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1. You cannot be yourself (A human) and therefore you may be one of the following races at any rank...

Blue: Minor
Cobalt: Ranger
Red: Major
Silver: Stealth
Black: Special Ops
Gold: Zealot
White with headdress: Councilor

Small Hemlet: Minor
Helmet with fins: Major
Brute Jumper: Jetpack
Brute Stalker: Camo
Captain: Gold Armour
Low Chieftan: Bed/Red Armour (The Hammer Guys)
High Chieftan: Gold Armour (The big headdress ones with plasma cannons)

Minor: Yellow
Major: Red
Special Ops: Black
Gunner: Green

Blue Shield: Minor
Red Shiled: Major
Carbine: Low Marksman
Beam Rifle: High Marksman

No difference in rank.

No difference in rank.

Each group is allied, although a few Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters may go either way, being clasified as "Rouge" soldiers.


2. No being set characters. (Arbiter or Half Jaw)

3. You may only use the weapons you're race can use. (No Grnts with swords or Hunters with plasma pistols)

4. You may fight on ground or in space.

5. No killing other peoples RPG player. (Injury is fine, if they are with you/fighting with you you can injure them and have them retreat.)

6. You may change your RPG character as long as...
A: You kill your current one, such as an explosion or gunshot.
B: Your new charcter is totaly different with no relation to your first character.

7. You must stay within the location(s) of the fight.

8. Dont spam, go off topic, or post stupid things, this can go really well and get great fun if its done properly.

9. Have some fun with it.

RPG Details:

Time: Mid-day
When: During the Covenant Civil War (2 Days before Halo 3 Starts)
Location: Depsilton, Covenant Controlled Space

Info: Depsilton is the main command and space station used besides High Charity, which is used as the Covenant's main platform for the three nobel Phrophets of Truth, Mercy, and Regret. Almost the size of the moon orbiting Earth, it is a complex city in which the Covenant not only works from, but lives in.

Only problem is, the Covenant civil war has begun.

Now, the inhabitants find themselves fighting each other in their own homes as each force scrambles to their ships to join their brethren who are currently fighting on the human planet earth.

For the Brutes, they wish to conquer the planet, and start the great journey.

The Elites on the other hand, know the truth, and are bolstering the human defenses to assist in stopping the Phrophet of Truth.

Now, it's a race, to see who can kill off the other first, as the once powerful and united species of the Covneant, are now at each other's throats.

Unsuspecting to the Elites, the Brute are moving now into position to strike...

So now, choose you're side, arm your weapons, and prepare for the fight of your alien life.

*****Covneant RPG*****
(For refrence, I am Dysu 'Ahsuree)

"The transmission must be weighed careful, for improper action could mean the destruction of us all." A Special Operations Sangheli named Ersu 'Mahasee finished with the nod of his head as he returned to his seat in the front row of the Ampitheater.

A chorus of gabbering resumed as the Elite's bickered about the speech and it's meaning.

Dysu 'Ahsuree, who stood near the back, cleared his throat with a deep throaty roar and started to the front, feeling the dozens of eyes who followed him. He reached the front and turned, noticing fully now that he was the highest ranked Sangheli in the room, the closest being the few Zealots spread throughout the crowd.

"My brothers, it is clear that the message from High Charity is without deny. The Brutes have attacked us."

The murmering died down.

"The Arbiter is certain that the humans are correct, and the Great Journey is false, as our fathers had once suspected when they formed the Covenant."

Silence stole the room as Dysu 'Ahsuree let his words sink in.

"We are on our own now, a race seperate from the Covenant, and act acordingly, we must if we wish to survive!" He finished as the Sangheli roared in response.

Ersu 'Mahasee stood, bowing infront of Dysu 'Ashuree.

"You speak words of glory Councilor, as the stories say. May I be so bold to request reasons in which you believe so strongly in the Arbiter's words?"

The silence resumed as the Sangheli waited for Ersu to be killed for his words.

Dysu 'Ashuree however, merely grinned, his mandibles splitting as he spoke with authority.

"The reason for my strong belief is, as you know, due to what has happened on the sacred ring to not only myself, but our brothers."

He bowed his head.

"The Brutes murdered almost the entire Council, the few of us survivors departed, I to hear so I may warn you and every other brother of the heresey taking place."

Ersu 'Mahasee nodded and sat down.

Dysu 'Ashuree was about to resume when the doors hummed and slid open, revealing a pack of Jiralhanae, each snarling and wielding weapons which opened fire on the stunned Sangheli.

Dysu dove, rolling behind a holo projeter as he reached for his plasma rifle. He heard the roar of both Jiralhanae and Sangheli alike as he rose, weapon leveled.

Ersu was to his left, engaing in a wrestling match with a Jiralhanae major who was losing to the more experienced Sangheli. Cody shifted his aim and fired, sending a flare of plasma over the pair and into the chest of another Jiralhanae storming in.

The bolts sliced into it's armour, sizzling the alloy as it burned into it's flesh. It roared and charged at Dsyu, firing a Spiker blindly as it came.

Dysu sidestepped and brought his rifle down on the back of it's hard, and knobby skull. The Jiralhanae crashed to the deck with a wet smack, blood oozing from under it as Dysu turned to reface the intruders.

Where the door had been, a flurry of plasma whirled around in a hurricane of slashes as Ersu 'Mahasee tore into a triplet of Jiralhanae, sending limbs and rianbows of blood into the air.

As quick as the fight had started, it ended.

Dysu 'Ashuree placed his plasma rifle back onto his harness and helped an Elite Major off the floor who snapped to attention after he had restood. Dysu called to the Sangheli.

"My brothers! The Jiralhanae have struck as foretold! Now brave warriors, defend this station we must, for the glory of the Sangheli must be defended!"

The Sangheli roared and charged from the ampitheater, each drawing weapons as they porceeded to enage the Jiralhanae. Dysu was last out, careful to retrieve the encrypted messgage crystal they had been sent.

It was time to see just how many of the Covenant's noble races would side with the barbaric Jiralhanae.

Tycl 'Mikumee listened to the councilor intently. Having long suspected the ambitions of the Jiralhanae. The message was convincing but Tycl still had doubts. He knew that if it was all true then his ship would need to be battle ready immediately.

The doors of the amphitheater emitted a slight hum as they slid open revealing the Jiralhanee and their sinister ambitions. Upon spotting their weapons Tycl sprang into action drawing his blade.

He caught an unsuspecting and inexperienced brute in the chest. Quickly twisting and yanking up, the experienced warrior inside in Tycl 'Mikumee took over and quickly killed the Jiralhanee.

Charging with the other Sangheili out of the amphitheater Tycl made his way to the docks where his ship was anchored to the Depsilition. He boarded his ship Dawn of Ascension. In the control room Tycl quickly sent out a message to the ships crew for battle stations. and then posted four of his spec ops brethren at the entrance to the ship with the orders to kill any Jiralhanee who tried to come aboard.

Tycl had the essential crew already on board as he did not allow them to leave unless their spot was being taken care by someone else. Though he would like for more of his crew to arrive before he detached from Depsiliton and engaged the Jiralhanee in space.

Furiously sprinting, Klu-Mar, apart of the Kig-Yar species that are also known as 'Jackels' in the Human vocabulary, was late for his post. After taking a long nap, he found himself late for duty, the Sangheli would have his head.

With a quick pause, a short hum echoed through the corridor. Klu-Mar paused, only to find a Sangheli and a Jiralhanae crash down into his path, wrestling. Klu-Mar leveled his beam rifle. Being an expert marksman and killing several human scum, Klu-Mar had a deadly shot, never missed, it was always a one shot kill. The Sangheli flexed his right arm, crashed down into the Jiralhanae's throat. The large ape-like creature coughed and gagged, but picked him self up, clunching the throat of the blue armoured Sangheli.

Klu-Mar hesitated for a moment, he couldn't dare let the Jiralhanae kill the Sangheli, Klu-Mar was loyal to the warriors. He cluned his rifle, took sight on the Jiralhanae's head and fired. The purpal beam thrusted out the weapon, burning straight threw the beasts head, giving him a clean cut hole as smoke arose from his wound.

The Sangheli was dropped and cleared his throat, then approached Klu-Mar. "Many thanks," He said, retreiving a Jiralhanae's plasma rifle. "We were blinded by the Prophets words, they lied..." He paused for a quick hear beat, "Kig-Yar, come with us, we must regroup our forces, figure out who is allied with us and strike back!"

Dysu 'Ashuree counted to three and then released his plasma grenade, the burning sphere of energy sailing through the air and landing at the feet of a very spurised Jiralhanae Major.

The brilliant flash of blue sent the beast flying through the air and smashing into the wall with a smack, smearing blood across the deck plates. The smell of scalding flesh and fresh blood assaulted the air.

He waved the Sangheli behind him, a pair of Majors and a Zealot, forward into the hallway. Dysu 'Ashuree waited untill they had all cleared the hatch before he shut and sealed it, effectivley cutting off one of the major routes to the docks.

Excellent. Now the Jiralhanae should have troubles getting to their ships.

Dysu 'Ashuree moved back towards the Ampitheater, this time turning left and heading towards the command center for the Depsilton station. Moving fast, and not worrying about his personal well being, Dysu had covered the distance in only a couple minutes.

Stopping just outside the door, Dysu listened closley, hoping for some hint of who controlled the stations command center. He paused, recognizing no voices, he drew his plasma rifles, ready for a compnay of Jiralahanae as he opened the door and stepped in.

The dark armour of a dozen Special Operations Sangheli gleamed in the light of the many holo screens as the doors slid shut behind Dysu 'Ashuree. A Special Operations Sangheli, clad in white armour with a black trim stepped forward and bowed.

"Councilor. It is an honor to serve with you in this time of heresey."

Dysu 'Ashuree nodded as he motioned for the Sangheli Comander to stand. "The honor is mine my brother, how did you arrive here to quickly?"

The Sangheli Commander motioned to his team and was about to answer when the doors exploaded inward, and a pack of Jiralahanae stormed in.

The Sangheli rose to fight, but the Jiralhanae were to quick, restraining the nobel warriors and rounding them up against the far wall.

Dysu 'Ashuree was about to speak, when a Jiralhanae Low Chieftan walked into the room, his hammer placed casualy over his shoulder, a wide toothy grin spread across it's distorted face.

By now most of the ships crew had returned and Tycl maneuvered his ship into space around Depsilition. Tycl turned his head to look at Major 'Nedaree,

"Major 'Nedaree bring up a list of al Jiralhanee ships in this sector."

The major quickly responded with a "Yes, Ship Master 'Mikumee".

The list was brought up, a few ships were in flight while the rest were docked unloading troops. This was a tactical paradox, while he could easily destroy many ships that were docked the ships orbiting Depsilition would destroy him and no longer be of guard for the launch of other ships. Likewise if he were to engage the ships orbiting Depsilition it would only be a matter of time before the other ships joined the fight.

The answer to this puzzle soon appeared to him when he thought on the unshielded Jiralhanee ships.

"Send out the eraph star fighters, assign 1 Jiralhanee ship to ever two squadrons".

"Understood Ship Master 'Mikumee" his command crew responded in unison.

Tycl's battle plan unfolded before him, the seraph fighters would either weaken or destroy their targets while the Dawn of Ascension engaged the orbiting ships.

The fighter squadrons left various hangers of the ship headed to their assaigned targets. While the Dawn of Ascension prepared to fire on a Jiralhanee destroyer.

A strange thought came to Tycl's mind, he had studied much of the humans history of war. This battle reminded him of the event known as "Pearl Harbor".

He hoped that the Sangheili would also come out victories but with less loss of Sangheili blood.

Idbr 'Vadadee's Orbital Insertion Pod hurtled through space towards Depsilton. He had a small landing zone, If he didnt make it past the force field that protected the docking bay then he would explode on the stations side.

He didnt have much information on what was exactly happening only that the Jiralhanae had attacked Sangheili forces on Depsilton. Idbr 'Vadadee had one mission, to kill those damn dirty apes.

The pod burst in two as it hit the ground. Idbr 'Vadadee emerged, his black armor shining in the light. But the light faded as red hot spikes filled the air, pinning elites to their own Insertion Pods.

"Take Cover Brothers!" Idbr 'Vadadee yelled as he raised his carbine to return fire. He fired a burst of 3 rounds into a Jiralhanae's skull. The Apes head exploded into a shower of brain matter and bone fragments. Idbr dodged a spike grenade and slipped behind a bulkhead for cover.

Idbr 'Vadadee's squad had landed in the docking bay, It was a tight space and they were pinned down by Prowlers and Shades.

"Not the greatest place to land" He thought to himself as a spike grenade exploded sending razor sharp spikes towards him...

The hot, molten purpal beam sliced threw the Jiralhanae's skull, vapourizing its face. "Klu-Mar, cover me!" Ordered 'Zule Murada, the blue armored Sangheli that recently wrestled with a Jiralhanae. Klu-Mar sighted down his Beam rifles scope,
Nothing in sight.

'Zule Murada began to creep along the wall of the Eve of Destruction a Covenant frigate that could tear apart most of the human's ships with its supreme firepower and defences. A funny feeling tingled down Klu-Mars boney spine, something wasn't right, but he couldn't quite figure it out.

'Zule Murada spun about, "Klu-Mar, behind you!" He warned. Klu-Mar took a ninety degree spin, fired a single shot as it whirrled by a camoflauge Brute major. The large ape roared with rage, raised his hammer and smashed Klu-Mar into the wall spilling purpal goo through-out the corridor mixed with bone and organs. 'Zule Murada fired his plasma rifle rapidly, piercing the armor, then the chest of the brute, dropping it dead.

The Sangheli's COM rung with static, then a voice appeared, "My young warrior, the Jiralhanae's have been pushed off this ship," There was a slight pause, "No signs of any other lifeforms besides Sangheli's and very few Kig-Yar's"

"Very well," Replied 'Zule Murada, "Ready the warriors, we're taking over more ships."

The spikes hissed passed Idbr 'Vadadee's helmet. The bulkhead had sheilded Idbr from the blast, but others weren't as lucky. Purple gore painted the ground as spikes tore through his brothers.

as the rain of spikes ended Idbr 'Vadadee moved from his cover to regroup with the remainder of his squad.

"Status report!" Idbr commanded.

"6 dead, 2 wounded!" The Minor Domo responded.

12 good Sangheili warriors left, He thought to himself...

"How many functioning weapons?" He asked

"4 plasma rifles, 2 fuel rod cannons, and 1 beam rifle"

"Good" Idbr said with a grin"Target the prowlers!"

Bursts of green plasma flew through the docking bay impacting on thier targets. Prowlers burst into blue flames and the smell of burnt hair filled the air.

Powerful momentum exerted 'Zulu Murada to the ground. The deck shook as his fellow Sangheli's picked themselves up. "What was that?" Ordered 'Zulu, smashing his fist on the dashboard of the navigations console.

"My master," said a blur armoured Sangheli, "The ship Creation of Choas is opening fire on us, shields at seventy-six percent!" He announced. 'Zulu detected a sense of frustration in his deep voice. He couldn't blame him, it was hard to distinguish who was command over these superb vessels.

"Hail them!" 'Zulu demanded, "I want to find out if they're the Jiralhanae's!" 'Zulu made a fist with his long, rugged fingers.

"'Zulu," said a red armoured Elite with anger in his voice, "I am the commander of this bridge, not you!"Static over-ran screen three that was attached to the sealing infront of the bridge. A Jiralhanae commander appeared.

"Stand down Sangheli's and your lives just might be spared." He snarled. 'Zulu's eyes filled with rage. He closed down the communication screen.

"Fire all weapons, now!" Ordered the commander of the ship. Creation of Choas was also a frigate, both ships would have a equal fight. The side of Eve of Destruction's weapons began to charge, glooming a red hot amber as they charged to one hundred percent. "Fire!"

Hot blue suns exerted from the side of the frigate, the blue flash was beautiful, but blinding. The first two rounds impacted on the Creation of Choas. Its shields sparked a dark silver, then vanished. The remaining volly of plasma fire ripped threw the frigate. A chain reaction occured as the organic looking ship began to blow up from the inside, destroying the Creation of Choas

"Four more ships inbound," Said a Sangheli in the far back, "Two frigates, one destroyer and one carrier." The commanding Elites face scrunched up in anger,

"We shall stand our grounds and fight!"

'Zulu Murada grabbed their attention, "We must not," There was silence through-out the bridge. "The prophets have blinded us, can you not see? They tell lies, the truth is out there now." 'Zulu Murada walked up to the commander, "Fight for our Gods, we must not."

The commander nodded his head, "Get us out of here, plot a course to the Planet Yuroto, we could use some supplies." Green atmospher mixed with silver appeared around the frigate as it vanished within a heart beat.

As the Phantom came to a stop the Pair of Hunters dropped out of the drop ship, immediately they were under attack, plasma bolts and grenades hissed by as the two Hunters slowly but surly made their way thru the small squad of elites.

Most of the elites had hid behind cover, or what ever they could find, either way the Elites knew that they were trapped, the Hunters would get them or the Brutes would.

Some made a dash to retreat, some did but those who stood behind defending the other were put to an end, those that got away could leek the location of the Brutes stronghold so the Hunters were transported to stop and intercept them, so they loaded up and took off for an alternate rout to the retreat of the elites.

The Elites were in a valley, and coming up to a arch, that arch was full of boulders, and with that in mind the hunters knew exactly what to do, they had been loaded off by this time with a hand full of brutes the second the Elites got close to the arch

The Brutes would try and catch them in disarray, hoping that the Elites would take cover in the rocky outcrop, the second they were the Hunters would blast the weak points of the arch causing it to collapse on the foe.

Just as the plan was about to work out, a new batch of elites on the opposite side of the valley had appeared, this would mean the elites would get away so the hunters had to think quick after all, they had the fire power

The brutes would shot the reinforcements down while the hunters barricaded the other elites in, so that exactly what they did.

The collapsing arch killed 1 or 2 Elites, it was hard to tell with the gun fire and the dust, but what they did know is the reinforcements didn’t seem to drop, it was a small bunch of 3, they all had a weird type of amour, something they’ve seen before, but not for a long time

Over the com the hunters heard a brute chieftain say “the hunters will go left and right, the rest try and take that scum out from range, we’re in for a interesting fight”.

This brute chieftain that was commanding the unit, wasn’t like any other brute, he was one with honor in him, a sense of respect even for the enemy, although not enough to spare lives, he dose not underestimate, he spy’s his foes as piece of life, with out them he wouldn’t be who he is today.

Molock, and Lahadee were unstoppable as two, but unlike any hunter that was alone, they would be broken.


Dysu 'Ashuree held back growls as the Jiralhanae Chieftan punched the white armoured Sangheli again in the breast plate with a heavy fist. It snarled as the Sangheli spat out purple-blue blood.

"I will not ask you again vermin. What is the command net acess code?"

The Sangheli looked up, rage filling his blazing eyes as he spat into the Chieftan's face. The Jiralhanae roared, saliva flying as it brought it's hammer up into the air.

Split seconds later, it came crashing down onto the Sangehli's head, ripping the skull clean off the neck as the noble warrior flew into the wall sending a splash of blood fly around the room.

Dysu 'Ashuree struggled against his captor, for he new he'd be next for "interrigation". A Special Operations Sangheli to his left bumped Dysu almost too hard with his leg.

When Dysu looked down, he noticed that the Sangheli's bonds had been improperly applied, and that he was moving to draw his blade.

Dysu 'Ashuree bent his knees, centering his gravity, and threw the Jiralhanae at the Chieftan as the Sangheli to his left drew his blade, slashing at his captor and then diving towards Dysu.

With lightning speed, he released Dysu 'Ashuree's bonds and handed him an energy sword which Dysu ignighted quickly.

Back to back now, the Sangheli stood facing the Jiralhanae. Those with Sangheli prisoners moved away as the Chieftan moved forward, his hammer glowing with gravitational energy.

The Special Operations Sangehli lunged at the Chieftan, his blade a flurry of movement as he slashed for it's juggular. Dysu 'Ashuree spun and decapitated a Jiralhanae that was stupid enough to stand to close. It's Sangheli prisoner, now relased, drew his blade and moved to free the others.

Dysu' Ahuree turned just in time to see the Chieftan bring the hammer across into the Sangheli's chest, sending him flying across the room, landing with a crash into a holo station.

His enegry sword flickered off and landed at Dysu 'Ashuree's feet.

Dysu picked up the balde, ignighting the second and brining the blades into a conventional combat stance.

"Come Jiralhanae, and maybe you're death will be swift and with mercy!"

The Chieftan growled as he lunged, his hammer swiping for Dysu 'Ashuree's head.

"The Sangheli will never triumph over the Jiralhanae!"

Dysu dove low, careful to avoid the gravity hammer, and swung his blades left to right, each one bisecting through the Chieftan's legs with a swift, clean cut.

The Chieftan roared and collapsed, strugglnig to rise and face his foe. Dysu 'Ashuree grabbed the now helpless Jiralhanae by the throat, raising it's face to his.

"Now Jiralhanae, you will feel the pain my brothers felt on the sacred ring!"

He drove the blade into the Chieftan's side, careful to avoid major organs as he twisted into it's chest. The Chieftan howled, the pain overtaking him as he struggled to fight Dysu 'Ashuree off.

Dysu however, held strong, driving the blade into the Jiralhanae untill its struggles became weaker and weaker before finaly collapsing with a sigh. Dysu stood, wiping the blood off of his helmet.

"Target the carrier" Tycl ordered

"Targeted ship master". his weapons major responded.

Tycl tapped on the holo screen in front of him. The forward energy projector began to collect energy. Tycl looked at his screen watching the carriers movements.

///charging complete... ready to fire\\\

Tycl tapped in a rapid sequence and the energy collecting at the forward energy collector let loose its massive power. The beam impacted at the nose of the carrier, it shields flickered, dropped and the beam smashed into it's hull. Ripping straight down the ship the first thing to go was the control room in the center. It seemed as if the carrier would survive but then the beam hit the ships reactors. The explosion rippled through the ship tearing it up as it traveled in the hole the energy projector beam had made. In the split second all of this occurred the rapid loss of compression in the core of the ship caused it to collapse in on it self.

"Ship master, charging for another shot, the other three ships are out of range of us but they are still moving to attack".

"Good we can hit at least one more before fighting with torpedoes."

Tycl targeted one of the frigates, this time the beam slammed into the frigates engine room. The rear of the ship split of in an uneven explosion sending one frigate straight into the other. The two ship collided and under the immense pressure their hulls fused together. The impact sent them spiraling away from the battle.

Now it was only between Dawn of Ascension and the incoming destroyer. The winner would gain control of the space around Depsilition. From there Tycl could easily "snipe" and vital part of the docked ships trying to leave the station and join the fight.

'Zulu Murada came crashing to his knees. The bridge rattle with aggression. The red armoured Sangheli rose to his feet, "All brothers, to the pods!" He announced over the COMM. 'Zulu scrambled to his feet and made his way to the pods.

He gripped onto the handle, sliding himself in a single man pod, only one Sangheli could fit, maybe a couple Kig-yar. With a slight hiss, 'Zulu found himself floating, but he had very little space to float in. He could tell he was close to impact, his feet clamped onto the warm floar as it journied through the atmospher.

There was a large boom, good, 'Zulu landed and still alive. The front cover of the pod immediately kicked off. 'Zulu's eyes widen as he found himself in the midsts of a large, choatic battle.

Wraith tanks engaged each other, their hot, blue molten plasma tearing away each others coats of armor. Sangheli's raged, tearing up Kig-Yars and Jiralhanae's with their mighty blades. Plasma bolts hissed by 'Zulu and he quickly took cover behind a large boulder. He growled with frustation, "You!" He pointed to a Sangheli wearing the same armor as him, "What is going on here?" He demanded to know.

The Sangheli spun around, "It seems the Jiralhanae's are trying to protect all the fuel for themselves," He snorted. 'Zulu grunted,

"We'll see," He said, activating his energy sword in one hand, plasma rifle in the other. 'Zulu ran out of cover, fired rapid bursts at his opponents and quickly took cover.

Three Kig-Yars wondered around the corner, 'Zulu leaped above them, slicing the third man back in half. The two other Kig-Yars squeled and brought their shields up. 'Zulu activated a plasma grenade, with a bright glow it blinded the Kig-Yar's as it stuck to one of their guts. 'Zulu took cover as the bird-like creature yelped in fear, only to be engulfed in a choatic explosion.

'Zulu crept along the tall green grass, A perfect ambush... He though to himself. The sound of battle cries and plasma rifles haulted as an unknown object crashed down infront of 'Zulu.

Dust brushed against his blood thirsty eyes. He was able to see, barely. The black object stood strong, as a part ejected off of it just missing 'Zulu. A short creature came out. His armour as black as the night, his visor reflecting the raging face of 'Zulu...Humans.

After parting with the Special Operations team at the command center, Dysu 'Ashuree moved to a comunications station set just a few decks below the command center. He placed his hand upon the reader, and the holo screen flickered to life as it activated for the Sangheli Councilor.

Dysu scrolled through the emergency ditress calls, each one attempting to sound more urgent than the other. He paused, noticing the Jiralhanae moved to contain the fuel resveres on one of the many planets just out of system.

He started his message to the ground forces fighting for the fuel.

Honorable Sangheli,

This is Councilor Dysu 'Ashuree on the Depsilton Station. I am sending out this message to you, and all others who require assistance. Every Sangehli will recieve this in an attempt o organize our efforts against the barbaric Jiralhanae. Contact me with you're situation and I will send reinforcements once the station is re-taken.

Dysu ended the message, spitting on the deck.

Such crudeness, if only tme would allow for proper messages

He turned and left the room, the holo screen flashing off as the doors slid shut behind him.

As he neared the end of the passage, a series of grunts and rough, whispered voices alerted him to the approaching Jiralhanae. Dysu 'Ashuree took cover against the bulkhead while activating his active camoflauge. Slowly, he drew his blades, both un-ignighted untill it was time.

A group of four Jiralhanae turned the corner and kept on their path to the COM station. Dysu activated his enegry swords as the last Jirlahanae passed him.

In a flurry of motion, Dysu tore through the back Jiralhanae and was already cutting into the next when the beasts realized what was happening. They turned, Spiker's raised but it was too late.

Dysu was a blurr of blue energy as he slayed the Jiralhanae one by one. Blood and bone flew as he attacked them without mercy, not stopping untill the last of them ad fallen to the deck dead.

Deactivating his blades, Dysu moved on, hoping soon to recieve a message from one of his brothers out in the fight.

Anau Besdomee peered out the side of the phantom dropship. Explosions, plasma fire noises, roars and groans from Elite and Brute alike, and the sound of vehicles could be heard all around the battlefield below. A secondary battle ensued in the skies; banshees from each respective side engaged one another with phantoms moving in to support them. A trio of Brute banshees spotted and engaged Anau's phantom.

Anau quickly got on the side gun of the phantom and shot a couple of them down. The remainder was shot down by the Phantom's automated guns. As more banshees moved in, the phantom yawed and rolled to evade them. Eventually the landing zone was in sight. A crew member of the phantom took Anau's place on sidegun, "The landing zone is hot. Excpect a fight as soon as you get out," said Anau to his squad.

The bay doors opened. Anau drew his carbine and took out a Brute with three shots, while the other squad leader drew his sword and cut down multiple brutes. Anau never seemed to favour the Energy Sword unlike his fellow commanders; he would often pass the sword to a subordinate.

Both of the squads piled out. The commander leapt down from the phantom, "Brothers, the fleet above us that just arrived is depending on us to neutralize the anti air artillery before they start deploying reinforcements onto the planet. They are not difficult to spot from this area. Anau, lead your squad and destroy the one to the west in any way you see fit. Second squad, remain here until I return with reinforcements. Then we shall attack the one to the north. Excpect Jiralhanae resistance in the bush, " the SpecOps commander told them.

The commander jumped back into the phantom, "Take us into the city, I will contact command for further instructions," he said and they were off.

While the other squad set up cover and turrets, Anau's squad moved into the brush with active camoflauge engaged. Anau popped another cartridge into his carbine, while the rest of his squad readied their own weapons.

Red blood was instantly vapourized on the blade of 'Zulu as he sliced the pitiful human in half. Blood splattered against the tall, blowing grass. 'Zulu growled, I demand to know why the humans are here! He said to himself, confused and frustrated on the appearance of humans.

He squinted his eyes, spotting a series of more pods dropping from the sky followed by the human dropships landing down supplies and vehicles. It was too far for anyone else to notice, 'Zulu didn't know weather this was a good thing or a bad thing. The humans could help take down the Jiralhanae's, then let us Sangheli's rip the humans to shreads. Or worse, they might attack us first.

'Zulu disarmed his plasma sword, the fail-safe activated closing the lethal blade. He weilded the assault rifle that lay next to the dead body. 'Zulu was uncomfortable with this piece of shit, but it would have to do.

He crept slowly and made his way behind the battlefield with the Jiralhanae's facing away from him, perfect he thought to himself. 'Zulu was about to make his move and crush the Jiralhanae's and their brainwashed companies when he was forced to stop.

Trails of smoke criss crossed threw the battlefield, ripping the heads off of Kig-Yar, Grunts, Sangheli, Jiralhanaes, whoever had their heads up, it was gone. 'Zulu made a tight fist with his fingers. As much as he would love to go and hunt the humans hiding beneath the grass, he couldn't. He was out numbered and out powered.

The last remaining screams echoed on the battlefield, but no sign of any humans moving in, why? 'Zulu activated his cammo, he needed to find out why the humans were here.

So the hunters split off, one left, on right, each with a pair of high ranking brutes. Molock was the more aggressive one while Lahadee was the brains, they worked together like cogs of a clock, but the chieftain always tested them, he had them do things hunters shouldn’t do.

As Molock strafed to his left, with his shield in from of him and fuel rod cannon ready to fire, he and the team of brutes move into position, on a high rock platform they waited, waited for the signal that Lahadee and his team would make, a fire fight would catch the elites in disarray.

A couple seconds later, Molock’s team heard gun fire and a fuel rod cannon fire, so they came out of hiding and came to see 3 elites behind a rocky structure shaped like a K that was fallen down, two elites had carbines and the one that looked like the commander had a beam rifle with a slight modification, a laser pointer with a cyan colour when lit.

The elites stood their own for a while until a blast’s from Molock’s team finished the job, now for those that are trapped in the valley. As the teams drew closer to reunite they felt and heard a deep deep sound, a sound like a cruiser had more of a stealthy tone to it, but it was no cruiser.

Over the com channel the team heard the chieftains voice “something is opening up in the ground, get out of there! A phantom is 1 mile out, meet it at the extraction point, double time!”

The ground shacked and the sky quaked, the hunters and brutes ran through a series of rocky outcrops and bushes until they found what looked like the extraction point, but they’ve never seen some of the surroundings that were there.

2 brutes took off of the pack to scout, a couple minuets passed; one returned reporting that nothing was close by; just then the other appeared saying the same.

The com turned on “the phantoms are having troubles getting to that location, move out north and continue until you see the wreckage of a wraith”.

The tam moved out, north as told, on the way there they met up with another team and the ruins of a wraith , but in a fire fight with a fair sized squad of elites, it was a normal squad, a sniper, grenadier, a few with carbines and one with a sword.

The fire fight sounded as if it could go on for a couple days, but since Molock and his team was there it wouldn’t last long. As usual the hunters went with each other and the brutes went the opposite direction.

The hill that blocked the hunters view from this point would give them an advantage, height, this way they would have a better shot at the heads, Molock and Lahadee where in position, now to wait for the brutes, as they waited they watched.

3 brutes fell from the fire fight and 1 elite, it was a carbine wielding major, the brutes were in position and gave the signal to attack, so they did.

The hunters at the flank and brutes covering fire for the others they had it won. The sniper wasn’t giving up that easy though.

He did good damage wounded 1 and killed another before falling, the one with the fuel rod turned his back and fired at the hunters, 3 shots before he was KIA, the 1st two missed but that last shot hit Lahadee directly, orange blood fell from him, he almost lost his balance but recovered.

The commando elite with the sword stood no chance, he fell as the rest did. Every thing went silent except for the fact that there was background explosions, the 2 teams joined each other now a grand pack of 7 brutes 1 jackal sniper and 2 hunters.

The brute leading this squad spoke into his wrist CHD (communication hand device) “leader we have joined in with another pack, 2 phantomes are requested”

“Very well” the chieftain spoke. “Are you at the extraction point yet?”
”yes we have arrived and waiting, a mission success”, as they waited the sounds of a drop ship was getting louder as it seemed to come closer, as it came over head dust and small rocks tumbled and rolled.

The grav lift appeared from inside the transport hole within the phantom, brutes 1st jackals 2nd hunters last, they got on bored, settled in and waited for the sound of the phantom getting ready to take off.