View Full Version : Trouble in Pyreville (DnD Session 1)

06-25-2016, 07:57 PM
Our unlikely band of adventurers arrive fresh off the boat in Pyreville, a medium sized docking/trading town led by Kaidan William Kirkston. Our adventurers take up refuge at the local tavern, The Drunken Princess, for some information about the town and Fogrith in general. They meet Captain Lyrework of the Kaidan guard who tells them of a bounty out on a bandit group led by Gristoff. This group had been harassing townfolk, made three attempts on Lyrework's life, and had 6 unsuccessful invasions of the town treasury. The Kaidan and the Captain were tired of it and decided a bounty was a perfectly acceptable way to be rid of the bandits. The Captain told the adventurers that thirty silver was being offered for information on Gristoff's whereabouts and one hundred silver for confirmation of Gristoff's death.

Deciding to hunt the bandits themselves, the adventurers exit The Drunken Princess only to be hailed by a shady figure into a back alley next to the tavern. The figure introduces himself as Beirat and informs the adventurers that he has information about a mage meeting with, what he suspects, is Gristoff's second-in-command. Beirat refuses to elaborate further unless the adventurers head back into The Drunken Princess and publicly humiliate Captain Lyrework for reasons he withheld. It is likely for a reason involving Beirat's thievish ways. The adventurers head back into the tavern, but one is discovered by Lyrework. The adventurer Jace, panicking, tells the Captain about Beirat.

The Captain, clearly annoyed, heads into the alley with his bodyguard to confront Beirat. Lyrework threatens Beirat and throws a punch to his face for the information. Beirat, surprised, confesses the information to the Captain. Lyrework has a feeling the info is hogwash and assigns the adventurers to investigate it. Once the Captain leaves, Beirat is disgusted with the adventurers. He unsheathes his sword and attempts to flee, but is struck down. Beirat the Thief was no match for the adventurers and died, his story untold and fading into obscurity.

The adventurers head to the warehouse at the time Beirat mentioned. They see a mage, whom according to Beirat is Grigory Ickleaf, accompanied by who is suspected to be Gristoff's second-in-command. Killing the mage and his summoned gahblins, the cloaked figure, wounded, calls a parley. He introduces himself as Oliver, second-in-command to Gristoff. He offers the adventurers another option; assist the bandits in assassinating Captain Lyrework for double the pay. The adventurers consider his offer, but decline. Oliver, angered by their decision attempts to flee, but is tripped up before reaching the door and slain. His death ensured the adventurers would have an easier time making their way to Gristoff and killing him.

The adventurers find Oliver's dead-drop orders that includes the location of Gristoff's current whereabouts. They inform Captain Lyrework of his location. Lyrework is impressed and hatches a plan. His plan is to use his guards to increase patrols and distract Gristoff's men away from his position allowing the adventurers to go in and kill Gristoff. After a long rest, the adventurers set out.

Reaching a clearing, they see that the scout band is unaware, likely due to Oliver not being able to warn them. After fighting their way through to the bandit camp, they see Gristoff with a small band of bandits. The smaller size is likely due to Lyrework's distractions. The adventurers slay Gristoff. Lyrework appears to help, but upon seeing the carnage, pays the adventurers and prepares to return to Pyreville with news of Gristoff's downfall. Before leaving, however, the adventurer Jonathan attempts to steal from Lyrework. The Captain sees the attempt and threatens to cut off his hand should he make such an attempt again. The adventurers head back to Pyreville for a long-deserved rest.

VERY HIGH PRESTIGE gained with Pyreville and the Kaidan for Gristoff's death

MODERATE PRESTIGE gained with Captain Lyrework for Gristoff's death (lower because of steal attempt)

SLIGHT PRESTIGE gained with The Order of the Reverence for assisting the Kaidan with defense matters

VERY HIGH NOTORIETY gained with neighboring bandit groups for the death of Gristoff and Oliver