaling and exhaling, sounds like he is sprinting to get somewhere important. The marine approaches a medic tent and lays his team mate on a stretcher.* Take care of him...I'll be back soon. *The marine rushes off into the battlefield as an artillery shell strikes the came behind him and a shell strikes the ground 10 feet in front of him. The land engulfs in flames and an armored figure step in front of the video feed, although you can only see it's feet.* All clear, artillery shells made contact. Let's move on to the next position. *As the armored soldier made his way, ten more armored soldiers follow him along with a scorpion and two chained warthogs.*
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"Would you like to see more Ra'?" asks Yega' Hadam, Ra's fourth in command. "No, these videos you show me are distasteful. These humans have no art in war. They slaughter their enemies as they are helpless. If I was there I would-", "You will not lay a hand Taham. We have an agreement with the humans military; an agreement we cannot break. Have you forgotten this? Are you sure you wish to break this treaty and the Arbiter words and go against the humans?" interrupted by Ra's second commander Tu'ven Salam. "This is unsanitary, but you are right. I must not ignore my master and his laws." Ra stands from the rounded table and make his way to the balcony. "Meeting adjourned", says the third commander Mavi.

Ra stepped onto the balcony as his cloak draped over his entire body. He stared into the sunset and down toward the city of Sangheilios. Everyday I look upon this city and wonder how beautiful and amazing she is. I was born in the city and my mother and uncle took care of me until I reached the age of fifteen years. At that age, my mother told me about my father and why I couldn't see him. I felt no sorrow or pain, I figured he had a purpose why he couldn't see me. My mother didn't see any emotion in me. Maybe because I saw my uncle as a father-figure. He was the one that taught me how to fight, my techniques, strikes, and knowledge of war. I learned mostly everything from that man and showed me that my dreams can come true as long as I stay true to my goals.

Ra awoke and realized it was dark, so he made his way back into his temple and to his chambers to find his wife asleep. He gave a soft smile and ventured to the next door room to remove his armor. He laid his hands upon the armor and remembered the day when the Arbiter handed down this armor to him. My master, Thel Vadam, granted this armor to me after the Civil War on Sangheilios. He saw potential in me and trained me to become a great leader and maybe the next Arbiter. As great of a title that sounds, I know I'm unfit for the position. He flipped a switch and a transparent plasma screen appears, separating Ra from his armor. He made his way back to his wife and laid in the bed with her and slept.