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07-23-2011, 06:06 AM
12/23/08 :Objective: Set demo charges on enemy armories and weapon caches.

Lt. James loaded his M4 Carbine. He checked over his gear. He had extra clips in his belt and his com mic was working fine. His squad were in a fast drop heli and were inbound for an enemy hard point. They would be droped on the outside and then locate the enemies weapons then sneak out and blow them up and then call in evac, simple. Cpl. Wattson checked over his M-21 semi-auto sniper rifle. He had just cleaned it and now was making sure it wouldn't jam. Cpl. Newson ready the charges. He had already preped his shotgun and was now making sure each charge woudn't go off while they were moving.

Sgt. Griggs spun a silencer over his M4 Carbine and then locked his reflex sight on his gun then made the adjustments so it would aim right. They all were ready ten minutes before the drop. They waited then the green light flashed in the cabin. They opened the side doors and each quickly put on paracheuts, and jumped. Cpl. Wattson was first to hit ground. He got up and looked over the area. He realized he hadn't hit ground, but a rooftop. He looked up and down came his squadmates. They all landed in the same area just on other houses.

"Alright, regroup on in the alley," Lt. James said. Wattson looked down and he saw an alley. He jumped down onto the next level of the house then down again onto the dirt street. Cpl. Newson was waiting crouched survey the street in front of him. Sgt. Griggs was on the other end and Lt. James hopped down from above.

"We missed drop by about 2 klicks east, the wind was pretty wilded up there." He said. The rest of the squad nodded.

"Sir, are we on enemy ground?" Cpl. Newson asked. James nodded then pointed forward. They formed up on a wall.

"Thank god it's dark, but that just means more patrols to dodge." Sgt. Griggs said, He peaked around the corner then motioned forward. They came to another house and checked the area. Just then a insurgent arounded the corner, and stared at Sgt. Griggs who put a three round burst in his chest and he fell over. He draged his boby over to a wall and layed him up against it. Lt. James lead the rest ahead. Griggs caught up with them and got in front with James.

They were just about to round the corner when a spot light hit the corner of the building and they froze. They reacted quickly and all of them went straight backed against the wall. The light went away to another corner. They all ran to the house behind them and climbed up the ladder in the back. They moved around to the front and over looked the spot light. Cpl. Wattson sighted in and knew he was looking at one of the caches thay had to take out.

"It's a cache," he said into his mic. He checked the tower it had four guards with AK-47's. Wattson screwed a silencer onto the barrel of his rifle then aimed.

"Sir, should i take the shots?" He said while screwing a silencer over his weapon.

"Ya, Griggs cover our movement too." James said. Griggs smerked and readied his weapon. Wattson aimed at the guard tower and pulled the trigger. Puff. Puff. The two men in the tower droped and he targeted a patrol of insurgents. Before he could fire they were cut down by Griggs fire. The rest of the squad moved up.

"Wattson, the roof." James said. He leveled his rifle to the roof and saw five insurgents. He checked his clip and fired. each of his rounds nailed one in the head. Griggs moved up with the rest of the squad. He gunned down another patrol heading down the street. He crouched in the middle of the street and waved Wattson to come down. He slung his rifle over his back and pulled his silenced USP.45 pistol out. He sprinted down the stairs and past Griggs. They were at the edge of the light from the cache.

"Sir, the lights?" Wattson said.

"Cut em, Newson when he cuts em move up and check the gate." Newson nodded and readied his pump while Wattson looked for the fuse box. He found it and pulled all the fuses out. He heard a few yells. Then the door next to him burst open and guards came out. He aimed his pistol and fired. The first few rounds hit the insurgents in the legs and arms. Then Griggs sprayed them down. He helped Wattson up and they quickly moved to the door. Griggs went in first then Wattson.

"Keep it tight we don't know where they are." Griggs whispered into his mic as he tightened his grip on his rifle. Wattson heard a movement and tapped Griggs on his back. He stoped and listened he heard it again. A insurgent was almost next to them trying to get into a comfortable position in cover. Griggs ears located the man and he aimed and fired. Then others bagan to panic how could they kill an enemy they couldn't see. Wattson brought his pistol over to another insurgent making noise and fired. The man hit the floor hard, he hadn't realized the man was standing.

Griggs moved forward slightly and heard another noise this one he could not pin point it. He studied the sound then aimed once again and fired. This time has he shot 2 insurgents stood up and unloaded, but Wattson heard their movements and pulled Griggs and himself down into cover. They stoped and Wattson took his helmet and slamed it against the floor boards.

"Oh, my god! Medic! Medic! I need help someone help me!" He yelled and as the 2 insurgents came over Griggs shot them. He reloaded and stood helping Wattson up.

"Nice job woulda never thought a that," he said and patted him on the back. They cleared the rest of the top floor.

"James the top is clear set the charge and we will ambush them from up above." Griggs said and smiled to himself.

Newson was already priming the charge. He put 2 wires together and set it on the steel gate he ran back to the sandbags and jumped over and just fell just in time foe the charge to blow up and let the insurgents waste their ammo.

The light from outside came in, Griggs and Wattson could see their targets perfectly 5 total. Wattson aimed for the 2 on the sides behind thick crates while Griggs just sprayed the 3 behind the center crates.

"Clear!" Wattson said into his mic and they met up with the rest of the squad at the main gate. The sun was coming up and they would have to defend this position untill the day drops could reinforce them then tommorow Abrams would roll in and help push even further into the city.

"Open these crates gather all the ammo and weapons set up defences board up the windows down stairs I want this place looking like a fort!" Lt. James barked and went to go radio command to give them the next Marine LZ. In the hours that past the marines had set up a very fortified fort. They had RPD and RPK machine guns set up in windows reinforced with sand bags. The main gate was sealed off for now. They had caches set up all over the place. The roof was preped for a drop and cover drop. They were getting reinforcements in 2 hours.

"So, hows Rita?"Newson asked Griggs.

"Good, she just had Kyle and I missed it when I left to get ready for this."Griggs replied. He looked around and felt the will to cry, but held it back.

"Wish I had a wife my girl left me when I came here she said she couldn't stand it if I died." Newson asked.

"Get to your posts!"Lt. James barked. He watched as a squad of insurgents moved up the rode in a pick-up truck. Wattson aimed and pulled the trigger. The driver of the truck jolted as the round hit his now limp body. The other 4 men looked around quickly then saw they were headed for a wall and jumped out, but were picked off by Wattson as they recovered.

James could here the shouts of more men coming from an alley and soon they were in a heavy fire fight. Griggs picked up an RPD and pulled the bolt back and set up a base of fire on the insurgents. He aimed down the sights and shot blood sprayed the dirt and a man droped dead. The rest dived into cover and blanked rounds.

Griggs pelted the wall they were behind and slowly chucks of cement came off. Then another pick-up came around and opened up on Griggs the heavy .50 cal rounds blew through the sand bags and left a hole where the RPD was. Griggs looked around the room and before he could think he had an RPG in his hands. He aimed it and shot, the grenade hit the truck and it became a ball of fire. He slid another grenade in and shot in into the corner blowing the insurgents behind it away.

He picked up and AK-47 and checked the rest of the area. He heard more gunfire from James's section. Then about 12 squads ran into the open and shot from the hip. He smiled and picked up his RPG. He fired and and looked up the insurgents were in disorder and he took his chance. He aimed in a line and fired. The rounds hit soft flesh and men screamed in pain. He saw gunfire from the bottom floor he knew he had reinforcements now and took this time to reload. He looked up and after the smoke had cleared he saw the insurgents were on the ground.

Another pick-up came a suppressed him. He realized he had to abandon the window because the .50 cal rounds were eating through the cement walls. He pulled the pin of a grenade, turned out the window and in one whole motion threw the frag under one of the trucks he was happy when he heard the sound of one of the trucks blowing up.

"This is Apache Beta we are in range give fire support, over."

"We copy and will be marking the building we are in with red smoke. We want you to clear any insurgent armor and trucks around us." Lt. James said.

"We, read and are coming in for fire support."

"Wattson get on the roof and set some red smoke up then find a good sniping position." James barked over the gun fire. Wattson grabed an AK-47 and some ammo for it and climbed up the ladder leading to the roof. He pulled the pin on the smoke and set it in the middle of the roof. He aimed at another pick-up this time it was loaded with C4. He held his breath and shot the driver the truck spun and hit a building and blew up. He looked around and saw another truck this one had an escort. He shot the driver in front who spun sideways tipped over and blew the attack up as the C4 loaded truck hit it.

He knew their would be more, but for now more infantry were closing in on them. He picked up the AK and pulled the bolt back making sure rounds were going to fire from it and aimed at a group of infantry. He pulled the trigger and the felt the kick back of the weapon, then saw four men fall and other tripped over them leaving them as his next target he fired another burst. He was thrown back and felt a burning pain in his right shoulder. He realized he had been shot, but his armor protected him. He got up and checked his right flank. He saw about 10-20 insurgents ducking in and out of cover firing at a constent rate.

He aimed and heard the click of the rifle and he took cover to reload. He came up with a fresh clip in and began to fire. He took only two men at first, but then they broke their constant fire and ran for a new spot which he cut 13 down as they ran. He heard the loud sound of a .50 cal gatling gun and looked up the Apache was above him and nailing another group of pick-ups. It then focused it's fire on a Scorpion tank the heavy rounds blew the weak tank apart. The Apache then cut down a unit of insurgents that were inbound for the marines.

Just then the cockpit turned red and the pilot served off to avoid an RPG. He realized another one was already on its way and he was to late to avoid it and the grenade nailed the back tail. The Apache went into a fast spin and slowly went down.

"This, is Apache 1783 I am going down. Marking coorinates to tac maps." The pilot said and unloaded the location of the area he would crash.

Griggs slid anotehr clip into AK-47. He looked over the battlefield in front of him. He knew over 100 men were dead and many more wounded.

"Griggs take Newson and go get that pilot." James barked. Griggs took a few more clips and linked up with Newson downstairs. They opened the back door and left. They went from building to building checking over the area. Griggs breathed out and unloaded a burst of rounds in a squad going to the fort. Newson unloaded 2 shells in under 30 seconds and 2 men flew back from the blast. He ran to the next building and saw the down chopper. At least 20 insurgents were closing in. Griggs shit from a distance and took some off guard. Newson ran forward and grabed cover by a wall.

As 2 insurgents moved toward Griggs, Newson pumped shells into them. Only 10 insurgents were left and Griggs cut them down feeling a burn in his stomach. He had been shot, but at this range it only felt like a punch against his armor. They moved in and got the pilot he was able to walk, but had alot of cuts on his arms. They got him and went back to the fort to find their reinforcements came and the area around the fort was safe for now. Newson treated the pilots wounds and the sun began to set.

This was my first time ever trying to write for a dead-line, one I had set myself. To get the last entry out on Christmas. Three entries, of course this is only one. I never finished the other two, because I started 5 days before Christmas and never thought of the whole spending time with the family would come into play. It did and I never finished it....