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06-24-2011, 08:16 PM
Alright everyone, it has been WAY to long since we've all gotten a good RPG going, and I think a few of us who used to write them have been itching for one.

So without further delay, I am officially starting...


We had an AWESOME one back on the old forums that went for MANY pages with MANY people taking part! If you want to jump in and have never done it, watch for a bit, see how it all works, and come on in! The more people the better it gets!


1. You must play yourself! What does this mean? It means be realistic as best as possible to what your adult self would be, if you plan on being a highschool teacher, you better not be liberating an F-16 from an Airforce Base.

2. Think/Read before you post. Make sure your post makes sense, if a building was blown up, you can't walk into it in the next post can you? In case of disputes or conflicting post, the first one posted prevails.

3. Be realistic. You will not find a 4 barrel antitank rifle with flamethrower. Same goes for vehicles, and where you gather your "gear". You wont find an RPG in a school, but maybe in the back of an overturned military truck.

4. No killing off anyone elses RPG character without their approval.

5. Make sense in your posts. If you break a wrist in your 2nd post, you shouldn't be doing pushups in the 3rd posts, then pulling someone up a rope in the 4th post.

Location: We are in a fictional version of a place called Cloverdale. Like Racoon city, there is no know country or origin and it's just a city with some forests around it, also a big lake. Easy enough. It's got all the usual things a big city has. Hospital, Police, etc etc.

Zombies: The basic zombies are those of the newest Dawn Of The Dead, 28 Days Later, etc etc. They are not shambling idiots, rather they are fast, dangerous, and very persistant. YOU MAY CREATE ANY OTHER "INFECTED" ANIMAL OR CREATURE YOU WISH TO INCLUDE!

Note: Zombies first appear coming from the forests at Aprx 11:30AM. The RPG starts at about 11:00 so that way the first few posts can set the tone and setting for the RPG.

As per tradition, I will begin! Let's have a blast!

Commander Cody Shaer folded his arms and shifted his weight, leaning against the back wall as the Cloverdale Police Chief, Bryan Wilson, cleared his throat as he stood next to the large white board. The few SWAT team leaders able to find chairs straightened up, those having to stand tried to get as comfortable as they could. Cody didn't mind standing, he did plenty of that in the past. He locked eyes with another SWAT officer across the room, the man's slicked back blonde hair shone in the bright light of the "Ready Room". He cocked an eye brow and Cody gave him a quick nod.

"Good afternoon everyone. I'm sorry to have called some of you in today, but we've had another body turn up, making the total thirteen in the past week."

A few murmurs went through the officers as Chief Wilson pinned a photograph of a horribly mutilated corpse onto the board alongside the others. During the past week, bodies began turning up on the outskrts of the city, along the forests leadingto the mountains, all horribly mutilated and disfigured. This was why the Chief had called the meeting.

"Mayor Kramer is not happy with the body count, and even more upset that we've gotten no where on who is responsible. Regular foot and vehicle patrols have been doubled during the week, and still we have people coming up dead."

Cody scanned the photos along the board, flashbacks of Khandahar piercing his thoughts as he recalled a Taliban attack, the bodies of his comrades torn and shredded like the victims on the white board. He shook his head and rubbed his shorn salt and pepper crew cut, the visions fading back into the shadows.

"Commander Shaer will be coordinating search operations for all SWAT teams in Sector 1 while Commander Cox will be coordinating for Sector 2. Commanders you have the floor" Chief Wilson finished as he motioned for the men to step forward.

Cody pushed of the wall and strode up to the podium. A few whispers shot through some of the younger SWAT officers as he passed by. An impressive man, Cody's six foot frame was densley packed with twohundred and thirty pounds, and many of the younger officers often gossiped about his career in the military before he became the new SWAT Commander a few days earlier.

Commander Allister Cox arrived at the podium just before Cody, quickly brushing a hand through his slicked blonde hair, he was the only one in the room bigger than Cody. A towering six foot five, he boasted the build of a colledge football lineman. He held out a hand as Cody reached the podium. They shook hands and embraced, Al leaning in towards Cody's ear.

"Nice to finally work alongside you buddy. Welcome back." He whispered.

Cody smiled and smacked Al on the shoulder. "Damn good to see you too brother. Been a while since UC."

The two pulled apart, Cody stepping back allowing Allister to adress the team leaders regarding their assingments. Long time friends, the two met during their first year at the Unviersity of Cloverdale and became instant friends and teammates playing defense for the Cloverdale Spurs football team. Allister left the field for the Police while Cody had joined the military, it was the first time they had seen eachother in almost twenty years.

"Once the ground teams have arrived at their start points, Air One will take up a holding pattern over both Sectors, Air Two will stay on the pad and act as relief, choppers will spell eachother off every six hours. Commander Shaer? Anything you wish to add?"

Al turned to Cody, holding his hand out allowing Cody to step to the microphone. Dozens of eyes locked onto Cody as he stepped forward, many noticing the deep scar that ran down his right cheek.

"Gentlemen this is a difficult situation. We have no leads, no suspects, and quite frankly, no idea what the hell is going on, so keep your wits up, remember your training, and stay frosty out there. That's all."

Chief Wilson nodded as the pair of Commanders stepped back from the podium.

"Any questions?"

No one spoke.

"Alright then, you know your jobs, get your gear together and get moving people!"

06-24-2011, 09:55 PM
Aaron Burwell was just a regular run of the mill network engineer. Shooting rifles have been a passion of his ever since he started playing paintball back in high school. He usually went early during the morning due to the lack of people at the field at 6 AM. He usually takes an M-4 and a 9-mm pistol when he goes alone. Every now and then he takes his son, Caeleb, with him. Caeleb was supposed to come this time, but he never showed up the night before. He usually comes over during the summer and winter breaks due to the custody agreement that was agreed upon with the mother out of court. Aaron just figured it was a problem with the flight paths due to the bad weather where his son lives, so he didnt think anything of it.

Aaron got home around 10 AM and started to pack up his things. While putting his guns back in the gun safe he got a call on his cell. It was Caeleb's mother.

"Hey Aaron i'm just calling to see if Caeleb got there alright."

"What are you talking about? Caeleb's not here"

"What are you talking about? His flight left on-time yesterday. Oh my god what if something happened."

"Calm down alright, i'll call him and see if he's alright. If i don't get an answer i will go to the police and see if they can find him."

"Ok, please call me when you know something. Goodbye Aaron."


He then called his son's cell. He tried 6 times and never got an answer.

"Shit, what the hell happened."

He then remembered what he heard on the news about mutilated bodies turning up in the woods.

"He had better not be one of those bodies."

He procceded to grab his weapons in his car and he drove off to the police station. Around 11 AM he got to the police station. He rushed through the doors and he was immediatly greeted by Sgt. Bradson.

"Sir what seems to be the problem?"

"My son's flight came in last night but he never showed up last night. I'm afraid he might be missing."

"Ok sir, how old is he and what does your son look like?"

"He's 18, roughly 6'2", 210 lbs, black hair, looks like hes filippino..."

"Ok sir give me one second to check our files."

He came back around 11:20 with a picture in his hands.

"Sir, is this your son?"

Aaron took a look at the photo, and almost threw up his breakfast. What he was handed was a picture of his son's mutilated corpse.

"Y-y-y-yes. This is him."

"I am sorry for your loss sir"

"Do you know who or what did this to him?"

"Unfortuantly Mr. Burwell, that information is classified right now."

06-24-2011, 11:49 PM
Cody pulled his balistic vest over his head, careful to properly secure it tightly over his uniform shirt. After clipping on his tactical belt, he opened his sidearm locker and withdrew his Sig Sauer P226. A proffesional, rugged, and reliable pistol, it's 9mm round packs a powerful punch.

He slid his sidearm into its holster and had just snapped his holster sht when he heard a commotion from the main lobby. Quickly grabbing the rest of his gear, he slammed his locker shut. Quickly checking his appearance in the locker room mirror, he turned on his boot and walked out towards the main lobby.

He entered the lobby just as a rather upset man was being led into a conference room by a pair of uniforms. He turned to Sergeant Bradson. "What's going on Sergeant?"

Bradson picked up a photo on the desk and passed it to the SWAT Commander. "Man's name is Aaron Burwell, this is his son Caeleb, he just ID'd him."

Cody looked over the photo and recognized this as the photo Cheif Wilson put up this morning, "Did Mr. Burwell say where his son was coming from?"

The young Sergeant nodded. "Yes sir, said his son was coming in on a plane to Cloverdale International this morning."

Cody thanked the Sergeamt and walked down the hall to the ready room where blown up maps of both sectors had been pinned on the back wall. Quickly locating the airport, Cody reached for his radio and put out a call. "Commander Shaer to Commander Cox come in."

Al's voice hummed over the radio. "Go ahead Cody."

"Al we've identified victim number thirteen as a one Caeleb Burwell. His father is at the station now. His last known location was Cloverdale International. I just checked the maps and it's located on the edge of Sector Two near the forest. Can you vector an SUV to meet me there? Over."

Al quickly checked his tablet onboard Air One to check the situation on the search and sent orders for a three man team to move to the airport. "Rodger that Commander, I'm sending a trio of SWAT to meet you there, out."

Cody clicked his radio in response and walked out of the "Ready Room" and towards the motorcade, nodding to Sergeant Bardson on his way out the front door and was rewarded by a pair of Ambulances racing past, lights flashing, sirens blasting as the pair raced towards Cloverdale General Hospital. He watched them race around the corner and out of sight.

Turning around the wall, he keyed his fob and the Command hummer beeped as the locks disengaged. He moved to the trunk to check the weapons case which sat full and secured. He closed the hatch, threw the key into the ignition and fired up the engine. Pulling onto the road, he stared in awe at a rising column of smoke rising in the direction of the airport. His watch read 11:38AM.

06-25-2011, 01:16 AM
John Houston sat on his counch playing video games like he usally does with some his free time, when he remembered he had made a promise. Some of his freinds were having a party later in the woods to try and impress some girls. His instincts told him it was a very bad idea, but like any other 18 year male he was doing it anyway. He had heard the obscure reports of mutilated bodies in the forest, but thats why their were going. His best friend Will was coming over in about... then he just remembered. "Aww crap not again" He muttered to himself as he threw on his jacket. It was 11:15 and will was going to be there at 11:20 to pick him up. They were going to go to the woods from the Fishing/hunting store. Will wanted to go fishing in the morning so they could bring something back with them. Knock Knock "Yo, john what the hell lets go" He knew Wills voice anywhere, it was just like richtofen from nazi zombies. Will was reconisable too, he was 6,8 skinny, but smart as hell. When we were kids he was the one could make anything and everything. "Yeah yeah im coming" I yelled. John and will were two different people completly. John was 6,1, a lineman for the defencive line, and very lazy. He was smart, but was more street smart than anything. The differances continued because will had a clean shaven head and no facial hair. Where as john had a crew cut that was in need of a cut, and was tring some what succefully to grow a goatee. "Allright lets go"
"bout fuckin john, I swear your dress too tight around the hips?"
"Nah, but your mom was havin trouble."
"Touche, now really lets go I have new idea."
"Ok, then whats your Idea?"
"well," he said as we pulled out of my dive way and headed to the store.
"I was thinking more about those bodies and well, I wanted to to find and kill whatever killed them."
"What? and how will we do that?"
"well my secret stash of course."
"Oh HELL YES!" Wills secret stash was the best armory in the state. All of his love and knack for building went into making weapons. He was kown to break the law and buy peices of milatary grade weapons and then build them. He even had a few G3A4kA assualt rifles and USP 45.s. But his most prized and valuable weapon is his Barrett 50.cal auto sniper. It didnt have any ammo and it still needed a scope, but will was working on that problem apperently. "Yeah, I know how much you've been wanting to try out that G3A4KA and those USPs so ive brought you them and then for me, my barrett and an uzi."
"Ummm, over kill much. But anyway how much ammo are we talkin about?"
"About 5 clips for my uzi, 2 make shift clips for the barrett, 5 clips for the G3A4KA, and about 20 clips of 45.s."
"Uhh what are you expecting out there the taliban?"
"yes actually I "over heard" Commander Shaer, the new guy, talking about it at the station."
"Well lets get it on then, i wanna kick some terroist ass!"
"I know and thats why were going to the shop, Ive ordered my scope so the barrett will be ready. In fact Ive all ready figured it out its here on this map. see theres a ridge in the forest over looking the lake."
"Oh I get it we could sit there while they come out and we have a perfect spot."
"exsactly, but first lets go get the scope and party!"
"OHH YEAH, I can amost feel the action!"
"We'll be at the party in 20 minutes."

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After being led to the confrence room, reality hit Aaron like a brick wall. His son is dead. A million thoughts started rushing through his head. Who did this? Why? Was there any way he could have prevented it? How was he going to tell Caeleb's mother? Then it hit him, he needed to find out who did this.

He left the station around 11:28. It was a quick drive home, got there around 11:32. He knew that he would need some decent firepower to get to Caeleb's killers. His M-4 and 9-mm were already in the car. He then proceded to grab his shotgun and his Desert Eagle, along with 3-4 crates of ammo to keep in his trunk. He also grabed his laptop. He installed most of the networks inside the police station, so it would be childs play to hack them and listen to the the police chatter. He then got a call from Caeleb's mother. He ignored it. She called again, and again he ignored her. Finally she sent a text saying "any news?" He knew he had to tell her, but he couldn't bare to tell her and hear her voice. He finally replied to her text. "Caeleb is dead, and im going to find out who did it." He then shut off his phone, not wanting to bare recieving another message.

At 11:42 his car was all loaded up. He then started hacking into the police broadcast. He hoped he would be able to find out what the hell was going on. After he was in the network he started up the car and kept an ear to the laptop. There was chatter of something going on at the airport. Reports of "zombies" walking around. Commander Cody Shaer of the cities SWAT division and 3 other members were dispatched to see what was going on.

"Zombies, what will they think of next."

Right as he said that, something just ran out infront of his car. He hit it while going 50 mph.

"What the hell was that?"

He stepped out of the car and grabbed his 9-mm. Very slowly he walked torwards the body on the ground. It smelled rotton and looked like its been rotting for days. Theres no way that body could have just been running around. Then he noticed that the body started moving, as if it was trying to get up. He unloaded his entire magazine into the corpse. After it was empty he reloaded, and kept it aimed at the corpse. It started moving again.


He then placed a shot to the head that cracked it open. After what felt like forever, he finally decided it was safe to leave the corpse since it didn't move at all after that last shot.

"Ok, zombies. Now its not so crazy."

"I think i had better get to the airport and see whats going on."

He looked torwards the airport and saw smoke billowing from that direction.

"Ah shit, this can't be good."

ODST DarkDragon
06-25-2011, 09:31 PM
"Collins! Fire that weapon." Said my National Guard Sergeant

I stood there looking at the chaos at the airport. Finally reality (and training) kicked in. I brought up my M249 SAW and thumbed the safety, and set the Bi-pod on the concrete wall. My finger wrapped around the trigger, and the gun started up. The first couple of targets went down, but still was trying to get back. I sprayed the SAW over them again, they stopped moving.

"Sir!! Dead corpses...getting back up!" Said a PFC. The SGT. looked over the wall and saw the dead come back up. He looked behind us, I did to, seeing another horde of zombies. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I took the SAW off the bi-pod and sprayed behind us, taking down a couple of the first row, but there was so many. All the while, the SGT was trying to figure a way out.....

(Tell me if I'm going in the right direction.)

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so far so good

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I just had so much written and then my computer foze and i lost it all!

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Cut the chatter guys, no need for it. Clogs shit up.

"You're breaking up control, say again, over." Cody barked into his radio and he yanked on the wheel and swerved his Hummer around a truck and blasted through the red light, his sirens blasting as he raced towards the smoke in the distance. His radio cackled as he slammed down the gas and shot down the turnoff.\

"Be advised Commander, there are reports of numerous assults coming in from the airport, cannabalitic in nature, callers describing a "riot" scene, over."

Cody was about to reply to the operator when a girl came running out into the street ahead, a man covered in blood screaming and chasing after her. He swerved left, putting the hummer between the girl and the man and ripped open his drivers side door keying his radio.

"Charlie-50 responding to an assault, corner of Halstrom and 5th." He drew his sidearm and rasied it at the man charging across the street. "CPD get on your knees!"

The man screeched, spittle and blood flying from his mouth. A large gaping wound oozed blood and gore from his stomach, spilling human innards onto the pavement as he got closer.

Cody tightened the grip on his P226, the hellish scene something out of a horror film as he yelled for the man to stop. "Freeze or I will fire!"

The man replied a scream straight out of hell as he rounded the front of the Hummer and reached for Cody. A sharp blast pierced the morning air as Cody fired a single shot, the 9mm round smashing throgh the mans right chest, blasting a hole through his lung large enough to throw his shoulder back and send him stumbling into the hummer.

Cody stepped back, crabbing to his left to get a better angle. He left out a low curse as the "thing" turned and screeched, resuming it's charge once again. Cody took a step towards the man and didn't hold back. Round after round smashed into the mans chest smashing holes clean through the blood stained shirt sneding pools of blood spalshing to the ground.

The creature squeeled and collapsed back, smashing onto the ground with a wet smack, it's wails blasting through the air as Cody lowered his pistol. A crowd of bystanders had formed along the sidewalks, a few people leaving their cars to watch the scene. Cody was reaching for his radio whhen the impossible hapened.

With a wail, the man lifted his head and start to get up, the pavement visible through the multiple wounds in his chest, the stench of blood now fresh in the air. Cody's mouth dropped, and he raised the heavy pistol, unbelieving what he was seeing.

The mans eyes burned yellow red with hatred, his dark hair matted with blood and muck as he screamed at Cody who centered his pistol sights on the mans forehead and pulled the trigger, smashing open the mans skull and sending brain matter splattering onto the road.

He heard a scream from behind him and turned to see a small child clamped onto the back of a womans neck, blood squirting from a deep wound along her throat as they child's face pressed deeper into the bloody mess.

A hand grasped Cody shoulder.

He spun, whipping out his elbow knocking a young girl to the pavement with a grunt. He swung his pistol up and was about to fire when he realised it was the very same girl that had been running from the now dead thing lying infront of the hummer. Her eyes shone, the deep blue begging amongst a tangle of dirty blonde hair. She choked out a "Help me" as tears ran down her cheeks.

A smash casued Cody to look up as a car plowed through a store window sending glass showering to the sidewalk as it caught fire, it's occupants struggling to get free as a half dozen things wailed and came rushing at the car, dragging the driver free and tearing into his flesh.

Cody emptied his clip and ejected it, slamming a fresh one home as a few of the walking dead turned and charged towards him as the first had. He reached down and yanked the girl up, and moved infront of her, back up towards the hummer as he fired at the oncoming group of zombies.

He landed a lucky shot, punching through the right eye of a heavy elderly woman sending her straight to the pavement as if hitting a clothesline. He pushed the girl into the hummer and continued firing one handed as he shoved her across the consle and into the passenger seat.

Polishing of his clip, he ejected the magazine as one of the things got too close. The girl screamed from inside the hummer as Cody kicked a rather muscular Asian man in the chest, knocking him to the ground. He slammed another clip home and dove into the drivers seat, whipping the door shut, and slamming down on the accelerator shooting off down the road.

His car radio buzzed, Allisters voice breaking over the static that all Police and Military were to report to Cloverdale General Hospital for immediate emergency re-assignment. Cody glanced at the girl, told her to buckle up, and yanked on the wheel and shot towards the hospital.

06-27-2011, 12:19 AM
As Aaron pulled up to the gates of the airport, he knew this was going to be hell. As he passed the gate he noticed a SWAT hummer speed past him. He could barely make out the man and a young girl in the car.

"What the hell is going on here that the SWAT is running away?"

As he stopped by one of the terminal gates, he noticed another SWAT hummer flipped on its side. He slowly stopped and grabed his shotgun as he got out of his car. He started to scavenge the SWAT hummer to see if there was anything useful inside. He found a box of grenaids laying on the bottom of the hummer. He only took a few so he would have room for any ammunition he might find. Other than that he found a kevlar vest which could prove useful.

While continuing to look around the airport terminal he started to hear growling noises. He quickly leveled his shotgun and looked around. By the door he noticed a muscular looking asian man with what looked like a boot mark on his chest. There was something oddly familiar about this...


It struck him, it was his son that was standing infront of him.

"Caeleb, I thought you were dead."

All he heard was growling come from Caeleb.

"Caeleb? Are you alright?"

Caeleb then charged him. As he got within 20 feet, Aaron realized that this was no longer the son he once knew and loved. He hit him with the butt of the shotgun hopeing that Caeleb would back off. Caeleb staggered back then charged Aaron again. This time Aaron ducked and swept his feet under Caeleb's legs, knocking him to the ground.

"I'm sorry my son," Aaron said as he shot Caeleb in the face with his shotgun.

The shot rang all throughout the terminal. After a few seconds all fell silent. Then Aaron started to hear groaning coming from all directions.

"Shit i had better get out of here."

He started to make for the door when he heard a loud shriek come from nowhere. Six zombies shot out of cover, all coming for him. One by one shots rang out as each zombie got closer, and then hit the floor finally dead.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Out of ammo. Aaron knew if he didn't do something soon, he would be dead on the floor with his son. Then who would honor his sons memory? No. He couldn't die. Not here, not now. Quickly he took down the zombie the same way he dispatched his son. Then he slammed the butt of the shotgun onto the legs of the zombie, breaking them. He then grabed one of the grenaids that he took from the flipped SWAT hummer earlier, took out the pin, and threw it by the zombies head, and he ran like hell. He barely cleared the doors when the grenaid exploded.

"Shit that was a pain in the ass."

He reloaded his shotgun and headed back for his car. Once he got in, he locked the doors and drove for the outside gates of the airport to put some distance between him and the zombies. He then tuned in to the police broadcast to see if anything was going on. He overheard that the hospital was overtaken by the police and military all together.

"Looks like thats the last safe spot left in town. Before I go see if they need anything there though, I had better make a few 'upgrades' to this bucket of bolts."

He headed to the nearest autobody shop in hope that he would be able to add some armor to the car, it was getting low on gas anyways and needed to fill up, which he could do there. It would take him roughly twenty minutes to get there. He knew that this was going to be a long afternoon.

06-27-2011, 02:52 AM
A red hatchback was smashed aside at Cody pushed the hummer faster towards the hospital, swerving through abandonned and crashed vehicles alike. He powered past a burning, overturned semi and smashed into a stumbling woman wearing a night gown. The one armed lady managed a growl as she went flipping over top the hummer and smashed to the pavement head first, turning her head to paste.

He turned onto the freeway and was relieved to see a rather long stretch of empty road. With rush hour over when the events unfolded, not many had been able to get onto the freeway out of the city. He exhaled, just noticing he had been holding his breathe. He keyed his radio.

"This is Commander Shaer, come in CGH, over."

A womans voice broke through the static. "Commander this is CGH go ahead."

Cody looked at the girl curled up in the passenger seat weeping. "CGH be advised I am en-route with one female civiian, eta fifteen minutes, over."

"Rodger Commander, I'll alert the chief, out."

Cody placed the handheld back onto the clip on the dash and was about to speak to the girl when he heard a growl. Turning the girl stared at him throught red eyes, the blood on her shirt darker than before. She lunged at Cody from the passenger seat.

Cody shot his hand out, catching the girl under the chin as he pushed her snarling face away from him. He struggled to keep the hummer on the road but the girl was too strong. He released the wheel and shoved her back against the passenger window and drew his pistol.

He fired a pair of quick shots, smashing into her throat and nose, sending gore all over the drivers cabin, her esophagus pumping up blood. Cody quickly garbbed the wheel and tried to turn back onto the road but it was too late.

Cody managed to swerve past the overturned car but clipped the side of a truck. His hummer vaulted into the air and flipped, barrel rolling a few times down the road untill landing on it's roof and skidding down the road.

Cody blinked, now fully aware of what happened, and unclipped his seat belt. He closed his eyes and took a moment, recalling his morning up to the crash, happy he had a small moment of peace admist the chaos. Alright let's get moving again he thought as he crawled out the driver side window, thankfully when he moved nothing hurt too much.

He checked his surrounds, a few cars sat empty, a few burned, but what caught his attention was the amount of blood that pooled on the pavement and the lack of bodiesthat accompanied it. A screech in the distance caused Cody to hustle to the trunk. The lift gate jammed, he withdrew his ASP batton and smashed the back window, sending glass everywhere.

He yanked out the weapons case and kicked it open. Checking his surrounds, he yanked out the Benelli M1014 and bandolier of shells. Clipping the bandolier over his shoulder, and slinging the powerful shotgun, he grabbed a pair of magazines to replace the ones already spent, and a pair of flares which he tucked into his duty belt.

A screech from behind him brought Cody spinning about, shotgun raising as a pair of undead came charging at him from an abandonned mini van. The first thing stumbled and tripped over a piece of debris and fell. Cody pumped the shotgun and fired.

The heavy 12 gauge shot blasted the woman in half, sending her sailing backwards with a yelp as the first thing got to it's feet. Cody refreshed the chamber and fired again, turning the man's head to mush as brain and bone exploaded into the air.

Cody's radio cackled to life and a familiar voice came through. "Commander Shaer? Cody? Come in, over!"

Cody lowered the shotgun and grabbed his handset. "Go ahead Al, I'm here, over." Cody barked as more moans and screches erupted at the sound of the heavy pump gun.

"Your hummer GPS has stopped moving, are you ok?" Al said clearly out of breathe, his heavy panting, "We've just lifted off, the forest is full of these things. We just heard what's happening in the city, it's everywher, over.

A series of gunshots ahead of Cody made him snap his head up and start a slow jog. "Rodger that, I could use a ride, I'm just west of my hummer, I have shots fired ahead of me, could be some of our members. I'm on my radio, out." he finished as he heard an explosion followed by automatic weapons fire He slung the shotgun and pushed his pace, recognizing the sounds from his days in Khandahar.

06-27-2011, 05:28 AM
Alex’s eyes slowly opened to him staring the back of the head of the girl that was wrapped in his arms under the dark brown blanket. He leaned his head forward and kissed her gently before moving the covers off of him and sitting up on the edge of the bed. Last night was still a blur. He remembered getting off the plane, checking in to his hotel and then going out to some club that he couldn’t remember the name of.

However he remembered the girl that was sound asleep behind him. Soft brown hair, gorgeous green eyes, and those legs. Oh those legs he thought to himself. He looked back and smirked as his went over the sex he had the night before. She was one for the books, he hadn’t had sex like that ever. As he dove deeper into thought he remembered that he was here on business and needed to be downtown at 1:00pm. He looked over at the clock, it read 11:02 am. His eyes shot to the girl as her head came up and she rolled over to look at him smiling. Summer was her name, such a beautiful name, he thought.

“Hey you.” She said biting her lip. Her eyes not moving for the gaze into his.

“Hey.” He said sliding over to her and laying flat again. Summer snuggled her chin up under his and kissed his neck.

“You know I can’t stay here. I mean with you, I’m here on business and have a flight out tonight.” He said as he felt her soft heart beat as her naked body was pressed against his.

“Ya, I know. I’ve never seen you at that club, I figured you wouldn’t be staying long. The way you were looking at me though. I’ve never seen a guy look at me like that, you didn’t look at me in a way that I could tell that you only wanted to fuck me and then leave. You looked at me like you wanted to make love to me, and from what happened last night. You did just that.” She said as she wrapped her arms around Alex’s chest.

“To be honestly, I am far to classy to “fuck” girls and leave. I prefer to make the night memorable. However I need to leave. I still have to get shower, eat, and get dressed for my meeting.” He chuckled sliding away from her and getting up off the bed to find his clothes.

As he finally slid his shirt over his head, he noticed Summer staring at him with a cute smile. Almost laughing. His eyes shot to the clock and it read 11:13am. He slipped on his shoes and headed for the door to the hallway.

“See you around.” Summer said as he left the room and headed down the hallway.

06-27-2011, 06:41 AM
BOOM! A pair of walking dead were blown backwards as Cody fired his last shotgun shell. Dropping the empty weapon, he drew his pistol and resumed firing, retreating towards the sounds of gunfire as dozens of re-animated corpses charged at him from his crashed hummer.

He snapped right, a young male screamed at him from the hood of a black sedan before a pair of 9mm rounds blasted through his shoulder and left cheek, sending him cartwheeling off onto the pavement. Cody fired another pair of shots at an advancing woman before ejecting the empty clip and turning into a sprint.

He vaulted over the hood of a burning El Camino, sliding onto the pavement and took off towards the weapons fire, firing blindly over his shoulder as he weaved between cars and over dead bodies. A wail and a wet smack rewarded him as he scored a lucky hit. Cody was in the process of congratulating himself of the lucky shot when a hooded figured cried out and lunged off the top of a moving van slamming him to the ground.

Cody grabbed the man by the throat, pushing back his face as it snarled and snapped at him, the footsteps on appraoching people sending his heart rate higher and higher as he struggled to fight off the attacker. Cody's had slipped, the things face shot forward with a snarl and Cody braced for the pain.

A massive gunshot split the air, followed by the rattle of machinegun fire, and the head of the creature pinning Cody turned to jelly, spraying gore in the air like a fountain. Cody rolled up and ran towards the gunfire, a dozen men in black army fatigues slowly advanced towards him, weapons ablaze at the oncoming horde.

Cody reached the group just as a pair of soliders stepped forward, each tossing a grenade and yelling for everyone to take cover. Cody dove to the road alongside the other soliders as a pair of mini thunderclaps exploded, sending plumes of fire and smoke into the air, and effectivley wiping out the remaining creatures.

Cody rolled over and grabbed the hand being offered to him by a solider carrying a sniper rifle. He pulled himself up and looked the man over. Tall and athletic, his buzzed dark hair and dark green eyes showed the look of a combat hardened veteren. He noticed the unifrom, black, no rank patches, just the name bar reading "Bitansky". Cody held out his hand."Thanks for the save."

Bitansky shook it. "Glad to. SWAT? Where's the rest of your men?"

Cody shook his head. "Just me," he tapped his lapels. "Commander, I just sit behind a desk." he finished with a small smile.

The solider nodded. "Fair enough, we're a private force, just got here. Your Mayor called us about an hour ago."

Cody concealed his puzzlement at the need for a private military in Cloverdale, especially well before the events started unfolding. He was leary of this new group of men, but decided to ignore his gut for the moment. He was about to speak when the sound of a helicopter broke the air and Air One came roaring over the threes and towards the group.

Bitansky cocked an eyebrow. "You're ride?"

Cody nodded. "Yea, we're assembling at CGH and we could use your help if you're willing."

Bitansky shook his head. "Sorry Commander, we have our orders, just like you have yours, but if we get stuck in the shit, you owe me one." he finished with a light punch to Cody's shoulder.

Cody cracked a smirk and nodded. "Deal trooper. Stay frosty."

Bitansky gave him a lazy two fingered salute before turning to another black clad trooper and started barking orders just as Air One touched down behind Cody who turned and jogged over to the chopper, Commander Cox waving him forward from the side door.

06-27-2011, 04:42 PM
Aaron got to the auto garage owned by his friend, Terry Rockson, at around 1:35. Before getting out of his car he looked around to see if there were any zombies around. Happy that there were none, he quickly got out of his car and knocked on the door to the shop. He heard sounds liek something scurrying around inside the shop. He leveled his pistol, just incase. The sliding door slowly opened, and he saw Terry standing by the door controls.

"Figured you would be coming here, hurry up and get that bucket of bolts in here."

He quickly got back in the car and drove it into the shop so Terry could close the door. Once it was in and terry closed the door, Aaron got out of the car so he could greet his friend.

"Great minds think alike eh Aaron?"

"That they do my friend, how have you been?"

"You mean other than the zombie apocoylpse? Why im just peachy. So hows caeleb?"

"...He's dead. Damn zombies got to him at the airport, thats where i found him atleast."

"Im sorry man. So you were at the airport huh? Heard it was hell over there."

"You have no idea."

"So whats brings you to my shop?"

"Im here to make a few armor upgrades to this 'bucket of bolts' here." Aaron looked around to Terry's own car and noted the added armor and spikes, "Much like you already have."

"Alright Aaron, I will see what i can do, make sure everything is out of the car before I start working on it."

They worked on it for a few hours, and by 9 pm they were finally done.

"Looks like were finally done with this."

"Took long enough. How we havent been surrounded and overtaken by zombies i will never know."

"Ah the wonders of a fence."

"So whats your plan for once you finally leave here Terry?"

"Me, well I'm headed north. They can't seem to keep up their body heat so if i can go somewhere cold, they wont be able to follow me. What about yourself?"

"These bastards killed my son, so im staying here and taking out as many of these bastards as i can before they get me."

"Ah your playing the martyr, how very noble."

"They killed the one thing i care about in this world. There going down."

They kept talking till about 11pm. Then around 6 AM they both woke up.

"Well, looks like this is where we part ways. Where are you gonna start?"

"Looks like the army and the police took over the hospital, so I might as well start there and see where the worst areas are."

"Well, farewell my friend, best of luck to you."

"See you later."

The doors opened on a new day and both men drove off on their seperate ways. Neither man knew what would happen to the other, but they knew that they were both on a mission, and nothing was going to stop them.

06-27-2011, 07:00 PM
"Time to clock out. It was a slow night, which is still hard to get use to.",
Kevin stated to the other sheriff as he was readying his War Bag in the locker room.

"Yeah well this must be pretty boring compared to Quentin." The sheriff said to Kevin.

"Yeah well, I don't mind" Kevin chuckled. He then waved goodbye to the sheriff as he got his bag and proceeded to exit the Cloverdale Prison.

Kevin had just finished his 12-hour shift as the clock struck noon. He was formerly a Sheriff prison guard at San Quentin in California before transfering to Cloverdale. Being a sheriff in a prison system meant that Kevin had to be in top physical shape against the worst of the worst in prison. It also meant that his awareness was off-the-charts due to the high level of danger.

As Kevin left the prison he was starting to remember his time at San Quentin. He missed the thrill and danger of it. Little did he know that he would be facing a horror much worse than that of any Max Security Prison.

Kevin reached his car, got in and headed toward the city police station as the prison was at outskirts of the city. He was curious to see if the Cloverdale police had any positions to fill as that feelling for the old thrill had overwhelmed him.

By the time he arrived at the entrance of the inner-city, the clock struck 12:20pm and the horror that was previously unknown to him had begun to engulf the city right before his eyes.

(His war-bag contains his equipment and a couple boxes of ammo for his three pistols which are His old Glock 17, Beretta 9mm, and Ruger Lcr-357 which he carries with his almost at all time since it is small and easy to conceal in your pocket. He is also proficient with Shotguns and Rifles since he needed to qualify monthly to be a sheriff with those weapons before along with a pistol before he got tranferred to be a prison guard in San Quentin.)

Build 5'11 190lbs Muscular Age:28

06-27-2011, 09:19 PM
Cody grasped Al's hand and pulled himself into the open door of Air One. No sooner had his last foot left the pavement the pilot yanked the stick and the chopper pulled up of the highway and cut through the air towards the hospital. Cody sank into one of the cushioned seat and pulled a headset over his ears.

"Whats the situation Al?" Cody yelled over the rotors and engines.

Al tapped his tablet and passed it over to Cody, a map of Cloverdale glowing with lines and shapes, small text scorlling on the margins. Cody took it from him and exmained it.

"We have a lot on our hands here. It seems that the majority of these things came from the Datcyst Reasearch Facility in the forest." Al said leaning over and tapping a large complex deep in the forest at the end of a long road.

"It's a private medical research facility right?" Cody yelled as the chopper span, it's skids touching down on the roof as the pair of SWAT Comanders jumped off the chopper.

Al nodded. "Yea, and we're sending in a team to check it out. We're being briefed by Dr. Novalchek on the hostiles before we saddle up. I want you leading the team."

Cody nodded and passed back the tablet. "Fine, I'll need some tactical gear, and the armoury."

Al gave him a thumbs up and ripped open the roof door, leading him down to the depths of the hospital.

Hydration Tech
06-27-2011, 11:02 PM
Reece smith was enjoying a normal saterday night saying goodnight to some friends on the xbox then ate some dinner,got my hair cut into a mohawk badass right so 8:30 rolled around he was felling thirsty so he hoped on to his bmx to ride down to the conner store named E-Zmart once Reece was geting near the store he heard a blood curlding howl come from behind him a dog was running at him but this dog didn't look so good it looked like it's flesh was falling off the bone and the by god those eyes glowing bright red. With out hasitation reeece wiped his head around and halled ass on that bike once reece got to the store he baled off his bike and dashed to the door he tryed opening the door but it was locked he tryed and tryed to kick the door in but it would not budge the dog was was closeing in on him as the dog jumped at him a man came flying around the conner with a baseball bat and wacked that dog out of tha air like a baseball and just started wailing on it till the dogs skull was mush as the man turned around he threw me a bat and said your going to need that. Then Reece asked him his name and he said his name is.

Hope i did it right

06-28-2011, 01:39 AM
Alex left his hotel room at 12:06pm. He headed down the hallway and into the elevator. As he tapped the button to the lobby his mind wondered to Summer. Something about her made him want her more than any girl he had ever been with. His thoughts were cut short as the door opened to the lobby and he walked out. As he walked out the front doors he noticed the parking lot was surprisingly empty and that no one had been at the front desk like when he walked in earlier. He unlocked his car and got into the driver’s seat. The rental Dodge Charger came to life as he turned the key and he left the parking lot.

As he pulled onto the road that would lead him downtown, he noticed that no cars were on the road and soon he noticed cars that were parked to the side or even in the road. He swerved around one and his eyes shot to a house he was driving by. Blood was smeared all over the front glass and behind that he could see a figure jostling around behind the blurry door. As he looked towards the road again he smashed the brakes as he hit a person and the body went flying over the roof of his Charger. He opened the door and got out. Before he knew it his hand was already on his phone dialing 9-11. As he got to the back of his car and was about to hit call, the body wasn’t there. He spun around looking, but didn’t see anyone or anything move.

“Hello?” He asked awkwardly not expecting the response of growl from behind him. He turned and saw the person who at least thought he hit. She was moaning and growling as she reached for him with both hands swiping like a cat trying to catch something.

“Ma’am are you alright?” He asked as she grabbed his arm. As she swung her head back and then forward her face was about to smash into his arm, but Alex pulled away.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked as she continued towards him. His eyes were brought to her leg with her tibia jutting from her leg. He looked back up to her and noticed that her skin was slightly discolored and that she was walking just fine as if her leg had never been broken the way it was. As she swiped for him again this time he judo threw her to the ground and brought his fists up.

“Ma’am you need help.” He said, but he watched as she stood back up this time blood oozing from her mouth and Alex knew that she didn’t need help. He landed two quick jabs to her jaw, but she kept coming. He stepped back and kicked her right in the head from the right and watched as she hit the ground hard. This time Alex moved to his car and got in. He fumbled for the keys in his pocket, and once he found them and the car was started he floored it.

06-28-2011, 03:04 AM
Cody and Al jumped aside and pushed themlseves against the wall as a pair of nurses came flying down the hall yelling to clear the way, a man missing his leg bleeding and howling in pain as they pushed past and into an operating room.

"This is horrible," Al said as he pushed open the door to a conference room. "Let's hope Dr. Novalchek has some good news."

Cody nodded and followed Al inside, an elderly woman sat in a lab coat scanning the paper in her hands through a pair of thick framed glasses glanced up and returned to her papers. A rather young girl with firey red hair sat beside her tapping away on a tablet. The older of the two dropped her papers and stood.

"Commander Shaer I'm assuming?" She asked, her heavy eastenr European accent thick and official.

Cody held out his han. "Yes Dr. Novalchek I pressume?"

She nodded and motioned for the SWAT officers to sit. "Yes yes zat iz me. Please sit, I vill take you through vat ve have dicovered so far."

Cody and Al sank into a pair of leather chairs across from the doctor and the young girl who still tapped furiously away on her handheld. Novalchek passed each of them a folder which they opened in unison.

The Doctor cleared her throat. "Ok, so far ve have determined zat it is a viral infection causing zeese people to act like zey are. Zey do not like zee cold, any zee only vay to finally eliminate the hostile iz to destroy zee brain."

Allister closed to folder and slid it back across the table. "Doctor, are these people dead or alive?"

Novalchek slid off her glasses and rubbed her temples. "Commander, zee subjects have basic motor functions and zee ability to appear as living, but zey do not posses any higher brain function or personality traits of zee original host."

Cody tossed his folder on top of the other. "How is it transfered?"

The young girl placed her tablet down on the table and looked up at Cody with a pair of golden eyes. a hint of flirtiness dancing through them as looked him up and down before opening her mouth. "It seems to have originally been airborne due to its complexity when tested, yet once inside a host it appears to be transfered via fluids."

Allister re-opened the folder and pulled out a close-up photo of a rather nasty bite mark. "So bites then?"

The girl nodded. "Correct. Any infected fluids get into an open wound, your mouth, eyes, anything, that person will be rendered fully infected within a few minutes."

Al let out a low whistle as the girl picked her tablet back up and resumed tapping away. He turned to Cody. "Alright, well we somewhat know what we're dealing with. What do you need before we head out?"

Cody thought for a moment and checked his holster, his sidearm missing. He recalled the attack moments before being saved by Bitansky and realised he must have dropped it. "Besides some food, maybe a phone? Not much, if I'm on the ground I'm assuming you have tactical gear here."

Al nodded. "I'll get your phone and talk to the cafeteria staff. Tactical gear is down the hall, we can get you squared away. I think I'll be joining you, as will Miss. Halstrom."

Cody cocked an eyebrow as Al held a hand towards the red head who held out a hand. "You can call me Megan, and I'm very glad you'll be keeping me safe Commander."

06-28-2011, 09:53 AM
After driving for about an hour of driving Aaron finally made it to the hospital. He had never seen so many tanks or military vehicles in one spot ever in his life. As he pulled up to the check point he started talking to the guard.

"Sir if you are not a part of the Cloverdale police force or military i must ask you to leave."

"Can you atleast tell me where this might have originated from?"

"Well, from what i overheard from the two SWAT commanders, it came from the Datcyst Reasearch Facility over in the woods."

"Really? You guys are definitly going to want my help then."

"And why would we need the help of a civilian?"

"I was able to hack your police broadcast with ease. Im sure if your headed into that facility that i can get you all eyes and ears in there."

"...Ok I'll let you in. Go talk to Commander Alister Cox. He is gonna be on the 3rd floor of the hospital."

On his way to the 3rd floor he was configuring a dadtpad. If anthting else, this will get them eyes and ears inside the building quickly. Once he hit the 3rd floor, he stepped out of the elevator and started to look for Commander Cox. He wasn't hard to find, he was the only person on the floor bigger than Aaron himself.

"Excuse me, Commander Cox? My name is Aaron Burwell. Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Ah so your the man who lost his son, I'm sorry for your loss, anyways go ahead."

"Thanks, anyways i was told by the gate guard that these zombies are origionating from Datcyst Reasearch Facility, so do you plan to send a team in there?"

"Yes we are, infact Commander Shaer is gathering a team up as we speak. Why do you ask?"

Aaron handed him the configured data pad.

"Make sure he gets this. It's configured to my laptop so i will be able to give him eyes and ears inside there."

"Why not give it to him yourself?"

"Im going to be really busy setting up equiptment so I can keep an eye on his team. I'll probably be done by the time he leaves."

"Ok Mr. Burwell, i"ll make sure that he gets this immediatly."

"Thankyou, now if you excuse me, I have to take over a room so I can get all my equiptment set up."

06-28-2011, 04:04 PM
Cody shovled the runny scrambled eggs into his mouth and started chewing as Alister polished off his milk across from him. He unscrewed the cap of his water bottle and washed them down, thankful to have some hot food.

"Alright, I'll go get the logistics worked out. I tried to get you a phone but the lines are down. You remember where the lockers and armoury where?" Al said as he tossed his fork onto his plate and stood.

"Yea I'll be fine. See you on the pad." Cody mummbled through another mouthful of eggs which he quickly swallowed as Al left. He was about to follow him out when Megan slid into Al's empty spot smiling at Cody. "Mind if I join you Commander?"

Cody gave her a look which he hoped would cover him looking her over. Average height and very atheltic, he determined she was indeed very attractive. Had the situation been different, and him twenty years younger, he may have considered it.

"Look, Miss Halstrom, if you'r planning on coming with our team, you're going to need to change out of that." he said pointing at her blouse.

She smiled. "Don't you worry Commander, I'll be ready to go."

Cody nodded. "Good, then I will see you on the chopper."

She giggled. "Strong silent type huh? That's fine." she said as Cody got up and turned to leave. "Commander!"

He turned to face her and rasied his eyebrow.

"You can call me Megan!"

Cody turned on his heel and strode out of the makeshft cafeteria towards the mens locker room. He turned the corner and walked down the hall, doctors and nurses running by carrying all sorts of medical items. A pair of police officers stood guard outside a room and came to a loose attention as Cody appraoched.

Cody gave them a wave "relax" and turned into the mens locker room. He walked past a pair of nurses changing into clean scrubs and found locker number 52. He dialed in the combination Al had provided him and opened the heavy metal door, tanking out a large canvas duffle bag.

Within minutes, his duty unifrom was folded and stowed with his duty belt and shoes and tucked into the locker's top shelf. He opened the duffle and retrieved the signature Cloverdale SWAT uniform. He pulled on the dark pants and shirt, followed by his kevlar tactical vest. He expertly laced the pair of large combat boots and clipping the vest into place. Tossing the empty bag into the locker, he left the room and ran smack in Allister on his way in.

"Cody! Good you're here, we have another assest that's just come into play."

Cody looked lost. "Halstrom is a big enough wrench in the problem. I don't need another unarmed civilian in the mix."

Al shook his head and handed him a data pad similiar to the one he used in the chopper. "Mr. Burwell has a rather effective skillset with computers that could be of assistance once you get inside."

Cody looked the pad over. "A hacker?"

Al nodded. "Something like that, which brings me to our next question. The facility has two main sections. One for Research and Development, and one for Testing and Study, we're going to have to split up."

Cody tapped the pad and brought up a map of the Datcyst Facility. He quickly assesed the layout and looked up at Al. "Alright, I'll take my team to the R&D then. From the looks of things the mainframes are located inside a command room attached to the testing wing."

Al took the data pad back. "Alright, I'll carry this then, we'll take that section of the facility."

Cody nodded as the pair walked down the hall and turned into the armoury. A national guard sergeant standing outside checking over the SWAT officers ID before opening the door and letting them inside.

"Al?" Cody asked as he looked over the dozens of weapons hanging in racks, "ROE?"

Allister looked over at him as he hoisted a Remington shotgun. "Fire on anyone or anything that does not immediatley surrender. Be ready for CQB operations but don't expect to be fired upon. A Datcyst security official in the hospital has said that all non-infected personel have been evacuated."

Cody nodded and turned back to the weapons rack and scanned through the long line of jet black rifles and sub machineguns. He settled on one of his personal favourites from his days in Khandahar. He pulled up a M4-CQB off the rack and checked it over. Satisfied, he quickly grabbed enough magazines to fills his vest, and then moved to the modifications table.

He quickly attached a tactical flashlight and red dot sight, followed by a silencer. He clipped on the weapon sling and threw it over his shoulder as he head Al pump the shotgun behind him. He filled his vest with a few grenades, flares, and other assorted items before joining Allister at the sidearm locker.

Scanning up and down, Cody was disapointed to see the entire stock of P226's had been taken. Al quickly took a knee and pulled a large revolver from the bottom line. He smiled and shurgged. "You know me, I like my .357."

Cody nodded as Al started filling speed loaders with the heavy rounds. He turned back to the locker and settled on a Beretta 92, a gun which he had much experience with during his military days. He joined Al to grab ammunition and when the two were finished they both left, thanking the sergeant and climbing the stairs to the helipad.

The pair stepped out into the now morning air. Cody checked his watch which read 0833 and was amazed at how fast time had flown. He followed Al up the final steps to the pad and climbed into the military BlackHawk. A door gunner passed him a headset which he slid on, the buzz of chatter filling his ears as Al briefed the dozen SWAT members on their mission plan.

Cody gazed down into the city as the chopper rose and turned toward the forest. Dozens of soliders and police officers scattered the streets firing at mobs of onrushing undead as they tried to hold the perimeter around the hospital. A sharp bang echoed from below as a car exploaded sending greasy smoke billowing into the air.

A hand softly grabbed Cody's shoulder and he turned as Megan gave him a weak smile, her hair now pulled in a tight pony tail, he blouse now replaced with a dark tactical shirt and vest. he noticed the pistol on her right hip and breathed a small sigh of relief.

At least I won't be having to worry about her all the time...

06-28-2011, 07:20 PM
Aaron had just finished setting up his equiptment when he heard the choppers taking off. Looks like my estimate was right. He hurried up so he could try to establish a connection to Commander Shaers PDA.

"Commander Shaer speaking."

"Hey, it's Aaron Burwell here, just checking to see if the connection is working."

"I had no idea you could talk on this thing."

"Network Engineers work on more than just computers buddy. Anyways once you get inside the facility im going to need you to make your way to the mainframe and plug me in, that way not only will you have a map of the facility but also i will be able to hack into the security cameras and tell you what your up against. I will also be able to lead you right to the brain."

"Never thought i would be working with a hacker."

"Its not hacking, its acessing a network that that i don't own without the owner knowing about it."

"That doesn't really sound much better."

"Its a zombie infection, I think standard procedures are out the window."

"I think you do have a point."

"I would hope so, anyways I will contact you again once you reach the facility"

"Ok Mr. Burwell, hear from you soon, over and out."

This is gonna be one hell of a day

06-29-2011, 11:46 PM
Cody clicked off the PDA and tossed it at Allister, cupping his mouth around the boom mic jutting out from his headset. "You left this under my seat!" he yelled over the chopper's roar.

Al gave him a thumbs up and tucked it into his vest pocket before moving forward to the cockpit. Cody looked over the SWAT members sitting in the chopper, a few chatting quiety between eachother, most staring out at horros below. Cody clipped a line onto his vest and moved to the open door.

Crowds of undead swarmed the streets below, overtaking the few survivors that attempted to fight off the hordes. A few explosions rocked the chopper as burning cars ignighted, sending smokes billowng up into the sky. A second chopper blasted by, blasting towards the industrial area of the city.

Megan rested a hand on Cody's shoulder as he voice broke across the headset. "Commander? We're three minutes to landing."

Cody tore his eyes away from the scene below and slid back onto the seat next to her. No sooner had he sat back down an alarm in the chopper began to blast through the speakers. Al quickly moved back to the cockpit and a few SWAT members started to yell. Cody knew, he'd heard that alarm before in Khandahar.

Tearing off his headset, he started screaming for everyone to get flat when the explosion of the SAM blasted the tail rotor clean off in a tornado of steel and smoke. The chopper jerked and leaned left starting to spiral out of control. Cody started to slide down the seat towards the open when Megan slammed into his back and the pair went tumbling out into the air.

Cody clawed at Megan as she screamed, the pair falling towards the forrest below. Cody clawed out, his hand brushing against her shoulder before sliding up and clasping her hand. He pulled her closer, his shoulder straining as the green of the trees grew closer.

The line he had clipped to his vest snapped tight, and the sudden jerk shot Megan up into Codys arms. The pair hugged as the world span around them, another SWAT officer shooting by towards the ground. Cody glanced up and watched the chopper spiral and drop in altitude, a couple other SWAT falling out and smashing into the trees below.

Cody grimmaced as he felt the tops of the trees brushing against his feet as the ground came fast at the pair hanging by the line were pulled behind the crashing chopper. A branch gave them a smack as they cleared the treeline and found themselves over the lake next to the Datcyst facility.

Cody reached for the clip on his vest and tumbed the released and the pair smashed into the water like a pair of rocks, tumbling into the frigid water. Cody felt Megan slip away as he kicked for the surface, his gear soaking in water and weighing him down. He thanked his military traiing as he broke the surface, gasping for air, in time to see the chopper clear the facility and hear the smash of heavy metal in the distance.

Cody shook the water from his head and span around looking for Megan who ceased to surface. He waited a few more seconds before he dove back into the water after her. Not far from where he surfaced, she lay suspended, eyes closed. Gripping her under the arms, Cody shot back to the surface, once again thanking his SAR training.

Taking a moment to suck in some air, he hoisted her under and arm and started swimming for the shore, the smell of burning gas floating through the air from the crashed chopper. It wasnt long before Cody reached the bottom and was able to walk. He brought Megan up into his arms and drove his boots into the sand, running up to the grass.

Once he hit green, he lay her down and checked her breathing, which wasn't happening. He quickly tore open her vest and started chest compressions, followed by assisted mouth to mouth breathing. On the second pair of blows, she started to tense, Cody pulling back just in time for the mix of water and vomit to miss him as he rolled her onto her side.

As Megan coughed and spat, he quickly checked his gear as was disapointed to find his MP5 missing. Hoping it was in the chopper, he took a knee and placed his hand on Megans back. "Miss Halstrom, are you ok to move?"

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and un buttoned the top few buttons on her tactical shirt. "Yea" she said rubbing her chest and taking a few dep breathes. "I'm ok to move." she finished as she pulled out her silver Beretta 92 and racked the slide.

Cody stood and drew his own pistol, glad they could pool ammo. He quickly found the smoke billowing into the sky not far to the west. He gave Megan a quick nod an the pair moved towards the trees, pistols up and sweeping. It didn't take long before flames were visible through the brush. Cody was about to say something when a burst of weapons fire shattered the tree trunk beside him, casue the pair to dive into the forrest floor.

"SWAT! Friendlies! Friendlies!" Cody bellow as he heard a man calling out for help. A familiar voice broke through the silence.

"Thompson! Hold fire! Commander Shaer?! Cody?! Is that you?!"

Cody recognized Al's voice and stood waving his hands. "Yea! We're coming out!"
He offered a hand to Megan and helped her up before coming around the tree to see the pair of SWAT officers standing ten feet from him, weapons lowered. Al held out a hand which Cody took and shook. "Thank god you're alright."

Al nodded. "A few of us are, but we got hit hard. C'mon." He said as he turned and the quatret of survivors walked the few feet through the brush and into a small clearing where the helicopter rested, it's tail burning, and gear strewen about the grass. Cody shook his head, more memories flashing back. Megan grabbed his hand, fingers interlocking with his. "Commander, it's ok."

Cody nodded and pulled her in for a small hug. "Thanks Megan. You can call me Cody."

06-30-2011, 06:32 PM
Aaron sat typing away at the computer. He figured he had time so he would imput commands into the data pad to do everything it needed to do just incase something happened and he wasn't able to do it himself. Never know when this could come in handy He decided to take a look out the window just to see whats going on. He realized soon that something bad was about to happen. From the 3rd floor he could see you maybe 1 or 2 miles, and he did not like what he saw at all. Troops were mobilizing and setting up encampments, and he could barely see them but he knew that the zombies had started a march on the hospital. Shit shit shit He hurried to finish the program and then shut down his laptop. Better take this with me. His guns were already in his car so all he had to do was get down to it and drive the hell away from here. The only question was to where?

Once he had gotten down to the 1st floor, he realized that he didn't have much time to get out. The zombies had made a lot of ground. He already heard snipers and assult rifles going off. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT. He got to his car as fast as he possible could and started it up quickly. Now that he was a little safer, he had to make a plan. I should head to the facility. Yeah the datapad can help, but it can only do so much. It's not going to work all that well. Having made up his mind, he turned on the car and started to make his way to the facility. Looks like its time to put the armor and spikes through the ultimade test through this sea of zombies.

He slammed down on the accelerator and made his way thought the sea of zombies.


He went through one zombie, then the next, and before he knew it he went through the twenteith zombie in no time. The armor was holding up well, and the spikes were tearing through these zombies like it was nobodys business. Looks like Terry's design is really holding up. I knew I could count on him.

He was about half way to the facility and the armor was still holding strong. He then heard a noise from his laptop, He looked down and saw that the alarm had gone off at the facility. Looks like they finally made it in. Good thing this thing has a garage. I wonder though. He quickly looked around where the mainframe is. So if I have this thing go through this part of the building, that should put me 20 feet away from the mainframe. At this rate I might even beat them there. Better hurry though. He floored it and tried as fast as possible to get to the facility.

06-30-2011, 09:39 PM
Alex arrived at the building where his business meeting was suppose to take place. It was a small cafe in the middle of downtown, he parked his car and got out. The entire street was empty. Papers and garbage covered the ground. Tables were flipped along with chairs, meals were left uneaten. He walked over to a table that was knocked over and saw on a piece of paper were a line of numbers after the word Unit. It read Unit 24 6/17/11. Next to the piece of paper was a USP.45 supressed and 4 magazines strewn around. He grabbed the paper, the handgun, and the ammo and left.

06-30-2011, 11:59 PM
(Years prior to becoming a Sheriff and this incident, Kevin was a police officer in LAPD where he worked undercover as part of the departments gang unit which was also where he got his nickname "NSANE" which he routinly used while undercover. He recalled his last assignment before he got recommended and ultimtly re-assigned to San Quentin as a sheriff for there gang program.)

The target was a prominent gang leader who had a massive rap sheet and the department finally had enough evidence to go after him. So they sent Kevin who had already spent months trying to get access to the gang leader and the trust of the gang while also having specific skill sets that allowed for effective movement through areas and successfully extract people and items without being detected.

Kevin had finally gained access to the gang leader's compound in an abandoned factory in the city of industry. He was feeding information to his back-up who were ready to help him in the getaway when he had the gang leader in custody.

"So you must be Nsane right" On of the gang members said to Kevin.
"Quvo" Kevin replied back to him.
"Well we're about to take off so it's gonna be you and those 2 vatos over there guarding el mero mero. So keep a look out and we'll be back after we smoke those putos in the other side of town." The gang member told kevin as he was leaving.

The gang members left and only Kevin and the two other gang members were there. Kevin decided to take action ASAP.

So he proceeded to got the restroom where he got his silenced Beretta, tactical knife, and handcuffs ready.

"Alright im about to began the seize and extract of the leader. Come in and help me with the extract 2 mins after this message ends." Kevin told his back-up then began the final steps.

He stepped out casually and headed towards the two gang members who were drinking by the main door. He remembered he was allowed to use deadly force on any one that could potentailly jeopardize the mission.

Kevin walked up to them, took out his silenced Beretta, and shot both members behind the head. The corpses fell as Kevin unlocked the main door and headed towards the gang leaders room which had loud music playing from it.

1 minute had passed since he started his final steps.

As Kevin got to the door, his heart was pounding progressivly faster until he broke through the door at which point his heart rate was at it's peak.

"Freeze muthafucka LAPD stop what your doing and let me see your hands or I will fucking kill you!" He shouted at the gang leader who was hunced over a bed.

As he turned around with his hands on his head, Kevin approached the bed and saw an image that would stay embedded in his head forever.

It looked like a young girl maybe 13 or 14, but he couldn't really tell as her face was horribly beaten and just looked like a mass of blood , bone, and puss.

Kevin handcuffed the gang leader who was surprisingly co-opperative and quickly ran to the little girl. Not only was her face a mess, but her whole body seemed to be butchered and cut up.

The gang leader smiled as he saw the look of utter disgust and heart ache on Kevin's face.

"You like my masterpiece puto." He said to Kevin as he laughed with that smug smile.

30 seconds until back-up would come in. They were almost at the main door ready for the 2 mins to be up.

Kevin stepped away from the now lifeless body of the young girl and walked over to the gang leader. At that point, Kevin was no longer thinking about the months of police work and effort of his fellow officers to get this case cleared to try to take this gang down. No, a rage had begun to consume him and his nickname had finally manifested itself as took out his tactical knife and went to work on the gang leader.

It was now 2 mins and 15 seconds since he begun the finals steps and his 2-man back-up was now running down the hallway to the room and as they entered, ther're hearts sank as like Kevin's did when he first entered the room.

They ran over to Kevin who was hunched over something and they pulled him back to see the gang leaders with his mouth open and tongue on the floor along with most of his fingers and a piece of his eye lid. Kevin was about to begin tearing out his eyes.

The two saw the person on the bed and asked Kevin what happened.
"I just had to make sure he felt everything that he did to that girl." Kevin said in a calm manner as one of his teammates took Kevins weapons. They had no idea what to do so they picked up the gang leader, took pictures of the girl, grabbed Kevin and left.

The whole final operation took a total of 3 mins and 30 seconds to complete yet it was the worst and hardest of Kevin's entire career. His teammates covered-up what happened and Kevin was later transferred.

(Present time 2400)
Kevin had gone through hell after he tried to help some people some time ago in downtown and the horde had blocked his way out until he found a way partially through and around the horde thanks to his trusty silenced Beretta hours before.
He wandered through the city and finally made it to the police station he was originally headed to.

The moaning was still relatively loud even two miles away from the horde and the air thick with smoke and the stench of decay. To his surprise a familiar sight was laying on the asphalt in front of the station.

It looked like a young girl, maybe 13 or 14 with her guts hanging out along with the rest of her face. Her eyes were pale and bloodshot though her gaze pierced through Kevin. She was barely able to drag herself along the gravel, but her eyes stayed locked on me. A faint moan came out her mouth as emotion ran through Kevin's eyes and mind.

He began to think of the event's of that mission and how he could have saved the little girl, but was too late in time. He felt helplessly the same as he was also too late this time. He crouched down to the girl as she reached out for his throat. Like the quiet moan she gave, Kevin's Beretta also gave out a small whimper as it put the girl out of her misery with one hot shot of lead.

It was over.

The door to the police station entrance seemed partailly barracaded so it would be best not to try to get through it. Kevin grabbed his war-bag and found away around and above the police station to find a possible way in. With no flashlight, the darkness was a ever increasing factor against him.

(I might mention some more of his past experiences depending how far this story goes, but I just felt that the original character I had in mind wasn't completly explained in my first post. Hope you guys enjoy and i'll start posting more so we can get a better story going. :thumbsup: )

07-01-2011, 02:03 AM
Nsane you went from Inner city to outskirts in like no time, without any story. People are not supposed to know what the other posters are doing, that defeats the purpose of the RPG. Don't forget, YOU can read what's going on fully, but your CHARACTER cant.


Cody bent down and checked the pule of the pilot, the man's neck twisted at an unatural angle his Cody's fingers sunk into the cold lifeless flesh. He shook his head and closed the man's eyes before standing. "Looks like it's just us then." he muttered at he loooked over at "us" standing around the crashed chopper.

Allister stood, his shotgun cradled in his arms as he talked quietly to the SWAT officer who almost killed Cody and Megan. Megan stood by the fire at the choppers tail, doing her best to dry off. Cody carried the body over to the fire and tossed it into the pile with the rest of the dead SWAT and crew. Turning, he gave Al a wave and his long time friend came to join him.

"Al, how he doing for weapons and gear?"

Al looked grim. "Besides your a Halstrom's pistols, I have both of mine, Adrian's using the pilots MP5. All the weapons were destroyed in the crash, we found your rifle, in two pieces.." he said trailing off.

Cody nodded. "Alright, what's the plan?"

Al pointed north further into the woods. "Facility is that way, I sent word to CGH that we've crashed but there was no answer. Figure we may as well stay on mission and check out the facility."

Cody reached into his pocket and pulled out a map, thankfull it was sealed in a plastic bag. He unfolded it as Megan and Adrian joined them as he lay the map down out on the grass. The four crouched around the paper as Al pointed to a pair of lines representing dirt roads. "Here are the two main paths into the facility. Adrian and I will take this one, Cody, you and Halstrom take this one."

A screech brought Cody up and spinning, drawing his pistol as he sighted the one armed black woman tearing at them from the north, her labcoat stained with blood and dirt as he fired, a pair of shots punching through her sternum and nose, sending blood spilling onto the grass as she collasped, buckling at the knees.

Al grabbed the map and stuffed it into his chest pocket and pumped the Remingting. "Cody you and Halstrom get moving, these things are attracted to sound," he tossed Cody a radio. "This one's dry, swap it out, keep in touch." He called as Adrian fired his MP5 at another oncoming undead.

Cody clipping the radio onto his belt and plugged in his headset before grabbing Megan's arm, and tearing off into the trees towards Datcyst and the horrors that lay within.

07-01-2011, 04:14 AM
Alex stopped his car and put it in park and pulled the key out. A long sigh came from his mouth as he pulled out the sheet of paper and read the words Unit 24 6/17/11. He thought on the word Unit.

“ Police Unit 24?” He asked out loud. He mentally responded with a no as the thought twisted and turned in his head. Alex pressed his thumbs against his temples gently and rubbed, hopping a more fitting idea would come to mind. His thoughts were interrupted as his peripherals caught sight of movement coming from the left of him. He looked over and saw a limping figure moving slowly towards him. He reached for the handgun sitting in the passenger’s seat and opened the door. His arms almost shot up to perfect aim right at the man’s chest. Without hesitation he fired two shots right after the other and two tight holes sent the man flying backwards.

“What the hell?” Alex said to himself as looked at the gun. He never remembered firing a gun in his entire life, but in the moment he fired it felt almost natural. Like he had done it millions of times before. Alex looked back to the man as he rose from the ground like he didn’t just get two rounds blasted into his upper chest cavity. Blood oozed out and was covering his shirt, and Alex leveled the pistol and fired one round right into the man’s head. The bullet smashed into the left side of his forehead and blew the left side out and onto the pavement. Alex could see the brain matter, it was dark red and black. As he looked around making sure the area was clear he thought about the other numbers. 6/17/11. A date? Now that he thought about it he couldn’t remember the date, or even the year. The deeper he thought, he realized he didn’t even remember the flight to Cloverdale.

“This shit is getting weird,” Alex said as he got back in his car, but left the door open. He let his mind just sit on the idea of the numbers. Then it hit him, a combination. Unit 24 must be a storage Unit, and 6/17/11 must be the combination to the lock on the door. He closed his door and started his car.

07-01-2011, 12:58 PM
Alright fixed to keep the authenticty of the rpg. Next time a simple no crossing characters too early would suffice.

ODST DarkDragon
07-01-2011, 05:56 PM
I woke up on my bunk in the National Guards base right outside of town. I lay there for a second remembering what happened a couple of nights ago. The airport, the cannibalistic freaks, now known as zombies, the amount of them, us being surrounded, and, thank god, an AH-64 Apache coming to our rescue.

I sat up and got off the bed, and walked outside. The base was on Full alert at this time. "COLLINS!" I heard my SGT yell. "Get over here!" I ran up to my SGT standing next the firing range. He handed me my M249, and pointed down the range. "Aim for the head." he said.

I walked up to my station and aimed down my sights, and noticed that the targets were 400 meters away. They want me to aim for the head....with a M249.....400 meters away. I fired at the first target, hitting everything BUT the head. I re-aimed, and fired a burst at the head. I looked at the second target, aimed, and fired a burst, hitting the chest and neck. I repeated this with 3 more targets.

"You keep working on aiming for the head Collins, only way to kill these zombies."

07-04-2011, 06:19 PM
A pair of 9mm rounds smashed into the fleshy skin of the charing wolf as Cody fired over his shoulder, Megan just infront of him, as the pair pushed on towards the large gate flanked by a stretch of chain fence. His third round luckly punctured the eye of the four legged horror and sent it kartwheeling into a tree with a pulpy smack.

Cody heard the dying yelp of the beat and glanced over his shoulder as the pair reached the looming guard house, panting as they took a moment to catch their breathe. Megan ducked under the half open gate and gasped as she stumbled over a pair of dead security guards, their innards splayed across the dirt. Cody followed behind soon after and cheked the guard house.

Blood smeared the walls and a radio lay hanging by the cord, static sizzling. Cody carefully stepped over another mutilated corpse and felt a moment of victory as he picked up a shotgun off the floor, a few extra shells lay strapped to the butstock. He confirmed the long gun was loaded before throwing it over his shoulder and stepping outside.

Megan was gone.

"Megan? Hello?" Cody called as he rasied his pistol and started towards the facilities front entrance. He moved through the few vehicles that lay about their fires flashing in the dim light. He noticed a woman standing at the buildings entrance. A few more feet was all it took to recognize the young mecial officer.

"Megan what the hell were you..." Cody's voice trailed off as he saw what she was looking at. The lobby lay littered with dozens upon dozens of bodies, all crumpled and sprawled out is if casually tossed from a basket. Some were missing limbs, others missing heads, but the one thing they all shared, was the thick, semi-clear stcky fluid that coated them, and most of the lobby's expanse like some sort of horrid spider's lair.

Cody un-slung the shotgun and stepped infront of Megan, thanfull the heavy weapon had an attached flashlight which he clicked on before slowly entering the lobby, Megan close behind him, their hearts hammering as a horror like no other watched them enter, all eight of it's eyes thirsting for blood.

07-05-2011, 05:13 PM
Alex opened storage unit 24’s door after he unlocked the pad lock that secured it. As the door slid all the way to the top of the unit two over head lights flicked on and illuminated the entire unit. Sig 552 Commandos were racked on the left wall and LWRC PSDs were racked on the right. Different uniforms covered the back wall along with different side arms and shot guns under them.

Alex walked in and just looked around, a computer in the middle of the room switched on. The screen read

New Orders!

Alex grabbed the mouse and clicked on the words and was brought to a new screen.

We have directive orders for you to infiltrate the Datcyst Research Facility. You will be using an SWAT alias for the time being, as for now. There is a door in the back of this unit. Rest up you will be woken up by 7 am tomorrow morning.

07-05-2011, 10:18 PM
Aaron Busted through the side of the fence making his way to where the computer marked the mainframe was close too. I hope this works, otherwise im screwed. He floored it, made it about half way to the spot in the wall, running through zombies as he went. As he got closer to the mainframe though, he noticed that there were less and less zombies around that area. What the hell is going on around here? He saw the spot in the wall dead ahead, and happy not to see and zombies in sight. He slammed on the gas again and just braced himself.


He hit the wall, and he was going farther in than he expected. He went through 4 diffrent rooms before he finally stopped. After orienting himself, he opened the door and got out. Well, looks like it will still run, but i dont think im slicing up many more zombies. He grabed all his guns and ammo that he could carry, along with his equipement, and made his way back torwards the outer wall. Damn, I did make it a ways in. He finally made it to the outer-most corridor and looked for the mainframe. It didn't take him long to find the room. Once he got in the room he hooked up his laptop and started to work his magic. He noticed that there were alarms going off by the entrance still. He quickly shut them off. That should help whoever is still around there, now lets see whatelse I can do. He looked around, trying to get into the cam system, and he noticed something strange when he pulled up the live feed. There were a lack of bodies on half of the cams, and on the other half they were cut so all he had was static. Rrrraaaaawwwwwrrrrrr. He almost jumped when he heard the noise. He then realized that there might have been a reason with the lack of bodies on half of the cameras. He linked his PDA to his laptop and ran for it, but it was too late.

Like something out of a bad dream, a huge "werewolf" like zombie burst through the door. What the fuck have they been doing down here? The werewolf zombie just kept growling at Aaron, then it started to kneel down like it was about to jump. Aaron readied his shot gun and took aim. The zombie jumped at Aaron, howling with a terrifying shriek. Aaron took the shot, and nailed the thing right in the chest. He re-cocked the shotgun and moved a little closer. It looked like it was dead, but with how everything was now, you never knew what was going to happen. Just as he turned around he heard it howl again as he was rammed in the back by that thing. He hit the wall and his head was spinning. Well that sneaky bastard. He rolled on to his back and looked in horror as the zombie slowly made its way over to him. Aaron screamed as he pulled out his pistol and unloaded his entire clip into that things head. After the 9th shot the thing finally dropped, so Aaron reloaded and unloaded another clip in the damn things head just to be sure. Well that sucked. He then saw a picture come up on one of the cameras that were out earlier. He saw dozens of cages of the things. And they weren't only wolf hybrids, he saw many diffrent types of animal combinations. Aww FUCK. This is not going to end well for any of us, I had better let the other guys here know about this shit.

08-17-2011, 05:13 AM
A loud rustle from above echoed in the vast, goo-covered lobby, causing Cody to snap up the shotgun and pump the chamber. He swept back and forth, searching to the source of the noise that slowly grew louder. A foul stench of blood and rot filled the air, and a sucking noise started to join the rustling of what sounded to be rough hair brushings against itself. He turned to face Meagn who stood, facing the roof, mouth wide open in horror as she started to shake. Cody braced himself and looked up, shotgun at the ready.

A large spider the size of a small car sat perched on the lobby's chandilear, it's plate sized eyes jet-black as they locked onto the pair of humans cowering underneath it. It's long legs stretched and adjusted for a pounce as a pair of long, yellow fangs extended from it's pincers, drops of venom oozing from the sharp weapons like water down an icicle. With a resounding wail that rivaled any scream, the beast shot a line of semi-clear webbing at the roof, and dove at the pair.

"Move!" Cody yelled as he fired the heavy pump gun at the diving monster, Megan snapping out of her trance and diving behind an overturnd desk. Cody blasted a second shot before diving to his right just before the giant arachnid came crashing to the lobby floor. Cody quickly got to his feet and resumed firing as the spider turned and charged him, it's legs causing the floor to shake as it approached. Shot after shot rang out as Cody successfully blasted out a chunk of it's head and took off a leg before ditching the empty weapon. He moved to run but was too late.

The creature swatted him away with it's powerful legs, sending the Veteren crashing into a pair of chairs as it continued it's advance. Cody rolled over to get up when a hairy leg as thick as a water pipe pinned him down as it reared up and hissed, the large fangs now dripping feverishly with an unknown venom. "Megan get the hell out of here!" Cody yelled hoping she could hear him as he braced for what he hoped would be a quick death.

A trio of shots split the air as three large holes expoladed through the siders head sending gore flying to the lobby floor as Megan fired at the beast from behind. As the leg pinning Cody loosened, he rolled out from under the monster and saw a scene straight out of an action movie. Megan stood on the back of the spider, pistol dancing in her hand as she blasted away into the head of the monster, round after round smashing into it's hair exoskeleton as the oversized bug fell forward with a crash and hit the floor with a wet smack. Halstrom put her last two rounds into it's now mushy skull before jumping off and walking towards the SWAT Commander who stood close by, a renewed awe and respect for the young girl.

"Where the hell did you learn that?" Cody asked pointing at the dead horror. "That was impressive."

Megan gave a weak smile as she jammed another clip into her pistol. "Parents own a ranch, used to riding things that like to buck people off."

Cody shook his head and thanked her before grabbing his radio. "Cody to Al come in."

Commander Cox's voice broke through a brief blast of static. "Go ahead Commander."

Cody looked at the dead bug. "Be advised, potential large hostiles in here, we just engaged a giant spider, over."

"Rodger that, we've had something else come up too. Stay frosty Cody. Out."

Megan cocked an eyebrow. "Something else?"

Cody shook his head and motioned to where they needed to go, checking his Beretta had a round chambered. "Mean's that giant spider there, isn't half as bad as whatever they ran into. Come on, we need to see if there are any bigger guns around here." he finished as the two jogged down the hall and started deeper into the Datcyst Facility, where horrors, demons, and monsters all lay in wait. More importantly however, what waited for them, was the truth.