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I had started a story quite a while ago don’t know what happen to it or where its at so I decided to restart it and spice it up a bit and change it dramatically maybe. im sure some of you might remember it here it goes


The shadow of a man tells time if examined correctly. In broad daylight a shadow pointed directly toward the north indicates noon, and well your assumptions of current time may be based off of that theory. On the darkest hour on the streets of New York, the time is compared differently though. A mid-aged lady walks home from her evening shift at a local bar. Now, this one is easy, the first thing to pop into your head is as good as any other guess. She’s walking alone and decides to take a short-cut home, there’s the first common sign. She heads through an alley and the heavy steps of her high heels echo through the dark pathway. She comes to a sudden stop with a slight feeling of confusion, is there somebody following her? Nobody is following her, she’s following death. Her shadow disappears within the darkest part of the alley. The woman never stepped out of the alley again. A common story and fairly easy to investigate. The unexpected is expected, yet the expected is as well. So what makes this any different? its not that its expected or unexpected, its that its not thought out. The woman walked into the backside of her house through the alley that night, the next day she walked out the front door. No surprise at all, the alley was found closed off by the city police, a business man was found dead at dawn, just there, laying, laying in the middle of the alley.

“You took too long”

“It wasn’t the easiest target you’ve gi-“The lady was cut off by a loud knock on the phone booth glass.

A large man with dirty blonde hair stared her down, “Would ‘ya hurry it up, I need that phone. Lets go lady!”

She gave him a loose smile and placed the phone on her ear once again, “When will my ride arrive? I need to get out of this dump” she gave another loose smile at the man.

“Five years.” There was a long pause from the voice on the phone, “Your ride will arrive at noon, ill be expecting you here in London, there’s some, issues, I would like to discuss with you.”


“Robert called. He said there was an offer on the table we could not refuse.”

“When’s the last time you refused anything from that old snot?” The call was cut off and the lady gave a loud sigh. She grabbed a pair of scissors from her purse and unlinked the phone. She opened the phone booth door and handed the man the phone, “You needed this?” The man glared at her in disbelief.

She took a long walk through the big city taking a final glance at the place. New York became her home so quickly, it was hard to let go but harder to stay. She had made so many friends and yet no enemies, to what I can recall. She walked to her best friend’s bakery to pick up a special loaf of bread she had reserved. “It’s so sad to see you leave, but then again I know how it feels to have a dying parent back home.” Her friend broke into tears and gave her a hug. “I’ll miss you”

“I’ll miss you too Mimi.” she replied, “I’ll make sure to call when I can, good bye.” She gave her one last hug and went on her way.

A taxi cab was waiting for her outside her house packed with her luggage. “I took the liberty of loading your things for you Phoebe.” Her roommate showed her the filled cab. Phoebe made sure everything was in there.

“Thank you so much Riley, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. It’s been great living here with you; I’ll be on my way now, good bye.” Phoebe stepped into the cab and placed the loaf of bread into her bag pack.

“Good bye Phoebe, make sure to call.” Her friend held back her tears and just waved.

The car departed and headed downtown. It was a busy afternoon. There was taxis rushing everywhere, the sidewalks were filled with pedestrians. “What’s with the loaf of bread?” I asked.

“It’s the best there is in town.” Phoebe replied. “Ill let you try it later; trust me you’ll fall in love.”

“Yeah I can see that happening.” I gave a sarcastic response.

“Are you still hurting?”

“What ‘you mean?”

“It was so long ago, is it still eating at you?”

“No that’s not it, my brother had every reason to kill her, I was making a mistake.”

“You are hurting.”

“Emma!” I gave a mean glare at her and she shrunk in her seat.

“ok, ok, fine.” She rolled her eyes. “Where do we make the switch?”

“Just up ahead, how much are you taking?” I asked

“Just this bag back, everything else is useless.” She starred at a photograph in her hand.

“What’s that? I asked.


I turned the cab into an alley way and parked it next to an open garage door. “Alright take what you need, let’s go the boat is leaving soon.” She grabbed her bag and followed after me. I opened the garage door wider and revealed black Lexus. “That’s our ride to the dock’s’ get in.” We hurried in and drove it out the alley way into the busy street. “Take the detonator it’s under your seat”. Emma grabbed the device and pressed it without hesitation. The loud boom was silenced under the sound of my favorite music by Mozart. Nothing like some relaxing music, in the evening, just sitting back, strolling in an amazing car, through the amazing city of New Jersey. To top it all off, you have one of the hottest assassins in the world, changing, right next to you, as if it were her own bathroom. What a life.


Ill be putting up CH 1 as soon as possible >=D

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Chapter 1

Jeremy Carl Moore, a lonely fellow. He seemed like the greatest guy, supplying the third world countries with house appliances. He pulled money out of his ass by the billions. If you were a government official, he would be your best friend. Go figure. A married man, and father of six kids. President of the world’s largest home appliances corporation. Moore appliances were trustworthy; every home was filled by their products all over the world. Very affordable, and to top it off there was giveaways almost every week. Now, this seems like a great man behind this plan, but who’s the man behind the man? Harold Ford. We’ve been tracing him for years. It almost seems impossible to achieve such a goal. Assassinating this man is not a swim at the beach. Everybody desires world domination and complete control, but nobody, nobody has accomplished as much as Mr. Ford. His power extends over the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, over two thirds of the world’s biggest corporations. So, what’s the big deal? It’s the domino theory in real life. Ford is a Fascist seeking to control every single government under his dictation. Unite all nations under his diabolic rule, destroying anything and anyone standing in his way. Just last week he wiped out Portugal for their uprising against the world power. The country lies in ruins with no living soul in sight. I will make sure I take Ford’s life before he takes Mother Earth’s.

“Moore.” I broke the silence with a sudden outburst. “How’d you catch him?”

“Honestly, I never would have guessed he was a drug addict.” Emma replied. “I was getting desperate. I took a shot at it, sent him the letter and hoped for the best.” She chuckled, “You should have seen his nervous face handing over the money, the old slob never expected the sudden death.” She pulled a stack of money from her bag pack. “When do we get the rest of his money?”

“It’s not the money Carl was after.” I stayed silent a few seconds and continued, “We’re trying to break Ford, get him to show his face. Get him angry. The more of his partners we kill the more he will expect an attack on himself.” I turned the radio up and checked the GPS. The docks were just a couple of minutes away. “He will try to protect himself causing a scandal. We all know the media will be on top that. They will follow him almost everywhere he goes.

She glared at me in recognition, “So will we.”

We pulled into a reserved parking lot and unloaded the luggage from the trunk. “What’s all that?” Emma asked.

“Toys, give me a hand.” I grabbed a bag of toys and opened it, “Had them made in Toronto last week.” she laughed at the idea. “Gotta get weapons some how.” I winked at her and lead the way to the yacht. Nothing to prestigious but nothing too simple was always my style.

“Sir, this yacht is reserved for Mr. Hudson, you cannot come through.” A tall man in a tuxedo stared us down.

“Well,” I said with a sigh, “Lets go talk to him.” I tried to rush through but was stopped by three other tall men in tuxedoes. “Ah ok I get it, you guys don’t like me.”

One of the men grabbed my shoulder, “Go look for problems somewhere else.”

Emma grabbed a silenced pistol from the toy bag, “Sorry, we’re already here.” She took four quick shots, one to each forehead. She was always a good shot. Never missed her mark. “Is there anybody on the yacht?” She asked me briefly.

I tossed the bodies over board and grabbed the toy bags, “There shouldn’t be we’re the only parked car and we’re in Hudson’s spot.” I grabbed the keys and threw them at her, ”Load the car on, looks like there’s enough room.” She drove the car on board and I started the boat’s engine. “The trip will take us only a few hours, there’s four rooms inside pick your cell.” I chuckled and began the trip.

I had known Emma my whole life. She was beautiful young woman in her twenties. She always had strong passion for getting the job done no matter how long or how much it took. What I loved about her the most was her long blonde hair, just the way it looked in the sunset was amazing. She was sitting back in a chair on the front deck just outside the navigation room. She was wearing a whit swim suit. Her perfect skin glimmered and the shape of her body was just breath taking. What an amazing woman. What I would do, just to make her mine.

The sun vanished in the far horizon and she headed down to her room. I took a look at the time. The United Kingdom was just a few hours away.

Carl, my brother, was the head of us assassins. The best of the best. He was a serious man, but straight to the point. When our parents were captured they left him the keys to the nest. He took on the challenge they had left him, perfecting the family creed. I was only two years old when our parents had died, he was twelve. The sight of the two people, that gave us everything, dead, it broke him. He took on the traditional family training and added his own. At age five I was already learning the art behind the kill. It was a team of two for four years. We traveled the world learning more and more of everything, from languages to cooking recipes. We established a home base in London where we still hold strong to this day. Emma was an orphan girl pursuing her lost parents. A vicious little girl with a fighting heart.

“Carl, Carl. Wake up. There’s somebody downstairs.” I peeked through the office blinds and glared back at my brother. He got up slowly and grabbed a small dagger from his side. We moved outside the office room and looked downstairs in search for what I had heard. The factory was a big building filled with Carl’s obstacles. We had fixed it up to fit our training. The building was concealed in a ghetto in the poor side of town in between some apartments. The entrance was not the easiest to find but for somebody to have came in it wasn’t the hardest either. We heard a noise from the shooting range. “Over there.” I whispered and pointed.

We started toward the shooting range and a shadow moved behind a desk. “Who’s there?” My brother demanded. A loud gasp came from behind the desk and we sprang over to it. My brother armed with his dagger jumped over the desk and brought the point of the blade to the neck of a small girl. “Who are you, and what are you doing here girl?”
“My name is Emma.” little Emma shivered and broke into tears. “I was just looking for a place to stay for the night.” She cried out, “Don’t kill me please!”

My brother put the dagger away and picked her up. “Come on it’s a cold night.” He carried her up to the office room. “How old are you Emma?” He set her down on my bed and covered her with a spare blanket.

“I’m seven years old, sir.”

“Call him Carl.” I sat next to her and patted her on her back. “Where are you coming from?” Carl rolled his eyes and lay in his bed to fall asleep.

“I’m looking for my parents.” She lay back in the bed, I followed. “I’ve been traveling all the way from Sweden” I wiped her tears and she continued, “I know it seems dumb to just believe that they are still out there but is it really any better to stay home and wait for somebody to place you in a rotten orphanage.” She glared at me and smiled. She elbowed my stomach with a strong blow. “Hey, you’re a cool guy.” She turned on her side and fell asleep.

“Emma!” I knocked on her door again, “Let’s go! You take forever.” She opened the door and shoved her backpack at me. I swear she looks so much better in the morning, especially when she’s cranky. “The car is on already is this everything?”

She gave me a loose smile and elbowed my gut, “let’s go.”

We jumped into the car and drove into the streets of London. The city was built up nicely after the European war. The work of art on all the buildings was surely eye catching. There was no car on the streets that was not up to date. The Lexus we drove was a 2024, Right out of the factory.

We drove into the ghetto and stopped in front of a cathedral with a large bell tower. “It’s so good to be home again.” Emma gave me a hug and hurried through the cathedral. “Father Rice, it’s been so long. “ She hugged the priest with emotion and started toward the back.

“Good morning Rice, she’s happy to finally be home.” The priest nodded his head and I handed him the car keys. “Make good use of it.” I winked at him and chased after Emma.

The entrance to the nest was through a wall in the church courtyard. Emma took the lead and opened up the wall. “Wow this is great.” She held back her tears and rushed through. We came to the end of the tunnel and came across the Great Wall. “Here I go. let’s see if I still got it.” She strapped her bag pack tight and sprang up the wall. I followed her noticing the great improvement in her steps. We reached the shaft that broke into the Great Hall. She stood still taking in the new sight. Carl had done some redecoration to the place.
“Welcome back!” A great voice came from a large cloaked figure above. My brother stood at the end of the staircase expecting us, “Come on, we have much to discuss.” We handed our bags to a trainee at the bottom of the staircase. I lead Emma up the stairs towards the ceremony room. “Everybody, listen, our Emma has returned home!” A loud cheer arose from the crowd of assassins. Emma was everybody’s best friend here in the nest. She met new and old friends before she came to a large book at the end of the ceremony room. My brother stood beside her and opened the book. She turned to a page that contained a picture of Gerald Ford. She signed her name at the bottom of the page and placed a sample of his blood she had taken into a jar behind the book. “The job is done,” Carl patted her back, “It took you to long but at least we can now proceed to greater things, follow me all three of you.” He pointed out Emma, myself, and Willis, a veteran assassin who had joined us two years after Emma.

Carl led us to his office where we sat in front of a contract Robert had left. Robert was business man seeking to gain control of the International trading industries. I never trusted him but the benefits and pay were outstanding. “All I need is your signature brother. It’s a contract of two more years. He has great expectations for next year.” I read over the contract and nodded in agreement. Emma grabbed my jaw and looked into my eyes.

“You should sleep on it.” She gave the contract to Carl, “He’ll decide tomorrow.”

“Since when do you make decisions for him?” He gave a grim stare at her and put the contract away.

“Since my decisions became better than yours.” She grabbed my hand and the two of us walked out to the sleeping quarters.

“I don’t see why not Emma, it could aid us allot.” I walked her to her room and stood in front of her.

“It could also ruin us.” She smiled at me and gave me a hug before she locked her self in her room.