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07-23-2011, 05:41 AM
I look through my scope and see the clean and easy motions of my targets. My rifle propped on the cliff I'm on. My breath is steady and light. My mind open, hearing every movements around and every sound. I memorize patrol routes and I.D. officers. I rapidly switch targets to make sure my shots are perfect and fatal. One Shot One Kill. My team was on the other side. C4 charges rigged and ready for my first clip to be empty and boom. I realized one shot, one single shot will send this perfect military scene into chaos and hell. I smile knowing that the fate of these men were in my hands, but this is war. War is what I trained for. I stop breathing and pull the trigger. That one shot was buried deep into the officer's head. I stopped and fired again at another officer. My third forth and fifth were at other officers. When my clip was empty I reloaded then slung my rifle over my back to watch the fireworks take place and my team move down clearing out my mess. I crawled back out of view into the deep under brush and heading to the LZ. My mission was over.