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08-01-2016, 12:47 AM
The adventurers elect to remain in Pyreville after the events of the previous session. They head into "The Drunken Princess" once again to relax and hear any news. In the tavern, they notice a dwarf in a scuffle with some mercenaries. The dwarf is visibly angry, screaming at the mercs claiming that he won the drinking competition against Libly and the money is his. He offers a reward to the adventurers if they help him kill "the little girls." The mercs threaten the adventurers with severe repercussions for helping the dwarf.

The adventurers help the dwarf kill the mercs. The dwarf introduces himself as Redbeard and gives the adventurers the silver that he won in the drinking game the prior night. Redbeard explains that he beat a "sissy" nobleman by the name of Shocks Libly in a drinking game. He recalled Libly "stumbling out the tavern throwing up everywhere." Redbeard finds the documents on the merc commander pointing towards the meeting point with Libly. The adventurers decide to head out with Redbeard. Before leaving, however, Redbeard pulls out what he calls his "special brew" and pours each adventurer a cup. Some were able to handle it well and were more charismatic as a result. Some could barely handle it and didn't have as good hand-eye-coordination. After a couple rounds, Redbeard busts out his "special special brew." The adventurer Toythas was able to handle the drink and master the flow of the drink empowering him. The adventurer Sai Mota was not as lucky and succumbed to the drink and felt woozy for the next while. The other adventurers didn't touch the brew.

Redbeard led the adventurers to the meeting place. At the place they found Libly with a contingent of Kaidan Guards. Some intuition showed that the guards were obviously in Libly's pocket. Among them were Castle Captain Gru and his Lieutenant, Davis. The adventurers confirmed that Libly indeed looked like "a lil' bitch." Libly offered the adventurers pardon and 500 silver if they killed Redbeard. Redbeard assured the adventurers that he knows nobles like Libly wouldn't hesitate to stab them in the back. After some contemplation, the adventurers decided to side with Redbeard against Libly. He advised the adventurers not to kill Libly when he inevitably tries to escape as that could make clearing their name rather difficult. One of the adventurers notices an old witch prowling around one of the far away buildings, but thinks nothing of it.

Libly confirmed that they are marked criminals. Captain Gru escorts Libly away from the fight leaving charge to Lt. Davis. The adventurers allow Libly to escape, at the wish of Redbeard. After some time fighting, Davis realizes he is losing the fight. He runs off to the witch in the building and beckons her. The witch comes out and starts a summoning circle. Davis protects her. The adventurers elect not to kill the witch before she finishes her summoning. Once she finishes a small dragon appears from the summoning circle. This fight got a lot more complicated.

The adventurer Sai Mota, attempts to flank the dragon, but is spotted by the dragon. The dragon erupts the building in flames incapacitating the adventurer. A wounded Redbeard ran into the burning building and dragged Sai out luckily only suffering minor damage in the process. Sai is revived and all attention is re-focused on the dragon. A bit of skill in perception revealed the dragon's life force tied to the witch and that defeating the witch would weaken the dragon. The adventurer Jonathan attempts to sneak to the witch.

Jonathan is spotted by Davis. Jon takes a swing at the witch but misses and retreats. Davis blocks his approach with a grave stone. After some back in forth, the adventurer Calvus casts Eldritch Blast on the witch. The witch disappears. The dragon is clearly hurt and goes into a frenzy. The adventurers are then able to kill the dragon. The dragon explodes after it dies missing the adventurers but gravely wounding Davis. The adventurers elect to interrogate Davis. Jonathan steals his rapier and leaves him. Just as Redbeard was going to finish Davis off, Toythas interferes and appeals to Redbeard's higher nature to show mercy. Redbeard reluctantly gives in and walks away though not before punching Toythas for the interference. After this, Calvus plays a game. If the gravely wounded Davis can make it over a bear trap, he lives. Davis is able to get over the bear trap and is spared.

The adventurers take a long rest and Redbeard explains that they are all criminals. He hatches a plot to gather evidence against Libly to clear their name. Redbeard explains that while he causes a distraction, the adventurers are to infiltrate Libly's estate to gather evidence of his treachery against the city of Pyreville and its Kaidan. He further elaborates that Captain Lyrework meets with the Kaidan monthly to deliver reports and can give the evidence to him directly. Redbeard also mentions that Libly won't risk his honor by skipping the Great Hunt scheduled for the following day. The Great Hunt is a big sporting event meant to better relations between commoner and nobility. The adventurers agree to the plan. Before setting out, Redbeard warns the adventurers that using any lethal means against city guards could spell trouble for their conviction of Libly.

The adventurers arrive on Libly's estate and see that there is an archer posted to the west and a guard by the front door. There is also a woman inside the home. Calvus cast Silent Image to make a copy of Libly. The copy he made looked so genuine that even the other adventurers admitted that it looked real. The adventurers are able to walk in the front door with relatively low suspicion. Inside, the woman, assumed to be Libly's mistress, isn't so easily fooled. She attempts to run out the back door but is stopped and tied up. After a lengthy search, the adventurers uncover some very incriminating evidence. Meanwhile the guard outside becomes suspicious and heads inside to check on things.

Calvus attempts to cast Silent Image again, but something goes awry and two goblins are summoned instead. The adventurers are able to fool the guard into believing the goblins appeared and that Libly is in hiding. After dispatching the goblins, Calvus successfully casts Silent Image to make Libly appear on a little tower area. Calvus intimidates the archer into backing off while he is leaving. The guard by the tower hears the adventurers trying to escape and orders the archer to stop them. The archer takes a shot, but misses. The adventurers escape with the evidence.

Meeting Redbeard back at "The Drunken Princess," the adventurers rejoice in a job well done. While waiting for Captain Lyrework to appear, Redbeard offers more drinks to his reluctant company. Once Lyrework appears, they give him the evidence and convince him it's genuine. He believes them and says he'll get it to the Kaidan, but that the adventurers should still skip town. Redbeard gets up to leave and thanks the adventurers. He says he has dealt with the treachery of nobles many times in the past and that it felt good to take one down. Not elaborating further, he leaves telling the adventurers he will call on them when the time is right. The adventurers sit down for one last drink before skipping town.

HIGH PRESTIGE gained with Redbeard
HIGH PRESTIGE gained with Captain Lyrework
MODERATE PRESTIGE gained with Pyreville and its Kaidan

MODERATE NOTORIETY gained with Fogrith nobility
SLIGHT NOTORIETY gained with Kaidan Guard