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Just a taste of something I wrote when I was younger and reading the Ranger's Apprentice Series....

Chapter 1: The Girl

Segorous was a 13 year old boy and was currently training to become a Ranger. He has been training for 2 years and in 2 more he will become a full fledge Ranger. He looked over his bow. The string was waxed and not fraied. He knew if the string was unwaxed and fraied it would snap easily. He put the bow over his shoulder and kept walking. Thats when he heard the scream. By the sound of it, it was a girl and she was in trouble. His reactions lead him to the girl. She was in an alley way and surrounded by bandits she looked about 13 too. He nocked an arrow. He walked out into the open. "Hey, leave her alone." The bandits turned around. "Oh, look boy's robinhood is here to save the girl. One brought up a crossbow and slid the bolt in. He smerked and before the man could aim the weapon he had an arrow through him. The others came to arms. One had a rusty sword and the other a shield and a longsword. The one with the rusty sword nodded towards Segorous. The man with the shield and longsword nodded and walked foreward. He put his shield up as another arrow came flying. The arrow hit the shield and the man recoiled. He regained his footing and kept moving foreward. Segorous droped his bow and pulled out his mithril dagger. The dagger was was very light, but almost impossible to break. He sprinted foreward ducked as the longsword sliced over his head.

He jolted upward bringing the dagger into his rib cage. The man yelped in pain. He toppled over holding the spot where he was stabed. The man that commanded the other was beating the girl up. Segorous heard the whimpers from her and nocked another arrow he aimed and shot the arrow it hit the man in the upper chest. Segorous went over to the girl she was badly beaten and bruised. He looked over her. She opened her eyes and he saw deep blue beauty within them. "Thanks," she said. Segorous was sure he heard an angel talk her voice was so pure. "Whats your name?" Segorous asked. "Jordyn," she said. As she was getting up she was shot back down." Ahhh...ow!" She yelled in pain. "Hold on", he ran to his bow and picked it up then ran back to her. He picked her up in his arms. "Really you don't have to..." she was cut off by his voice. "No, your hurt." She shrugged. He reached his cabin he had to build as part of his training his. He opened the door and set her down on his bed which he made each morning along with cleaning up the house to near perfection. He quickly made and herb drink to ease her pain.
She some what sat up. He walked in and gave the drink to her. "Thanks," she said. He knew her famliy would be looking for her. Then he sat next to her and looked over her wounds. She had a broken leg and a fractured arm. "You want to stay here tonight?" Segorous asked. "Um.........I guess," she replyed. "Good cause really you can't go anywhere in your condition." he said. "But, where will you sleep?" "The floor I guess." he answered i flatly. "And why do you live alone?" "Well it's part of my training. I actually built this whole cabin." "Training for what?" "Surprized you didn't know from my skill with my bow and dagger. Anyway I'm currently training to become a Ranger." "Oh, I almost forgot whats your name?" "Segorous" "Well thanks for saving my life I could only think of what they actually had planed for me if you hadn't come. And if you want you could sleep in the bed too. Just don't try anything got it."
Segorous nodded, "trust me if i did I would be expelled from being a Ranger." She smiled the herbs must of worked he thought. "Want anything to eat?" "No, but what were you doing when you heard me?" "Well, I was just patroling the town for something like you...well in trouble and all." He picked up a small box on the table next to the bed and pulled out a string he picked up his bow and sat down and took the old string off the bow and replaced it with the new one then waxed it. She sat their watching him quietly. When he was done he showed her. The string was tight enough to cut bread like knife. Then he sharped his dagger. She was amazed by the gold tint it had and wondered how such a beautiful thing could be used to kill. He looked up and saw she was staring at the weapon. "Those gold streaks are the reason this weapon is so hard it can crack any sword other then a mithril one.
She just nodded her head. He put the dagger back in its scabbard. He stood up,"so no food?" He knew it was getting dark therefore she should be getting hungry. He went to the kitchen and made some cooked vension. He made extra just in case she wanted some. He sat in the chair next to the bed. He knew she was staring at him. "Maybe..." "I know." he smiled and gave her his to go get his own. "Hey are you a daughter of one of the kings Royal Guards or advisors?" He asked. "I'm Commader Alan's daughter." She said flatly. Segorous rubbed his back. "Wow, never saw that coming," he said. "Well, then sorry for my stupidity milady." He said and she giggled. "Please, don't I just want to be a normal girl and thats how i want to be treated at least for now." She set her bowl down and Segorous quickly picked it up and took it to the kitchen along with his. He poured water from one of the ten buckets he had filled with water. He saw she was dosing off. He looked at her clothes ,"you want some fresh clothes?" "Sure." He went into another room and came out with a fresh shirt and pants. He went away to the next room to change himself and when he came out she was dressed.
He went over to her and helped her climb under the covers. He then he dot in. After about ten minutes she snuggled closer to him. He stayed awake the most of the night but dosed off. He awoke to a gentle hand shaking him just enough to wake him. He sat up. She was looking at him. "How'd ya sleep?" He asked. "Yes, I did you?" "Well I actually stayed up most of the night making sure you were ok and didn't wake up in pain." She looked into his eyes. Her deep blue eyes put him in a trans. He broke from it and looked at her. "What do you want for breakfest?" "Um......eggs I guess." "Good cause thats all I have." He said back.

He cracked them and mixed them well then put them on the pan. The sizzled as they cooked. When he got finished he brought the plates over to the bed side. As he sat down he heard a knock at the door. He got up and opened the door. "Hello, sir Commader Alan has sent me to you." 'Yes, of course." "He has sent me for any information of his daugther." Segorus steped in and waved Jordyn over. "Yes," she said. "Oh, miss your father has been searching the town since last night." She smiled. "Well, she wasn't in any condition to move or anything really." Segorous said. "Oh, then she must come with me, sir." The runner said. "No." "Why?" "Just no when Commander Alan comes then I'll let her come untill then, no." The man stormed off. "Why, woudn't you let him take me?" "While, you are a prize to any bandit tribe. If they get you they can threaten Commander Alan to surrender or they will kill you. They pick runners up off the street and he just so happens to be one of them" "How can you tell?" "Well royal runners have a necklace of a horse and they ride horses this man had neither." "Oh."

Commader Alan had arrived in an hour. The knock came and Jordyn was ready to go. Segorous opened the door. A guard was standing before him spear shouldered. "Hello," Segorous said. The man looked down at him. "I've for the girl." He said flatly. Segorous nodded and Jordyn came over. She walked out and Commander Alan ran to her. "Are you alright has he done anything to you. Why didn't you return last night?" "All he has done is save my life and care for me. I was being attacked by bandits when he came and killed them." Alan turned to look at the boy he was small but looked very fit. "Son, how did you kill a group of bandits?" All Segorous did was go inside and bring out his bow. Alan nodded," What is your name young Ranger?" "Segorous." "Well, Segorous you school will be notified of your deed." Alan got up onto his saddle. As he did Jordyn jumped off. She ran over to him she leaned over and her lips met his. She slowly pulled off and said," Write me." As she said this she backed up turned and ran back to the horse and climbed on. They rode off along with the two guards accompaning Alan.

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Chapter 2: The Attack

Jordyn was in the carriage taking her to a safehouse. It was Segorous's idea he said that the bandit tribes would want her. She peered out and into the wilderness. The woods around her were the Ackatana woods they were The main HQ for the bandit forces and seeing that the safehouse would need a a large force to defend it Alan sent an army of 100 soldiers. Right now 25 were in front 25 in back and 25 on either side. A Major lead the group he was in front on a horse. He held his fist in a ball and the whole Army stopped. They all waited just then an arrow blew the amjor off his horse. The soldiers locked shields and Jordyn hunkered down in the carriage. He heard the sounds of steel clashing and then the sounds of arrows breaking through the carnage filled air.

She began to cry. She looked up and saw a man broad the carriage but was sliced open by one of her guards. She hid her face from the horrible battle that was taken place. She wanted it to end and it did just not in the way it should of. She heard loud voices then the cheers of victory. She knew her men were all dead. She heard the thing she feared. "And what do we have here?" A loud deep voice said and she felt a tight grip on her hair. She whimped in pain as she was jerked up off the ground by her hair and righted on her feet. "Ah....Alan's daughter am I correct." She nodded slightly. "Splended!" He yelles to the others. "We have found what we came for men. Now lets return to HQ with our prize!" He yelled again and thrusted his sword up into the air.

He shoved her into the dirt and she got up then he chained her to his horse. "Ah...your father would do anything to see you again wouldn't he?" He chuckled. She followed behind. She walked for what seemed like hours before they reached their HQ. She was sent to a small hut where she was chained to the floor. She rolled up into a ball and remembered the night before with Segorous. He was handsome and caring, he even stayed up most of the night to make sure I was ok. Then she thought deeper of him. He was a Ranger and it was his job to do what he did. Then he thought of the way he looked at her and knew he liked her. Most boys thier age did. Though Segorous was different then the others. As she thought she didn't realize the door was being opened and in came a man with a whip. "So, where was your daddy sending you? To rally towns to fight against us?" He asked. "No, I was just going to a safehouse." "Lier!" He barked stood her up and ripped open her shirt and shoved her against the wall. "Please, don't," she cried. Then was whiped. She screamed in pain and the man smiled. "Now, tell what you were really doing!" He yelled at her. "I was going to a safe house really." He stilled didn't believe her. He whiped again and she went into a full on cry. "I...was...really..going.. .to....a......safe...hous e." She said in between sobs. The man left and said under his breath, "useless."

She checked her back as the pain receded. She felt a warm liquid and knew she was bleeding. She looked around the room. A small bedroll was laying on the ground for her. She slowly crawled in it. As she dosed off thinking of Segorous.

Segorous was at the castle gates. "I need to speak with Commander Alan." He said. The guards looked at his bow and quiver and nodded. He passed through and up the spirling stairwell. He came to a large corridor and walked down it and to the guards. "Important message," they looked at him. "It's about Jordyn!" He yelled and they went wide eyed and opened the door. Commander Alan was sitting at his huge desk looking at maps before him. "Sir, I need to speak with you." Segorous said and the guards still had the doors open knowing that he most likely will get thrown out. Alan looked up. "Oh, its you. Yes indeed sit down." he waved to the guards and they shut the doors. "Listen sir, I want to go in search for your daughter." "Why, boy?" "Well....because I love her," he blurted out. Alan looked into his eyes. "Like all the rest of the boys that do?" "No, sir I would kill everyone of those mongrols to get to her." "Yes, she told me that see felt safe around you and that see thought you were and angel when you saved her, but she also told me you were sleeping in the same bed." As he said this Segorous blushed,"Well, sir...." He was cut off. "She told it was her idea." Segorous felt comfortable now.

"Yes, you may go after her I think they are here." He pointed to a place on his map in the dead middle of the forest. "You will leave tommorow mourning but come here first." Segorous nodded and left.

Jordyn woke to to a pain in her side. She sat up in pain and saw that a fist was already reeled back for another blow and it came right into her stomach. "Foods here ya lil' brat," he spat at her. She favored her side and crawled over to the food as the man left and looked down a fried rat and some very hard bread. She knew it wasn't much, but she was hungry so she ate. Later that day when her lunch came she was whiped and beat around. At last she was by herself and whimpering in pain. Please Segorous, come.

Segorous woke and jumped outta bed. He got dress and grabed his bow knife and quiver filled with about fifty arrows. He left and sprinted to the castle. When he got their Commander Alan was waiting for him with his own Ranger cloak. He stared at it. "This is yours now, Segorous." As he said this his master trainer steped from behind him and nodded. Students only got cloaks for being like a Ranger without full training. He took the cloak and put it on it fit perfectly and he bowed and left. As he reached the main gate estimated for it to take to days to reach the HQ and when he did their would be hell to pay for the bandit.

Jordyn now carefully sat up trying not to touch any of her wounds or bruises, but she failed she buckled and fell on her side. She yelled in pain. Just then another man came in with a whip. "No, please I already told what I know." "The man didn't even hesitate he just whiped her while she was sitting up. All she could do was bring her arms up to protect her face from the blows. Within the next minute or two the man continued to whip her then jsut left her crying blood, soaking her torn clothing. She once again fell asleep this time in remains of memories and spikes of pain as she moved.

Segorous made his tent and went in it he needed no fire just his warm cloak. He thought about Jordyn her gentle touch and soft pure voice. He remember picking her up and looking into her gentle gaze has if he was looking at heaven. He slowly feel asleep to thoughts of her. Then woke up and ate dryed vegetables and drank some water the headed out. He knew he was only a few hours from the HQ, but he wanted to attack at night so he woudl have the advantage. ........ He reached the HQ just before dark and scouted vantage points he made extra arrow caches at each vantage point. He waited untill the sun was just dark enough to conseal movement, but the bandits didn't need to make fires yet. He nocked an arrow and aimed. His first targets were the ones closest to the woods edge. He fired and the arrow went through the man and he died with out a sound. He nocked another arrow aimed and fired at the second guy nearest him one more to go. He moved slightly nocked and took aim. He shot and the arrow went into the man's head. He moved up a bit and picked off the guards in the main tower that looked over the whole camp. "If only I could get up there." He whispered to himself.

He picked off ten more bandits before he went to a knew check point and replenished his arrows. He had picked off fifteen men this time. Now the camp was aware of the attack and was forming ranks to defend. He knew he couldn't take them all and knew what to do. He looked at the tower it had 4 wooden poles holding it up. He looked around and found what he was looking for. Some tinder. He twisted it around four arrows and then lit one on fire and shot. The red dot flew through the air and nailed the post to hi for any human to reach and the dry wood began to burn. He shot the other three in a rapid motion. The bandits quickly went to go help where they could and that left Segorous open to pick them off one by one. Which he did their numbers slowly diwidled to nothing but one mere bandit. He watched as the man went inside a hut then heard screams and then he came out with Jordyn under him and a knife under her throat. He aimed his bow then slowly lowered it. The man smiled and opened his mouth, but before he could speak he had an arrow through him. He let Jordyn fall as he loosened his grip on her and before she could hit the gorund Segorous was under her and more over hugging her. She wraped her arms around him and whispered," I love you." "I know," he replied.

He picked her up in his arms and walked back to his camp. "We will be home in tommorow night so rest up." he said to her gently wraping his cloak around her. She fell asleep quickly because the bedroll she had was old and used while this one was fresh and knew. He looked at her sleep she was his angel and he would never leave her side again. When she awoke the next day Segorous was already packed and had treated her wounds he had preped a warm drink that wound ease her pain and fill her up. He then picked her up in his arms and began to walk. At dusk they reached town and he let her walk with him to the castle and they walked straight up to Commander Alan. "Honey," he took her into his arms and kissed her forehead. Alan's wife steped in. "Mom!" Jordyn cried as she ran into her arms. Her mother cried of joy. "We thought we lost you forever then this boy wanted to go find you. Is this the boy that saved you before?" "Yes, mom it is his name is Segorous."

With this Segorous bowed. She nodded. Alan then spoke,"What can I give you as a reward for this." Segorous looked at Jordyn," I want to be your daughter's Ranger." "Does she approve and Jordyn broke from her mother's grap and she ran to Segorous and kissed him. As she stoped she replied,"Yes, daddy I do." She kissed him again and her parents looked at each other and they both smiled. They haven't seen there daughter this happy in over seven years.

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Chapter 3: Recruitment

Segorous was walking next to Jordyn's carriage. He looked around guards were on horses and on foot. Jordyn poped her head she waved him over. He was about to step in when a heavy hand grabed him.

"What, do you think youy doing?" A guard asked.

"Well, I'm her Ranger and I'm allowed to go in when ever I want and let this be clear she wanted me to come in." Segorous replied.

He put his hand on the handle and pulled himself up. As he opened the curtain he saw that him and Jordyn were alone.

"Oh, come over here and sit down." She said.

He went over and sat next to her. She leaned over and out her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her and they stared out the front. He turned and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you." She said snuggling closer to him.

He looked at her then the trans was broken by a loud yell.

"Bandits!" A guard yelled and before Jordyn could hold on to Segorous he was gone silently he had gone out the curtains and all that remained was the wind he made that left the curtains flaping. Once Segorous was outside he had and arrow nocked and ready. He saw a platoon of bandits ahead laying in wait for this party.

He looked around. He saw a faint movement and realized they were behind too. He knew their weren't going to be many behind them and sprinted towards the woods. He watched as the guards cut down the bandit forces up ahead. He dived into a bush and looked up. The bandit forces were already slowly coming down and onto the road.

He shot and the arrow nailed a man's leg and he went down screaming. He had another one flying toward them and this one hit the man in the back that was trying to clam the one injuryed. Segorous shot again and this one nailed the lead bandit.

By now they knew they were under attack by a Ranger. Segorous aimed and shot again this one going clear into the man's mouth and sparying blood onto the man behind him. The leader of the group gave the fall back single and Segorous cahnged positions and looked at the battle up front. The guards had won and were coming back to the carriage.

Segorous spun around and looked into the woods the bandits were gone and regrouping. He jogged up to the party and they left.

They reached Vermilion almost an hour after they were attacked ny the bandits. Segorous helped Jordyn down. Commander Gavin was waiting for them at the town square.

"Ahh...Senator Jordyn, how good to see you." He said and bowed.

Segorous steped back and felt weird," your a senator?" He managed to say. Jordyn nodded and then turned back to Gavin. He lead the two, to their quaters. Jordyn fell into the bed. Segorous went on a walk. As he was leaving Jordyn came running up out of breath. "God, thought you could sneak away?" "Away from you never," he replied.

He put his arm around her. They walked past the Ranger Guild. He stoped and walked in. The men inside were preping bows and arrows. "Arrows?" He asked and they all pointed to the basement door. He opened the door and walked down the heavy stairs and saw barrels full of arrows all sharpened and ready for use. He took a barrel and a quiver hanging on the wall. He walked out and met with Jordyn. "How did you pay for those?" "Don't need to I'm a Ranger.'

They walked arcossed the town's bridge that had a river running under it. "I really thought you were an angel when I first saw you." Segorous said. "Aww..How sweet." She said leaning in for a kiss on the cheek, but Segorous turned and their lips met again. This time she leaned into it and he held her in place. They were disturbed by a guard, that walked by and his boots clacked against the wooden boards.

Jordyn pulled off and was flushed red and Segorous just took her into his arms. She felt safe within his arms and put her arms and around his back and he loosened to make it a warm hug. "I love you...my angel," he whispered into her ear.

Commander Gavin nodded and then spoke," yes, we will join your cause the bandits have been raiding merchants that travel along the road you came on." Jordyn nodded," thank you." She turned and left. Segorous had overheard and had already sent a runner to Commander Alan. "Now for Verndon then Avina," she sighed.

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Chapter 4: The Seraph

Segorous and Jordyn had returned the news of the new forces swept through the city like a wildfire and soon many men were enlisting. Segorous was in training when his training Master came to him and gave him a letter. "Do not read it here it's very personal," he said and walked away. That was the one thing he never liked about his master he was dark and gloomy.

As he was intructed he left and went to his quarters and read the letter:

Dear Segorous,

I have a vital quest for you. It must be done now or you will never become the Ranger we want you to be. The map in this letter tells you where to go. You must tell no one of this quest we have arrows food and clothing packed in a stump. It is marked on the map. We except to see you in two weeks time.

Signed, Commander Sithous of the Ranger Corps

He looked over the map he knew this place very well he traveled here alot when he was a boy. He went to Jordyn's quarters and kissed her goodbye. He walked to the stump and waiting for him was a horse and what it said on the letter. He preped the horse and left on his journey.

He came to the waterfall where he used to play with friends and swim. He then remembered when bandits came and killed them and he was the only survivor. He had found a cave behind the waterfall and hid in it till they left. He saw the map told him to go in it. So he took the horse into it and he traveled for almost 6 hours before he made a fire where a crack revealed sunlife in the ceiling of the cave. He fed the horse some fresh grass he cut before coming into the cave.

He made some dried meat and set up his bed. He woke up and saw a blinding light. His eyes ajusted and sat up he wasn't in the cave anymore. He saw clear blue skies and the ground under him was soft and fluffy. Then he realized he was on a cloud. "AHHH." He yelled standing up. A large being with white wings and a muscler body came over to him.

"Relax, young seraph you are fine in our Kingdom of Love and Light." The man spoke with a mature and commanding voice. "Where am I?" Segorous asked. "Why, my son you are home. You are in heaven." "Did a...a bandit or something kill me in my sleep?" "No, your quest was to find the Light Bow and Light Arrow Quiver." "Segorous have you ever wondered why your name was Segorous?" "Ya, a little why?" "Because it is a seraph name. You are my son and you are a seraph. We sent you into this world to banish the evil lord that controled it. Warlord Lehman was one of his Captains and now he is using his powers to summon his old lord back to regain this world."

Segorous stood in shock he was a Seraph???? "So, I'm a seraph mean't to save our world from doom?" "Yes, you are and you must learn how use the Light Bow and Light Arrow Quiver properly then you will sent back to your world. He walked off and Segorous followed him.

They came to what looked like a field just without any grass. Segorous could see targets and knew they were for him. The seraph picked up a shining bow and a shining quiver which had no arrows in it. He picked up the bow it was light yet felt so strong. He pulled the string back and saw their was none. The seraph came over again and looked at him.

"You, must feel that their is a string their and that you are pulling it back. Same with the quiver you must feel you are taking an arrow. He reached back and felt air. He brought his hand forward then motioned as if he were grabbing one of his arrows and their it was. He pulled it out and as he felt the string pull back it did and he let go. The arrow nailed it's mark and the seraph nodded.

"Very well done, yet you must learn the types of arrows you may summon. Such as a holy arrow or a demonic arrow. This quiver will only work with it being in your hands, same goes for the bow." The seraph then showed him how. When he wanted a type of arrow he had to think arrow then something holy or demonic. Then it was their.

"In, due time you will be shooting like you did with a normal bow." Segorous practiced some more. He was getting the hang of the feel and the thoughts he needed to take an arrow. Then he began putting posin arrows and holy arrows into his practice. He fired one last arrow then put the bow down.

"This bow is great!" He said.

"Well, we still have your cloak," the seraph said as he lead him to another table and their lay drapped acrossed it was a white cloak, with gold trim on the bottom and sides.

"This won't blend with the forest." Segorous said flatly. He over looked it and he wanted it, but knew he couldn't use it for real combat.

"Well, put it on," he said. Segorous looked up at him and he motioned to put in on. Segorous did he slid the white cloak on and he felt it's power.

"This cloak is as same as your bow you want to blend in you think of your surroundings. You can even turn invisable in night. Yet you look like a king when you where it. This cloak will protect you from arrows like sheild, but melee weapons it will not." Segorous began to think of clouds and then he realized his cloak changed colors to what ever was surrounding him.

He went back to the bow and picked it up went camoed and shot. He smiled and came back to the seraph.

"When, will I be returning?"

"Well, you will be staying for another two weeks their are still things you need to learn. You have seraph powers like healing and holy light. Holy light is when you shoot light beams from the plams of your hands, but you must learn how to properly use it."

Segorous climbed on his horse. He had just finished training when he was transported back to Helumiania. He rode back to town and met Commander Alan. Commander Sithous was also waiting for him and they both looked at him.

"It is time to crush the bandits." Segorous said.

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Chapter 5: The Hunt

Segorous nodded as he look over his shoulder to a young tall man in his early 20's. He had just asked him about a bandit camp.The man replied and told him where it was. He melded into the rich forest and silently and swiftly moved to where the camp was. He stoped to drink from a spring and kept moving.

It was a bright summer day and the sunlight pierced through the treetops leaving rays of light show down to the ground. The rich foliage covered his movements. He smelled burnt wood and knew he was close. Soon enough he heard shouts and the sounds of hammers beating swords to perfection.

He drew and arrow and placed it over, the now formed bowstring. He nocked it and looked over the camp. He was now hunting these men. He found them all of them Major's in Lehman's forces. All of them Necromancers. Each of them capable of destroying whole towns.

He knew in their state they could last longer against his arrows, but in necro form they would burn up in one hit from his holy arrows. He aimed and pulled the string back and as the arrow left another one was on it's way and both hit the man in his chest knocking him over and sending the others in disarray.

Guards peered into the think forest. Before they knew it arrows were inbound for all of them. Each one after the other was hit by arrows. Bandit archers now blind fired into the forest hoping to hit something. Segorous saw another Major and shot the arrow buried itself in the man's calf making him trip and grab his calf in pain. He began to crawl away, but was shot again in the arm and lastly in the stomach and by this time he bled out.

Segorous dived to the left as a battle axe came lumbering down were he once was. A bandit had found him and he was shocked as Segorous stood up eyes glowing white. The man steped back and triped over a fallen branch, he was shot against the ground as a wave of burning light washed over him. His life force was drained and now his body useless.

Segorous came back to the tree line to find that the bandits already left. They were moving along in a convoy to pretect the necromancer's. Segorous sighed and sprinted into the opening. He would have to continue his hunt another day for it was getting late and he had to report back to Commander Alan.

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Chapter 6: The Demon Temples

Segorous woke up to a knock on his door. He had came home yesterday and slept. He got up and opened the door. He felt Jordyn's soft lips press against his and before he knew it he was on the ground. "Gosh, I missed you," she said in between kisses. He stoped and just held her in his arms. He missed her so much and wanted to talk to her last night, but was to tired. He felt the tears run down his face. He sat up with her in his arms. I want to show you something. He shut the cabin door and pulled out a dagger. "What are you doing?" She asked and before she could ran he pulled her arm out and cut it. She pulled it back and began to cry, "how could you? I'm telling my dad and you will be put to death.!" She went to go open the door, but he was to quick. He wraped her in his arms. "Calm, down," he said kissing her cheek. He put his hand to her arm and healed it. She fell into his body and looked up at him. He moved his hand and the wound was gone along with the pain.

"I would never hurt you to actually hurt you." He said kissing her neck. She smiled and felt his warm hand grip hers. She left an hour later and Segorous got ready for his meeting with Commander Alan. They were to dicuss the matter of how to rid Helumiania of the bandits. He walked to Alan's command room and went in. Alan greeted him with a grunt and just stared at the map.

"My guess is that their main camps are the old temples for the evil ones." Segorous said. Lehman really said Leh'Man was the last demon from Tar'Quals great demonic army. He has rallied his followers into the bandit tribes.

"My Rangers report a large unit of them. They are wearing black clad armor. They must have already set up a demon camp." Alan said.

"I will go alone and check on this....threat." Segorous said in a mild tone. He knew that with his new found powers he could decimate this camp with one swift blow.

"When, will you be leaving?" Alan asked.

"Now, I figure I will reach their by dusk then attack." Segorous said flatly. He formed a ball of light in his hand. Then in a motion it was gone. Segorous left and got his cloak, bow and quiver. He set off on foot. On his way he used the cloak many times to hide and ambush bandit raiding parties. As he realized the parties became patrols he slowed and surveyed the area. He looked to the road and saw a patrol in heavy black clad armor. He smiled and pulled a heavy arrow from his quiver and aimed. He shot and the arrow hit it's mark on of the men's chest plate. The man toppled over and his comrads looked into the forest. Another arrow was on it's way and hit a man in his thigh. The last two brought their shields up. They slowly retreated, but were to late two more arrows were on their way and pentrated the shields and armor.

Segorous looked at his work and knew that they would not be getting back up. He went on his way again. He found the camp about an hour before dusk and saw death every where. Necromancer's were summoning vampires and zombies. Segorous took notice of the necro's looking at him. He thought for a moment,"can they see me?" He asked himself. Then discarded the idea. Thats when he saw one point at him, he froze. He pulled a Holy Arrow from his quiver, and nocked it the nec couldn't tell what he did by found out by the arrow penitrating his chest. The arrow burned a hole where it was He nocked another and shot at a vamp. He burned away. He changed positions and shot another necro. One more summoned more vamps and they were sent Segorous's way. He went into normal form and as the necro saw his white cape he went enraged with anger.

Segorous used Holy Light to blow away the vamps coming at him. He nocked another arrow and shot this one hit the necro in his neck. Green blood spurted out. He griped his neck the fire began. Segorous heard a loud heart stopping roar and looked over to see a figure in skulls and black clad armor. The figure spoke, "young seraph you are but a mortal," he said.

"I will end your life and take your cloak to my master." Segorous smirked.

"I'd like to see you try," he said nocking another arrow. He knew now he was a demon. The demon flared into flames. Segorous aimed, and shot the arrow hit him in his leg and he smiled. He pulled the arrow out and threw it.

"Nice try that may work on mortals that have been cursed, but not a true hell spawn." Segorous threw his bow to the side and let the light guide him. He eyes flared yellow and light formed in his hands. He charged at the demon. They met and they both were evenly matched. Segorous pushed his powers to the max and the demon flew back. The demon got up and threw 2 bolts of fire at Segorous which knocked him back and he hit a tree, hard. He got up and jumped up landing infront of the demon. They met again and this time they both flew back as the power surge jolted them.

Segorous was the first to recover. He got up blood flowing from his mouth. He remember how to gain more power. Think of something happy....Jordyn. He thought of her gentle touch and how much he loved her. His eyes turned pink. The demon got up unhurt.

"Ha, so are weak! Mortal!" He yelled. He went forward and walk toward Segorous. he looked up as the demon was about to hit him he grabed him and blasted his love into him. The demon screamed in pain. He put his hand to the demons face and put all his powers into him. He let go and the limp demon fell and burned to ash. The bandits watched the battle and slowly retreated into the woods. Segorous wlaked into the temple. He met another necromancer.

"Foolish mortal you will not survive down here," he laughed. He nocked an arrow and shot. The necro fell back burning away. Vampries tried to challege Segorous, but were burned. Segorous made it to the tomb of one of the demon lords. He saw candles every where and knew that they were trying to summon him. Then he moved to the tomb. Before he got close enough the top blew off and the demon lord climbed from the tomb.

"I was expecting you young seraph, you hold so much power greater then mine. The only problem is that you can not harness it all. We were all seraphs at one time, but we wanted to gain the power the light would never give us. I am Tar'Naz." He said.

"I will never join you, I can use my power fully," Segorous said throwing a pink bolt at him. Tar'Naz reeled back and recovered sending a black bolt towards Segorous. He shielded himself and took the blow sliding back. He recovered and unleashed his powers into a huge white bolt. Tar'Naz was burned and he went enraged.

"I will kill you and take your power!" He barked at Segorous. Who already had 3 arrows nocked at once and shot the arrows penatrated the demons rotted skin and he felt the burn. He pulled the arrows out and launched another bolt at Segorous. He felt death as the bolt hit him. He was thrown into the heavy stone wall and got up. he nocked more arrows and shot sending 2 bolts after them. Tar'Naz screamed as the arrows hit him then the bolts. He threw a huge bolt at Segorous and he screamed as the pain plagued him.

He heard Jordyn's sweet voice, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Segorous replied and sent the demon laughing, but not for long he felt a stabing burn in his stomach and looked down to find the seraphs most deadly weapon God's Sword. He let out a cry before another attack came and went into his chest. The whole time Segorous thought of Jordyn and her soft touch and gentle voice.

"Demon you have failed to defeat me and now you have come to death with my powers!" Segorous yelled while burning the demons face and sucking his life force from him. The demon burned to ash.

Segorous made his way back home. When he got their he met with Alan again.

"They are summoning demons I killed 2 of them one being a Demon Lord, Tar'Naz." Alan stared in disblief.

"Segorous!" He heard the voice that had pulled him through the fight and before he blinked Jordyn was in his arms huging him tightly. He realized that blood was coming from his mouth and he had bruises everywhere. He let her go and steped back healing himself.

"Jordyn, I couldn't of fought the demons without you," he said to her.

"How did I help?" She she asked.

"The thoughts of you gave me power I could never weild before," he said and hugged her.

"Did you find any more information on the main camp?" Alan asked.

"No, he just went on and on, how all demons were once seraph warriors that found greater power in becoming a demon." Segorous said. Alan looked at his map and at the location of the temple. Three others were around the city and no doubt that cults were forming and the demons would have more followers.

"We, need to see if their are any cults within the city mainly the lower city." Alan said.

The lower city was known for crime and rebel hideouts along with cults and gangs. Even the guards were afraid of the lower city and for a long time Alan was thinking of raiding it with 200 men. Touch old buildings and arrest crime lords, then this happened.

"Your, next mission is to raid the lower city Segorous we need to know if any cults are their and if so kill them. We can not have treason within the city. They will burn our supplies and quarters. You will leave in a weeks time, I want you to spend some time with my daughter." He looked over to Jordyn and smiled.

07-23-2011, 05:54 AM
Chapter 7: Jordyn's Birthday

Jordyn and Segorous walked to his cabin. She held his hand tightly and had her head on his shoulder.

"I love you," He said kissing her cheek. She turned and looked at him with her eyes putting him in a trans. He went to when they first met and then was back with her lips meeting his.

"I love you too," She said. They got to the cabin and Segorous unlocked the door and they went in. He had her gift already wraped and ready for her. He brought her into bedroom and gave her it. She opened it and the second she did the room was filled with light.

She took the gift out and looked at it. It was a silver ring that glowed.

"It's a halo, I made it from one of my Holy Arrows. Now your my angel." He said taking it from her and placing it 2 inches above her head and it stayed floating their. When she moved it went with her. Before he could look down at her he was thrown off the bed and onto the floor with her arms around him.

"I love it," She whispered into his ear and rested her head on his chest. He looked down at her. He loved her so much.

"Hey do you want to stay here tonight?" He asked.

"Really, I can?" She said.

"Ya, I want you to." He said kissing her head. She snuggled closer to him.He wraped his arms around her. They stayed this way for 10 minutes before they got up. She walked to the fire place and sat down in front of it. He wraped a blanket around her to keep her warm. He knew that the cabin was cold. He went to the kichen and made chicken and soup to eat.

He gave her a plate and went to make himself one. He came back and sat next to her. He put his plate down and got up, he went to the fireplace and opened the steel linked gate and put more wood into the blaze. The fire soon was nice and warm along with the cabin.

"What did you feel like when you heard me scream?" She asked looking up to him.

"Well, I thought that you were just a little girl that had lost her parents and when I saw you I felt a surge of hate towards the bandits. I reacted so fast to kill them." He said.

"When that one took me I was scared that you might shoot me, when I saw your hand move I blinked and when I reopened them I was looking at you." She said rubbing her hand in his. Her head slowly fell to his shoulder.

"I never want to leave you, I love you so much." He whispered into her ear. She looked up to him and there lips met. His hands sliped to her waist and she stoped looking at him. He gave her something that he wanted to give her for awhile.

His eyes turned white and she felt a tingle in her waist as a few of his powers were givin to her.

"You can heal, and use holy light, meaning you can fight small battles with bandits or nercomancer's don't, don't engage and demon or show him you have these powers. He will kill you on site. So please don't I don't want to lose you to a demon." He told her kissing her again.

"I won't even get close to one," She said kissing him back. They got up and went back to the bed. She layed down, he next to her. She looked over and said,"Hey, I have made a plan to go learn, how to become a mage. My father agrees that with you being such a powerful Ranger, that if I become a powerful enough mage we can crush the demons once and for all."

"Ok, when will you leave and for how long?" Segorous asked.

"I'm leaving when you go to the under city and will come back every month for a few days." She said rubbing his hand. "When I'm done, I will study the Holy Arts."She said.

"Oh, I was thinking, that I should study the Dark Arts only to farther understand how the demons work." He said kissing her neck. They covered up and Jordyn was the first one to go to sleep. Segorus thought of how he will be changed by the studies.

Jordyn was the first one up and she began make food. Segorous woke up to the smell of fresh bacon and eggs. He sat up rubbed his eyes and looking over the cabin. He looked to the kichen and saw Jordyn making food. He climbed out of the bed and went to her kissing the back of her neck making her giggle. He put his hand over her shoulder and she kissed it.

He looked at the food then picked a plate up and coming over to his chair sitting down and Jordyn sat acrossed from him. They ate and talked about, there plans. She stared at him knowing that, if things went wrong with his studies he could become a demon, and with out him the kingdom would fall.

They heard a knock on the door, and Segorous got up, dagger in hand. He cracked the door open and Jordyn's Royal Guard was standing their.

"Hello Fedrick," Segorous said opening the door fully allowing him in. He came in and Jordyn looked up at him smiling. She stood up and Fedrick bowed at her. She nodded and he looked up. Fedrick was a 19 year old Knight in training he was her Royal Guard, because father thought that she should have someone young that she could play with and he was the youngest Knight that could protect her properly.

After the 3 talked a bit the two left leaving Segorous to himself to get ready for his mission. He cleaned his cloak and looked over his bow. They both shined, greatly and he opened his cabin door and left.

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Chapter 8: The Battle for Loyalty

Segorous heard boots hitting the ground then, swords clashing as another battle broke out. He knew that soon the lower city and upper city would be at war. King Alan had been sending in men for over a week now and no one could find the cult's leader. Turning the corner he grabed a normal arrow and shot. The arrow zipped through the air and was drilled into a man's chest. Two more came after it killing two more men. The sound of foot steps boomed in his ears and before his assailant could reach him he turned and let out a blast of energy. The man flew back into a wall and was killed by two more blasts.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement and brought his cloak up. An arrow bounced off it doing no damge at all. His eyes searched for the archer, he saw him running away and before he could get another few steps he was dead. Segorous moved from his position to more of the front lines. He saw rebels and bandits weakly fighting. Then he saw something that made his heart stop. A young girl maybe 9 was walking towards the battle. With out thinking he sprinted over to her and grabed her before anything happened and put her somewhere safe.

"What were you thinking?" He asked.

"My daddy's out their," She sobbed.

"Well stay here you'll get hurt out their." He knew that the fighting wasn't something that the people down here saw. They dealt with gangs and robbings.

"Daddy!!!" She screamed. He looked over and saw a man with a sword about to go through him. Segorous fired all in one smooth motion and the man above him went down. Now the battle was over. Within a few more motions five men were dead others running away wanting to only live. He knew the affects of this raid would be nasty to these people, but it was needed.

The man came over to his daughter and picked her up kissing her.

"Why do you do that daddy? Why?" She sobbed into him. He looked up at Segorous and nodded his thanks. The soldiers came over to him and waited for orders.

"Keep moving I want this battle over as soon as possible!" He barked at them and they ran over.

07-23-2011, 06:02 AM
Now I will admit right here and now that alot of what you have just read gets really stupid, sappy, and down right just doesn't make sense. This story in itself was really a place for my emotions on the girl I liked at the time. Jordyn...... She never read it nor did I really want her too. For many of you who know of the cameos I have created here, know that I generally use the name Segorous. This is where it came from. I actually began rewriting this story, with more of an older teenager tone to it and a more complex plot, but from right now it's all on paper.

Of course this story stopped, because I felt the plot was getting boring. I had a writers block, and to be quite frank I lost feelings for the girl.