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Narrow Escape
He walked through the dark, cluttered room. Not knowing what he was looking for other then when he saw it he would know it. A sign or clue. He had been in buildings like this before; they used to be places of learning. Jacob had never been to school. He grew up in the wilds, away from what was left of society. His father had raised him, taught him how to fend for himself, and taught him how to survive in this new desperate world. A world that didn’t have a place for school.

It was hard getting through the rooms. Desks, tables, chairs were strewn about either from the day it all changed or the scavengers afterwards. Although, it was unlikely scavers came this far into the city. For the most part you never went further into the city then you could get back out before night. The human race had turned into nothing more than small family groups of scared animals afraid of what went bump in the night. Not Jacob, for all intents and purposes He was what went bump in the night.
His father taught him to embrace the dark, to hunt by night, to prospect when all the scavers were afraid to even enter the city. He had a couple of run-ins with a few different creatures. Some that he had seen in books, beautiful creatures, different ones from before the War. Normally they would square off and stare at each other. Frozen sizing each other up, checking each other’s motives before the eminent need for survival reminded them that there was a task at hand. SURVIVAL.

The Beasts. Those were another problem. Unsure of what they were, they came in all different shapes and sizes. Some flew, while some crawled on their undersides. Some appeared to be human, even mimicked the sounds either a crying child would make or that of a weeping woman to draw you in close before another one attacked you from behind. No one had bothered to name them separately like the animals of the old world. All the dark things were just classified “Beasts”. Creatures of an unknown origin, other than they did not exist before the War. He and his father knew differently, each one had a special set of skills and inherent weaknesses. Each kind had specific hunting patterns and behaviors. Some were rather intelligent, while others simply roamed around until the happen to bump into food. All were dangerous, especially to humans, who were no longer the Apex predator.

He had made it throughout the old building lost in the thoughts of his father and everything he had taught him. After all, it had been three days since Jacob, had last seen him. This building he searched was where his father was said to be heading to last. He knew the rules, he knew to assume the worst, he knew to never to look for someone lost in the cities, and to never stay in the city after dark. All rules society had lived by for the fifty or so years. All rules he and his father completely ignored. He would find his father… something down the hall alerted him. He was no longer alone.

He had let his guard down while he was searching, not being part of the night as he was taught. He had moved furniture and left thing out of place, he had touched doorknobs with his hands and left his scent out in the open for a creature to find. Hopefully, it was a dog, or another animal. The likelihood both being slim it was just past midnight the only things that lurked at this time of night in this world were that of tooth, claw, and nail. And on this night the hunt was on…

Jacob, stood completely still in the room. Both, out of fear and to get his bearings. He had to come up with a plan, quickly! Escaping didn’t always mean running. The Beasts radiated a type of fear that crippled your senses and triggered the flight mentality quickly. The closer they got, the more the feeling of dire self-preservation told you to RUN fast and don’t look back. Unfortunately, evolution hadn’t been as kind to humans as to provide us with eyes on the back of our heads, or inverted knees to jump away as it did to some of the beasts. So running away without knowing where you were going usually meant you either got cornered or mauled from behind by a creature much stronger and faster than you.

Jacob moved quickly to the big oak desk at the head of the class. It was musty, and weird vegetation grew on it that gave off a strong odor. Possibly enough to conceal his own. He crouched down into the crawl space under it; he peaked under to look at the door that leads into the hallway.

The Beast grew closer now, intentional in its path. There was no doubt that the creature in the hall was hunting him. A loud heaving sound came from just outside the door; it smelled the air for him. As the shadow approached the doorway the fear tore away at his confidence. And by the time he saw a knarred and twisted claw grab the doorway he was the size of a mouse on the inside. The door jamb cracked and crumbled with the force of the Beasts grip. It jumped in front of the doorway, expecting whatever hid beyond to bolt at the vibration of a huge monster just outside the door.

The Beast’s feet were huge, with clawed toes. Bulky, muscular, legs held the Beast upright. Its torso looked almost human, with arms the length of its body. The creatures head looked like that of a boar, an animal of the old world known for its aggression; but it was far uglier. Drool from its sharp toothed mouth, pooled on the floor. The beast could almost taste its prey. Its body was covered in thick black fur, long and frizzled at the thrill of the hunt, making the Beast look even bigger, even more intimidating… If that was possible.

It stood in the doorway, head up; heaving into the wind, hoping to catch a whiff of it’s pray. It got nothing but the rancid smell of the old mold that ate away at the oak. As it turned to walk further down the hall, Jacob, noticed that the creatures limp wasn’t a natural one, it had a battle scar on its leg, relatively fresh, blood still making its way through at some parts where the act of moving cracked the coagulation of blood that formed a scab. The wound was straight, a deliberate slash from a human weapon. He had found his first sign. His father was the only man he knew brave enough to attack a Beast. And as he got a full view at its hunched back, he saw a piece of gleaming metal.

His father’s bayonet, wedged hilt deep into the creatures back. Despite common sense he decided he was getting the combat knife back so that when he found his father he could be handed the heirloom. The Boar Beast crept away; dragging it’s nearly incapacitated leg in the process. Jacob rose from behind the desk and grabbed a handful of the stink moss and put it in a ‘wich bag, then into his knee pocket. He shadowed the Boar down the hall from inside of the classroom towards the back door. Every so often the Boar stopped and sniffed, but the wall separating the two and the smell of the stink moss wouldn’t give away Jacob’s position. As the creature approached the back door Jacob slowed his steps, cat-like, predatory, and finally paused pulling out the shock teeth from its belt pouch.

The Boar made one mistake and Jacob was all over it. It turned to the room across the hall, turning its whole body as the muscles on the creatures shoulders and neck were so dense that it would have to turn its whole body to check its flanks… a weakness! Jacob, jumped up to snatch the bayonet quickly, he pulled it out of the Boars back, feeling the teeth edge of the bayonet tear at its hide like the cutting edge of a saw. The creature let out an enormous cry of pain that shook the very foundation of the building. The Aura of Fear crippled Jacob’s judgment once again… This time he paid for it. The creature turned and swung its trunk-like arm at Jacob, knocking him back into the classroom across the chairs. Jacob was on the fringe of losing consciousness as the beast ripped at the doorway to fit its burly frame through the door. The Boar salivated, and roared at Jacob, as if cursing him for the pain he caused it, or mocking him at the fact that he was tonight’s dinner.

Jacob staggered to his feet, checked to make sure he hadn’t dropped anything and ran to the first door the Boar had checked. The boar tried to cut off his escape, but was to far slowed by the gaping wound on its leg. Jacob ran as fast as he could towards the staircase leading down, feeling the Beasts breathe on the back of his neck as it swept its arms at his feet. He was barely able to dodge the attack as he got to the T intersection that leads to the staircases on either side. He remembered the pool of water that laid to the right side and opted to run in that direction instead of the way he had come.
The Boar chased unknowing of the fact that it was heading to a trap, only thinking of the fury, or the hunger it possessed for Jacob. They both turned the corner sliding on the dust and gravel that had accumulated over time on the concrete floors. Jacob, currently being the more agile of the two took the opportunity to create some space between them as the Boar crashed into the wall almost plowing completely through. When the beast freed itself from the impromptu snare it found Jacob, standing at the end of the hall staring at it. The Boar carelessly rushed towards him using all four appendages to maneuver itself and create the speed it couldn’t use as it attempted to trip him sooner.

Jacob waited for the perfect moment as the boar splashed across the puddle and put the shock teeth into the puddle. The clicking noise it made on the way to the puddle slightly alerted the beast but the fury had taken over. By the time the Boar took its next step the electricity of the shock teeth amplified by the water, electrocuted the beast still. Its muscles all contract at once the violence of the shock stopping its black heart. It fell to the wet ground, smoking at the skin and fur. The power cell to the shock teeth fried, the smell of burning skin, heart racing, and out of breathe Jacob stood alone in the dark hallway. He knew that wouldn’t last, the noise made from the entire altercation would alert any other beasts, and he did not want another run-in this night. Luckily he had escaped danger with nothing more than some bruised ribs and all the hairs on his body standing on end. He crept away silently into the dark passage, hearing the approach of the other beasts enroute to enjoy a midnight snack.

The Search Continues
That night Jacob found shelter in the building across the street, watching silently as the different kinds of Beasts came to devour their own. To him it’s what separated them from animals and humans (most) alike. They tore away at the flesh of the dead boar with a brutality and savagery that was ruthless… Even other boars came to join in on the fray.

There from the shadowy room, he felt others pass him by, too preoccupied with the chance at a free meal to even look for anything other than what they were coming for. In minutes there was nothing left but a pool of blood. By morning that would be gone also, smaller creatures that survived off of lapping up whatever was left behind.

It was a crazy world that existed. No one could ever remember what it must have been like before. In fact the world before this one was only talked about as legend… Not knowing what was true or fairy tales of a bustling human society that was only threatened by itself. The monuments left behind by man were nothing more than part of the landscape by now, nature taking back what once was hers.
He walked over to the closet in the room and pulled small table over to barricade himself inside. He pulled out the stink moss from the ‘wich bag and placed it at the entrance to the closet. For the remainder of the night he slept, father bayonet in one hand, and his short boom stick in the other.

At dawn, the Suns light crept across the contours of his face. As it swept across his eye he woke, he laid still, taking a deep breathes, collecting his thoughts and thinking of what his next move would be. His body was still sore, a reminder of last night’s foray and the conditions in which he slept. Before leaving his makeshift shelter he listened outside, even though it was more dangerous at night the world was not avoid of danger during the day. It was possible that one of the beasts liked the room he was in as a shelter from the day. When nothing alerted his senses he moved on from the room, looking out the windows to the school building he noticed that all remnants of the boar were gone. He went down to the street to retrieve the rest of his gear that he left in a carriage so that he wouldn’t be weighed down in flight.

As he walked down the street past the ruble and debris left behind by the old world, he looked into the different carriages, fading in color from years of the abuse of the Sun, the insides basically gut out of everything useful. But it was a habit that was hard to break; you never knew what you could find unless you looked. Even if others had passed something up for not having a use for it, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be useful to you, it just took a certain amount of creativity, or savvy to come up with a useful purpose for ancient junk.

Father once told him about a child’s toy that he used to used to use to draw out beasts from where he wanted to go. He would tie a piece of meat to the top of it and skitter it away with a control device. The smell of fresh meat and the sight of running prey got them to chase instinctively. The toy looked like a small car. Jacob laughed inside at the thought of beasts in hot pursuit of a “toy”. Father knew the world differently, his father was “a survivor” one of the few who had known what it was like before the War. So father had a bit more moxxy when it came to the things of the old world. He had learned a lot from his dad, and ultimately passing it on to Jacob. His heart sank at the thought of a world where he no longer had his best friend and mentor at his side. Father was the last of his family, Mother died three summers past. Both of his brothers died young of sickness. He would have been out here with father if it hadn’t been for the fact that he had hurt his knee during the last trip into the city. Father didn’t want to chance Jacob getting hurt again or worse. He was going this way to look for something in particular, but he never specified what it could be. He felt his father was still alive; then again it could just be hope. Something this world had little of.

When he got to the carriage he was using to store his gear he opened the door and snatched up his bag and put it on the roof. Reached under it and pulled out his long spear from under it. He reached into his bag and grabbed a map, his father had found many of them in his time, and Jacob decided to bring the one that father sat looking at every night at home. He had marked the maps as if meticulously searching for something in particular, why had he never mentioned what exactly it was that he searched for? Regardless… the map didn’t have many more buildings left to search in the area that he marked off. Jacob marked down the school and the building across the street. He looked at the map one more time for bearing, put it in his bag and strapped the bag on his back, picked up the spear, put on a dusty cap, and wrapped the shemagh around his face so that the radioactive dust wouldn’t poison his lungs then started walking towards the center of the city.

A menagerie of decrepit carriages and debris all about created a maze that made a trip of a couple of blocks a lengthy process. One had to be careful not to slip and twist an ankle, or fall on to a carriage and rouse enough noise to wake one of the beasts nearby that slept. The beast didn’t like the Sun but it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t take the opportunity to snatch you up in broad daylight. He wasn’t worried with a run-in with Raiders or Cannibals; he was too far into the city to have to deal with any other humans. If you were anywhere around here it was for a very specific reason. His was finding his Father.
The Sun burned across the sky, the heat was stifling but wondering into a building to avoid the heat most definitely meant jumping from the frying pan and into the fire. His father used that phrase often; Jacob didn’t exactly know what it meant other then things would go from bad to worse. He couldn’t help the feeling that he was being watched; He often paused to look over his shoulder or knelt down to sit and listen. In the distance he heard the thunder of a coming storm and knew he needed to find shelter quickly. Nothing in the immediate area felt threatening. He knew from his map that there was a section of row houses not too far from where he was and that he wouldn’t need to back track much to get there. He quickened the pace to beat out the front wind of the upcoming storm.
As he got to the row houses he looked to gain entry with as little noise as possible. A blown out window would suffice. He jumped up and in, just as the roar of the front wind kicked up a nasty dust storm outside. The dust turned the air red as it blew across the landscape giving the Sun’s rays a reddish hue. He crept around the first floor of the house with the boom stick in hand. Carefully choosing where he found footing to not arouse anything that lay beyond. After making sure the first floor was clear he checked the second with the same meticulousness. The house was void of dangers, he chose to take the opportunity to rest up again there was no way of telling how long the dust storm or following rains would last. Living in this world took a certain amount of patience. Jacob had plenty.

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The Others

A total of five days had passed since he had last seen father. The weight of this dilemma bore down on him every passing moment on this day. Unable to leave the house he had found shelter in because of the acid rains. He was running out of rations and was conserving what he could, taking small bits of jerky every few hours so that his stomach wouldn’t feel completely empty. His
water was running low also and there was no guarantee that the water that was left in the pipes of the building were safe to drink. Smoke from a fire to boil the water was a surefire way to let everything within smelling distance as to where he was at. He briefly contemplated doubling back to resupply at a shanty- town outside of the city, but ultimately that meant loosing another Seventh day and by then whatever tracks his father had left would have been eaten away by time.

He leaned back in the chair next to the second floor window facing the street. It had been boarded up a long time ago, some of the planks had fallen off completely, and the rest were held in place by will alone. He listened to the rain fall outside and wondered how great it must have been to be able to stand in the rain without feeling like your skin was on fire. He imagined children running through the streets, playing, laughing, without a care in the world. As reality set back in, he realized how colorful of an imagination he had…“A world without cares…” rather imaginative.

The map layed on the bed. He turned to it and stared blankly at it’s marking. Not too far to the East was the Titan’s graveyard. All the structures he had checked leading up to today were all enroute to the graveyard. His father had told him stories of how the most powerful of men had built monument of their ancestors in remembrance of their contributions to humanity. They surrounded the most powerful of leaders overlooking their actions and ultimately frowning upon whatever it was that lead to the War. Jacob had his bearing… he would walk amongst the Titans, knowing that his father must have been heading there.

The rains subsided sometime in the early morning before the Sun had come up. He had packed all his gear the night before only leaving out a small amount of rations and what would be carried in hand. He ate the salty meat, savoring it before he swallowed and washing it down with a mouthful of water. He knew that he had to scavenge some rations soon, or set a trap for a small animal , somewhere on the way he had to find some provisions. There were markets all over in the old world, stores on the first floors of the buildings but all those had been picked dry in the first few years after the War. Occasionally, one would find something useful but as far as food went, anything that wasn’t sealed away and well hidden was raped a long time ago.

He walked the streets at an even pace before coming to an intersection a few blocks from where he had taken shelter the
day before. He knelt down behind a carriage and scanned the building for anything suspicious… The street ahead stood devoid of any carriages, meanwhile the adjacent streets were jam packed almost to the point that they were impassable. He looked for tracks of movement but knew it would be a mute point being that the rains the day before would have washed it away. Ahead a glimmer off the Sun reflected from a window sill above a market, he ducked down quickly and a loud bang came from that area. The round pinged off the carriage. He scurried on hands and knees around some of the other carriages noticing how lucky he had just been to avoid being shot in the head.

“What the hell was someone else doing out here?” Not only that but obviously living out here as to have enough time to set up a kill zone. He knew it couldn’t of been his father… he would never be as stupid enough as to squeeze off a round without being absolutely sure you killed what you were shooting at, rounds were too precious to waste, especially on another human. Whatever the case may be he had to find out who was shooting at him. They might have seen father, or they might have him, worst of all, they might have killed him.

He quickly moved off to the side of the street the shot had come from, staying as low as possible to make sure he didn’t give away his position. He used the buildings before the Market as cover to get to the side of the building the shooter was in. He bolted through the alley before the building and found a trash bin to put his access gear in. He put the bag inside of it and rolled the spear under the metal bin. He left everything except the boomtick and bayonet.

He climbed the ladder on the backside of the building to the roof, thinking whoever it was that had shot at him would surely be watching the doors from the lower floors leading up to the room. When he got to the roof he looked for the stairs that lead down into the building. When he found them he made stealthily for it. He got to the door that was ajar and noticed a clear string stretched across to the other side of the jam. From this angle it was impossible to see what was on the other side but it was plain to see that is was some sort of snare. Bellow he heard something moving around, possibly his shooter. He had to find another way it.

There was a vent shaft opening on the roof. Just barely wide enough for him to fit through, but if the door was snared the chances of the vent having some sort of caltrops was good also, and if whoever this was had been surviving out here all this time it wasn’t for lack of attention to detail. He walked over to the vent, using the tip of the bayonet unscrewed the fittings that covered the vent. He placed it on the floor and slid into the vent opening. He spread his arms and legs to slow his decent down the vertical shaft. His boomstick slung tightly to his chest. He heard noises bellow and noticed that there was more than one down there. “Lucky me..” he thought to himself.

As he worked his way down the vent he decided that he would try and work his way in, find out what he could from the shadows and then disappear again. The further down the shaft he went the louder the whispers got. He finally got into audible range but could not completely understand what they were saying, he had to get closer still. Not something he was too happy about…

He finally made his way to the second floor horizontal vents and worked his way towards the voices. At this point he was sweating profusely and spider crawling back up the vent for two more floors seemed very unlikely. He was finally over the room where the shot had been taken from. He could see from the vent grate the perch that was made as a shooting position. There were two people in the room a man and a woman, both arguing, by the looks of it. There were others that came into the room said things to the man and left, meanwhile the woman stood there arms crossed nodding her head in disapproval.

So it looks like this guy is in charge and the other two are coming up here for orders… They weren’t a family unit, at least not in the conventional sense. The two younger ones that he sent out probably went looking for the body or signs of where Jacob had taken off to. Neither one of them looked related to each other let alone the older man. The woman stood there pouty faced eyes tearing up. Then the old man smacked her, she fell to the floor, and he left. Locking her in the room.

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The remainder of the day Jacob crept through the adjacent vent shafts to see what else he could find. He had also been looking for another way out. In a room on the first floor he found that the
others were using it as living quarters, the walls were padded with mattresses to mute the sounds from within. A total of ten beds were put out, so there were more of them that he hadn’t seen yet. He figured the girl wasn’t really a part of the group but actually a prisoner. Women were worth a lot these days. He hadn’t found any signs of his father around in any of the rooms, but then again he couldn’t risk a closer inspection at the time.

He worked his way towards the basement of the building only to find the most grotesque thing he could possibly imagine. The room was completely dark and smelled of rotting flesh. As he lay still in the vent shaft he heard movement from above. The three me unlocked the door that lead to the basement and walked into the room. The light from the doorway allowed him to see what was going on. The basement had five men in it, none of them being father. The men were dying of starvation and completely naked. Some were missing limbs already. The basement was a meat locker. As they came in the men didn’t even bother struggling, they just moaned and screamed, too far mutilated to give a decent fight. Two of the men held down one of their victims while the third pulled out a hack saw and sawed away at the victim’s leg. In minutes of blood curdling screams and the sound of saw on bone almost made Jacob nauseous. He held back the dry heaves, to not make any noise and waited for the men to finish and leave the basement before he made his way back up the building vents.

It wasn’t clear how much time it had taken for the Cannibals to saw off the victim’s leg. After they left Jacob stayed motionless in shock of what he had just seen. He had never had a first- hand experience on what happened in a Cannibals camp. His father had told him but spared the details for the most part. Now it was completely clear to him why his father had opted to raise him far from what was left of society. Those that weren’t Cannibals were meat. And both were ultimately meat for the Beasts.

Jacob waited until nightfall, the coolness that worked its way down the vent allowed his body temperature to cool enough so that he wasn’t sweating as bad as before. He worked his way back up to the roof, the rest of the Cannibal party hadn’t retuned yet. On the way up he heard the other three men dining away on the other man’s leg. Jacob stopped to eavesdrop on them. They spoke briefly of their encounter with Jacob.

“…how could you miss that one?... it looked healthy!

Healthy enough to move out of the way!

“I wouldn’t have missed if that bitch didn’t run up to me… Why the fuck did you let her out of the cell anyways?”

“I was just having a lil’ fun with her boss… it’s better for me to chase her around a bit before I have my way with her.”

“You know you are one sick bastard Pete! …Pass me another piece…”

“We can’t afford to miss anymore free meals Orlando, I feel bad enough we had to lock the other boys in the basement,”

These guys were eating their own. Even more disturbing.

“Having a piece of pussy around in nice, but if she tries to do some shit like that again she’s lunch…”

Jacob had heard enough, he was going to do something. He crept his was up to the roof and decided he would make his stand up there. It was already dark and he was counting on the cloak of night and possibly the unintentional help of another predator. Jacob took out his bayonet and cut himself on the forearm, smeared the blood on the door opening that lead to the stairs. He bandaged himself up with the sleeve on the other side and headed back to the vent shaft.

He took some of the stink moss out and placed it in the opening of the shaft and waited. Jacob felt something approaching, the Aura was stronger in some beast and this one was more than ample. It didn’t take long for a Beast to pick up the scent of fresh blood out in the open. A Skull Cat had been the first to show, hopefully the last. One beast was enough to cause an ample distraction… More than one would cause complete pandemonium.

Skull Cats looked like the great cats of the old world but with all the skin pulled from its face pulled back to its neck, where a mane of skin was formed. It passed by him unknowingly and headed straight for the blood. It stood at the passage smelling the blood before taking a lick. After the taste of fresh blood the Cats eyes glowed red and in began to smell in the crevice created by the half open door. Surely the others bellow felt the Cats approach and were taking position to repel an attack. Once the Cat forced its way through the door the snare went off unleashing a pile of debris that fell from above the inside of the opening.

The bricks and bottles would have been fatal to a human, but the Cat simply evaded the
avalanche with its superior reflexes. It was Jacobs’s opportunity to sneak in with the others being occupied with the Cat.

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The Rescue
As the Cat descended the stairs, the others engaged it with a volley of sporadic fire. They shot blindly into the stairwell hoping to repel the oncoming attack. The only things the accomplished was to piss the Cat off and ring the dinner bell for any beasts within distance of hearing the gunfire. Apparently the only reason they had survived so far was a combination of stealth and luck.
The Cat leaped flights of stairs at a time until it pounced on the first one of the others. It knocked him to the floor and mauled his face. The other two broke into a dead sprint down the stairs to get to the first floor. Meanwhile, Jacob crept through the vent shaft to the room that held the girl. When he looked through the grate he saw her curled up in the corner unable to do anything to escape. He kicked out the grate and called her over. At first she refused to move even more terrified that someone unfamiliar to her had made their way into her cell.

“Let’s go… or you Die here!”

The cat had made its way to the second floor by now, deciding not to pursue the two other armed men and picking up the scent of another free meal. The Aura was crippling the girl to the point of a mental breakdown.

“NOW! MOVE! Hurry come to me and I’ll pull you up.”

She nodded girlishly and ran to where Jacob was. Just as she made it to him the Cat breached through the door. She reached up for Jacob’s hands and he pulled her up just as the Cat slammed into the vent opening. The concussion of the collision threw them further into the safety of the escape route. They scurried away on their stomachs trying to crawl as fast as they could. The girl looked back to see the massive paws of the cat reaching in after them as the crawled away.

“It’s dark, I can’t see…”
She said to Jacob, voice cracking with fear.

“Just follow me, don’t make another sound, I’ll get us out of here…”

Jacob led the way to the third floor of the building, knowing that the others were trying to barricade themselves bellow somewhere. They had to make it out of the building soon before all the ruckus from the firefight brought some more beasts. They made it to a room on the third floor that faced the alley. He paused and listened before kicking out the grate. He waited for the opportune moment to do so, and when the shooting from the basement started his moment had come. He kicked out the grate, jumped down, and helped the girl through. They ran over to a partially boarded up window and pulled off enough planks to slip through.

Once on the firescape, he they felt the approach of the other predators had heard the shots being fired. At this point they could feel them coming from all directions except from bellow… for now. They ran down the stairs and climbed down the ladder. When they got to the alley they made their way to the trash bin where Jacob’s gear was stashed. He opens the lid and signaled her to jump in with a quick head nod. He followed her promptly and closed the lid. He pulled out the last of the stink moss and gave her half…

“Quickly, rub this all over yourself!”

They both applied the remainder of the stick moss on themselves. Just then the shooting stopped. Either they ran out of bullets or the beasts had gotten to them, either way they were dead. The screams started, the girl had reached her breaking point terrified because of what was happening, and now the screaming of humans being eaten alive. He grabbed her and pulled her head into his chest. She didn’t fight; she just curled herself into a ball and instantly fell asleep. She would have fit into his shirt pocket if she could. She never woke throughout the night, even as the beasts that had made their way into the alley following their scent walked passed. Jacob sat still, one hand on the girls head to his chest, the other pointing the boomstick at the lid.

He heard every last scream of terror as the beasts enjoyed their buffet. The whole time sitting completely numb to the situation.

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So we are Five Chapters in... Who's reading this? Anyone want to chime in on what they are thinking about this so far?

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This thread has become one of my favorite things to look at while I'm on the community website.

Suspenseful narrative.
Excellent imagery.
"Real" characters.

Keep it comin'...

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finally got a chance to read some of it, i like what im seeing, keep it coming

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6.Quiet After the Storm

As the morning came around the girl jumped awake, still startled from the occurrences of the night before. When she noticed she was still safe in the bin with Jacob she stayed still, not even bothering to look up to see if Jacob was awake. Jacob hadn’t slept. He
was exhausted but this was no place to find sleep. The lingering beasts left sometime just before the Sun broke over the landscape. When Jacob could no longer feel them around he knew they had left to find a place to rest.

“What’s your name?” The girl asked quietly.

“Jacob…yours?” he replied.

“Xio… I’m not one of them you know?!?” She said defensively.

“I figured as much, I was around for a lil’ while before I decided what to do next. Where are you from?” He said calmly.

“A place we call Oasis, it’s a small town inside the forest in the middle of the city. The Beasts don’t go there. The cannibals raided the town a few days ago. They took me, and now I’m here.” She told him as tears developed from her eyes.

Jacob remembered seeing the big green mark on the map. In fact a few times he had seen the forest from some of the rooftops of the bigger buildings. He never really thought to venture there being as there might not be much escaping Beasts in a forest, but this new development of the Beasts not going there might be something worth investigating.

“Why do the Beasts, not go there?”

“I don’t know. The just don’t.” She said softly.

Jacob knew she was hiding something. Surely she didn’t trust him completely yet.

“I’ll take you back home.”

“What’s in it for you to get me there?”

“What was in it for me to take on armed men to save you in the first place?”

“Good point.”

“Why are you out here Jacob?”

“I’m looking for my Father.” He could barely remember how much time had passed since he had last seen him.
“A stranger came into the town the day before I was taken. He was badly injured and was being looked after by the healers. Some thought he is what brought the cannibals to the town. We should hurry.”

Jacob jumped out of the bin. His body aching from all the activity and lack of rest. He helped her out of the bin and looked towards the building.

“Maybe there is something in there worth salvaging.”

They quickly entered the building and searched the rooms. There were no bodies. No Blood. Nothing was left to indicate that someone had been there other than the bullet holes in the walls.

“What happened to them?” She asked naively.

“They are gone. There are no remains.”

She had absolutely no clue on how the Beasts operated, then it was true, the Beasts really didn’t go to Oasis. But why? They finished searching the building and managed to recover one of the rifles with six rounds that were next to the perch. There wasn’t much else of interest in the rest of the building. He put his bag up on the table and pulled out the map. Oasis was a few blocks North of where they were and it started making sense that his Father might have been heading there. Although, there was no Guarantee that the stranger was his father it was the only lead he had.

“They had water here…” She interrupted his thoughts

“Find something to take it in and fill this for me…” He passed her a tin canteen.


His father had taught him how to survive. His mother had taught him two things before she passed. To read and to say please. She said they were the two most important things anyone should know in the world. Father, always looking just grinned and nodded. Jacob barely remembered what his mother looked like even though it had only been three Summers ago that she had passed. He didn’t want to forget her but maybe the exhaustion and the confusion of the whole situation was blocking him from pulling up anything other than the thoughts that were necessary to survive.

Xio came back with a water jug and the canteen in hand. Jacob pulled out his snack bag and passed her the last piece of Jerky he had left.

“Eat it slow, it’s the last I got and you should be home by nightfall.”

He smelled the water and then took a sip. He could feel the water work its way through the back of his throat and almost felt as it disappeared right into his skin. Before he knew it he had thrown back the entire canteen.

“Is there any more?” He asked

“Maybe, enough to fill that one more time…” She replied softly.

“…Please…” He handed her the canteen and looked for the easiest route on the map to get to the forest.

It wasn’t easy, his father always made corrections on the map of things that no longer existed or ways that were blocked by fallen buildings. He had taught Jacob how to read the map and mark it for corrections, so before they left he took out a bic and marked the kill zone on the map. Maybe one day all that information will be useful. When Xio came back they packed up the rest of the gear and left the building heading North.

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7. No Rest for the Wicked

They walked as fast as they could heading North to gain as much ground as possible before the heat of the Sun became unbearable. Jacob was completely exhausted basically operating on nothing more than muscle memory. There were parts of the day when he had no recollection of how far they had gone or what he had seen the blocks before. When he realized his lack of vigilance he decided it was time to stop and rest for the remainder of the day.

They found a fueling station at the end of the block and Jacob went in to make sure it was clear. Xio stood outside with the rifle and kept watch. Moments later Jacob came to the front door and waved her in. They moved around what little furniture and displays were around to create some chokepoints if anything were to discover their location. Jacob broke some glass bottles across the floor of the entryway. It wouldn’t cause much damage but would at the least be an extra alarm.

They took shelter in a back room that was most likely the office of the fueling station. The room had another exit to an adjoining utility closet which had a ladder to the roof of the building. Locking yourself into a room with no other exits was always a bad idea, sooner or later whatever defenses man created would be overrun by the beasts, whether by numbers, strength, or shear will power the beasts were completely adept at hunting humans.

“I’m going to try to rest for a lil’ while since the Sun is still up, can you wake me before sunset?” Jacob asked.

“Sure” Xio replied without looking at him.

“What are you thinking?” He asked her.

Xio wasn’t sure how to answer him. The truth was she didn’t know how much she could trust him. The fact that he saved her warranted some sort of trust, but at the end of the day he was a stranger and him escorting her home could have its ulterior motives.

“I don’t know… Worried I guess” she replied flatly.

“You’ll be home soon.” He told her as he tried to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

“I know...” That’s what she was worried about.

Jacob woke up and Xio was nowhere to be found. The Sun had set hours ago and Jacob had slept through it in his exhaustion. He quickly picked up his gear and left it in the room in preparation to fly. He looked all around the fueling station and the only thing he could gather was that she took the rifle and a canteen. She was going to attempt to make it back home by herself. You never really know how prepared someone was to brave the Cities alone but if they girl took off there was no questioning her bravery.

“There is a thin line between bravery and stupidity…” his father would always tell him. Jacob was trying to decide if the decision the girl made to leave was either brave or stupid, ultimately deciding that it was both. He considered shacking up for the night knowing that he could possibly rest for what was left of the night without alerting any beasts. But for some reason he decided that he had to go find the girl.

He checked the straps of the bayonet and fixed the boomstick to a short strap on his chest. The rest of the gear would remain in the office of the fueling station and he would the chokepoint if he needed to make a getaway. In the dusty sidewalk outside the fueling station he saw the first set of the girl’s tracks. They were heading North, she was really going to attempt to get home, at night, alone, with a rifle and six rounds. She wasn’t brave or stupid, she was mad.

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So I hand't written anything else since the day I stopped writting this... I'm thinking about continuing the story if there's enough interest... Since the forums have gone through an overhaul, I'de like to see who wants more...

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I never even saw this, but I'll give it a look through. If you feel you can continue then go for it!

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Luck, I'm pretty sure I could write a whole short on this... Thinking I might go all out and make a graphic novel out of it... FC is my barometer on how good the story is.... That's why feed back is encouraged...lol... Thanks for the support boys.

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Yea I've only read the 1st entry but I liked what I've seen so far.

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I know that there are a lot of good writers on the forums, I need some feedback from you guys. I just want to make sure is has a good enough flow to it.