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I got the idea to host an RPG recently mainly because of watching a TV Series (Camelot) on Netflix. The series was canceled after Season 1 because more people liked Spartacus.....

So here it is a Medieval RPG!

The RPG takes place in the early Middle Ages, during the Dark Ages.

Back Story:

The massive Xenian Empire collapsed 200 hundred years ago under the weight of expanding too far and not being able to hold itself up. This RPG takes place in Helumainia. One of the first outer countries that the Xenian Empire took over before the collapse. Helumainia plunged into what is known as the Dark Ages as it's main life force of security the Xenian Army enforcing the laws had to fallback to the Empire's Capital city to defend it. The people quickly instilled a King, but he was overthrown and killed by a large alliance of warlords. So for roughly 170 years Helumainia has basically been ran by no one, the warlords instill no order. They pillage the small villages, taking and raping the women and killing the men. They bring the young children into slave labor to serve their small kingdoms that they "own".

In this RPG you can be what ever you would like to be, just no one can start off as an OP character or a master in their art. They have to start as an Apprentice. In the case of Warlords you can not start out having a castle or decent sized amount of villages under your control. You have to make your way, and remember nothing comes easy in these times. Everything is fought over and for. So you can't write on your third entry that you rule over like 7 cities.....

Classes are endless. You can start out as a simple Novice BlackSmith to one who creates and builds Legendary Swords! You can start as a simple teenager swinging around a wooden simple to a Knight of the Realm! An average Hunter can become one of the King's Rangers. The possibilities are completely endless!

Is Magic aloud? Hell yes! As long as you realize that you have to be rather creative as to how your learn it. Not just you woke up learning how to use it!

You can very well create villages, I will not be creating everything! However tonight I will be creating a map with three major cities on it. Each city will be where you can learn a certain talent. Archery in one, magic in another, and swordsmanship in the last. However you can create other smaller cities to learned a more personalized talent such as becoming an assassin based player.

When it comes to skillsets you can only learn one main skillset, and then a secondary one which you can never master. If people want that to be changed, please PM and I will change it.

As for main characters the top character is the King, which will be one of you guys. After a month of this RPG being out I will start taking applications to become King and if I feel that you are to be King of Helumainia I will make it so. That also means that with your character you must start fixing the problems within your realm.

Other main characters such as a powerful warlord, swordsman, or mage. I will add to an important character list if I feel they are important to the RPG.

As for the map I will be creating, I will add any villages that are created by you guys or monuments such as old ruined castles from the Xenian Empire or created warlord castles. I will also add two warlord castles that are the remaining warlords whose family killed off the first King of Helumainia.

I might add a few more rules tonight, as for now get to it! I will write my first entry tonight!

Official Months:

January - Nisanu

February - Aru

March - Simanu

April - Dumuzu

May - Abu

June - Ululu

July - Tisritum

August - Samna

September - Kislimu

October - Tebetum

November - Sabatu

December - Addaru

The current year is 526 AKR (After Known Record)

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I'm in most likley. I'm also going to get that zombie rpg going.

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The entry topic is located here:


I will update the OP with any cannon information that is created for the RPG.