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08-16-2011, 08:42 PM
Alright everyone, our Halo RPG's do pretty well, even with the few people in them. I figured I'd start this one too, just to kinda see how it goes, I hope it does well.


1. Be yourself as you are in real life, if you don't know how to do say Martial Arts, don't have your RPG self doing backflips and jump kicks and crazy stuff. If you can't shoot well in real life, your RPG self better find a stick.

2. Think before you post, does this make sense? Does this work with the story? Always read the last post to get a feel for what's happening.

3. This is the real world. No MJOLNIR armour, no you can't use an F-15 from the military because I'm 100% sure no one here could fly and F-15. A jeep is different, anyone can drive it, any one can fire a .50 cal even if it sucks.

4. Make sense with weapons. Would you find a rocket launcher lying in the middle of the street? No. Could you find one inside a military truck that has crashed? Yes.

Location: We're in my hometown of Cloverdale. Check the picutres below to get a feel for the area, use it as kinda a map from where you'll start off.

Note: We're using my community because it works really well with Zombie RPG's as I've used it before. You'll see when you see the pics.

Setting: Beginning of Summer, 10:50am. (Note most of us our in school, refer to the map.)

Zombie first seen at 11:25 (This will give us time to introudce our character and those with them without having to worry about Zombies.)

Zombies: We live in the 21st century, we use 21st century Zombies. They run, as shown in Dawn of the Dead and 28 Weeks Later for a few references.

Map: (Image Lost)


Yellow Lines: Where the Military and Police have set up barricase and blocking positions to contain the Zombies.

Red Lines: Where they fall back to when they break through yellow line barrier. When they break yellow line, Military and Police go to red lines.

Loaction Descriptions:

Cody's House: Where I Live.

White Spot, Quizzno's, Oliva Garden, Boston Pizza: Places to eat when you'r character is hungry. Also great places to hold up in, major resource is food.

Medical Clinic & Medical Building: Storage for medcail supplies and such. Great for use when injured. Major resource is medical supplies.

Mohawk, Supersave, Petro, and Chevron Gas Stations: All round great for anything, melee weapons, food, etc. Major resource is anything you need for short ammount of time, temporary items.

Lord Tweedsmuir (LTSS) and Clayton Heights (CHS): High schools in the area, most of us will start at one of them. Great for hiding in, very big. Has some supplies, good more meeting. Major resource is a meeting spot or hiding spot

Hillcesrt Elemntry: See above. Siblings may go here. A smaller less important version of LTSS and CHS.

Cloverdale Mall: Rundown, old and worn out mall. Rather small, Major resource is weapons, food, and shelter.

Willowbrook Mall: New, very much large and store filled. Major resource is weapons, food, transportation, shelter. Note: Guns inside.

Ramada Hotel: A hotel. Major resource is shelter, some food.

Cloverdale Athletic Park: Baseball, Soccer, Football fields in it. Huge park, loads of open space. Major resource is nothnig really, it's more of a landmark, meeting place, or last stand grounds.

With Regards to distances.

From my house to LTSS is about 15 mins walking, 5 driving.

To walk from the left yellow line to the right yellow line would take about 1.5 hours depending on walking speed. To drive, about 30 mins depending on speed and what's in the roads. Remember cars and such would have crashed, telephone polls fallen etc.

Yes, this is actualy where I live.

I'll start.

Cody checked the clock in his French 9 class. 10:50 it read. Damn He thought to himself, 5 minutes till class ended. He looked over his shoulder at Allister, his best friend of 7 years now. He was busy scribbling some notes down while attempting to talk to James. James, another great friend of Cody for 10 years, wasn't listening to Allister or the teather Mrs. Strebielle rather he was reading his Lacrosse magazine.

Cody turned around in time to see the paper ball thrown by Cole smash Karl in the face. The entire class erupteed into laughter. Mrs. Strebielle started yelling something about responsibility while she took Karl and Cole to the office. Cody got up and went to Al.

"Hey mate, let's get out while she's gone."

Al nodded and garbbed his binder.

"Hell yeah."

As they walked out, Cody garbbed the Lacrosse magazine James was reading, this got James up and leaving with them. Cody tossed him back the magazine.

"Meet up usual spot for lunch."

James and Al both replied sure as they went off to their lockers.

Cody wandered down the stairs and to the gym, where his locker was. He enjoyed his locker there, right next to the weigh room which made workouts a lot easy to get to and from. After putting in his books, he heard the bell ring. 10:55 now, thats how ya skip last 5 minutes of class.

Cody grabbed his lunch, and started to the third floor where the "crew" as he called it met for lunch everyday. He was, as usual, last to arrive as he had the longest trip due to his first floor locker.

He sat down on one of the benhces next to Al and Stan. Stan was another friend of Cody. Although not as long as the others, he and Cody still were close.

"Ready for season?" Cody said in between bites of his sandwich.

Stan nodded. "Hell yeah, I wana jack some fools."

Cody laughed. "Fuck yea."

A group of kids came up the stairs, the one infront holding what looked to be a short stick. Cody looked as Stan stood up. Stan wasn't tall, about 5'4'' but what he lacked in height he made else where. As most Filipinos he was stout, muscular. He weighed about 240lbs.

Stan stood as the kid came up to him.

"Come on then." STan said, is right hand balling into a fist. Cody instantly new what was going on and jumped to his feet. Allister right beside him. James sat back and watched with Shane.

The kid swung at Stan who ducked and punched him in the stomach. The kid fell to the ground grasping his side. Stan was in the process of standing when three of the group jumped on him. One grabbed his arms while the other to started smashing away with fists.

Cody wipped out his elbow and smashed one of the punching kids in the head. This sent him to the floor, blood flowing from his nose. Allister garbbed the other kid, picked him up, and threw him down the stairs.

The last kid released Stan and ran. Shane, the Quarterback for the football team (Cody was Captain) stuck out his leg and the kid fell, smashing his face onto the cold tile floor. James just laughed.

The three kids slowly got up and bolted down the stairs. Cody and Al sat down while Stan just stood there watching the stairs as if expecting a fourth man to come up.

Cody sat back down on the bench.

"Not bad Al, I can't believe they actualy came and tryed to fight STan and us. Stupid fucking wiggers."

Al laughed. "No shit, who the fuck would want to take on the football team?"

Cody shook his head. He turned to his left and saw her coming. His sister Lexy. He moved over for her.

"What's up sis?"

She shook her head and started crying. Cody ocked an eyebrow and looked at his other sister with Lexy, Olivia.

"Livs? Care to explain?"

Olivia shook her head.

"Lexy just talked to someone at the police station. Steve was fond murdered in the park this morning, the athletic park. They say he was so badly mangled they could barley tell it was male.

Cody swallowed. Lexy had loved Steve.

Lexy got up and ran, why Cody had no idea.

"Livs watch her eh?'

Olivia nodded and ran after her.

Cody sat his head in his hands.

Fuck, Steve, how could someone do that to him?

Ethan had gotten out of school back in states almost a week ago and a few days ago and moved to Cloverdale. The house was was ina neighborhood near an elementary school.

Ethan had left his old home New York State and moved because his father got a promotion.

Than really haden't wanted to come but it was final and he was comming.

His parents had told him to go to school today an introduce himself to people before summer vacation started.

Ethan had only taken a bag containing his skate board with him and took the bus to school. He really dident do anything except hang around the halls and introduce himself to a few teachers in the halls.

He dident really care about meeting people because he just wanted to go back to the states.

Back at his old school he played a bit of soccer went to various tournaments foir the rifle team and had a beautiful girl but then his father took a promotion and forced the family to come here.

While in the halls Ethan heard a bit of a rocus and went to check it out.

He got to see some kids get the shit beat of them and then watched um run.

He still had has pack with him, that his skateboard sticking out because he had never bothered to do anything with it.

He walked over to the kids who won the fight and introduced himself.

As Cody finaly shook his head clear, he noticed someone he;d never seen before walking towards them. He nudge Al.

"Heads up, he might be number four."

Al nodded slightly and stood, moving towards the window overlooking the road outside. Cody stood as he stood infront of him. The newcomer held out his hand.

"Hey, I'm Ethan, I just moved in from New York."

Cody nodded shaking his hand.

"Cody, how are you?"

Ethan looked a little relieved, as if knowing someone assured him that he was part of the school.

"I'm good, nice win in that fight."

Cody shrugged. "I've done my fair share of martial arts."

Ethan nodded. He sat down as Al walked back over accompanied by James, Shane and Stan who had all joined him at the window to discuss the new guy.

Cody stood. "Ethan, this is Al, James, Shane and Stan, guys this is Ethan, he just moved up from New York."

Everyone responded with some gerrting, everything from a "Hello" from James to a "Whaats uup?" from Stane. Cody checked the time. It read 11:20. He jumped up.

"Guys! Gear!"

Everyone scrambled up, all except for Ethan who looked puzzled.

Cody turned to him. "Sorry mate, we gottaprep our gear, opening game today! I'll ctahc you later." He turned back and bolted down the stairs. Ethan looked on as Cody dissapeared.

After running to the Football Room, Cody opened the door and the four of them scrambled in to their gear. They had only a few minutes before next class. Cody garbbed his helmet and began screwing away with a philips head as he put on his new visor.

That's when he heard it. The banging on the Football Room's steel door. He ran to it. Halfway there he stopped. A high pitched scream split the air. Then as quick as it started, it stopped, as blood slowly leaked through the bottom of the door towards Cody.

Mike exhaled deeply as he leaned bag on his chair. After recently moving into the friendly neighbourhood of Cloverdale, living just a couple blocks away from Cody, Mike sat bored. "Damn...Nothing to do," He said, spinning a basketball with his finger.

Mike picked himself out of the seat, and headed down towards the front door, he slipped his shoes on and headed outside to take a stroll. Shutting the door behind him, Mike continued his journy down the street, hands in his pocket, he thought about things, how his dreams came true, this is the life he wanted, he was thankful for living in Cloverdale, where he wanted to always live, and to hang out with his brothers, and best friends.

Mike glanced up, and spotted a man, running extremely fast into a back ally. Moment later, a loud scream erupted in the ally, What the? Might thought to himself, as he quickly rushed over and peered into the ally.

There stood a young woman, looking to be in her early twenties, with a man over here, "Hey buddy!" Mike yelled, hoping to get his attention, but the man ignored him. "What an asshole," Mike said, as he approached him.

Mike got closer, and closer, and noticed some red substance pouring down into a drain near the woman. "Ma'am are you okay?" Said Mike with suspicion, after witnessing what Mike thought was blood, he quickly sprinting, grasped onto the man, and threw him down.

The man glanced up, it's dark, scabbed, bloody face raged as he quickly stood up, and attempted to bite Mike. "Shit!" Mike said as the man sprinted with extreme speeds at him. Mike glanced over quickly, saw large bite marks in the womans neck, and knew she was gone.

Mike threw a rock, but the man kept coming at him, Mike scrambled and hoped over a fence in a backyard, all he could hear was banging and moaning.

What the fuck was that?

Kevin moved to Cloverdale about two weeks ago. He has been attending the school and he lives a few houses down from one of his students named Cody. He never talked to him or anyone and found it better that way. It is hard for Kevin to adjust to a new school since this is his fourth move.

Kevin went up to the third floor of the school to eat his lunch. He saw a couple of men start to fight while he was walking to where he ordinary eats lunch. He recognized Cody and watched as he and his friends won the fight.

Kevin finished his lunch and went to find one of the rooms that were empty at this time. He entered one of the weight rooms, closed the door and locked it. He sat on one of the benches and closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Kevin awoke and he was surprised that he even fell asleep. He looked at the clock and it read 11:24 A.M.

He heard someone pounding on the door. He walked up to the door and looked out the small narrow window. He saw a teacher with a bloody face. The teacher saw Kevin and looked at him.

Kevin's face turned white as he saw that the teachers eyes were red. He didn't see a trace of white in the teachers eyes and Kevin backed away. The teacher punched through the window and Kevin jumped. He found one of the metal poles that were used to hold the weights and held it in both of his hands.

The teacher found the handle and opened it. It came running inside of the room and Kevin swung the metal bar into the side of the teachers head. He fell to the ground and the teacher started to crawl towards Kevin and it tried desperately to bite Kevin's leg.

Kevin left the room and saw the teacher follow him to the Football room. Kevin stopped right before the stairs that led to the football room and saw as the teacher fell down the stairs. Kevin couldn't chance anything and jumped on top of the teacher. It let out a loud scream as Kevin raised the metal bar and slammed it into the teachers head until the body stopped twitching.

Kevin stopped and stood up straight. He looked down at the mangled teacher and turned to his left and threw up his lunch.

What the FUCK is going on? Kevin thought to himself and leaned against the door.

Cody stared in disbelief as the blood continued to pool. He turned and looks towards the guys.

"Fuck! Guys help!"

Al came running over, followed by Stan. Shane, the smallest of them, stood near the back, the dim light from the football room reflecting off his dark skin.

Al turned to Cody.

"Dude that's a lot of blood."

Cody nodded. "Lets check it."

Al nodded. Stan grabbed the broom leaning by the door. Shane turned away. "Heck no man, I'm staying put."

Al shook his head, "Alright beaner, hang tight."

Cody opened the door.

"Fucking hell."

Laying on the floor, opened from stomach to neck lay Marissa Collins, a girl in Cody's grade. They had talked, almost gone out at one point. But to see her like this.

What scared him more, wasn't the few other bodies scattered along the hallways, but the fact the Mr. Breen, the school prinicpal, was staring as him, blod all over his face. He raised his single arm and charged Cody and the others.

Stan stepped upo and wiped out the broom, smashing in Breen's face and sending a spalsh of blood to the wall. Breen fell to the floor with a smack, splitting his head open to pour more gore onto the all ready grotesque scene.

Breen started to Stand, his face twisted as he snarled, his hands reaching for Cody. Cody new that the thing infront of his was no longer his principal. He stepped back, adjusted his balance, and devilvered a solid kick to Breen's chin.

Breen's head snapped back, his neck cracking as it snapped. He slumped over, lifeless. Cody stepped back, horror engulphing him. He turned to Al.

"Buddy, fucking hell man, what the fuck is going on?"

Al shook his head. "Dude, it's like Resident evil or something man."

Cody's blood ran cold. That was a fucking zombie.

He heard moans from down the hall.

"We gotta get to my place." Cody half whispered as he took off down the hall, Al in close behind followed by Stan and Shane. Cody whipped out his phone. He had people to call, firends and family to protect.

But most importantly, he had to protect her.

Furiously sprinting, Mike made his way onto a quite road, nothing to be seen, but with just a bit of luck, a cop car scurried out of the corner, doing it's routin patrol.

Mike ran onto the street, waving his hands in the air. The police car came to a hault, as the officer exit his vehicle, "Officer," Michael said, "Some guy just killed a girl, and now he's after me!"

Within a split second, the officer retreived his side arm, Mike didn't know how, but he knew a lot about military, it was in his blood, he knew the guns, tactics, everything, and realized the cop had just retreived a 9mm Glock 20.

"Where is he son?" The officer replied. Mike pointed towards the fence, where thumping was repeatedly going on, along with moaning.

"Be carful," Mike replied, horror filled his eyes, still blinded by what he saw.

"This is the RCMP!" The officer said nervously, "I am armed, so come out now with your hands up!" But the pounding against the fence continued, and a loud screetch was heard. The officer headed over to open out the gate, when just two bodies tumbled over him, the officer screamed as the two things began chewing at his flesh.

His sidearm skidded across the road, Mike huslted over and picked up the weapon. The same woman that Mike saw dead, was alive. Nobbing at the officer. The man that was previously chasing Mike stood up and ran towards him.

Mike held the sidearm with two hands, aimed at the chest and fired a single shot, but the man was still going, What the fuck? Mike thought to himself as he fired yet another shot in the chest.

Mike thought about all the games and movies, Resident Evil, Dawn of the dead, No way....Could..They be?! Mike immediately aimed for the head, fired another shot.

Blood splattered across the road and the corpse collapsed, Mike aimed at the female zombie, and fired a clean shot between the eyes. He approached the officers corpse, fired a shot in his head, and searched him for ammunition.

Time to get to Cody's.

Kevin left the door and ran away from the school. He ran past Cody's house and he noticed someone pounding on his door. He ignored it and ran to his house.

He saw his whole family sitting in the living with the T.V. on. They were walking around weird and Kevin couldn't understand why. He looked at the TV and saw that they were watching CNN.

"Zombie attack is happening on Cloverdale. We advise you to stay in your homes until the crisis is over. If you run into a zombie then in order to kill them is to hit them in the head repeatedly or shoot them." The reporter explained and Kevin's blood ran cold.

His whole family including his three brothers, one sister, and his mom and dad turned around to face him. Kevin looked at there eyes and saw that they were bright red. They all let out a loud scream.

Kevin ran out of the house and slammed the front door behind him. He kept on running and was almost to Cody's house. Kevin was near Cody's house when he heard a loud screech beside him and turned in time to see a car slam into him. Kevin flew over the car and landed back on the asphalt. He heard the doors open and people gathered around him.

A group of two policeman had hit Kevin and he knew that he was badly injured. The police officers picked Kevin up and he screamed in pain.

They put Kevin in the backseat of the car and lied Kevin down. "We can take care of you. You'll be okay." Kevin felt a little relieved and he saw one of the police officers start to examine his wounds.

Kevin struggled to sit up so that he can see where they were headed. He saw them drive past Clayton Heights Secondary School. He saw them approaching a checkpoint. The cop had to slow down in order to avoid the damaged cars. Kevin heard a loud screech and he saw a zombie reach inside the passenger window and bite one of the officers in the neck.

The officer screamed in pain and fired his shotgun into the zombie. "Go! Go!" The officer yelled and they approached the checkpoint.

Four SWAT officers sorounded the car and had their rifles at the ready. "Is that man bitten?" One of the SWAT asked.

"No." The officer lied.

"Was he bitten by one of them?" The man asked again and the officer was about to reply when the injured officer turned and threw up blood in his face.

The SWAT officers opened fire on them and killed the two officers. Kevin sat in the back horrified.

He heard the SWAT talking amongst themselves. "Can we chance taking the kid out?" One said. "I don't know we need to get the Chief of police down here." Another replied and radioed for the chief.

Kevin saw the chief approach the for men and the only thing Kevin heard was. "We can't chance anything."

One of the SWAT officers approached the left side of the car and he raised his rifle. The officer aimed it at Kevin's head and shot a single slug into his head.

Kevin slumped into the seat. Dead.

Mike fired the last round into the large zombie, before it collapse, a blood pool was summond around the large beast. The spent clip sliped from it's socket, and Mike pounded in a fresh clip, ready to be fired.

Seeing how it was his last clip, he had to use it wisely, and make those shots count. Walking down the street, an ambulance drived by with extreme speeds, followed by an E.R.T. APC.

Mike let out a sigh of releif, seeing the E.R.T. Made him feel just a little bit safer, but not much. The Emergancy Response Team were well equiped, from what Mike knew, they were equiped with advance weaponary, M4A1's, Beretta's, Fragmentation Grenades, and more.

But Mike knew they had no time for a kid like me, they had more important things to attend to. Right before his eyes, a corpse jumped right infront of Mike, he leveled his Glock and aimed, "Wait!" It said.

"Are you bitten?" Mike replied, with his weapon still raised.

The man, looking to be in his later thirties replied, "No!"

Mike lend a hand to the man to pick him up. "The names Carl," he said shaking hands with Mike,

"Michael." He replied.

"What are those things that are attacking people?"

"Zombies.." Mike said, thinking he would look like a dumbass saying that. Carl let out a little chuckle, then his face got serious.

"Are you serious?" He replied.

"I'm not certain," Mike said, "But we're going to find answers to this, now."

Cody turned and smashed the baseball bat into the fat mother fucker's head as blood poured onto the pavement of his drive way.

"Al come on!" Cody yelled to Al who was trying to open the second story window into Cody's room. Stan ran up to help him while Shane ran to help Cody.

Cody was in the process of beating the fuck out of another Zombie when Shane noticed one charging from his back.


Shane ran, tackling the beats into the ground as he repeatedly smashed its face with his fist. Cody turend to see the thing ite Shane in the neck, internal organs and blood spewing out. COdy cried out as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Shane no!"

Cody was about to run to it when Al called from the roof.

"Cody! Come on, he's gone man! Get in!"

Cody, tears burning his cheeks, turned and ran for the roof, leaving behind a great quarter back, a great guy. A great friend. He scrambled up the fence and jumped onto the roof, kicking one of the creatures in the head in the process.

He scrambled into the window and slammed it shut behind him. He turned to Stan and Al who both silently wept for Shane.

"Al, take the bat. My parents are in Victoria with my brother for hockey. The house is empty. Grab what ever food and water you can find, take Stan with you, I'll get the wepaons that I can find.

Al nodded and took off down the stairs, Stan close behind with a tire iron he'd talen from the De-tech rooms back at school. Cody had seen a lot of survivors and had told them to gather what they could and get to his place.

Cody scanned the room for potential weapons. He grabbed his Katana from the wall mount, his ceramonial gift for earning his third degree black belt. Thank god it was sharp. He laid it on the bed.

Some time later, Al and Stan came bounding in, each carrying bags and bags of food and water. They placed them onto the ground. Both were pulled to the bed as Cody had laid out every weapon in the house.

"All rght guys, I've got it all laid out for everyone. Al, take the bat, a couple small knives for throwing and one of my wooden traiing sticks. Stan you'll get the tire iron still, and I'm giving you our axe from the garage." Cody said handing them their wepaons.

"Me, for now we only have one of them so I'll use it. I've got the Sig Sauer P226 and my hunting knife."

Al and Stan nodded.

"Alright, theres loads of wood and what not in our crawl space, it's steel walled and what not so it'll be empty. Bring up as much wood as you can, we gotta barricade the place, we're going to have more survivors here soon."

"Cody, you good?"

Cody nodded. "Yeah I'm fine."

Christ man, never thought this would happen, not here anyways

As paranoid as Carl was, Mike couldn't get him to shut the fuck up. "Is that a zombie over there?" Cried Carl as he pointed towards two men running into their house.

"No." Mike whispered, "Not everyone is completely infected, I'm sure the police and military have taken out most of the virus, just pray that it doesn't get worse."

Mike knew for a fact that Carl wouldn't last on his own, and figured he'd be dead before he reached Cody's house. After previously killing two infested corpses, Mike estimated about six rounds left in his half spent magazine.

Almost reaching Mike's house to call Cody, a large body sprung from the roof of a house, crashing into Carl. Mike spun around, leveled his Glock, and placed his finger on the trigger, but he didn't pull.

"What...The..Fuck?" Mike said, as a 'new' type over 'zombie' raised it'self from Carl's broken body.

The large infested corpse, standing 6'5" Large veins traveled threw it's orangish skin, it's body being absolutely large, with nothing but muscles of steal, the ugly mother fucker had two mouths, and four eyes, none of which looked human.

It let out a deep battle cry as it ran towards Mike. Mike's jaw drop, and quickly jumped out of the way as the creatures arm swung into his path.

Mike fired two rounds, one piercing It's right leg, and the other nailing him in the ribs, but it still stood, and was pissed off more then ever.

Mike needed to conserve his ammunition, and knew shooting this ugly bitch wasn't going to do anything, he jumped back onto his feet, and began to make a furious sprint down the road, with the creature following behind.

"Help!" Mike yelled, scared for his life.

With his house in sight, Mike sprinted harder, knowning there was hope for him. He quickly took out his keys, struggling to put the right key into the lock, he finally nailed it, opened the door, and shut it with a hard slam, locking all locks.

Mike peeked outside, and saw the large creature just walking around.

Maybe it can climb and chase, but it might not be able to penetrate buildings and structures. Mike said to himself, as he hurried over to the phone. He picked it up, dialed in Cody's phone number.

It rang......

"Hello?" Greeted a voice.

"Cody! It's me, Mike!" Mike said with releif.

"Mike!" Cody replied with excitment and greif. "Where are you?"

"My house, with some bad ass mother fucker outside."

"Think you can get to my house, ASAP?" Said Cody.

Mike stopped to think for a bit, peeked out the window, and saw the creature was gone, but was he really gone? That's what bothered Mike, he just prayed that the E.R.T. would show up and shot this bastard.

"Yeah, let me gather supplies, and I'll be at your house ASAP,"

"Roger," replied Cody as he hung up.

Mike placed down the phone, checked his clip, seeing he only had four rounds left, he went to the kitchen, got what he can. Mike's parents weren't home, infact, Mike didn't know where they were at all.

Mike took axes, crowbars, food, water, and his Glock, opened up the front door, took a deep breath, and ran.

Ryan woke up with a major hangover. He had been asleep for a few hours. His shift in his job had ended. Owning a garage has its perks. Ryan got to choose his own hours, and he could do fun stuff like play video games and go on the computer in his own time.

It wasn't like his military experiences....

Ryan had done four years in Iraq with the USMC. Life was just one big hotspot there....

(Fake part to explain why i'm in Canada.)

Later, Ryan was tired of the war, and of his government. He went AWOL and moved to Canada. He opened up a garage shop and added an apartment where he sleeps. His refridgerator is usually stocked with a case of beer, and a sandwich. (I'm placing my garage in between Cody's house, and the high school.)

As he got out of bed, he heard something in the garage. Ryan lived at his shop, so it might just be neighboorhood kids looking for fun.

He grabbed a crowbar ready to scare the little guys when a bloody hand slammed against his door.


A distangled face came up from the doorway as it tried to break the glass and get inside,

Ryan rushed to the back of his apartment and grabbed his Berreta. The neighboorhood he lived in wasn't exactly friendly, so he always had it handy. He went to the doorway and assumed his stance.

"Get away from the doorway, or I'll shoot!!!"

The thing just tried harder to get in. It slammed it's fist into the window, and tried to reach for Ryan...

"I'm warning you, don't try and get in. I will shoot you!!!"

This just caused the thing to eventually slaminto the other window panes and it tried to climb through the window space.

Ryan fired three rounds into the chest of the thing. It sorta fell back, but kept trying to get through.

Ryan fired another two into the heart, but to no avail.

The thing was inside the room.

Ryan kicked it into the wall, slammed his fist into it, and put the gun in its mouth. He fired.

It dropped onto the floor immediatly, and fell limp.

"What the hell is that thing!?"

He went to look outside... There were another ten or so out there...


Ryan grabbed five more magazines for his pistol.

He grabbed some keys for one of the cars in his shop, opened the garage. He hit three of the zombies on his way out of the parkway. He sped off... towards the school to make sure the kids there were locked tight.

I need a better gun... Too bad this place is on military lockdown, or I'd try and find someone who'd sell me one...

With that thought, Ryan sped away...

Mike sprinted quickly down his street, only to be caught up in a gun battle with a squad of E.R.T.'s and zombies. Mike ducked down, trying his best not to be seen, he wouldn't risk waving his hands for help, for he might be gunned down.

Loud roaring shots from M4's erupted down every street, the sound of fragmentation grenades echoed threw Mike's ears. Mike took cover next to an abandoned vehicle. He peaked over, seeing at least over a dozen zombies chasing the men.

It occured to Mike that the E.R.T. didn't know where to shoot for a one shot kill, Mike wanted to shout out, and tell them they had to shoot in the head, but it was too risky.

Mike pressed his back against the vehicle, and just sat there, crouched up, waiting for it to all end.

The last screech was heard, and the gun fire stopped, Mike peered aroudn, seeing the E.R.T. had defeated a small army of zombies, they began to walk around, shooting another three shots into all the dead corpses. They all entered their APC, and moved out.

Mike ran over, seeing two E.R.T. bodies, he quickly searched, but the rest of the units must've taken their ammunition, after a couple minute of searching, Mike found a fresh clip of ammunition, but it wasn't for his Glock, it was for a Beretta.

"Damn!" Mike said, forming a fist with his hand. "This is useless." With only four rounds left, Mike wouldn't last much longer, and he had another five minutes before getting to Cody's.

It had to last, and Mike knew these men would come back up, he aimed his Glock, and fired a round in each of their head, he didn't want to waste the ammo, but knew that they would come back to eat his flesh.

Cody was close, but the zombies were closer, with two shots left in his sidearm, Mike had to think, and think fast.

Bang Bang Bang Thud.

"That's the last one Cody!" Al yelled from the back door as he finished putting up the last wodden plank. Cody's dad had been building a deck using loads of wood. Mostly 2x4's. They were great for barring the doors.

Cody had told everyone to barr with about a foot inbetween each so they could attack the zombies outside while still having a good barrier. Now, the only way out of the temporary fortress was through the second story windows.

Cody called down to Al. "Al, help Stan finishing boarding the garage door, then get all the food and everythnig into the media room, well use it as our main room."


Cody turned from the stairs. He'd just talked to Mike over the phone, he was on his way. Some other guy (His name Cody didn't know) had gone to Willowbrook, he would be back soon. Cody adjusted the Sig Sauer P226 in his waist band bringing back memories of how he'd gotten it.

A year ago, Cody had asked his friend if he could get him a weapon of some sort, for protection only. He'd always felt better carrying a weapon in public, kinda gave him that assurance that he was infact safe. He never really thought he'd be given something like this.

Now, in this zombie infested town, he was glad to have it, he couldn't wait to fire it. He was debating taking a practice shot from he roof when his cell hpone started to ring to the tone of Grace Kelly.

Cody slid his phone open. "Lex?"

A slightly shaking voice answered. "Yeah it's me, I need help."

Cody's hands shook. "Where are you?"

Lexy sniffled, obviously fighting back tears.

"Outside your house, I'm hiding beside your window, in the bushes."

Cody froze, there was atleast seven of them out there. He spoke slowly.

"Don't move, I'm coming to get you, don't attract attention to yourself ok?"

Lexy inhaled. "Ok," she whispered.

Cody grabbed the radio he'd taken from his paintball equipment. He called Al and Stan.

"Guys, keep boarding up, if you hear gunshots, it's me, Lexy is outside, I'm going out for her, no matter what, don't come back out for me, stay safe for everyone coming here over."

Cody waited a second.

"Copy Cody, be careful over."

Cody nodded. "Wilco, out."

He forced a smile. After all the paintball they'd played together, he'd gotten used to proper radio communications, military style. Even if situations like this Cody was worried about proceedure.

Only me...

Cody went into his room removing his pistol from the waistband. He checked his hunting knife was still attached to his leg, it was. He pulled back the slide and racked a round into the chamber, he let go and listened to it slide into place with a clack. He pulled back the hammer and flipped the safety to "off". He opened the window.

A pair of the zombies looked up from the driveway and started moving towards him, not quite running speed, but quick enough. Cody ignored them and moved closer to the edge of the roof. He looked straight down into the face of what looked to be his neighbour Ed.

He couldn't tell, it was missing half of it's face.

Time to lose the other half mother fucker.

Cody aimed and squeezed the trigger. The heavy caliber round ripped open it's face, spilling brain and goop onto the pavetment in a water fall of pulp. He shifted and fired a pair of rounds into the head of some fat thing wobbling towards his side of the roof.

After several more rounds, and a quick check, he jumped to the street, landing awkwardly in his garden to soften the fall. He rolled to compensate for it, spriing to his feet. That's when he heard the screech.

Some black thing with an arm sprinted at him from the end of the road at an alarming speed. Cody took a knee, aimed center mass, and fired. The round smashed into it's chest, slowing it down enough for Cody to sight the head and fire again.

It's head explaoded into a mass of gooy blood and bone as it fell to the pavement, dead ofr the second time in it's existance. COdy felt and hand on his shoulder a whipped out, smashing Lexy to the ground.

He stood over her, breathing hard ready to fire as she screamed.

"Cody it's me! Cody! Please!"

Cody lowered the gun.

"Don't scare me like that." He said smiling as he helped her up. "Where's Livs?"

Lexy shook her head and started crying, her tears making wet spiral patterns on the blood stained pavment. Cody garbbed the radio.

"Al, Stan, come in over."

"Cody, we copy over."

"Al, lower the ladder, I've got Lexy and I'm coming up over."

"Rodger, out."

Cody watched as Al appeared on the roof overhead, a small wooden ladder in his hands. He dropped it down for Cody who helped Lexy up, and then turned to cover her. As she reached the top, a group of about 30 zombies wandered around the street corner and, at the sight of Cody, moaned and groaned and came dashing at him.

Cody grabbed onto the ladder with one hand, in his other, his pistol. "Al pul it up, pull it!"
Al grabbed the ladder and began lifting it up off the ground. Stan ran back to the window.

Cody fired, the pistol jumping in his hand as bullets impacted on a few zombies. He only scored one partial head shot. He was three feet off the ground when they reached half way to the house. Cody looked up to see Al straining to pull up the later. Behind him, Stan hefted a propane tank which he threw into the road.

"Cody! The tank! The tank!"

Cody eyes lit up as if to say Oh yea!

He aimed and fired a duo of thundering shots. The first rupturing the tank, the second igniting the gas inside turning the street into an explosive ball of fire engulphing the zombies running at him.

After Al finished pulling up the ladder, and COdy had gotten inside, his cell phone rang again. He checked the caller ID.

It's her!

Ryan sped south. His mind was racing, and he had a major headache...

He finally arrived at the school, only to find that it was empty...

Figures... Kids are smarter than I give them credit for...

Ryan descided he might wanna head south. There was a neighboorhood there that had houses large enough to barricade. That is the safest place, other than the mall...

"Ali! Where are you?"

A male answered. "Who is this?"

Cody shifted uneasily. "This is Cody, who is this?"

The male replied again. "This if officer Doug Moore, I found this phone on a dead girl and called the last number dialed to see if anyone was left."

Cody felt mixed emotions. He new Aly was dead, and by the way Doug sounded, he was the one to actually kill her. A was over joyed though, Doug Moore was his borthers friend Brock's dad, and he'd be more than happy to supply Cody with wepaons from the RCMP station in Cloverdale.

"Doug! It's Cody! Cody Shaer! You gotta get al the weapons you can over to my place, come in through the second story window on the North East side!"

Doug chuckled. "Weapons are in the back, I'm on the way, give me 5." The phone hung up.

Cody was relieved. Doug. Weapons. Things couldn't get better, they would be armed and well supplied untill help arrived. He new they'd live through this, he new they'd be safe there.

How wrong he was.

For the next few minutes, Cody, Stan and Al all waited on the roof while Lexy watched from inside Cody's room. Doug was to arrive soon, and he'd bring enough weapons to keep them safe. Cody checked his pistol.

Great, only 3 shots left. I hope Doug brought some .357 SIG rounds.

Cody and the others heard the screech of tires, and rattle of gunfire, and then saw an RCMP patrol car skid around the corner, shooting for Cody's house.

We're saved.

Ryan pulled up to a house where a car was parked, some kids were on a roof, and an adult who apparently had weapons. This is as good a place as any to hold down, and these kids apparently knew what they were doing. There was safety in numbers.

Ryan pulled up to the curb, got out of his car, and looked up...

All the kids were aiming weapons at him, one yelled..


"Its alright, my name is Ryan, I'm ex-military. Mind if I join your little gang here? I've got a weapon, some ammo, and a car."

The kid took a second to register what Ryan said... It seemed as if he was contemplating on letting Ryan inside...

"Alright, you can help us, but you gotta do just that. We don't take people who don't work. My names Cody, Cody Shaer. You'll have to climb to the second story if you want inside. We've barricaded everything else."

Ryan smiled...

"Alright, fine. Who's the adult around here anyway?"

Doug walked over, and looked Ryan over a couple of times...

"That'd be me. But its Cody here who's house this is. So I guess that'd make him boss, or at least some sort of leader..."

"Alright, nice to meet ya. Now I've got a splitting headache, so please excuse me if I don't talk much. What sort of weapons do ya have here?"

Ryan looked over in the truck...

Mike sprinted down the street, and checked his watch,

Just three more minutes... He said, looking around seeing if any zombies were near.

Mike was finally on Cody's street, and knew Cody was alive, which ment he must've brought zombies with him. Mike ducked into a couple bushs, peeked out, seeing four or five zombies just walking around, waiting for fresh flesh.

Mike's eyes made it more clearer, as a police car was sighted, with an RCMP officer being nudged up on a ladder. Mike just let a weak smirk, knowning Cody had some weapons with him, and that Mike was just dying to use.

"Meh, four zombies, not a problem," Mike said examining the four. "Two fast ones, one big fat thing, and..." Mike paused, laughing to himself, "One without legs, hahaha!" Mike broke out in laughter, but quietly.

He flipped open his cell phone, and dialed Cody, it rang.

"Mike," Cody said, "You near?"

"Affirmative," Mike replied, "I could use cover fire, I'm directly infront of your house, stationed in those berry bushs"

"10:4" Cody replied, "Allister will provide initial cover support, I suggest you move to the back, and climb onto the ladder that awaits you, Cody out."

Mike slipped his phone back into his pocket, gripped his sidearm and rushed out.

Mike was a sharpshooter, but he wasn't the best, his first shot nailed a fat zombie in the chest, but the second was clean in the head, as darkish blood, and skull rushed to the ground.

Mike fired his last round, as it penetraited a fast zombie in the eye, and it dropped faster than that fat bastard.

Just when Mike ran out of ammo, large gunfire came from the window of Cody's house, in Cody's room, allister sprayed the area, as four shots hit the fast zombie, slowing it down, and another two to finish it off.

The torso zombie was left behind, no need to waste ammunition.

Mike grabbed tight onto the ladder and was pulled up by Cody.

Mike gave a stiff hand shake, and a hug to Cody.

"Glad to see you alive," Cody said with a smirk.

"Glad to see you're not dead."

Cody had everyone out of the room, and had taken all the guns and ammo to pile on the bed with the rest so he and Doug could organize and assign weapons based on what they thought people were best with. Everyone else was transporting supplies into the media room. Bed matresses, food, water, pillows etc. Everything they needed to live on the upperfloor.

Cody checked over the weapons, nodded, and checked the paper on his clipbaord. This was his house, he was running the show here. If someone had a problem, they can take some food, water, and a gun and leave.

(Everyone's kits are below.)

Cody: G36 & Sig Sauer P226
Mike: Glock 19 & Remmington Sniper Rifle
Allister: Colt Python & Sawed-Off Shotgun
Stan: Colt 1911 & Uzi
Doug: RCMP Service Pistol & MP5
Ryan: Beretta 92 & C4

Cody had finished handing out the weapons when Stan spoke up.

"How come ya'll get the cool fancy rifles and I get stuck with the uzi?"

Cody chuckled. "Because you're Filipino, and because you can handle the recoil of it."

Stan shrugged and tucked his wepaons into his waist band. Everyone filed out, each assigned a window to watch. Doug was last out. Cody took a deep breathe.

Time to suit up.

Cody pulled on a pair of woodland camo pants and a thick heavy black shirt which the sleeves he rolled up. He then slipped on his black combat vest which he loaded with food, water, and ammo, strapping his pistol into his thigh holster. He pulled on his knee pads and strapped on his fingerless black gloves.

Finaly, he donned his black combat boots he'd bought in the U.S. He tucked in his pants and roped the laces so they wouldn't flip out or come undone. He checked himself in the mirror.

Fuck I look badass.

Cody rummedged through his dressers and bags, grabbing everything he could. Besides plenty of amo to last him a small war, and food and water for a few days, he managed to put together a small arrangemnt of other useful items.

He finished up with his cell phone, his 6 inch hunting knife, a compass, a pair of small binoculars he used for hunting, a lighter full with fluid, his flys from Taekwondo (The retractable batons from Resident Evil Apocolypse and that police forces use, kinda like thick metal radio antennas), 6 throwing knives he used from training and a pair of, as Cody classified them, "party items."

Doug has with him a half dozen of C13 Police/Military fragmentation grenades, he'd taken four and given Cody two. Cody tapped on the pins and strapped them into his gear. After putting everything on, he could have easily been mistaken as a mercenary for hire.

Cody clipped on his radio and plugged in his SWAT ear piece he used for paintball, and slipped it into his ear while he checked the volume. He tapped the "talk" button once, then held it down to talk to everyone scattered through the house.

"Everyone check in over."

A chorus of voices answered "Here over."

Cody nodded to himself as he looked out the window. He snapped up his rifle, checking through the scope to fully see the thing outside.

"Everyone come on up to the media room now, we need to think of what to do next over."

And talk about what the hell to do about that. Cody thought staring out the window into a four eyed beast that paced back and forth, staring at the house as zombies milled in around it.

Everyone had assembled in the media room, most dressed in regular clothes, the odd few, including hmself, looked somewhat more fit to fight giant hordes of undead people.

Cody walked over to the media room window, drew up the blinds and waved everyone over to gaze upon the beast that lay outside.

It was gone.

Cody swallowed hard.

"Ok uhhh guys, there was this things out there, and it kinda had like four eyes and uhhhh now it's gone."

Cody finished nervosly.

Mike looked as if someone had smashed him with a bat.

"Oh yea! Shit man that thing followed me here I guess, I saw it when I left my house to come here. Shit, what should we..."


The ground shook, a couple pictures hanging on the wall fell as the window shattered. Cody regained his balance and shouldered his rifle. Al, who was many a times pointman on the paintball team moved forward to cover the door.

"Alright, there is seven of us, we're moving in two's so we can cover more entrances into the house. Al, with me, Stan, go with Ryan, Mike will fire from the roof, Doug will cover him from there. Lexy, he handed her the extra Smith and Wesson pistol Doug had given him, you stay here, make sure nothing get on the roof from in here."

Everyone nodded. Stan and Ryan moved down the stairs towards the kitchen. Cody's radio snapped on.

"Cody, that big thing ran through your house man, it's broken trough the neighbours fence and kept going. Oh shit!"

Cody herd sparotic gunfire downstairs. He keyed his radio.

"Stan, Ryan! Take the back door. Mike and Doug keep us clear from above."

He turned to Al "We're takig the front."

Al nodded and pumped the shotgun, refreshing the chamber and readying it to fire. Cody raised his rifle, and started down the stairs.

Mike sighted down his scope, spotting a large mob of zombies heading towards their position, Mike grasped his radio,

"Cody, we got large forcing coming on the right side of your house, over."

"Roger that Mike, lay some fire." Cody said.

Mike sighted down his scope, he knew the calibur of this rifle was powerful, but was unsure as to what it was. He steadied his aim on the first ugly bastard.

Mike's fingured lay gently, as he squeezed hard. The bullet pierced threw the first, with a large whole in it's head, the size of a tennis ball, the round also penetraited another zombies head that unfortunately stood behind the first one.

Mike slid the bolt back, another round went into the chamber, he pushed forward and clambed the bolt in place, and fired yet another round. From Mike's guess, the zombies were fifty yards away.

Doug began to fire with his MP5, nailing a good six zombies and dropping them, but there looked to be at least over fifty zombies.

Mike fired and fired, not stopping, when a large thump was heard, followed by a growl. Mike glanced over to his right, seeing the four eyed beast on Cody's neighbours roof.


"Yo?" Doug replied, firing a burst round.

"Get back inside, now!" Mike said, as the four eyed beast stared right at them.

"Why?" Doug said,

"That's why," Mike replied, pointing to the large muscular orangish beast. It let a scream, and leaped into the air, Mike's eyes opened, his jaw dropped.

Not again...

"Alister! Left!"

Al spun behind Cody, shotgun leveled at the thing running at them through a gap in the garage wall. He fired, the heavy shot ripping the zombie to pieces and spraying dark blood all over the wall.

Cody sighted his rifle on the zombie running through the front door and fired, the AP round meant for military use punching huge holes into the un-armoured rotting flesh of the dead running at him.

He emptied his clip into the running crowd of them outside, many feel as they tripped over thier dead companions in a mad rush to get inside to feast. Cody ejected the empy clip and slid another on in, cocking the rifle's bolt as he shouldered the rifle again.

From around the corner, a zombie smashed through a piece of dry wall that had fallen and tackled Cody. The pair of people, one alive, the other dead, fell to the floor with a clatter. Cody's weapon flew out of his reach. Cody looked up into the face of a friend.

Shane, rather what used to be Shane was onto of him, eyes livid, spit flying as it screeched for flesh in languages Cody couldn't understand. The screetch was suddenly interupted however, as the heavy bullet of a Remington 700 Sniper Rifle toook off it's head, blood sprayed in wild arcs over the floor.

Cody shook his head, the ringing in his ears slowly dissapearing as he threw off the headless body of Shane and looked over to see Al pumping round after round of shotgun slugs into the horde of zombies moving for the front door.

He turned to look up the stairs and saw Mike, sniper leveled, moving down the stiars. Mike chambered another round.

"Thanks for the save bro." Cody said as Mike helped him up, handing him his G36.

"No worries, out friend is back, four eyes."

Cody's went a little white. "Shit, where's Lexy?"

Mike froze and he heard it, a scream from upstairs and a thud that shook the walls. Cody looked up to see something flying at him. He ducked, spinning to cover it with his rifle as Mike stepped beisde him to fire, rifle ready. Cody grabbed Mike's rifle and pushed it up as he fired, the round hitting the ceiling.

"It's Lexy!"

Mike ran with Cody to her, Doug moving to help Al as Stan and Ryan started closer, their group of 6 now slowly being drawn into a tighter space. Cody turned Lexy over and swore as he saw what was left of her.

The entire front of Lexy's head was gone, replaced by a gaping hole where what looked to be a claw had punctured. He stomach shredded to ribbons by some from of sharp object. He stood, aiming his rifle at what remained of her head.

Mike jumped up. "She's gone man."

Cody shoved him out the way, aiming his G36 at the head once more. Lexy twitched, once, twice, then started to stand, claws starting to erupt from her hands, the hole in her head reforming to show a quatret of eyes appearing.

Cody fired, the rounds of his rifle smacking into Lexy's face ripping the four eyes into pulp as the sister Cody had once loved dropped, dead for good. Cody reloaded and grabbed a grenade. He called the the others.

"Get down!"

He tossed the grenade towards the front door as the zombies reached it en masse and started pouring in. A second later, the grenade detonated with an explosion that alerted the four eyed beast upstairs where his prey was.

We pulled into the neighbor hood, alot of the houses had been wrecked. Ethan guided Sandra to his house and they stepped inside. The place was littered with broken peices of just about everything. Most likely his mom was dead and his dad was at work, probaly barracaded in his office.

Ethan had really only come back for one purpose to get something that he really shouldent even have. A present that his brother had "acquired". Hidden inside his mattress was a Black Arrow M-93 sniper with 10 clips of ammo. How his brother had manage to get all this was unkown.

Ethan crawled under his bed and stuck his hand up into the matress via a hole he had put into it. He pulled out the case containing the rifle.

He went back outside and into the car with Sandra.

"allright now lets go to Cody's house.

Cody shook his head, the ringing fading away for the second time in just a few moments. He stood slowly, reaching for his rifle. When he saw it, he felt a stab of panic when he saw it, bent and twisted out of shape due to the explosion.

Cody un-holstered his Sig Sauer P226 and check the door. Dozens of zombies lay in pieces, one started to stand, slowly at first then quicker as it saw Cody. He aimed, clicked the saftey off and fired, the heavy .357 round exiting the barrel and flying at the zombie.

The bullet ripped open the beat's forehead, sending a volcano eruption of blood and goo down it's face and onto the front step as it collasped, falling like a sack of potatoes. Cody turned around to see the others, atleast some of the others getting up.

Doug was up and firing into a group zombies moving from the back, Al beside him pumping shot after shot into the same group. Blood spurted from the crowd as many fell. Cody turned back to see Mike up and loading his rifle, Ryan leaning against the wall, rifle at his feet.

"Ryan! Come on!"

Ryan shook his head, the glazed look in his eyes vanished and suddenly, he was on his feet, firing his C8 in controlled expert bursts into zombies out on the road. Cody reloaded his pistol when he heard the tump.

He spun, pistol raised to see the four eyed freak moving down the stairs. It's claws dripping with blood, it's face twisted and rotten as it snarled at him. Cody grabbed Mike and called to the other behind him.

"Run! Get to the front!"

Al and Doug spun, their eyes widening at the sight of the beast. They turned and bolted, weapons dancing in their hands as wild arcs of bullets cleared a path for them to run through. Cody did a quick mental count.

Hold on.... STAN!

Cody looked down to see Stan trapped underneath the door. He tried to lift it, and then saw that it had imbeded itself into the wall. He lightly slapped Stan's cheek.

"Hey! Superman!"

Stan's eyes fluttered open. The beast was closing in now, everyone out on the road save for Cody and Stan. They called for him to run to them but Cody heard nothing.

"Cody, I'm gone, give me the grenade." Stan said grabbing the C13 Frag from Cody's vest. Cody nodded, knowning what Stan was going to do.

"Stan, I love you man, you're like a brother to me."

Stan nodded.

"Cody, bring a football to hell with you, so we can still play."

Cody smiled, a tear dropping onto the dust covered, blood soaked ground.

"Will do Superman."

With that Cody ran, his legs pumping as the beast closed in on Stan. Cody barley heard Stan yell something before a loud explosion engulphed the front hall, ripping the giant beats into pieces as Cody reached the others.

Doug led them to the RCMP patrol car, got behind the wheel, and drove off, Cody in the passenger seat, Al Mike and Ryan in the back.

Three I love gone today, how many more?

Ryan reloaded his C8, checked the sights, and checked his ammo. He had plenty left.

"Cody, we either need to go to the military base, which I advise against, seeing as the military don't like civilians in wartime. Or we head to the mall, and try and secure it from the outside. That place has guns, ammo, food, and water. Most of all, solid walls. Maybe there are other survivors there too."

Cody was in deep thought about something. So Ryan turned to Doug.

"What do you think big guy?"

"I'd say mall, but only if we can secure it, if not, then the military is the place to go."

Cody turned his head to say something...

Mike, who was exhausted, lay his head on Allister shoulder, and closed his eyes. All he could hear and picture in his lost, uncontrolled mind were zombie moans, the sound of a large explosion that engulfed Stan, the sound of bullets piercing threw rotten flesh.

Mike awoke, they were still driving along the road, steadily swerving around vehicles that were abandoned. "Where are we going?" Mike said.

"Well," Cody replied, "Ryan advised we head to a military base, or the mall. I'd have to disagree with both," Mike nodded, knowing why both would be bad, and explained.

"True, if we went to the mall, it's too big to hold off, even though we might find some survivors, that's just too big of a risk, and chances are the zombies might've gotten inside all ready." Mike paused to catch his breath, "Military base, bad idea, the closest one that I recall is in New West Minster, a good two hour drive, but I wouldn't risk it," Mike continued, "They'd probably think we're a bunch of liars saying we're not bitten, then they'd spray us, I'd rather just head somewhere else."

Cody nodded in agreement along with Allister, Ryan and Doug. "Here, Mike and Al, reload our weapons before we decend into another battle."

Cody passed over his weapons followed by Doug. It was good to know that the four eyed beast wouldn't be back, at least that's what Mike thought.

The squad car came to a hault as Doug tapped Cody on the shoulders. "Look!" Doug exclaimed, as two CH146 helicopters spun over their heads. Cody peaked out the window to get a glimpse.

"Looks like the military came to us," Cody said rolling his window up.

"Damn," Mike replied as he shoot his head. He placed his hand on Doug's shoulder, "Get us out of here, and fast!" Doug nodded as the squad car gained an amazing ammount of speed.

We better pray that they don't gun us down.

Cody covered his face with his hand as heavy automatic cannon fire meant to disable tanks smashed into the pavement outside thw open window. Doug swerved the car left barley avoiding the bullets as Cody started waving up at the chopper, hoping to show the pilot or gunner, anybody that they wern't infected with whatever the hell turned everyone into a zombie.

His response, a rather rude one in his opinion, was a TOW missile launched from the open side door. The rocket impacted infront of the car, sending flames and sparks whipping by as Doug powered through the explosion. Cody looked out in time to see the second chopper peel off and start towards where they had came from. Seconds later, Cody noticed people falling out.

Must be a bitten soldier inside. Cody thought, silently thanking the zombie who had bitten whoever attacked the pilot. He checked on the other chopper just as the second TOW was launched. This one hit them dead on, blowing off the front tires and sending the RCMP patrol car filpping through the air.

Cody was flung free, landing hard on the sidewalk and sliding into a mail box with a thud. He looked up, vision blury to see Mike crawling out of the burning car, rifle slng over his shoulder, Allister right behind him. He shook his head, some of his vision returning to normal sharpness. That's when he saw Doug.

Doug lay decapitated, MP5 bent in his lap, his S&W pistol lay in pieces to his left. Ryan was next to him, crawling out with his C8. He looked up to see the chopper coming around for a final shot. He grabbed his rifle and ran.

Cody called for him, but he didn't look back.

Shit, he think's we all died with Doug.

Cody saw Stan getting out of the car when the third, final rocket hit. It propelled Stan's upperbody up through the air, spinning and leaving rainbows of blood as it landed down the street with a smack. Cody flinched. He turned to see Al and Mike holding off a closing crowd of zombies as they moved to him.

Another four eyed fucker jumped down from a low roof, standing between Cody and his brothers. He was about to yell as he grabbed for his gun, it was gone. He looked down, he remained unhurt for gear, all except his gun.

He was about to stand when powerful arms grabbed him from behind and pulled him into the building behind him.

Ryan struggled to grab Cody inside.

I thought this kid died... Christ!!

"Cody, if you can hear me, say something, or do something!!!"

"I'm alright, a little banged up, but otherwise I'm fine."

"Good, take this."

Ryan handed Cody his side-arm.

"What is this place Cody?"

Cody turned to find himself in an abandonned, rather large, and cold building. He tryed to recall what this place used to be.

It's an old toystore.

"It's an old toystore Ryan, careful." He said rasing his pistol and stepping back onto the street. "Don;t follow me, for your sake."

Ryan looked stunned as Cody closed the door, baring it with a piece of timber on the pavment that had fallen from the overhang. He turned to see Al and Mike on the back of a motor bike, zipping down the road, away from him towards the mall.

Cody looked to see a pair of zombies running at him. He aimed and pulled the trigger and was rewarded by an unsatisying click, followed by a gunshot. The gun ripped apart in his hands. The barrel had been bent, and the bullet shot wild.

Next best thing.

Cody threw a pair of throwing knifes at expert speed. One impacted a Zombie in the eye, dropping it in a sagging heap. The second it the other in the chest, opening the shirt to reveal a grisly mixture of ribs and muscle tissue. Cody drew the last of the four knives and prepared to throw hem as the zombie dropped, a bullet in it's head.

Cody turned, expecting to see Ryan, but he was gone. He turned back around to see a rifle but smash into his face.

The next 10 mintues was very shifty. Black dressed men with rifles, a helicoper, Al and Mike flying away on the motor bike. Ryan in the toy store. A strange logo on the helicopter. Then it all went to black.

Mike spun his head, viewing a large Black-Hawk helicopter with 50cal. Turrets on each side. Mike placed his vision on the road again, shook his head in disbeleif, and turned back around,

"Allister!" He said, shouting over the motor of the motorcycle, "Canada isn't equiped with Black-Hawks, could it be..."

Mike was haulted as Allister replied, "Americans."

Mike slowed down, swurving threw all the cars, just as another CH146 helicopter came into view. "Shit!" Said Mike as he swurved, attempting to dodge the gun fire coming from it's deadly chain gun.

Sweat dripped down Mike's face, he was nervous, he felt the adrenaline run in him, just when his front tire was struck by a round. The impact sent him and Allister both flying in differen't directions.

Mike landed, rolling onto the sidewalk, he sat there, unable to move, the pain, so unbarable.

He managed to look over to where Allister was, he too was injured, not moving. Mike picked him self up, and looked over to see Allister gone.

Mike removed his 9mm Glock 20 from his holster, and leveled it. Not a zombie in sight, which made Mike nervous.

Mike sighted over to his right, seeing rope being thrown from the CH146 helicopter, and a squad of nine soldiers being deployed. They spotted Mike and leveled their rifles.

Mike had no choice but to lay his weapon down and put his hands on his head, his knees collapsed in pain, as he fell to the ground hard.

"Is this one infected?" Said one of the soldiers with his rifle raising, pointing at Mike's head.

"I don't know, I say we kill him." Replied another soldier.

Another soldier came into view, this one a Lieutenant, "Let's take him back to base, and examine him. If he's infected, we'll know what to do."

Mike's vision blurred, his head pounded hard, he was hungry and thirsty, just when he was struck in the back of the head by a soldiers rifle.

Mike felt woozy as he was dragged along the hard, cold cement.

Ryan....Allister....Cody. .......Help.

Cody realized he was lying in the dark a few seconds after he'd woken up. He had a hell of a headache, the trobbing non stop and the pounding horendus.

Like I'm fucking hung over.

He took a step forward and as if by the motion of his foot, bright lights flashed on revealing a steel table next to his cot, a chair on either side. A large mirror hung on the wall to his left.

Probobly double sided.

Cody thought back to what he'd seen on the way in. Mike and AL running. Ryan was in the toystore. Then he remembered Stan, Shane, and Lexy. All people he'd lost today.

A door opened to his right and three men stepped in. Two were clad in all black, unmarked military unifroms carrying custom rifles and wearing black helmets with a black face shield giving them a ghostly look. Cody checled their gear over.

AUG, FN assault rifles. Shit, these guys arn't military, and they sure as hell arn't Canadain.

The third wore no helmet, but he had the same unifrom. He carried a pair of Desert Eagle .50 cal pistols and a M82 Barret sniper of his shoulder. He unsulng the rifle, laying it on the table and sat down.

"You can sit down, we wont bite you."

Cody pulled the chair out and sat down. He noticed he was still in his own combat gear, he felt a little scared due to the fact if anyone walked in here, he'd have fit in with the three across from him.

"You're probobly wondering where you are and why you're here."

Cody nodded and spoke at a controled level. He didn't want to risk getting mad, not with those wepaons in the room.

"Well, I know you're sure as fuck not from here, and you ain't military, so who the hell are you?"

The man smiled.

"I didn't think you'd remember me."

Mike plumbed to the floor like an anvil dropping in the ocean. A soldier in the ranks of a Sergeant picked him up from his collar, and threw him against a wall, followed by several punches to the gut.

The Sergeant chuckled with a great deal of evil, almost as if he were a villan, then threw a final blow to Mike's skull, sending him to the ground, with blood dripping from his nose and lip.

The heavy metallic door opened, "At ease Sergeant," Said a voice coming from the opening of the door. The Sergeant backed off into the corner, where the light didn't shine.

Another man sat down, this one by the ranks of Lieutenant. He opened up a folder, sorted threw the papers and dropped them on the desk. "So, good news and bad news." The Lieutenant said, lighting up a cigarette.

"Good news, is you're not infected at all, so we wont have to blow your brains out!" He said leaning back in his chair with a great big grin on his face. "The bad news..." He continued, "Is that you-"

The Lieutenant was haulted as a soldier came barging in the room, "Sir!" He said quickly, "The infected are approaching us,"

"How?" Replied the Lieutenant, "I thought we were safe!" He said with anger.

The soldier looked at Mike, "I'll come back for you in a bit. Sergeant, with me, soldier you too." He said as he shut the door. Mike looked up, a single light shining down, with a crummy old fan to at least keep him cool, and a steel door.

Time to get out.

"Ok, let me get this straight, you," Cody said pointing to the man across from him, "work for my uncle? And he runs a PMC?"

The man nodded.

"Why the fuck didn't I know?"

The man smiled a little.

"You're to young to know, your uncle kept it from you, he new you'd be interested in joininng the minute you heard."

Cody nodded. He understood, but didn't like it.

The man spoke again. "My name is Rodriguez, First Leuitenant of the Phantom squad. I have something for you."

He handed Cody a data stick. With a flick of his head, a black armoured gaurd placed a smal device with a screen on the table facing Cody.

"I'll let you watch this alone." Rodrigeuz said as he and his posse left.

Cody plugged in the stick and instantly, a picture of his dead uncle appeared, the video started to play.

"Cody, if you're watching this, than chances are I'm no longer in your world. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I'm sure you understand why. Cody, in my will, the one you never saw, I left you control over Wolf Saber, my PMC. After seeing this, you'll have entire control over the PMC. Rodrigeuz is your second man. He'll help you out. Good bye Cody, I love you."

Cody wiped a tear from his cheek as Rodrigeuz walked back in.

Cody stood.

"Take me to you're armoury."

Ryan was in hell. When he heard the helicopters outside lift off, he assumed they had Cody.

Damn, wish I had been able to do something... Ryan had thought as he looked outside the window to see the helicopter lift off.

Not long afterwards, a group of soldiers had found a back door to the place. Ryan decided that he needed to find out if they were hostile.

"Yo, you guys here for the party!?"

Immediatly, the soldiers fired on Ryan. He dove behind a piece of machinery.

He raced behind some stairs and fired back.

The first soldier dropped, and the others took cover.

I hope Cody still alive after he meets these guys

He fired another few bursts, and ran up the stairs. He had height advantage now.

He positioned himself behind a pillar, and fired on the soldiers who were behind an assembly line. Three went down.

One more...

Just then, something slammed into the window behind Ryan...

It was one of the creatures...

It dove right at him, and he rolled to the side. With his momentum going, Ryan slammed his foot into the creature, and it went sailing over the railing onto the factory floor.

Ryan heard screams as the soldiers below tried to fight it off.... To no avail.

Ryan leveled his rifle, and fired a whole clip into the creature, finishing it off.

Ryan traveled down the flight of stairs, and secured the room.

He picked up a Desert Eagle, and an MP5 and slung it on his shoulder. He got all the ammo he could, and he reloaded his C8.

He also grabbed a radio.

"This is... (Ryan looked at the guy's tag) Johnson, the guy put up fight, and we lost everyone but me. I killed one of those four-eyes. Need pickup on the roof. Over."

"Roger Johnson, immediate evac is coming. Be ready. Over."

"Roger, Over and Out."

Ryan took off the guy's uniform, and put it on himself. He grabbed the helmet, HUD radio, and the guys tags, and put them on as well. He also grabbed the sunglasses too.

The helicopter arrived, and it sped off in the distance...

Mike heard screams, and the sound of soldiers telling their men to fall back, just when a soldier was thrown threw the door, blood splattered everywhere.

"What the!" Mike said as the soldier split in half after being chucked with great force threw the steel door. Just picked himself up from the chair, and looked as another one of those four eyed fuckers squeezed threw the door way.

The creature roared as it dived into Mike's direction, with a quick reaction Mike rolled over to the right, where he found the bottom part of the soldier, with a berreta in his holster, Mike took it out and fired several rounds, the creature got pissed.

Mike made his way out the door and into a hallway, where he ran down, and made a quick left, running down the stairs. Mike stopped, reading a map, he was currently located on the fourth floor, Mike was about to find his way out on the map just when a round struck it, Mike's head spun with adrenaline.

"Hey, you!" Yelled a soldier as he fired a burst of rounds. Mike quickly made his way downstairs, with the soldiers and Mr. Four eyed beast behind him.

After passing three stories, Mike made it to ground floor, and snuck around crates as zombies poured in, ripping the soldiers to shreads, along with four other of those orange creatures.

Mike gazed ahead, seeing the vehicle department, Mike raced over and bashed down the door with all his force, pain ran threw his shoulder, but he held it in. He took cover as a squad of soldiers fired on two of the beasts, Mike peeked over seeing a Humvee with a 50 calibur machine gun on top.

Mike saw a soldier laying on the ground, with keys in his hands, Mike raced over, rolling to avoid being seen and shot down by the aggressive soldiers.

Mike scavaged around for the right key, he sneaked into the drivers see, and tried to find the right key.

The sounds of flesh being ripped and bullets bouncing off walls made Mike hurry up. The engine roared as Mike was filled with joy. He pressed tight on the gas pedal and a loud screech followed by a powerful push sent Mike flying forward.

The bay doors were open and Mike was finally on the road, with two of those orange beast in pursuit, but they were quickly lost.

Mike pressed harder on the pedal, and didn't bother looking back, in fear of crashing into something.

"This is delta squad, requ--Ah!" That voice came from the radio, followed by other voices from soldiers being killed and needing assistance.

"All units, the infected have broken the front line, fall back to the second line, immediately!" Announced a soldier, probably someone of a higher class.

Mike looked in the review mirror, seeing dozens of CH146 helicopters leaving the base camp where the soldiers were stationed...Mike sat in silence, just when a large explosion erupted, swallowing the entire base and buildings around it. The sky rained blood and guts as they smacked down around Mike and on the street.

Time to find the rest of my boys...

Cody slamed a clip into the custom UMP he now had slung over his shoulder. A beautfiul weapon, it held 30 AP rounds and came quipped with a red dot sight , laser sight and a tactical flashlight. Along with the new rifle, Cody grabbed himself a powerful Colt 1911 pistol. It was matte black and held 7 .45 ACP rounds.

Cody garbbed a pair of grenades, these a high explosive version rather than the fragmentation he'd used earlier, as well as a single yet powerful napalm grenade. He walked out of the armoury and strode over to Rodriguez.

"Hey, Rodriguez, listen, I don't know anything about running a PMC, so I'd like you to take over for now, untill this shit is all sorted out and I can actualy do it well."

Rodriguez nodded. "No problem Cody. You can consider yourself a Corporal for now. You can stay here untill it's safe to leave."

Cody shook his head. "No, I'm going back for my friends, my brother is there to."

"No Cody! You're staying here, and that's final."

Rodriguez turned and walked away. Cody slammed his fist into the cold steel wall. He turned and saw a Blackhawk Helicopter, rotars churning, as it prepared for liftoff. He sprinted to it.

The side gunner motioned with his hand "no".

"Son, you can't come out with us, you're a civilian and you don't have clearence."

Cody spat onto the ground.

"To fuck with that. I'm Martin Shaer's nephew, your old boss before he died. I'm coming out with you like it or not."

Cody hopped onto the chopper. A man with a red cross on his back handed Cody a radio and a headset.

"Here, it'll pick upo and radio signals in the area, we're looking for survivors and removing the zombie threat."

Cody nodded and racked a round into his rifle's chamber.

Time to find Mike, Al, and Ryan.

Mike made his way onto an open road, with buildings far from his view, and didn't seem to spot any signs of zombies nor humans.

He began figiting with the controls on the radio, trying to establish a connection with anyone that'll help.

Mike spun the receiver all about, picking up nothing but the sound of soldiers asking for help as their squads were being overwhelmed by the vicious infected.

Just when Mike almost had given up, he picked up a signal on channel 4A, and a voice broke out over the static. "This is Sergeant Florence from BlackHawk 2-7, all units are to retreat to the second line of defence, over!"

Mike knew it was too risky to head back to the second line of defence, fearing he might be gunned down by the soldiers. He thought for a second, scratching his head, just when loud screechs filled the air along with deep, roars.

He spun his head, Mike's jaws dropped as a good hundred zombies sprinted towards his position, they were a good two hundred metres away, but Mike didn't risk it.

He placed his foot on the gas pedal, but it didn't move, he looked over, "Damnit! Gas is out." He said reaching over for the radio.

"This is Michael Bitansky, I'm currently located on Fraser Highway and 64th cross section, I'm requesting any assitance that I can get, over!"

Mike held the radio tight, hoping for a responce, "Mike! This is Cody, we're on our way, hold tight!" Mike lay back, in releif that his brother was still alive.

"Cody!" He said, "Thank god you're still alive, what the hell did those guys do to you?" He paused, looking at the zombies getting closer, "Actually, hold that thought, get here ASAP, I got some zombies to slaughter."

He dropped the radio, and made his way up threw the top area where he cocked back the 50cal. Turret and fired.

Bullets rippled threw the air as the first six zombies had their heads splattered. Blood, mixed with bone and brains made a good barracade for the zombies behind the dead.

"You like that! Huh? Huh?" Yelled Mike as he fired another barrage of shots. The infected might've been slown down, but the four-eyed beast jumped over them all, leaping towards Mike.

He fired five rounds, ripping it's right arm off and sending it flying back into the flesh eating zombies.

"Oh, tought boy eh?" Mike said as he fired six more shots in its head as he fell to the ground with a Boom Mike's ammunition was depleating as a large Black Hawk helicopter swarmed over his Humvee.

Mike looked up, seeing a large chain gun spin and firing deadly AP rounds, ripping threw the rotten flesh that was provided infront of them.

Ropes were thrown out as four soldiers in black, three with helmets came down, "Welcome to the party!" Mike shouted over the roar of the bird.

Cody gave a pat on his back as he fired his UMP, the devistating rounds piercing six zombies in the head instantly. He gripped right on me as the rope pulled up, laying us back in the Black Hawk.

"Sergeant Florence, how are you mate?" Said a soldier giving Mike a hand shake,

"Good...Cody, how are you?" He replied looking over to Cody. Cody examined his UMP rifle,

"Doing damn good."

Mike looked around, all the soldiers with there intimidating face masks, armor and weapons,

"Cody," Mike said, "You have a lot of explaining to do."

Cody smiled as the chopper came ccloser to the ground and landed softly on the grass, the pilot and co-pilot remianed inside as the crew chiefs dismounted thier powerful cannons and scanned the distance with assault rifles.

"Well, My uncle ran a Private Military Corporation. He left me in charge of it when he died. I passed it on to the second in charge named Rodriguez. Came out to find everyone and well here I am."

Mike nodded. "Seen anyone else?"

Cody shook his head. "I'm gunna head back to LTSS and check for survivors, then I'll check on my brothers school."

"Sounds good." Mike said wiping sweat fro his head.

Sgt. Florence came running from the chopper.

"Cody, we got a problem."

Cody nodded. "Ok."

Florence continued. "Rodriguez has had everyone secrure a perimeter coutisde that of the Military and Police coalition, he'll kill anyone attempting to get out of Cloverdale. We have 3 minutes untill he gives the order to fire on anyone, no matter who or what they are."

Cody looked at Mike who just shook his head.

"That's murder."

Sgt. Florence nodded. "Yeah, but it's needed."

Cody turned to him. "Sgt. Get the hell out of here, I'll grab Mike and I's gear and we'll head to the school. Don't worry about comnig back for us. Just get us to the school roof."

Florence nodded and ran to the chopper, the other PMC soliders following him.

Mike looked at the side of the chopper.

"Your uncle named the PMC Canadain Knights?"

Cody nodded. "Yeah, but after Florence drops us at the school, they're just another enemy in this god damn hell hole."

Mike nodded. "You bring me a gun."

Cody smiled. He opened up the bag at his feet and smiled when he heard Mike.

"Fuck Cody."

Mike picked up the pair of custom Glock 20's, each equiped with a flashlight and laser sight. He placed them on the ground and pulled out a balck jumpsuit which he strapped on. After that, he clipped on his pistol holseters and placed the Glock's inside.

Next was his webbing gear and his boots, followed by his radio and a combat knife. Grenades and ammo followed. He cocker his head as he removed a .50 cal round from a magazine.

"What's this for?"

Cody smiled and unslung the extra rifle on his back. He handed Mike an M82 Barret Sniper rifle. This one equipped with a laser sight, night/day vision 4X 8X and 12X scope, an extended 20 round magazine and a bipod.

Mike almost squeeled when Cody threw it to him. He looked to the sky.

"Thank you Cody's uncle!"

Cody smiled and led him to the chopper. A single zombie appeared on the edge of the field sprinting towards them. Cody only saw it when they were airborne moving towards LTSS.

"Mike! Target! Left side!"

Mike nodded and took aim. He was a good shot, everyone who knew him knew that. The rifle sound echoed through the helicopter cabin as the .50 cal round exited Mike's new toy at super sonic speeds.

Across the field, approximatley 350 yeards, the rifleshot was lost on the dead man running at the Black Hawk. The bullet impacted into it's head turning it into a mass of jelly.

Mike racked in antoher round. Cody yelled over the noise of the engine.


A large collection of dust gathered upon the roof of LTSS, Lord Tweedsmur Secondary School, the school of which Cody attended. Two ropes were thrown down, Mike slid down, but Cody was haulted, "Florence," He said, "Thanks for your help, see you soon pal."

Florence smirked, "Don't worry about me sir, I'll be fine." As he patted Cody on the back. Cody slid down the rope, with his rifle leveled.

Two zombies came rushing out of the corner, "Cody, left!" Cody quickly aimed over, without wasting any time, fired two shots. Both zombies were stopped in their track as blood oozed out of their wounds and they collapsed to the ground.

Cody pointed over towards a door, "That's our way in," He said kicking down the blood-stained door. Just as it fell a corpse jumped at Cody, blood spilled out of its head as it fell to the ground, Cody looked over seeing Mike with his Glock leveled at where the zombies head had been.

"That was a horrible shot," Cody joked.

"Was not!" Mike replied with a chuckle. Mike switched on his flash light, followed by Cody as they continued down the stairs, where they opened another door.

Some sort of green substance filled the air like dust, and it smelt like rotten bodies and shit mixed together, "Damn, what's that smell?" Cody said checking to make sure his angles were cleared.

"No clue," Mike replied cautiously as he gazed upon the blood and guts spilled all over the hallways.

Dust quickly turned to night, the dark hallways gave Mike the creeps, "We must stick together at all times, oo-rah?"

"oo-rah!" Replied Cody with pride. Loud screechs were born, but the infected were not seen.

Cody spun about, seeing dozens of zombies charge out, sprinting at full speed, "Mike, six o'clock!" He announced as Cody fired several rounds, piercing three zombies and ripping ones leg off.

"Cody," Mike shouted firing a barrage of 9mm Glock rounds, "You know this place, lead the way!"

Cody fired his UMP is a quick burst, the bullets impacting along the wall, then the zombies rotting face, then the last shot on the wall. The deadly string of bullets dropped the nasty fucker at the end of the hall as Cody moved up to the next point.

"Moving!" Mike yelled as he moved up, his sniper leveled. Cody nodded and covered him. Beside the scope, he'd also put on the standard iron sights wihich allowed mike to the the rifle in tight areas.

Mike stopped moving and waved Cody forward. Cody moved up, the hallway deadly silent. He clicked on his flashlight, it wad getting close to evening and the sun was going down. He was scared for night.

After leapfrogging through the school a while, they came on the cafeteria. Cody almost puked.

"Poor bastards."

Cody shook his head clear. By the looks of the place, the zombies had hit here first. Cody recalled the time roughly.

Yeah, we were first attacked at end of lunch.

Cody walked through the litter of bodies, carefuly watching the dead bodies around him, expecting one to pop up. He reached where the kitchen crew worked and stepped in while Mike waited outside the kitchen to stand guard. Cody moved to the freezer.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Cody stepped back as the freezer door vibarted. He checked the exterior termometer.

25? To warm for a freezer, that means someone turned it off.

"Mike! Get in here!"

Mike came running seconds later. Cody stood at the door, rifle rasied.

"Mike, open it up and get clear."

Mike nodded. He grasped the metal handel, unlocked the door and swung it open, ducking clear of Cody's line of fire.

A pair of girls stumbled out onto the floor. Instantly Mike and Cody were yelling for them not to move.

"Don't fucking move!" Cody yelled as he stpped over them to clear the freezer. Inside lay a dead zombie, a butcher knife in it's head. Cody stepped back out. Mike had his rifle slung, he trained a Glock on each girl. Cody motioned for him to lower his guns.

The girls kept whimpering.

"Mike, secure the outside, the noise may have attracted some company."

Mike nodded and ran to the kitchen door.

"You two, up, now."

The girls scrambled to thier feet. It was hard to see in the dim light just exactly who they were. Cody flipped on his flashlight and a bright white light iluminated the two girls faces.

Cody flipped it to the girl on the left. He recognized her instantly.

"Lauren? Shit girl good to see you alive."

She looked shocked.

"Cody? What the? Guns? What?"

Cody shook his head. Nevermind, I'll explain later."

He didn't have to to shift right. The girl was already tackling him. He reached for his pistol untill he felt her cool lips touch his. For a split second he was out of the fight. In heaven. He pulled away gasping for air.

"Jessa, thank god you're ok."

He stood up and helped her up. He smiled.

Atleast the girl I was about to date is still alive.

Cody brushed her hair out of her face.

"No more untill this is over, it's to dangerous."

Jessa nodded. "Alright. Sorry."

Cody a pair of thunderclaps followed by Mike's yells.

"Cody! We got loads of compnay headingo ur way."

Cody ran to Mike, and more zombies than they could handle on their own.

Mike fired a deadly 50 calibur round as it ripped threw one zombies head and then threw a second, "Let's move ladies, chop chop!" Mike yelled out as he dropped his large magazine to the ground and jammed another one in.

"Cody, supressive fire!" Mike ordered as Cody spun and knelt to the ground, fired a full clip knocking down seven ugly bastards.

Mike and Cody made their way down the hall way, as another pack of zombies came into view, but they didn't charge, they stood there, in a running position, "Cody, other way!" Shouted Ali as we turned about, with another group of zombies in running position.

"Shit," Said Cody, "Any ideas?" Mike sat in silence, thinking and looked over seeing a wooden door leading to a classroom.

"Might be our best bet," Mike said pointing to the door, Cody nodded in responce.

Mike slowly moved to the door, and slowly turned the nob, but it was locked, "Damint..." Mike whispered with his M82 rifle raised.

Cody gently knocked on the door, which had set off the pack of zombies that began charging, "Shit!" Yelled Cody as he kicked down the wooden door.

Mike fired three rounds ripping the five zombies infront of him, and headed into the class room. Cody and Mike shut the door, with their weight pressed against it, preventing the zombies from getting in.

"Who goes there?" Said a mysterious voice from the dark side of the classroom.

"I'm Cody, and this Mike, we're heavily armed, are you okay? Are you bitten?" Said Cody struggling with the door.

"Cody? Mike?" Said the voice as Allister came out, weilding his heavy duty shot gun, with James, holding his pistol revealed themselves.

"Damn am I good to see you two," Said James.

"You too brotha's" Cody replied. Allister took a bunch of desks and placed them infront of the door, which stopped the zombies from getting in. Cody's phone rang as he took it out of his pouch connected to his vest. "It's Bojan. Hello?" Cody said.

Moment later Cody hung up his phone, "Bojan and Jailum are currently at Banjo's house."

"Damn, that's far," Said Mike looking around the room. Mike was thinking of a way out, but couldn't find one, Allister and James were low on ammunition, and Cody and Mike didn't have the firepower to take on all the zombies, we had to impervise, and fast.

Cody was, although he'd never admit it, defeated. He was lost, he had two heavily armed people, (Himselef and Mike.) two lightly armed people, (Al and James.) and two unarmed people (Jessa and Lauren). Not to mention a couple hundred zombies outside a door held closed by a pair of flimsy desks.

He looked around the room for an exit option. That's when he saw it. It was so simple, yet to complicated it amde perfect sense. He ran and pulled the fire extinguisher off the wall and ran to the door. He passed his weapons for Mike to hold.

"If I die, use them to survive. Cover me."

Mike nodded and aimed with his rifle. Al and James moved Ali and Lauren into the corner and took positions to cover Cody.

Fuck I hope this works. Cody moved a desk out the way, and stood on another putting himself as close to the top of the door as possible. He reached back and smashed the top part open with the fire extinguisher and dropped it down by the btoom of the door frame.

He jumped down as zombies started smahing into the already broken glass, each second they took another chunk out. Each second getting closer to a Cody and friends dinner.

"Mike! Bottom left corner! Fire at it!"

Mike's eyes lit up as he realized what was going on. He took aim. Cody holstered his pistols and swung his rifle around (After grabbing them from Mike) to target the zombies climbing through the window.

He, James, and AL fired, their ammo tearing the zombies apart as they attempted to get through the window. Blood flew in splatter patterns onto the walls as brain oozed to the floor.


Cody heard the rifle shot and flet the bullet zip past his head. A split second later, as another zombie just got over the broken glass, the extinguisher exploaded sending everyone to the floor.

Cody stood quickly, a wave of vertigo briefly passing over him. He trained his rifle on the blown open door to see dozens of zombies that had tried to all run into the room at the same time lying in a pile on the floor.

"Everyone! Run left and outside, I'll cover with Mike! Go!"

Al went frist, followed by Lauren and Jessa, James in the rear. Cody and Mike spun to aim down the hallway to the left. Dozens of zombies started to charge at them. Cody looked to Mike.

"Go, I'll take them."

Mike shook his head.

"You'll die!"

Cody pushed him. "So will you if you stay."

Mike sighted on the zombie in front, the .50 cal round ripping its head clean off exposuing a jagged spine surrounded by a fountain of gore.

"Then we die together!"

Cody nooded, turned and fired.

Bullets from his UMP cut into the zombies pouring down the hallway, dropping many as blood flew onto everytihng, the roof, the floor, everything. Guts and bone piled as Cody reloaded and kept firing, each bullet he felt leaving the chamber. He screamed the names of everyone he'd lost through each of his lethal barrages.

Mike stod beside him, he worked the bolt as quick as he could, each .50 round taking down two, sometimes three zombies at once. He wiped some blood spatter of his scope and fired again. Slowly but surley, even with the pounding Cody and Mike were giving them, the line of zombies kept coming.

Cody eptired his clip and reloaded. He saw motion behind him.

This is the end.

Al stepped up beside him, shotgun flashing as he pumped round after round into the massive horde. Each explosive shot from his shotgun tore limbs and heads off of people as they took chunks of the crowd out. To Cody's left, James was firing the Colt Python Al had been given earlier.

His rounds, a heavy one at that, tore apple sized holes into zombies, one even took an arm clean off. He reloaded the magnum with a speed loader and continued firing. Al yelled over the noise.

"The girls are safe! We figured we'd go down with you two!"

Cody nodded. "Oo-rah!"

The torrent of fire the four of them were putting out was massive, the entire corridoor filled with hot lead cutting down zombies into the hundreds now. After 5 minutes of complete firing, the zombie rush had stopped. Cody unslung a bag from his shoulder, it landed to the ground with a thud.

"Loads of ammo. Grab some, were in for a lnog night."

They pulled up on to COdy's house, it was wrecked. Ethan studied the damage and knew they wernt here.

"Shit, where do we go now" he thought out loud.

"I think we should just get out of town".

He thought for a minute and then decided it was a good idea.

Sandra drove the car out to the highway and then they headed north to leave town. There were plenty of cars littering the road all of them deserted.

She did her best to go fast but still avoid the other cars.

A head what looked like a military check point could be seen.

"Good looks like we're safe". he said.

"Stop the vehical" a voice said over a loud speaker.

Several men in black amore appraoched the car. They surrounded it and leveled their weapons.

"What the hell guys we're not infected". he said in and irratated voice.

"Wait dont shoot", one of them said.

The soldier took off his helmet.

"Dad, what the hell is going on". Ethan asked.

"I will explain latter we need to get you across the containment line."

After a few minutes he explained that the job he had moved for was to join this unit, and that before this he was a U.S. agent.

"Dad I need to go back out there".

"no way your staying here".

"I have to go theres some people I met and I need to help them."

"They're probaly already gone".

"It dosent matter I have to go".

They argued for several more minutes untill his dad gave in.

Ethan went to the man incharge of the sector.

"what is it civillion"? he asked

"Jesus, James your in this too?"

"Ethan, Im glad to see your alright".

"Yeah well dad almost shot me."

"Well I hope you remember your training because your joining us now that you know".

"Do you remember everything I taught you he asked".

"Of course, how could I forget what my brothe taught me".

"Alright theres a suit waiting for you in the locker room".

Ethan went to the locker room and found one with his name on it. He donned the black body first, then the boots and then the gloves. He strapped a combat knife to his leg, and then examined the weapon.

A modifyed spaz (12 gauge shotgun), Instead of loading into a holder on the under side of the barrle it had a clip holding 6 rounds.

Ethan than strapped two ammobelts, one over his chest, the other around his waist. Slinging the shotgun over his shoulder he grabbed the helmet and began to walk out. He examined a mirror

Damn only a private

He walked outside, Sandra ran over to him. She grabbed him and kissed him right on the lips.

"What was that for he asked?" he asked.

"Incase I don't see you again". she replied.

"Don't worry with something like that to come back to I will always come back".

With that he put on the helmet compleating his eary transformation.

Ethan climbed into a humve and sped of. This one was American made so it was the spedomiter was in MPH.

He figured Cody would return to the school.

The sun was almost set and he had a gut feeling it would be worse at night.

After several minutes he arrived at the school. Ethan praked the humve by where he origanly escaped the school. This time he climbed the pipe instead of sliding down it.

Jeez this is tough with all this armor on

He got back up to the top, quickly looking in the window to make sure it was clear.

Ethan climbed in and walked out into the hallway. He could hear some gunfire down below, he tried to follow it but it stopped.

Roling around a corner he came to a stop in a kneeling position looking down a hallway, nothing he kept moving.

For several minutes there was nothing, Ethan strolled around a corner to see some figures at the end of the halway one turned to look at him and raised its weapon.

Insticnt kicked in and Ethan rolled into a classroom, as a bullet smashed into the wall where he was a moment ago.

"Don't shoot". he yelled.

Ryan had snuck into the base, and had found out the name of the guy in charge... Rodriguez...

Time to find out who the hell these guys are

He mad his way into a meeting room, where apparently Rodriguez wanted him to debrief.

"Sir, we found a guy in the factory, and we fired on him, just like your ordered. He fired back, and we quickly dispatched him. Another one of those four-eyed things came from the second floor window, and took out my team. I shot it as it was about to attack me."

"Good, were there any others?"

"No sir, I was the only survivor."

Rodriguez came up to him, and patted him on the back.

"Good job."


Ryan's hand glided to his sidearm, and grabbed Rodriguez' head. He pushed the barrel right into the temple.

"Now, your going to tell me everything I need to know, or you'll have one pissed of Marine with a gun at your head to deal with."

"... Alright, just take it easy."

"First, who owns this whole get up?"

"At first, Martin Shaer. He recently passed, and in his will, he left his nephew, Cody Shaer, the rights to this Private military organization. Upon finding out, Shaer put me in charge, and left to his school. I had to give the orders for my men to kill anyone outside the quarantine zone. So Cody may be dead. I don't know."

"Alright you bastard. Here's what I want. I want a bag full of grenades, ammo for this MP5, plus another spare gun, and three pounds of standard C4 plastic explosives. I also want a helicopter and pilot. They're going to take me to that school, and pick up Cody, and his friends. If they're alive that is. The pilot will then take us wherever I need him or her to go. Is that understood?"


"Good. Now order it on your radio."

Ryan let Rodriguez sit down, and he had his pistol on Rodriguez head still.

"This is Rodriguez, I want an MP5, full ammo supply, grenades. And about three or so pounds of the C4 we have. Yes, I also want a helicopter prepped, and ready to go. Johnson has my orders to be deployed at the school."

"Good, now I want you to face this wall."

Rodriguez turned to face the wall. Ryan suddenly thrust his pistol into the base of his head. Thus knocking Rodriguez out cold.

Ryan then headed for the helipad...

Cody sat down on the curb, brushing dust off of his head. He chekd his UMP to make sure it hadn't been damaged in the stand off against the zombies. Mike was about ten meters up road, keeping a vigilante eye for anything heading their way. Jessa came and sat next to Cody, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"I'm glad you're alive." She said grabbing his hand, her grip frim but soft. "I thought I'd never see you again."

Cody reched over and put his arm around her, pulling her close. "Me too, I'm just glad you're ok." He finished kissing her gently on the forhead. She was leanng up to kiss him again when the sound of James's Colt Python split then evening air.

Cody shouldered his rifle and aimed at the school to see James running out, Al in close behind firing his shoutgun towards the door. Cody took a knee and aimed at the door, his laser sight bouncing up and down over the glass.

Movement. Cody fired a burst from his UMP, the heavy rounds smashing the glass pane and punching holes through the door. He continued his firing untill Al and James were clear. He was tunring when he heard the car.

Truck would have been a better word. Cody turned to see Mike behind the wheel of aFord F-150 pickup truck. Cody ejected his empty clip and ran for the back and piled in. Mike got out and jumped into the tailgate, Lauren and Ali jumping into the cab with Jame's who passed his Magnum back to Al who was in the tailgate with Mike.

Cody ran, jumping into the back as James pulled away. He thought he could have heard yelling but he wasn't to sure.

Probobly just moans from the zombies eating the one I just dropped.

He turned to see Mike sitting on the side, rifle held in one hand resting on his thigh. If the situation would have been less horid, Cody would have considered a picture.

Would have maken a great photo for the wall.

Cody kneeled facing behind them while Al sat across from Mike, shotgun scanning the streets for any kind of movement. Jame's opened the back cab window and yelled out to them.

"Guys! Loads of bad guys, coming up!"

Cody nodded. "Alright. Lock and load!"

Mike nodded and chambered a round, Al merley looked determined. Cody shouldered his rifle, turned off his laser sight and activated his holo point dot scope. A small red reticule appeared on the plexiglass circle.

Cody saw, rather felt the first zombie as James ran it over with the truck. The body, or what was left of it, came flying out the back like a piece of scrap meat at a butchers, bloody and stringy.

Seconds later, hundreds of zombies started pouring into the road chasing after the truck with amazing speed. Most gaining on the truck as James could only go so fast with the other crashed vehicles and other obsticles in the road. Cody called to Mike and Al on either side of him.

"Wait untill you see the whites of their eyes! Then they're close enough!"

Mike laughed.

"What?" Cody yelled over the mixture of screeching and the revving of the truck.

Mike smiled and recited a line from one of their favourtie movies. "Tonight we dine in hell! AKA Cloverdale!"

Cody laughed and sighted on the first zombie. The reticule pausing over it's head as he waited for it to get closer. He felt the sweat dripping down his neck, his hot dank breath in the cooling night air, but worst of all, he felt the hundered hungry creatures running at him and those he loved.

He checked his aim, tightened his grip, and slowly but steadily pulled the trigger. The bullet exited the muzzle of his UMP and flew down the road 10 feet before striking the lead zombie in the head, blowing out it's lower jaw and exiting out the back mixted with chunks of bone.

Mike fired his rifle, the thunderclap announcing the powerful wepaons presence. The .50 cal round smashed into the base of a female zombies neck. SHe dropped as if hit by a clothesline. The bullet impacted at the base of her neck, ripping out her esophagus sneding it flipping through the air like a bloody snake.

She managed to stand however, head dangingly so low you couldn't see her face, and continued running towards the truck. Mike's second shot impacted her in the skull, shredding it open like someone smashing at watermelon with a hammer. Brain splattered onto the zombies around her as she collapsed.

Cody continued firing his UMP. Each burst of shots two or three zombies would fall, each bullet punching neat holes into thier heads and exiting out the back coated in blood and brain matter. He reloaded quickly and resumed firing.

Allister pumped his shotgun again, refreshing the chamber. He pulled the trigger sending a 24 Gauge shot down the road. The powerful weapon tearing their presuers into ribbons as limbs flew and blood fountained. Allister cheered as one of his shots ripped one of the things in half, shredding it's torso into peices before it fell to the pavement.

Mike chambered another round and found nothing entering the chamber. He checked his ammo box. Empty. Rather than reloading and wasting the time, Mike dropped the rifle, placed on foot on the back of the tailgate, and drew his Glock 20's.

He fired again and again, each round smashing into their targets with wicked force as Cody continued to fire. Al, who was out of shotgun shells, switched to his magnum which was blowing off arms and punching apple sized holed through people.

Cody grasped a napalm canister, his only one from his vest. He pulled the pin and tossed it to the road.

Napalm out!

Cody, Al, and Mike ducked and lay flat as the grenade detonated. A second later, Cody stood. He felt the heat clsoing in, the fire breathing down at him as it raced at him and the truck. SMoke flew into the air as what used to be sane, happy people burned in the background screaming in agony as they died for good.

Mike and Al stood with him now, each bowing their heads as the truck turned the corner. Cody only stared.

The truck came to a suddeon stop as Mike, Al and Cody were thrown to the end of the truck. Cody got up, lending Mike a helping hand as he picked him up off his back, "You all right brother?" Said Cody.

"Could've been better," Mike replied. Mike looked back at all the roasting zombies, that sizzled like marshmellows over a hot fire, "We sure showed those bastards," Mike said with a weak chuckle, "Eh Cody?"

Mike spun his head around to see Cody and Al, jaws drop starring ahead. "Dear God," Mike said staring up at a creature he's never seen. It's four arms stretched wide, it's gray skin blending into the pavement, the sharp, blood teeth relecting the trucks lights, it's blue veins sticking out. The beast stood fifteen feet tall, nothing but pure muscle, it was like the four-eyed fuckers but ten times bigger.

"Mike!" Cody shouted, "Load the .50 cal, now!" He ordered as James put the truck into reverse.

The tires screeched as James did a one hundred eighty spin, and put the truck into gear.

Mike quickly jumped into his bag, pulling out a fresh clip of .50 cal rounds. He jam the large magazine into, and sent a round into the chamber. He peaked over, seeing Allister reload his magnum, and Cody insert another clip into his UMP.

The large creature let out a roar and began charging with extreme speeds. "Take it down!" Ordered Cody as he fired several rounds. Mike took aim at the beasts chest, and fired two rounds. The hot, armour piercing rounds travelling at sonic speed penetrated the chest of the beast. A large whole, the size of a volleyball ripped threw it, but with very little effect, the beast kept charging, it didn't even budge.

"Cody!" Said James nervously, "Twelve o'clock!"

Cody spun around, seeing two four-eyed beast just ahead, "Run 'em over!" Cody said, shouting over the gunfire. James press hard on the gas pedal, sending the truck faster than ever. Mike heard a bump, followed buy pieces of orange limbs and torsos being thrown over the truck, and green guts being poured along the road.

The gray beast swung down, almost hitting the truck with it's amazing long, muscular arms. "God damnit!" Cody cursed, inserting a new clip into his rifle and sending a burst of rounds into the beast.

Mike kept firing, making a headshot on that ugly fucker was hard, it's motions kept him off track. Mike focued, ignoring everything around him, he looked down his scope and began sighting on the beasts head.

He gently placed his finger on the trigger and held tight, trying to keep steady as the truck manuevered around other vehicles that'd been torn up from the infected. His eyes sharpened, everything felt slow motion, Mike slowly squeezed the trigger, timing his shot with the motion of the beast.

An amazing ammount of power pushed Mike back, this shot felt stronger than ever, the .50 calibure round kicked out of the barrel, breaking free of it's cave, a sonic boom echoed threw the street as the bullet pierced the beast in the eye.

It stopped in it's track, placing two hands on it's wound while swinging the other two around, knocking buildings and vehicles over, it let out a large roar and whimpering whine.

"Nice shot!" Said Cody patting Mike on the head,

"Hell yeah!" He replied with excitment, "That bitch is done for!"

"Uh, guys," Allister said tapping both Cody and Mike on the back, "It's....Gone."

Mike and Cody's celebration ended as they looked over to the road seeing the large beast gone. "No way," Mike whispered to himself as he chambered another round and focused around the buildings.

He flicked on his night vision built into his scope, nothing.

"Don't worry Mike," Cody said, "It'll be dawn soon. We'll worry about the beast after, until then, let's stop Rodrigeuz."

Minutes after thier encounter with the beast, James pulled the truck up to Bojan's house. The dark street was eries quiet, but the plentiful fires kept a fair ammount of light to go buy. Codu snapped on his tac flashlight, throwing a handheld one to Al and James. Al ditched his empty shotgun and grabbed his Python.

Al took the front, Cody in behind followed by Jessa, then Lauren, James, and Mike. James carried a small .22 revolver he'd found under the seat along with a dozen extra shots. Jessa and Lauren both carried lights. Al kicked in the door and swept inside.

"Clear!" He yelled as he exited the house. He tossed the revolver to James. "Take this, give Jessa the .22 I'm gunna get this table out of the way. He bent down and started to lift the table. Cody saw the movement and shouldered his rifle but it was to later.

A zombie, what looked to be Bojan's brother, grabbed Al by the head and started devouring Al's face. Bojan and Jailum appeared seconds later in behind, followed by a few more of zombies.

Mike whipped out a frag. "Grenade!" He yelled as he tossed it into the front door. The explosion was powerful enough to kill all the zombies including Bojan and Jailum. James ran to Al's body that lay at the bottom of the porch steps.

"Al! Al!"

Mike stpped up and leveled his rifle at James, the laser sight on the back of his head. Cody spun to Mike.

"What the fuck are you..."


Cody spun to see what was left of Al eating away at James. Mike fired a shot which ripped through James's head and Al's leaving the two to slump over on to eachother dead, blood pooling in sprials underneath them. Mike ejected the empty shell.

Cody shook his head. "Fuck man, we're losing people fast."

Mike nodded. "Yea, fuck we need to stop Rodriguez."

"I agree." Cody said adjusting his rifle. His phone beeped. He looked down. "Fucking hell Mike! It's a text message! It's my parents! They're safe outside Colverdale with Zeda and them! They're alive!"

Mike smiled, a tear leaving his eye. "That's great, are we ever going to see them again?"

Cody bowed his head.

Are we?

"Yeah Mike, we're all getting through this."

Ethan peeked out again, and saw several other soldiers.

"Im with you, serial code omega-669-A"

"Roger form up with us".

Ethan walked over to them,

"Whats the perimtere status"

"we are holding the second lines now well." one of them replied.

The radio crackled shortly before spitting out a message

All foot patrolls return to base

"how the hell are we supposed to get back sarge" one of them asked.

"I have a humve we can use" Ethan mention to them.

"Alright well take the humve and get back to base". the sargeant said.

Keeping in a tight formation they moved to the outside of the school and piled into the vehical.

They drove for a little while untill they reached the base and radioed the proper commands so they woulkdent get shot.

They strolled inside,ethan took note of clock, 12am, most people are probaly infected by now.

The group split of after reporting in and Ethan went exploring. The halls were kept clean like it was hospital. Ethan came across a security room, he accesed the computer using his ID and looked at the floor plans.

There was an area with no blue print information, he checked for a name "Bio Engineering". Sub-level 5. He figured this was worth investigating.

The fact that a PMC was controlling the area and not the army was weird enough but when they were killing people on sight, that was just suspicous.

Ethan walked the halls like he had a purpose, it worked noone thought he looked out of place. He continued untill he reached an elevator. He hit the down button, waited a moment and the doors slid open for him.

The elevator only went down to sub-level 3 so he would start there.

why does this feel as though im decsending into hell

The doors slid opon to an empty hall way. He walked cautiously untill he found a stair well. He descended the starirs untill the Sub-Level 5 appeared over a door.

He tried it,


lucky for him the hinges were on his side of the door. Ethan took the butt of his shotgun and slammed it down on the bottom hinge, it popped right off, next he reached up and slammed the top one as well.

Ethan grabbed the door handle and pulled the door out of the frame.

The area before him was lit in an eary red glow caused by the emergancy lighting.

He walked down the hall wayd past the various labs, in one he saw a container of mice that were glowing, in another monkeys with four arms.

He heared foot steps behind him and turned to see a zombie, he raised the spaz and pulled the trigger. The top half exploded into pink mist as the bottom half fell to the floor.

Ethan continued on, he took a step and slipped, regaining his balance before falling he looked down to see a trail of blood. Fallowing the trail he came across another room with not windows and a wooden door.

He kicked the door and scanned the room, there were bodies every where. each one was dead but no sign of what killed them. He scanned the room one more time and saw an open ventilation shaft.

He walked over to it and looked in,

Jesus this thing looks like it goes to the outside.

Stepping down something grabbed his leg, he whipped around to fire but it was a person. A researcher to be more exact.

"you have to destroy them, they will destroy everything"

"Who are talking about?" Ethan asked.

"The creatures, find the antidote, in the main lab,"

The man's grip fadded and he passed.

Ethan left the room and worked his way to the main lab. Inside a large computer moniter was displaying what looked like a strand of DNA being attacked by a virus.

He open the door and walked in, the lights immeaditly lit up revealing several tubes with dead zombies inside, a handfull of deformed animals, and a wall with canisters of red fluid.

Ethan accesed the computer, he searched for information.
"Holo log 666 subject project Z enhancer"

Ethan accesed it and two figures appeared:

"Sir, the project is moving along but we still have not found away to keep the test subjects alive and consciencious".

"Alright keep me posted, the commander dosent know a thing and I want it to stay that way"

"Got it sir".

The log ended Ethan continued searching, he found another intresting one.

Journal update: Z enhancer
It has been found that if the serum is not administered directly into the blood stream then the transformation takes considerable longer. Injecting the subject the subject with the antidote stops the proces. Though all of the subjects died sveral hours later. I beleive that a specefic gene is need for the process to work but I do not know which one it is.

Shit somethings behind me

Ethan turned around and blocked a zombie with his gun. The thing was out of bitting range but its arms flaied wildly and it sratched Ethan on the arm.

He kicked it sending it back a few feet and said

"go back to hell mother fucker"

as he blew it to peices.

Ethan felt tired and he decided to sit for a moment. A wave of exhaustion set in and slumped to the ground asleep.

Cody shivered slightly in the cool breeze of the dark, demon infested night. Behind him, Mike was teaching Lauren how to shoot a pistol while Jessa sat in the back of the truck, head down between her knees. Cody turned around to Mike.

"Alright mate, time is about quarter after midnight, and we got a few things to do. Ideas?"

Mike stood from beside Lauren, he slung his rifle over his shoulder. "We need to stop Rodrigeuz before he can move in and start killing everything and we need to find survivors."

Cody nodded. "Yea, we wont have much time for that though. I hate to say it, but we'll need to split up."

Mike thought for a moment. Cody could see the gears turning behind Mike's eyes as he thought each possible option out. "You want me to take Rodrigeuz then?"

Cody nodded.

Brothers for sure, we even think alike.

"Yeah, you got the sniper, I say you'd be better to take down the PMC and snipe out Rodriguez. I'll look for survivors and we'll meet up at Willobrookmall. We can re-supply there and move from there."

Mike nodded towards Lauren, who was now with Ali in the back of the truck. "What about the girls?"

Cody paused for a moment. "I'll take one, you take one." He turned to them, "Lauren? You're a sprinter right?"

She nodded as she climbed down, Jessa right behind her. "Yeah, I run, why?"

Cody turned to Mike. "Take Lauren, if shiot happens, she can get away, plus she can run for a rabbit."

Mike nodded. "You want the truck?"

Cody nodded. "I'll drop you off at the original perimeter the zombies broke through, then you can head to the second lines and find Rodriguez."

Mike nodded as the two clasped hands.

"Brothers in arms." Mike said as he looked at Cody.

Cody nodded. "Be safe brother."

Cody hopped behind the wheel, Ali in the side seat. Mike was in the back with Lauren. Cody was driving for a few minutes when he found the long line of Military and Police vehicles, the bodies where all gone.\

Probobly to where the second line is.

Cody drove down the street for a while then turned off back into the main area of Cloverdale. He never saw Mike and Lauren jump off the truck and race into the night to kill Rodriguez.

"Pilot, you see that truck? I want you to keep your distance. But follow it. Whoever can drive, may be a survivor!!"

"Yes sir, and my name if Florence."

"Alright, name's Johnson."

The helicopter followed the truck, until it stopped for a minute or so... At the original perimeter set up by the PMC.

What the....

"Drop me off here, I'm going to investigate. You go refuel, and I'll radio if I need evac."

Florence gave Ryan a thumbs up.

Ryan was lowered via a rope, and he touched down... The helicopter sped away, towards the depot.

Ryan edged inside the now battered barrier. Suddenly... A rifle was pointed at Ryan's back.

"Freeze!!! Now listen, your going to take us right to your boss..."

Ryan recognized the voice as Mike...

"Mike? Its me, Ryan. I infiltrated the PMC, and I got their uniform. I'm trying to get you guys outta here!!!"

"Ryan? I can't believe your still alive!!!"

Ryan spotted a girl with Mike.

"Who's she?"

"Thats Lauren, she's with me. She's going to help me."

Ryan sized her up. She was small, but she could probably run fast.

"I'm Ryan, I've been helping your friends all this time. Have you ever shot a gun before?"

"Not really..."

Ryan handed her one of his MP5s.

"Listen, safety's here, trigger here. Take the butt, and put in between your shoulder, and your chest. You can change the firing rate here, its now on semi-auto, but you can change it to fully automatice, or burst by using the switch here. Hold your breath before firing, but just before, let out about half of it, and when your done, let the other half out. Understand?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"If something happens, just run for cover. I just wanna make sure you can protect yourself if we get killed."

"Yes, I understand..."

The trio advanced into the darkness...

The wooden door crashed down hard as Mike entered a deserted house, "Stay behind me at all cost, if you here something tell me." Mike ordered to Lauren.

Mike leveled an MP5 that he'd taken from killed E.R.T. Member, took lots of ammo with it aswell. They both moved up the stairs as one, Mike was proud of her for keeping cool, and not freaking out.

On the second floor, the walls were painted with blood, guts hung on the spinning fan, Mike gripped harder on his MP5, and had a strange feeling that something was going to pop out.

Nearing the top of the stairs, a zombie sprinted from what beleived to be the kitchen, Mike fired a burst of rounds first shot hitting the chest, second in the throat, third in the head.

He peeked over to Lauren who was breathing heavily, but keeping her screams in.

Mike approached a window that peaked over a couple streets, "Wow,"

"What is it?" Replied Lauren with curiousity.

"This is going to be a lot harder than I thought," Mike said swinging over his M82, and throwing his MP5 over his other shoulder.

All he could see were a line of APC's with .50cal turrets gunning down the hoard of zombies and four-eyed creature. The sounds of soldiers giving out orders, gunfire, screetchs, moans.

Mike placed his bipod on the ground, attaching it to his rifle. Crouched down Mike press the butt hard against his shoulder, and sight down the scope.

"Nope....Nope." Mike said, as he marked off each soldier, trying to find Rodriguez. "Bingo," He whispered seeing Rodriguez giving orders to a squad of PMC.

Mike adjust his scope to the exact measurements and softly laid his finger on the trigger, the scope took aim on Rodriguezs' head.

"Do you have to press hard on the trigger?" Asked Lauren,

"Nope, it's so sensative I could squeeze it with my mind," Mike whispered back as he took his previous aim.

He was focused in, Mike was about to pull the trigger when a large roar was heard, shaking the building and streets, Mike's finger slipped sending a sonic boom.

The .50cal round was off, just skidding Rodriguezs' head, Mike picked himself back up, and spotted threw of those Gray creatures he previously met on the track, travelling at fast speeds.

Mike looked over and saw a squad of PMC including Rodriguez open fire on his position, Mike ducked down holding Lauren as AP rounds pierced threw the wooden house.

"Get out of here!" Ordered Mike as he pushed Lauren out of the way of the fierce gunfire. Without any questions Lauren picked herself up and ran, Mike knew she was scared for her life.

Mike picked himself off his knees, but was sent back down as a large powerful round just missed skid his head. The bullet left behind a large basketball size hole in the wall, Mike took cover and peaked, seeing Rodriguez with a .50cal M82 rifle himself.

Mike threw down his MP5, and held onto his M82, he pushed off the wall, took a dive and fired four rounds into Rod's squads position.

He peeked for a second, saw five guys collapse to the ground, and repeated the same dive maneuver.

Mike knew Rodrigeuz was frustrated, that he'd kill his whole squad. Mike ducked as another round almost struck him. Mike spotted Rodriguez running for his life into a large building office building, Mike made his way around the battle going on between the infected and PMC.

He entered the back door, and slipped threw into the lobby, seeing Rodriguez with his rifle raised at him, "Looks like this is where you die," He said with an evil laugh.

Mike raised his rifle and pulled the trigger, a click was heard as Mike cussed, his rifle was out of ammunition.

"Hahaha!" Laughed Rodriguez as he pulled down on the trigger. click, click "Damnit!" He said throwing it on the ground, Mike followed.

Mike pulled out both his Desert Eagles which he leveled at Rodriguezs' head. Mike got nervous when he saw Rodriguez pull out a pair of his Desert Eagles.

"What can you possible do?" Said Rodriguez with an evil laugh, "You're just a kid,"

Mike smirked, and fired his weapons, as did Rodriguez, that's when all hell broke lose.

Ethan felt weird, diffrent somehow. He reached over and picked of his spaz,

thats weird it fells alot lighter

He looked around,he was still in the lab. Ethan got up and tried to remember what had happened.

aww shit that thing cut me.

The sound of dripping water got his attention, Ethan walked over to a pool of water. He gazed in but what gazed back was an unfamiliar sight.

A creature with stark white skin and red eyes looked back. His mucsle mass was greatly increased, and he felt better than he had in years. Ethan knew in the back of his head what was happening.

He walked over to the shelf containing the green vials. He took one and attached it to a needle.

Hope this works

Nothing, he dident feel a thing,

well if it dident work Ill be dead in a few hours either way

Ethan began the walk back to the surface to get his knowledge to people who would use it.

"Jessa! Come on! Move!" Cody yelled epything his last UMP clip into a pair of zombies screeching for blood, running behind Jessa. Cody dropped the empty weapon and drew the Matte Black Colt 1911 he had with him. He fired a shot, the heavy .45 round tearing open what once was a dog's head sending it sprawling into a pair of trash bins on the sidewalk.

Jessa sprinted by Cody, taking a knee another ten paces behind him. She turned and took a classic shooters stance, feet shoulder width apoart, both hands on her .22 revolver. She puleld the trigger. The round went wide of the zombie infront of Cody, taking out a car window a meter to his left. The zombie grabbed Cody.

Thank god for the years of Krav Maga Cody thought as he grasped the zombies blood soaked t-shirt. He propelled himself backwards onto his back, rolling in the process. Codu used the momentum to fling the zombie off him, sending it sprawling to the ground.

Jessa's second round hit the thing dead on, punching a neat hole in it's forehead, collasping it's face with a sigh. Cody grabbed her with one arm and sprinted towards the Perto Canada gas station, in his other hand, his Colt flashed sending .45 rounds into the masses of zombies chasing them.

Cody kicked in the door and slammed it shut. He crouched behind the counter with Jessa as dozens of zombies banged on the doors, maoning to get in, to feast.

Now I could use some help.

Ryan struggled out of the room. Someone had thrown a smoke grenade, and he lost Mike.

The PMC came up, and tried to find Rodriguez, Ryan guessed he was fighting Mike.

Kid can't win against a trained soldier...

Ryan took cover behind a sandbag barricade. A PMC squad opened fire on his position. He rolled to the side, and fired his C8... Click... Click


Ryan fell back behind cover. He unslung his MP5, and switched to burst fire. He raised the gun above his head, and fired. He barely saw what he was aiming at, but he heard the thud of two bodies.

He heard a roar. Grey beasts were charging into the foray. There were five of them...

Ryan fired a full clip into one, and loaded another clip. The PMC, forgeting about Ryan, fired on them too.

Three were down. Ryan reloaded his MP5, but was suddenly lifted into the air, as a creature slammed its claws into his chest. His body armor took the damage mostly.

He landed with a thud. The beast was on him now, charging toward him as he lay. It rose up in the air, and rose to tackle on him. Ryan used the beast's momentum, and kicked it in the stomach, send it sailing over him, and into a dumpster...

He had to find his gun, and Mike....

He searched, and spotted his gun about ten yards away...

He rose, and ran... A beast was closing in behind....

Ryan dove, sailing through the air, and grabbed the MP5 and fired the burst right into the beasts head.

Unfortunatly, the beast was in the air too...

Ryan was impacted in his midesection... He was slammed into the concrete wall, losing his gun, and his breath...

His eyes swam, as if he was hit by a flashbang...

He was trapped under the beast, and the fifth was closing in.........

Cody passed over his canteen of water to Jessa as he looked over to see line after line of zombies pounding against the solid glass doors of the Petro Canada, blood smears covered most of the glass and started to seep through the bootom of the door seam.

Cody debated shooting one of them, maybe as many as he had ammo, but there was no point. The fresh food in the gas station was modly and rotten, most likley from whatever was effecting everyone. The drinks were a musty black color and the wrapped candy was shirvled and dry. They'd been drinking just Cody's water for most of the night.

Cody checked his phone, the clock read 5:27 and the sky was just starting to turn from a jet black to a dark navy as the sun rose slowly but surely. Jessa finished off the water and slid over to sit beside Cody. She placed her head on his shoulder.

"I love you." She said softly as she reached and grasped Cody's empty hand, interlocking her fingers in his. She leaned up and kissed his cheek.

Cody turned to her, he placed his pistol on his lap, lifting her chin, he looked into her brilliant blue eyes which watered. "I love you too." He said kissing her.

Cody was pulled from his haven when he heard the glass crack. He jumped up, Colt 1911 in his hands as he spun towards the door. He raised the weapon and aimed for the thing outside.

What the...

A creature stood at the glass, pounding away at the cracked spot. It was roughly man sized, wider though. It's flat bare skull helped accent its tiny red beady eyes as it opened a double hinged jaw and screamed a shrill sound of agony.

It raised it's only fist, a brutal muscular thing and smashed it into the glass again. This time, a small chunk of the double paned glass poked through. It raised its other arm.

Jessa scried out as the arm reached visible height. The arm was normal, but at the end, a large three fingered hand was barley visible. Protruding from the fingers were impossibly long talons, each dripping with a mixture of blood and venom.

It pulled back, preparing to spear through the door. Cody grabbed Jessa and sprinted to the back door. He fired through it once, twice, three times, poking neat holes through the metal with the Colt.

The front glass doors shattered behind him.

He kicked open the door and ran, Jessa infront of him. He stepped over a pair of corpses and sprinted towards the one place he'd find transportation.

Behind him, the once human creature screeched its horrible shrill sound. Seconds later, it was joined by many more. Cody and Jessa ran, the night air around them filled with a harmony of pain, suffering, and death.

Ryan raised his hand to brace himself from the beast's attack...

But it was engulfed in fire, and it flew into the wall above Ryan, and slammed down onto the creature already on him.

Someone struggled to get them off.. And Ryan was finallly free.

"Need a hand?"

It was Lauren... Apparently, she had come back to help...

"Thanks, where's my gun?"

"I don't know..."

"Alright, give me yours, and I'll find you one.."

Lauren parted with her MP5, handing it to Ryan

"Alright, we have to find Mike..."

The two set off, into the smoke, into territory unknown...

Cody fired, the heavy .45 round splitting open the chin of an old lady that had come running at Jessa and him carrying a lare, burning pice of wood. She face planted into the pavement, her nose cracking loudly as a wave of blood spurted from a vicious wound on her head.

Cody turned and pulled Jessa towards him as he kicked another zombie, this one a one armed boy, down the porch steps and watched him tumble down bones snapping as more of the walking dead ran for the house where Cody stood.

He aimed at the door handle and fired, the bullet splitting open the lock and smashing the wood around it into a shower of splinters. He kicked in the now unlocked door and slammed it shut behind him, digging in his heels and putting his entire weight behind it.

The creatures pushed harder, each second longer Cody felt like collapsing. He noticed a coffee table just a few feet away from him.

Oak by the looks of it, good.

"Jessa! Grab the table, prop it against the door!"

Jessa nodded and ran to the table. She grasped it with both hands, and pulled it, slowly however, towadrds the door. When she was next to Cody, he bent down and picked the table up while stopping the door with his heel.

He spun, kicking the door firmly slaming it back against the aggresion from outside. He propped the table up at an angle and it slid a fraction of an inch before hitting the wall. The door was open a literal inch and stopped, the table forcing it to stay closed. Cody grabbed Jessa and ran to the garage.

He opened the door quickly. The smell hit him first, the air was thick with the scent of blood. It was everywhere, the walls, the roof, even under the stairs. Jessa threw up as Cody stepped onto the blood soaked floor. A pair of bodies, better described as pieces of bodies, lay in the middle of the floor.

Cody garbbed the key hanging on the wall beside the door opener and went over to the Yamaha bike parked off to the side, away from the gore thankfuly. Cody hoped on, passing the single helmet to Jessa. He helped her on and started the engine.

After turning the bike to face the garage door, he jumped off, runing to the opener. He checked the distance, checked his ammo, and pressed the button to raise the heavy metal door.

He sprinted to the bike, a mere 7 feet away. By the time he was halfway, a pair of zombies from the front door noticed to door openeing and ran towards him. Cody aimed, and fired.

With one hand, he pumped round after round at the creatures while he jumped infront of Jessa and pulled back on the accelerator. Most of his bullets went off target, but one managed to strike a zombie in the leg, causing it to fall which in turn, made the second one fall as the first landed infront of it.

Cody and Jessa shot out of the garage on the bike, Cody swerving in and out of destroyed cars, debris, and zombies as he flew towards the outer perimeter. He had to get Jessa out before he went back in.

To save them.

The light of the base hurt his eyes slightly, the smell of blood filled his nostrals, and everything felt lighter than normal. Ethan ran down the hallways and just instinctively shot anyone who pointed a gun in his direction.

Ethan travled through the base not really knowing where he was going. He saw a window that led to the outside, aimed his gun fired off a shot and the jumped through the glass.

There was a moment of weightlessness as he fell. Ethan hit the ground and rolled. Taking off at a full sprint he ran towards the perimiter of the base.

"What the hell is that thing?" a couple of soldiers asked.

Ethan lept up into the air and came down on one while putting a round into the other.

The other men were alerted to his presence and turned to open fire. Ethans senses were heightened and he took notice of their movemts.

This power is amazing I've never felt so good

He sprinted off past the defense line and into the city.

Running in the dark the sounds of the zombies scream had a strange atraction now and Ethan moved to go to the source.

Gunfire rang out in the distance and he could smell the rotting flesh of the creatures.

Ethan climbe into a house along the sreet to try and see what was going on. The sounds of a motorcycle could be heard, it was groing louder by the second. Ethan jumped from the house window and into the street.

Lights showed comming around a turn and then a motorcycle with two people came into view.

The driver raised a gun and pointed it at Ethan. Ethan jumped to the other side of the street and disapeered into some bushes.

After the bike passed he climbed up the side of an old brick house and started to follow them from the rooftops.

Cody swerved the bike left, dodgging a body of a young girl and zipping down the road to his left. He yelled over the motocycles engine to Jessa.

"Jessa! You ok?"

She tightened her grip around him.


Cody nodded and pushed the bike to 120 km/ph, houses and cars flew by him at a blur as he flew through the city. He eased around a conrner, a trail of dust flying behind him as he cleared the turn.

Ahead, an american M1 tank blocked off the road, dozens of soliders were in and around the end of the road along with a pair of APC's in behind. Cody slowed the vehicle down as a squad of soldiers ran to them, rifles up.

"Get down! Get down!"

Cody turned to Jessa. "Do what they say."

Jessa nodded and lay face down. Cody however, remained standing. One of the soldiers fired at him with his sidearm. The bullet impacted Cody in the chest and fell as it his body armour he'd been wearing since he left the PMC HQ.

"Hold your fire! My name is Cody Shaer, nephew of the late Martin Shaer. I'm ordering you to take her someplace safe!"

The soliers exchanged glances.

"Am I being unclear solider?" Cody spat as a vein in him temple pulsed. The Sgt. shook his head.

"No sir, our mistake sir." He said as he helped Jessa up. "We'll take her to your family, they're safe outside the quarentine zone, she'll wait there for you."

Cody nodded. Jessa turned to him. "Where are you going Cody?"

Cody looked at the ground. "I've got unfinished business to do Jessa, I need to finish some things."

Jessa started to cry, her tears sliently sliding down her cheeks. "Cody, please don't go! I love you! Don't leave me!"

Cody wiped a tear from his cheek. He grabbed Jessa and pulled her close, kissing her as lovingly as he could. As they parted, Cody whspered into her ear.

"I'll be back, I promise."

Jessa nodded as she was led away by a pair of soldiers to be taken to safety. Cody turned to the Sgt. "I need more ammo, some water, and some weapons."

The man nodded. "Head on into the tent behind us, take what you need sir."

Cody nodded and started for the tent. He slipped in and let out a low whistle as he looked over the weaponry presented to him. He grabbed a web gear holster kit and strapped it on. He check his available spaces.

Alright, four pistol holsters, two slings for SMG's, two assault rifle slings, a shotgun harness, and clips for a half dozen grenades, good, should be enough.

Cody ditched his Colt 1911 and slid over to the pistol racks. He browsed for a moment, and finaly settled on a pair of custom pistols with the PMC logo (An eagle with a sword in behind) embossed on the side. He checked them over.

Looks like a Beretta, but fires a .50 cal round, flash lights... good.

Cody holstered the pistols and moved to the SMG's. After what seemed like seconds, he picked up a pair of his favourite SMG's ever made. A pair of MP5K's. He slid them into their holsters.

After loading 6 frag grenades, a Jackhammer shotgun and rebuilding his UMP, he went over to a long silver case at the foot of the table. He opened it and almost cried when he saw what was inside.

A brand new, matte black Anti Tank rifle lay in black foam along with a dozen clips of Math Grade HE Anti Tank rounds. He picked up the rifle and slid a clip into the reciever.

Thank the lord. Cody said dropping his UMP and slinging the new toy. Outside, he heard the tank fire, the explosion and moans as the zombies found where the perimter wall was.

Mike dove behind a pillar sticking threw the lobby. He discharged both his Desert Eagle clips, and took the time to insert two new, fresh clips.

"You know you can't get away with this," Said Rodriguez, also taking cover behind a pillar. "Even if you killed me, you'd be gunned down by my men."

Mike thought for a moment, he knew that even though he'd complete his mission killing Rodriguez, he was right, Mike would be shot instantly if seen.

Mike peaked over from his cover, Rodriguez fired three shots piercing the pillar, Mike fired back two .50 cal rounds that broke threw the lobby's glass, flying into the gazing battle that fought out between the infected and the humans.

Mike press his back hard against the pillar and kneeled down, "Cody's in charge though, his men wouldn't gun him down."

"Well," Rodriguez said, "Maybe not him, but they yet to know that he's in command, so he's pretty much dead like you."

Mike smirked, spun around and fired two more shots, sending Rodriguez back into his hiding spot. Mike remained with his sights next to the pillar.

Mike let the clip in his right DE slip out, it fell to the ground giving a loud echo through-out the lobby. Rodriguez pulled out, and Mike fired a devistating round.

The 0.50cal round streamed threw the lobby as it ripped threw Rodriguezs' skull, sending blood, brains and bitter bones across the lobby floor and window.

Mike revealed himself from his cover, and walked over to Rodriguezs' corpse. He steadied his aim as Mike unleashed fourteen rounds into his body, two more in his head.

Blood splatter all over Mike's armor, hands, arms, legs, and bits. He whiped the blood off his face.

"Freeze!" Said a voice coming from the entrance, Mike peered up, seeing three PMC soldiers with their rifles raised.

"Sir, he killed Lt. Rodriguez!" Said one soldier,

"Kill him then!" Said the other soldier as he fired into Mike's direction.

Mike dove out the way, behind his torn-up pillar that'd already suffered sever beating.

Mike picked his weight up and sprinted over to the elevator, he pressed the button which guided the elevator to ground zero,

"Reloading!" Announced a soldier. The elevator doors opened and Mike rolled in, tapping the button quickly as the metalic doors slide shut.

He slid down, breathing heavily. Mike spotted blood on the ground, and got up, seeing blood drip from his leg. "For fuck sakes," Said Mike as he ran his fingers around his left leg.

He'd been struck by a bullet, but didn't notice it, probably because the rush of adrenaline eased the pain a bit, but now the pain was hitting him.

Mike placed his palm on the wound, and pressed hard. The elevator was going up to the twentieth floor, Mike had to make his way to the roof top, and call in help, or else he would die.

Cody stepped through the tent's flapping entrance to see PMC soldiers and undead battling it out. The M1 tank fired another devestating round down the street. The heavy 180mm shot ripped open a house at the end of the block sending bodies and debris sailing through the air.

Cody ran over to stand on the tank, hundreds of zombies poured towards the PMC defense, a contingent of roughly 100 PMC soiders were lined up behind bunkers, shields, and other cover as they fired into the massive crowd of rotting people.

Cody's radio beeped in his ear. He switched opened a connection. "Cody here."

A calm voice spoke, the sound of a heliopcters blades in the background. "Sir, Jessa is safe and out of hostile territory, over."

Cody nodded to himself. "Thank you, over and out."

Cody looked up to see a pair of bright green flares appear over head. A split second later, a half dozen red ones floated above the zombies down the street. Cody overheard the radio in the tank, as the main hatch was open.

"Ground element Kilo-Four-Seven this is FAR Support Bravo-Six-Three I see your flares, inbound on your position."

Cody swore aloud. "Far support? Fuck!"

Cody looked up to see the F-15 fighter flash by overhead. He heard the missile being fired, like a giant strip of velcro being torn apart. The weapon designed to destroy tanks impacted dead center in the zombie horde. The heat from the explosion reach Cody's face as the street before him was engulphed in fire.

Cody looked at the once living people who now moaned in agony as they lost skin and muscle in a firestorm of death. Their second and final death.A quick motion caught Cody's attention, he looked up onto a building roof. He shouldered his rifle.

Staring at him was something he'd seen earlier chasing him from the roof tops while he'd droven off on the bike with Jessa. It's red eyes darting back and forth. Cody chambered a round into his devastating weapon.

"Go feast on this you ugly bith." Cody muttered as he fired. The heavy round impacted the creature in it's left arm, punching a decent sized hole into it's shoulder. It screamed and fell backwards off the roof, Cody heard the thud of it's landing.

Atleast it won't follow me anymore.

Cody ran over to the APC where it seemed the command team was set up. He ducked inside and was greeted by an old friend.

"Florence!" Cody half yelled as he shook his hand. "Good to see you alive."

Florence nodded. "You too, listen, we just recieved confrimation that Rodriguez's position was just over run by hostile, no one survived."

Cody nodded, secretly thanking god that Rodrigeuz was taken out before he ordered everyone dead.

Florence sighed and continued, "Also, Rodriguez was killed by a man equipped with some heavy duty arms, .50 cal sniper and same caliber pistols. Any ideas?"

Cody jumped up from the chair he'd taken. "Mike! We need to get to him now! Get a chopper ready!"

Florence nodded, realizing who it was who'd killed his old commander. "Alright, let's go."

Cody turned and jogged to the temporary helipad out back. He smiled when he saw what rested on the pad.

Mike's going to love me when he looks at this thing.

Mike kicked down the door blocking him from his so called 'exit point' He closed the door and locked it tight, making sure the zombies would have to penetrate hard to get in. He slowly stumbled over the edge of the building.

He peeked down, seeing swarms of zombies around what seemed to be four PMC soldiers left. The flares of their rifles brighten up the dark street. Unfortunately they were killed, and turned into more rotten flesh.

Mike sat down on the edge, he checked his ammunition. With only seven rounds left in one Desert Eagle, he knew he was doomed.

He gripped tight on one of his DE's, and chucked it off the ledge as it collapsed hard into the ramping, raging zombie horde. With a hard pound, the door dented, Mike stepped onto the ledge, peaking over, seeing dozens of Four-eyed creatures crawling up, along with the gray skinned freaks.

The door flung out as zombies slowly came out, they got into a position as if they were to leap and began slowly moving towards Mike, ready to attack.

He leveled his weapon, and fired a deadly round as it ripped threw two zombies, rotten brains. Screechs erupted as the infected charged to their prey.

Mike finished his clip as it slid out, slamming to the ground. He armed himself with his ten inch combat knife, slices threw the zombies. He stabbed threw one, as it pierced threw it's soft skull, Mike spun ripping the head off of a skinny parisite.

The weight of the infected sent Mike flying back, he unclipped a fragmentation grenade from his belt, he flicked the pin off and let go of the handle as the top section of the grenade flung off.

With all his force he threw it high and far. An explosion rippled infront of Mike's very own eyes as dozens of zombies collapsed to the ground, half of them getting back up.

Mike peeked over as a Black-Hawk helicopter roared threw the skies, a ladder was deployed, Mike knew it was his only chance to get off this building of hell. Mike converted his hands into fists, and sprinted with all he had left.

Dozens of rotten arms flung in his way, Mike made a jump as four-eyed beast attempted to grab him. Swinging his arms around freely, Mike grasped onto the ladder. He held on, peeking up seeing a chain gun ripping threw the hundreds of zombies on the roof.

Mike felt light headed, he still had to get the bullet out of his leg and taken for medical care, a lending hand gave Mike the extra strenght to pull himself up onto the chopper.

"How you doing mate?" Said Cody, cleaning out Mike's.

Mike grunted, "been better, and yourself?"

"Good, good." Cody replied, "Florence, throw me some water," Cody said lending Mike a canteen of water.

"Wanna see fireworks?" Cody said picking Mike up onto his feet,

"Sure, what 'cha got in store for me?" Mike replied. Cody pointed guided Mike towards front of the bird, we had a good view from the pilots window, on all the zombies moaning for fresh meet.

The Black-Hawk helicopter was armed with C-37 toe missles. One was sent ontop of the building, as it's smoke trailed followed. It ran right into the pile of zombies as hundreds were thrown in the air, the rest if there were any, feel to their deaths.

The helicopter glided over and fired four more at the buildings main support, sending the whole building to ground zero.

"I'm glad you came," Mike said, "I thought I'd die."

"Are you kidding me?" Cody replied, "I'd never let you die on me.

Mike smirked and gave Cody a pat on the back, "We still have killing to do."

Cody grabbed a medical kit from under the seat, and started tending to Mike's wound, cleaning it at first with antiseptic and finishing up by placing a pressure bandage overtop of it and wrapping it tight. He turned to Folrence.

"You got any... shit look out!" Cody bellowed as he covered Mike. The cockpit's glass shattered as the beast that had attacked Cody at the gas station ripped through the windshield, it's long claws ripping Florence's face open. The Blackhawk spun towards the top of a building.

Cody kicked out the underseat weapons case and started to unsling his extra gear. He ditched the Jackhammer and the MP5's. His pistols next followed by his Anti Tank Rifle. Fuck I barley got to use it. Cody thought to himself.

Cody grabbed Mike, and just as the creature was through the broken glass and moving towards them, Cody jumped out, one hand garbbing Mike, the other sliding down the ladder to the roof below. Cody landed with a thud as he stood, himself and Mike both intact.

Cody tore the weapons case open to reveal a pair of sniper weapons. An M24 sniper rifle along with a dozen clips of ammunition and a modded M4 equipped with a silencer, 2X and 4X scope.

Must be for the side seat snipers. Cody thought as he grabbed the M4 out loading a clip into it. He tossed the M24 to Mike who looked glad to have his weapon of skill back. Cody sighted on the Blackhawk which now was spinning out of control.

He spotted the beast in the front, feasting on Florence. Cody aimed and called to Mike.

"Front seat!"


Cody looked through his scope and saw the second red dot appear on the things head. A split second later, the brothers fired, the bullets ripping the things head open into a mashy pulp of blood and brain. In sync, Cody and Mike yelled the same words over the explosion of he Blackhawk hitting the street below.


Ethans instincts flared, every sense in his body told him to move. He was only able to slighty shift his body before the bullet impacted with his shoulder. As he fell from the roof he felt no pain and saw no blood.

He hit the ground and just layed there for a moment. He felt strange, a sensation that was unfamilliar to him was occuring he looked over at his shoulder, connective tissue which appeared to be made of a black geletin like tissue was forming in the hole and filling it in.

Alright what the fuck is going this is just weird

Ethan got and began to move, his vision picked up something lying on the ground near him. He walked over to it, half a person layed sprawled out on the ground. Ethan recognized the face immeaditly. It was his mothers face.

Rage boiled withen him and started to take control of him. Ethan new their was a camp of soldiers just on the other side of the buildings in front of him.

Leaping into the second story window of one he crouched down and looked at his enemies. He carfully noted when all face were away from him and jumped down.

First up was the tank, he still had the mojority of his armor on and pulled a grenade from belt. With his left hand he opened the the tanks top hatch, pulling the pin as he let the go, the primed grenade fell inside the tank. He slammed the hatch shut and jumped to safty.

He went inside the tent and found some c4. He took one and primed it, placing it at the base of the ammo storage box, he took the detnater and several over units of the explosives.

Carefully he made his way to the rear where their vehicles were parked.
Planting an explosive on the under side of several of them he then walked of into the shadows.

By now the soldiers had noticed that their tank was gone and many were considering running away. Thats when ethan activated the detnater.

Their arms tent went up in flames and their vehicles shot into the air.

Ethan travled fast back to their base to find rodriguez and make him pay. He easily got past the soldiers on gaurd as their numbers were thining.

He came across Rodrigues, but it was to late he was already dead. He let out a yell of hatred as he was already dead. Ethan had wanted to make him suffer but it was too late.

His ears picked op the sound of cody's voice and Ethan darted off to find him.

Ethan saw two figures leave a black hawk right before they shot at it, the copter spunn out of control and crashed into the streets below.

Cody kicked the zombie down, pumping a burst of rounds into it's openeing mouth as it moaned for flesh. Cody wiped the blood of his cheek and turned to see Mike dropping one after another with his rifle. He called to him.

"Mike! To the Blackhawk! Let's go!"

Mike nodded and the two of them ran out the lobby doors and towards the crashed chopper. After fighting their way down to the first floor, Cody figured that a resuce team would be sent in for the chopper.

From that, Cody decided they would wait there, hopefully help would come. He enetered the Blackhawk and noticed that everything was fairly intact. The fire had been near the tail, therefore the cockpit and back were in good shape.

The chopper lay flat, its right side pushed against the wall of a concrete building. Cody noticed the dead beast ath the front, Folrence was laying below it, head missing from the neck.

Mike took up a position covering the rear of the chopper and the direct street across to the door. Cody was in the cockpit, aiming out of the window covering the front towards the second road into their block. With their positioning, they had secured a 180 degree perimter with the wall to their back. Nothing could touch them without them seeing it first.

Cody turned to Mike. "Alright, we'll wait here for pickup. Any weapons left besides our rifles and sidearms?"

Mike shuffled closer to Cody. "Yeah, the pilots M16 and a dozen or so grenades. The anti-tank rifle is here to, only about 5 clips left though."

Cody nodded. "Ok, pass me the rifle, you keep the M16, grenades in the middle for when we need them."


Mike shuffled back to his original position. Cody grasped the anti-tank rifle. He placed it beside him and shouldered his M4, happy now that he had it back.

I hope that big fucker comes so I can finish it off.

Minutes passed in silence, the occasional zombie or two would venture towards the Blackhawk and would promptly be put down by either Cody or Mike. Just as the sun was in full view, and the dawn was complete, a vicious moan could be heard from all around.

Cody yelled over his shoulder to Mike, who had been sleeping while Cody covered the entire perimeter. "Mike! Wake up! Company!"

Mike, startled, scrambled up and shouldered his rifle, covering the road he was to cover. Cody turned back and aimed down the road. His heart froze and his blood ran cold. Mike yeled to him.

"So many of them, I got atleast a hundred coming my way."

Cody yelled back. "Same here, take em down."

The two brothers opened up, their bullets cutting down zombie after zombie as they reloaded and resumed firing. Cody heard Mike fire a rifle shot, his last one. He called over his shoulder.


Mike raised the M16 and continued firing.

Thank god, I thought he was gone.

Cody kept firing, his bullets dropping zombies one by one. The road was bloody, each zombie sparyed with it as they moved closer. Cody reloaded and checked his ammo.

"I've got a dozen mags left!"

Mike yelled back. "I got about the same, there more in the duffle bag by the pilots chair!"

Cody looked to see about 20 mags sitting in a black duffle bag by the chair next to him. He fired and re-loaded.

Looks like I'm ammo supply.

Mike flicked the rifle left, dropping one of he zombies crawling towards them, the legs of the thing gone by some sort of explosive. He pumped a pair of rounds into the body for good measure and continued firing into the growing crowd.

Mike slammed his last clip in, and returned firing. He flicked the fire selector to burst and started rapidly firing at the heads of the crowd of them coming down the street. Dozens droped in a gush of blood and gore as the bullets ripped into them. Mike fired again, the trigger locking with a click.

"Cody! I need a mag!"

Cody heard his brother calling and swore to himself. He continued firing with one hand, the rifle jumping around as he attempted to keep up the fire on the zombies. With the other, he garbbed the bag and dropped it between himself and Mike.

"In the bag!"


Cody re-loaded, grabbing the first mag out of the duffle. He switched to full auto and stated cutting down zombies at the legs, ripping them off and sending them to the pavement in an uncontrolled fall.

Might as well slow them down. Atleast we can take them later.

Cody turned to grab another mag and saw Mike. He knelt closer now, right behind Cody, his sniper slung over his back, the M16 in his hands jumping as he fired. Cody paused, not knowing why, and thought of everything. His life flashing before his eyes.

He grabbed the last M16 mag and kept firing, knowing his brother had his back, and would only give it up when he himself was dead. Cody would do the same, and he new Mike new it. Cody emptied his last mag and slung the rifle, drawing his Colt 1911 pistol.

A simple yet efective pistol, Cody and Mike had each garbbed one from a pair of dead PMC troops outside the building, they each had about 20 mags for them. Cody aimed and fired, the .45 cal pistol roaring over the light caliber M16.

Cody emptied his clip and reloaded. He heard Mike's Colt going now, he new they had no time left. The zombies kept pouring at them, by the looks of it, they wouldn't stop. Cody noticed some wore military fatigues, other, PMC armour.

"Looks like the perimeter broke, must be holding off at the second."

Cody reloaded, glancing back at Mike who had found antoehr Colt, most likeley from the back and was firing both as fast as he could. He turned to Cody, dropping one of teh pistols.

"I need a pistol mag."

Cody reached down and found he had none.

"I'm out."

Cody could have cried. The look on Mike's face almost made him. He looked at his brother, his eyes watering as he garbbed his hand and squeezed hard.

"We aint done yet." Cody said garbbing the anti-tank rifle. "Stay close."

Cody stepped outside the Blackhawk and into the sun. To his left and right, zombies poured at them, some running, others walking, a few crawled. He aimed left and fired, the heavy round ripping through a quatret of zomies.

Spinning right he fired again, antoher group dropped in a fountain of blood as limbs flew into the air. He continued this, holding back the crowds well enough, but as he became tired, they started to move forward again. He dropped the empty rifle and looked at Mike.

"It's over bro."

Mike shook his head drawing a pair of large combat knifes. Each was atleast a foot long with a bladed edge, each ending in a vicious point. He threw one to Cody.

"Go down fighting."

Cody nodded.

"Hell yes."

The two pounded fists and exhancged an old comination of grasps and pulls, the handshake they'd had with eachother since garde school. As they ended, they pulled together, embracing eachother for, what they though, would be the last time.

Cody turned, as did Mike. The two know back to back as the first of the zombies hit them. Cody stabbed viciously, puncturing the face of one as he pulled back and spun, whipping the blade out and severing the head of another.

Mike ducked, sending the creature over his back and onto the pavement. He whipped his leg out, kicking another one back as he turned and brought his heel onto the zombies head. It cruched the skull, Mike's bot hitting the road.

Cody jumped over Mike's crouched body and sliced the leg off of a zombie about to grab Mike. He followed his spin through, slitting the throat of it which sent a waterfall of blood spilling out of the rotesque wound.

Cody was about the turn when the gunfire broke out, and a pair of Blckhawks, their mini-guns blazing, descended onto the street as a dzoen men from each choper ran out, rifles blazing as they secured the road.

Cody turned to Mike and the two hugged.

They had been saved.