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09-13-2016, 12:24 AM
I smelled the blood of my enemies and it smelled unknown to me. I couldn't compare it to something I smelled before. The stench was so strong that is caused me to gag. Gagging to the point where I couldn't breath. As I stared at the bloody bodies, I noticed death has ravaged through the land and did his job. I dropped to my knees and ran my fingers in the earth! A laid my head on the cold earth and began to cry. I didn't cry because we lost the battle, but because I lost those that meant so much for me. My brothers, sisters, the people I called family. I wept so hard I could have caused a flood. My tears variegated with the blood.

I bet the ground consistently shouting, "It's not fair! It's not fucking fair! Why them? Why not me?! Why should they die for me?! We are a family, we fight together and die together!"

I wept for an hour then stood. Watching the sky fall to the earth and the sea filled with man's creation of mass destruction. This place I stand upon was named Valhalla but changed to Ragnarok. The Brotherhood took this place from the Empire and we called this place a secondary home. A home where my squad and I became closer and a family. Everyday I dreamed the war will end one day, and my squad will be able to venture throughout the universe together in peace. I want to say that will never come true because their dead and the war isn't over. However, I will take their tags and bring them to battle with me because I want believe they are their right beside me fighting to the end.

I believe this war will end one day, and that day will come soon because I fucking believe it! Either I will end this war or someone else will. When that day comes, I hope I'm alive to see it; if not, well I hope my ashes will shower the earth so I can become one with it and my family.

As I continue forward on the battlefield, I wrapped my bloody heavy hands around the Brotherhood flag and raised it up high. "Here I am you Imperial bastards! Here I am waving the banner of hope and freedom! I am the hope of the Brotherhood and it's dream. I will fight for everyone you have slayed, those you have betrayed, and those you have slaved. Their rights are just like mine! We demand freedom and peace, and I will make sure everyone gets it!"

Waving the banner in the air over my departed soldiers, I ran across the field to the rest of the remaining Imperial forces. They where stationed at one of the forerunner stations. Mounted with Imperial armaments and forerunner tech seemed to be manufactured by the army. When I ran, they saw the BLUE flag and started to prepare for another assault. Unfortunately, they thought another platoon would show but instead it was just me and my love for my army.

I could hear the laughter and chuckles of the Imperial soldiers a half a mile away. Their laughter made me angry, yet I used that anger to make me stronger. I wanted to show them want it meant to be a soldier of the Brotherhood, to be a soldier of freedom.

As I got closer to the construct, the REDD military opened fire. The bullets shredded through my armor. Piercing my lungs, my stomach, my shoulder, etc. It hurt like hell but I'm taking the pain for my family. This is what they felt so I'm going to take it all. The bullets kept showering through me. Piercing every bit of my body.

By the time the soldiers ran out of ammo, I fell to my knees and planted the flag infront of me. Leaning the rest of my body over it. I began to cry again. I wasn't crying because I was sad, but because I was happy. Happy to see my family in the after life. You just don't understand how happy I could be. Dying for nothing is the worst thing possible. Dying for an importance is the best feelings in the world by making a change. I wanted to be that change so I took the chance. Now, as my body lay to rest...I can now be UNITED with my family and my army. It was honor to fight for freedom, to fight for the Brotherhood..

"This...is...what...I...be lieve...and...I...won't.. .let...anyone.......take. ...it....away...", I speak my last words as the breath in my lungs vanishes.