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The Territories of Fogrith were not always territories. They used to be a kingdom. A grand kingdom in fact. It made many technological and cultural advances under the fair rule of the high noble family. The kings and queens of this kingdom were well liked and respected by their denizens.

150 years prior to present day. The kingdom was under the rule of King Horkshire III. This marked Fogrith's first real tyrant. Since taking on his divine duty, he had insulted Fogrith's allies, increased taxes by 300%, and had unusual... tastes... His extravagant spending nearly bankrupted the kingdom. This is when the Great War began to brew. Meetings between noble families with the intent of dethroning Horkshire and turning Fogrith into a sovereign state started. This was the beginning of the most brutal and bloody civil war that Fogrith had ever known.

The people, irritable with Horkshire's insatiable bloodlust and ridiculous taxation, were easily swayed by the powerful nobility into heading a call for war when the time was right. Horkshire worked tirelessly to expose the conspiring families and was instrumental in the poisoning of the Ashwards, a very popular philanthropic family. Once everything was in place, pockets of skirmishes against city guards began along with the looting of taxation centers located in major cities. All came to a head, when Horkshire was found brutally torturing and murdering a woman for her involvement as a messenger for the conspirators. The guard that witnessed Horkshire's actions defected to the cause. The news of his madness spread inciting full blown war.

The war lasted 2 years and ended with the beheading of Horkshire. The Kingdom of Fogrith was renamed to be The Territories of Fogrith. The noble families along with families instrumental to the cause were given control of various cities and towns throughout Fogrith. These families picked one member to be Kaidan, the ruler of the city. Fogrith was now a collection of independent cities each ruled by their own Kaidan.

The Kaidan's, fearful of invasion, agreed to meet once every month in Castle Skyfall, where the old kings would rule, to discuss defense and foreign matters. At the first meeting, they summoned their General of the resistance, Wilhelm. The Kaidans asked Wilhelm to spearhead an Order that would be to protect Fogrith's sovereignty from other nations, and from conspiracy within Fogrith. Wilhelm became supreme commander of The Order of the Reverence. He dedicated the order to protecting Fogrith's sovereignty, no matter the cost.

The Kaidans gave The Order of the Reverence the power to conscript and handpick its members, from peasant to lord. The Order also is given the power to carry out its investigations without question. They were the eyes and ears, the judge, jury, and executioner if need be. They were an army of specialists. The Order continues to operate in present day. A representative from the Order always attends monthly defense meetings at Castle Skyfall. The Order is a network and an army. They are well respected among the people of Fogrith and it is considered an honor to be extended an invitation.

This is to be a very open-ended campaign. Provided you aren't trying to be Goldrus, King of the God Dragon from Hell with freaking laser beams, I'll make it work. If you want to make a character and participate in the campaign, message me. Your characters will start fresh off the boat in Fogrith. Any questions, feel free to post :)


Everything within the 5e handbook will be available unless I state otherwise.

All races are available, be aware that all Kaidans and noble families are human (only humans are considered to have divinity in regards to rule). The Order of the Reverence is comprised of people off all races as they will protect the sovereignty at all costs. Hope this helps clarify :)

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I may need a refresher lesson on how everything works and what to do with character sheets and stuff. Really, from the basics up. It's been years since I've played (once) and i had a pretty shitty DM who was just cancer to work with.

(Also, we do have a roleplaying subforum that perhaps this is more suited for? :P)

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I may need a hand creating my character but I'm looking forward to this!