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2041 August, 23rd

Jungles of Hybrid

Sgt. Mers and his fire-team ran through the dense, lush, humid jungle. Each soldier had Recon Battle Armor (RBA) on. They currently had silenced Mk6 assault rifles out, and K9m5R sniper rifles slung on there backs.

“I hate this planet, why don’t we just blow it up?” Pfc. Earnest Conway grunted.

“Well, it is infested with insurgents, but its plant life may cure cancer and AIDS fully. Besides after a few more Operations we will have this planet for ourselves.” Cpl. John Keller said.

The team’s target was one of the insurgents high Colonels. He was in charge of many attacks on frigates carrying ammo, weapons, and other supplies. Many Colonels for the Insurgent Forces (IFs) do that. The more you raid and attack the better your army is in weapons and ammo. Each Colonel has to have his own army, ammo, weapons, armor, and supplies. Most generally don’t like each other and have small civil wars over planets and space. Admiral Jenkins, the leader of IFs he commands major assaults and combines Colonel’s forces when necessary. He also has a fleet of A-Class destroyers hi-jacked from one of United Nations Space Forces (UNSF) small navy bases.

“Alright, boys stay frosty the base is 200 meters ahead.” Sgt. Mers said.

“Shaw when we get in 50 meters I want you to get up in a tree and set up shop. Keller your to get as close as you can and inform us on guard count and location of every tower and exit route. Shaw you’re going to take the shot. The rest keep your Mk6’s out and ready single only. Conway you’re with me. Evac will be waiting to call in along with 4 more fire-teams.” Sgt. Mers said.

His team executed his orders quickly Pvt. Shaw was up in a tree in seconds when his HUD said 50 meters. Cpl. Keller broke formation to get ahead, while Sgt. Mers and Pfc. Conway held their position. Pvt. Shaw scanned the base for what looked like an officers quarters to him. He scoped in to get a more detailed view of the few buildings he could see.

“I can’t find his quarters.” He reported back.

“We got 20 guards two in each tower, which there are four. Two at the main gate then two, five man patrols around the base walls. There is only one gate, which can be covered very easily. We should only use our Mk6’s. They won’t make noise or give away our positions. I can get one of the patrols into the jungle and take them out. The rest won’t be a problem.” Cpl. Keller reported back.

“Do it, me and Conway will flank around to engage the other patrol. Then we assault the base. Shaw, move into a better position then take the shot.” Sgt. Mers said. They moved into position. Sgt. Mers aimed at the patrol and watched from the corner of his eye Cpl. Keller’s go into the woods. He clicked his fire rate to full and pulled the trigger. Conway did the same and the patrol was wiped. The guards in the tower nearest saw their comrades go down silently.

As one turned to push the button for the siren he got a single shot to the head. The man next to him got the same fate.

“One, tower is clear. Shaw engage one we can take another while Keller takes the last. Then, we’ll assault the main gate.” Sgt. Mers said.

“Sir, I have the target locked.”

“Take it.” The sound of his round leaving the barrel cracked the air. Every muscle in Sgt. Mers body froze.

“Target is hit, I’m moving up with Keller.”

“Good, I’ll call in evac. This is fire-team Echo we are ready for evac and reinforcements, give us an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival.)” Sgt. Mers said.

“Ten minutes is your ETA. We still see enemy contacts, so clear them out before we land, roger.”

“We’re working on it now.” Sgt. Mers replied. He aimed and fired 3 quick shots 2 hitting one of the two last insurgents. The last was killed by the crack of a sniper rifle.

“Alright, boys get in their and secure that equipment.” Sgt. Mers said while moving out into the open. Their mission was a success. He kicked open the front gate and walked into the small compound.

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2041 August, 29th

Rally Point Gamma,


Sgt. Mers sipped his coffee. His men were still sleeping. The 1st full 12 hours of sleep they’ve had in 2 weeks. They were going to be the 1st team up to the I.F. airbases. Fifty of them hovered five miles above the I.F.’s main base. They were the shield’s generators. The shield itself shot a mile above the grid. Once it was gone the U.N.S.F. ships positioned above the base would begin naval bombardment.

He sighed. Sure they had a few days on R and R, but still. They were going to be the first team up and the last team down. Over all a 4 hour Op. Once they set charges in the airbase’s reactor room, they had to hold out until every other team did. They being the last to blow their airbase up. A tap came on the tent’s door.

“Sir?” A runner asked.

“Yes, soldier?” Mers said sighing.

“Lt. Winslow, needs to see you for your full briefing.” As the runner spoke Mers had unzipped the door and was out beginning to walk. He came to the large command tent and walked in.

The two men didn’t salute like a normal soldier would to his CO. Instead they shook hands. The two soldiers thought each other as equal in rank. They had been the only two marines to leave the Op on a major I.F. space station. Three whole companies and only two men survived. It was going to be and easy Op, untill the insurgents began blowing up the station.

After that Op both men were promoted. Mers from Pfc. to Sgt. Winslow from Sgt. to Lt. . They were the two men sent to Hybrid knowing they would win, because after their Op they would crush any insurgent force they came upon. Winslow was the brain and Mers and his team were the heart and muscles.

“Centcom wants the Op to begin within 24 hours. I need your team airborne in two. Once, you make contact the rest will go up. We need com’s to be clear so if you have to secure a link through their systems.” Winslow said tapping on the data-pad in front of him.

We’ll be ready in 30 minutes.” Mers said turning around to return to his men to tell them the news. He came back to the tent and went in barking for them to get up and ready. The men jumped up fully slept and now heading for food then to the armory.

“Alright boys within 20 minutes we are going to be loaded up and inbound to our airbase. From there we will want to tap into airbases com-net. Then, well lock down the command center and reactor room. The base itself does not have a large defense force.” He said packing ammo in his knapsack. For this mission they would be using Mk6’s and S20A2 shotguns with Light Assault Battle Armor (LABA) on. The sound of boots being clasped on and straps being tightened filled the air. Mers took out a picture of his wife, she had beautiful green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Gazing at her he began to feel her body wrapped around his and the feeling of her in his arms.

“Sir? Sir! The drop ship is here, sir.” Conway said as he picked up his rifle and leaving the tent. Mers followed right behind him.

They approached the base and noticed they weren’t taking any fire.

“Winslow, why aren’t we taking fire?” Mers asked.

“The turret grid is offline thanks to our engineers. Makes your job a whole hellva a lo………” The com was broke once they got within 50 meters of the base.

“The hanger is going to be pretty empty, but don’t think you won’t face anything once they know to party is here. My reports show that the base has only 2 companies of militia. They don’t seem to protective of the only thing stopping us from winning.” The pilot said and a green light winked on inside the troop bay and they marines stood up. The hatch in the bottom of the craft opened and out they went.

“Keller and Shaw find a data-console and upload the bases map so we can get to the command room and tap their com-systems.” As Mers said this, the hanger’s main doors opened and gunfire came out in a wall and the squad hit the deck. A group of supply crates were next to them and they quickly crawled to them and took cover. Mers pointed to Conway and to the right down a row of huge crates, then to Shaw and another group of crates on the left of them.

“Keller me and you will give cover fire for them. One. Two. Three. Go!” He barked and stood up cycling through rounds and each one hitting an insurgent. His clip went dry and screams filled the air as he reloaded. Keller was conserving rounds by firing in bursts. His clip went dry too and Conway took over.

“Sir, I’ve found the console, but it’s in sight of the insurgents.” Shaw said. Mers peered over his cover and smirked pulling out his shotgun and hopping his cover. His first two shells tore into an insurgent’s mid-section, and he blasted the finishing shell to his face. The others quickly retreated back and Shaw was able to get to the console. A few minutes later and a couple more rounds the hanger was clear and they were heading to the control room. The map showed a series of maintenance lifts operational as the main ones were offline due to the attack. One was nearby and they stacked up on the wall that cornered down to it.

“Shaw open the lifts cam and see if any guards are their.” Mers said. Shaw followed his orders out quickly.

“Two contacts and a few coming down in the lift now.” Shaw said putting away the data-pad. The team prepped and Mers lead with 2 shells followed by the burst of rifle rounds when the lift stopped. They pushed a button and the doors slid shut and up they went.

“Alright once we get up Shaw and Keller head back down to the reactor room we can tap the system. Once you guys are done head back to the hanger. We will hold their until pick up. Go.” Mers said as the doors slid open to the command center. The two went back down. Mers and Conway crouched down and surveyed the command center. He leveled his rifle and pointed to a console then to Conway. The message was clear that was the console they would tap into. A burst rang out from the barrel of Mers’s rifle and down went a guard. Conway tossed a grenade and cleared his next cover point. Mers aimed and clicked to full auto and unleashed a spray of bullets.

The command center was clear and they taped the system.

“Winslow, can you hear me. Winslow.” Mers said.

“Loud and clear buddy, the rest of the troops are proceeding as planned. How far is you team?”

“Keller and Shaw are just now planting the charges.”

“Good I’ll send your drop ship now. ETA 10 minutes, clear?” Winslow asked.

“Ya, were heading back down to the hanger now.” Mers said waving for Conway to hurry up. They went down the lift and back to the hanger. Militia were everywhere.

“Hey, Keller you two need to find another way down so we can flank the guards in the hanger.” Mers said.

“We found something. It looks like a lab. The militia were pretty keen on guarding it.” Keller reported back to Mers.

“Download any data you can and get out. We have been hearing of I.F. labs experimenting on plant life here. So double-time it back when you’re done.” Mers said.

Keller plugged a cable into the data-pad next to an experiment. He typed in a code he found on a scientists tag and information began downloading. Shaw did the same and soon they had all the information they needed.

“Ok, let’s get the hell out of here.” Keller said bringing his rifle back to his shoulder. After they got back to hanger level they went up a small shaft to the hangers catwalks. Keller pointed to Shaw then pulled two grenades out.

“When I give the signal I want you to chuck these at the fueling stations they will begin spraying the ignited fuel all over the deck. Then Mers and Conway can move out and engage while we move back down and secure the rest of the hanger.” Keller said aiming his rifle and firing. The bullets cut down 3 guards.

“Now! Mers move up when the fuel is done spraying.” Keller said spraying guards down. Shaw tossed one grenade and prepped for the next. He looked for the next station and tossed it the second he found it. Boom! Boom! The fuel began covering the deck and the militia that didn’t see it coming caught on fire.

“Shaw move down and secure the left bay, Mers I can cover you guys from here get the right.” Keller said.

“Ok, get down here after we are done ETA is 2 minutes and after that its 3 minutes till the fireworks.” Mers said standing up to engage the militia. Conway was on his tail firing short burst. Shaw was climbing down when he was hit in the back. He dropped down the ladder and landed hard.

“Shit, Shaw.” Keller said.

“Guys I have to check him. He got hit and dropped 10 ft. down.” Keller said running over to the ladder and climbing down quickly. He jumped the last 4 ft. turned crouched and unloaded his clip into a squad of militia. Shaw was breathing. His armor took the bullet and most of the heavy impact. Still he was out and Keller picked him up in a firemen’s carry, rifle in his left hand.

“I need cover boys he’s out like a light.” Keller said avoiding the flames licking at his back. An explosion pushed him forward.

“Shit we need to get out now the hanger is going to blow. Shaw did more damage to the fueling stations then I thought.” Keller said beginning to run.

“ETA is 30 seconds.” Mers said waving to him to hurry up as the drop ship came into view. Keller’s legs burned now and he heard a second explosion behind him and the drop ship entered the hanger and in his team went. He was short behind, but it began moving away. He pumped his legs as he went into a full sprint and just made it into the drop ship’s troop bay and it pulled off.

“Good, job boys mission complete.” Winslow said. They got a few miles away and boom the grid went down and the base underneath began to disappear in a wall of naval rounds.

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August 29th, 2041 A-Class Cruiser

Sgt. Mers layed on his bed in his team's quaters. They had just left for their two day trip back to Earth. For quick space travel they used Teleportation Gates. The gates could send a ship to a specific location in the universe. He felt a quick jolt as the ship entered the gate and they entered space at the edge of our Solar System. He knew if he was on the bridge Earth would look like a tiny speck.

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September 1st, 2041 Earth Saudi-Arabia

“Insurgent forces just keep moving forward. We can’t do a damn thing.” Cpt. Quill said.

“Mers you and your team ready?” Winslow asked.

“Were combat ready and in a Cobra about to drop.”

“Well prep for a very hot LZ insurgents just keep coming. I’m tracking a large force heading your way now. Winslow out.”

“When will these bastards learn they can’t win?” Mers laughed sliding a clip into his K9m5R sniper rifle. An Nk6 slung over his shoulder and clipped to his armor. The team readied their Mk6’s and when they were done they stood up.”

“LZ is blazin boys good luck.” The pilot said and the back hatch dropped and they jumped down 10ft. to the ground. They each had Light Assault Armor (LAA) on. The armor could with stand a lot of punishment, but was very light.

Shaw was the squad’s recon unit. He had an Nk6 along with his Mk6. He pulled it out and slung his assault rifle over his shoulder. These Spec-Marines were ready for anything the insurgents threw at them.

“Objectives are enemy hard-points clear em out as fast as possible. We got allied armor inbound and need a clear route to get through. I loaded the Nav-Markers to you Tac-Maps. Remember these are the worst insurgents in the world. They know every crack in this city. Don’t get pinned down or your done. They will be using full out guerilla warfare tactics. So stay frosty and check those corners. Winslow out.”

The first hard-point was a few hundred meters of their position. Mers swiped two fingers twice in that direction. They headed down back alleys and finally came to a Marine CP.

“Any marines here that are not hurt on me. Were taking an enemy hard-point. We could use the extra guns.” Mers said looking around. Two squads stood up. “Good, Conway and Shaw you lead these two teams and me and Keller will hang back and provide support.” Mers said. The teams went from corner to corner. They went roof side and went from building to building. “It’s to quite.” Mers said stopping.

“Sarge, we should spilt up here. This is a good spot for you guys to cover us.” Conway said.

“Ya, alright do it. Shaw you go right. Conway left. If you guys are in a position we can’t cover then sit tight.” Mers said. He walked to the top builing and looked down.

“Winslow this is more like base. We don’t have the men to assault this place.”Mers said aiming down his sights and looking at the base. Trucks were being loaded up with troops and ammo.

“Copy that Fire-Team Zulu is inbound. They have C-4 and can infiltrate the base easily. Winslow Out.”

“You heard him boys sit tight.” An ETA came up on his goggles small display screen. Two minutes and counting…………. Thirty seconds. He heard the chopper.

“They second they land he insurgents will know we have to give them cover so they can get in and then you guys will proceed.

“This is Fire-Team Zulu are we clear for quick drop?”

“Yes, but hurry up we are next to the base and they will come knocking when you drop. I want your team to flank around and hit em in the back. Then we can move up and take the hard point.” Mers said.

“Copy, that were dropping now. I’ll have our bird give some fire-support.”

The chopper came over from the next set up buildings and its chain-guns rained bullets on the enemy. The trucks were destroyed and two rockets polished off the emplacements.

“Go! Go! I want that base clear ASAP!” Mers barked scoping in and taking out two insurgents with one round. Keller just kept up a stead rate of burst fire. Mers saw Conway’s team. They moved in taking down any insurgents they saw. One went down, but before he did he got off a burst taking down one of the marines.

“Keep moving. We can get him later!” Conway barked sliding behind a destroyed truck. Now he was pinned down. “Mers can you dig us out, were under heavy fire.” Conway barked and blanked a few bursts. The marines with him returned fire and one was killed by a round to the chest hitting his lungs directly. Mers turned and aimed. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Five rounds five kills.

“This is Sgt. Ramos were in position. On your mark we’ll go.”

“Now, go now. My men are in knee deep in shit.” Mers reloaded and selected five new targets. He watched as Shaw walked out and was nailed by a launched grenade. He body flew back and hit a wall.

“God damnit. Shaws dead.” Conway barked. He looked around and pointed at a door and his team replied. The one leading into the door lowed his shoulder and plowed through. He got up quickly and cleared it out. The house was still compared to the carnage outside.

“Alright we can post up here. I want two of you up on the roof the other two at windows. I’ll go barricade the doors.” Conway said. As he got up a salvo of RPG’s drilled into the building. The marines on the roof were killed instantly. The two at the windows were killed after the house collapsed. Conway was knocked out by a brick hitting his helmet. He fell in the middle and to pillars stopped the roof from hitting him.

“Conway! Conway do you read me? Conway. Damnit!!!” Zulu fall back your support has been wiped and I have to fall back to the LZ.” Mers said droping his rifle and pulling out his Nk6. He sprinted down the steps and around a few alley ways.

“This is Sgt. Ramos. My squad is out I’ll link up with you at the LZ. Ramos out.”

Mers stopped after rounding a few more corners.

“Winslow get the chopper now. Everyone is dead but me and Ramos.” Mers said losing his breath at the thought of his team dead. He was only a short distance away. Now all it would take was a few more alley ways. He turned the last one and his legs began to burn, but it didn’t matter. He could see the chopper in the distance. Gun shots broke out behind him. A squad of insurgents had followed him. He pointed the SMG behind him and let loose the clip. The rounds did nothing, but give him time. One or two connected, but didn’t do much damage.

Ramos jumped from rooftop to rooftop. His knife in hand and his senses were so in tune with everything around him. The LZ was 3 houses over and he could see Mers running and the chopper. He noticed rounds flinging by Mers and jumped into the alley way that the bullets were coming from. He landed on one of the insurgents and put his knife in the mans neck. He pulled it out and slashed backwards killing another insurgent. He looked around and drew his pistol firing two bullets and killing the last two before running forward and seeing Mers on the ground.

Mers was running and felt a burning pain in his leg. He went down fast and realized he had been shot. He looked back towards the alley he had just came out of and saw that all the insurgents were dead. Ramos was running towards him as he slowly faded. He was laying in a pool of his own blood. The chopper was next to him and two soldiers came out to seacure the area as Ramos picked him up and put him into the chopper. He could feel everything fading………….

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September 5th, 2042

Ion’s 5th Moon Omega Base

2nd Fast Response Team

“Baker! Damnit! Baker wake the hell up now!” John’s eyes were quick to open. Kurt was next to him. “No time to change just grab your helmet and armor. We got to get to the lower armory.” He said handing him a pistol.

“Sarge are we under attack?” John said hopping on one foot while putting on his boot. They got to the lift and went down. John was now in full armor. “So are we under attack or what?” He asked confused and tired. He latched his thighs plates on fully so theyfit comfortably and weren’t rubbing against anything.

“Something turned offon our radar grid last night. A whole intire sector of space went dark. Thermal shows nothing. They’ve also noticed patches of stars missing. The boys on Ion don’t like it at all.” Kent said. John’s heart stopped for a moment. The lift lurched to a halt and they got out. The base had armories on every level. They were on the bottom level. The smallest, but the one no one will go to.

They walked in and racks of NK6 SMG’s were full. They each grabbed one and filled the ammo slots on their armor up with loaded magazines.

“All teams to the docking bays one and two. Repeat all teams to docking bays one and two.” Major Statson said. The two Spec-Marines were quick to leave.

“Sarge where’s the rest of the team?” John asked.

“Their out making sure nothing happenes to the engineers. Their doing a quick check on the gauss cannons and rail gun.” Kurt said pushing the button to the left. Kurt pulled on the straps to armor. Everything was on tight. He noticed how funny John looking his armor and bed dress. A white T-shirt and skin tight shorts that stopped past his knees. His boots came up to where the shorts stopped. On top of that he was wearing his knee pads. He was still one of the biggest marines we had ever seen though.

The lift stopped and they were out and down the corridor to docking bay one. They went in and looked around. Marines were sitting around and laughing. Others were prepping gear and loading drop ships.

“Do they think were going to war?” Kurt asked.

“Major we have something on short range scanners, but nothing visable to the eye. Were picking up 30 unidentified spacecraft and counting.” A Lt.Col. said looking at Maj. Statson.

“That’s not an insurgent attack force. It’s something worse. Prep the rail gun and gauss cannons. Send a message to Ion tell them Red Alert. This might be our first contact with other intelligent lifeforms.