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1. You can be Cog or Locust, yourself or not.

2. No set characters (Marucs, Dom RAMM etc.)

3. Keep everytihng from GoW a few customs on a weapon is ok, armour too.

4. Can fight under or above ground.

5. Can fight any type of Locust (If your COG) and can fight any kind of COG (If you Locust.) Only exceptions are set characters.

Example: Locust guy can't fight Marcus and COG guy can't fight RAMM.

6. You may not kill off another persons RPG character, unless given permission.

7. No spamming or going off topic.

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RPG Details:

Time: 2:47pm
When: Emergence Day
Location: Sera, In a city first hit by the Locust (Accalia)

City Details: Accalia is a very modern city at its peak of functionality and population. Birsteling with peaceful and kind people, this city is often refered to as the "Gem of Peace" on Sera. As of late, thier army of professional fighters and deadly soliders has started to amass as the wars continue to tear Sera apart.

I'll start.

COG Leiutenant Cody Shaer stood next to his team as he looked up upon the podium. The blazing sun's frown burned the ashfault as glared from the clear sky. As he watched, his second in command, Sergeant Allister "Tank" Cox nudged him.
"Looks like the Colonel's not showing, hung over probobly."
"Funny Tank, keep quiet, he'll be here."
Almost as Cody finished saying it, Colonel Geoff Spencer stepped up to the podium and looked down on the hundred COG squads who stood in full combat gear facing him.

"You." Colonel Geoff said. "You four hundred COG soldiers are about to start the fight of your lives. The northern border of our peaceful city Accalia is about to be breached by hostile forces. As you know, this peacful city has been the main city on this continent for the COG efforts. Your brothers in arms are already holding off over three hundred men from nieghbouring cities. You're going in to help them."

A slight murmer rustled through the COG soliders as the Colonel stepped down and another COG officer stepped up.

"Your sqaud leaders know where to take you. First Compnay, report to heliports 1-6. Second compnay, your at heliports 7-12. Also, each compnay needs to select a squad to remain here for further orders. You're the first batalion in second and third will follow while others wil lsecure the city and evacuate the civilians.

The perfectly ordered rows of soliders broke as sqauds moved to their designated vehicles to take them to the heliports. Cody called his team together. After checking weapons and smashing fists, they started towards their designated transport. An open top APC driven by some redneck Sergeant who always chewed some sort of tabbacco.

Tank hopped in first, followed by James Main and Stan Garcia.

After they piled in, Cody jumped on and locked his foot in behind the steping rail and hung off the back, one hand on the handhold for getting in, the other holding in Lancer. The APC swung around, spraying a fountain of dust and rock as it sped off towards the airport.

After a good five minutes, Cody swung up and jumped in, landing right next to Garcia.

"Shit Cody, scared the hell out of me." Stan said as he moved over to give Cody room. Even after moving completley over to his side of the bench, Cody was still squished. Definatley the biggest of them all, Stan was an ex body builder. Rippling with muscles, most of them almost four times the size of any normal man, he could easily tear through any solider he came up against.

"Maybe if you cut down on the roids you could give Cody some room." James commented from across the APC. Although huge, Stan consisted he'd never used steroids. The squad believed him.

"How bout I snap you in two?" Stan sarcasticaly said back to James. "Looks like I could."

James was more of the well rounded shape. Tall, but not to big. Strong, but not to strong. His longer than regulation hair was dark drown with a hint of red. Not the strongest of them but definatley the best shot. Not just with a sniper, but with anything he got his hands on.

Cody laughed. "Meh I'm good, better than sitting with Tank over there, god damn music so loud."

Tank just kept bouncing his head to his muscis beat. His headphones blared older style rock. Allister, although bigger than James but not as big as Stan, was their explosive expert. Strnagley, his temper was non existent.

Cody moved up to check on the driver.


The driver looked back at him and smiled, showing yellow-brown stained teeth.

"Almost there sir, another couple minutes."

Cody nodded and went back to his team. A deent sized man, Cody was the vetren of the group. Fighting with rebels in wars that ravaged Sera, he had the most combat experience of all the guys. His almost shaven head showed a small tint of drak brown where hairs srpouted up. His most exotic feautre was his eyes. Both of his eyes are coated in a milky white making them almost invisable to the human eye. Look closer, and you can see the pupil and iris in the eye balls center, the darkest white being the pupil. Some say they were from so much fighting, others say he is a spirit sent from the gods to bring peace. Cody calls in a birth defect. Either way, his nickname Ghost was spwaned from it.

As he sat down, the APC came to a stop and the roar of King Raven helicopters drowned out everything. Cody motion for his team to get off and they ran down the ramps. Cody checked quickly with the APC driver, and joined the team.

"Follow me." He yelled, his voice only a whsiper within the roars surrounding him. He ducked and ran towards a Raven that sat halfway to the end of the line. Weaving in ando ut of other squads and Ravens, Cody finaly ended up at his.

A crew chief jumped off to greet him.

"You the leader of Panther Squad?"

Cody nodded.

"Why'd you ask, did you not see the black armour?"

The chief went red.

"Yes sir, just checking. Wecome aboard."

Cody nodded as him and his team boarded the Raven. Not seconds after James, the last man, got on, the Raven jerked up and spun, flying hard towards the city's northern side.

The Helicopter's intercom buzzed.

"Sir, it's an honour to be flying The Panthers, anything you need let us know sir."

"Well get us to the LZ and we'll talk about it."

"Rodger Sir."

Cody turned away from the intercom and looked out onto the city below him. He swept his head across, looking at each detail. From the park, dozens of children waved up at them as the Raven sped on.

"Actualy pilot, take us over the city square, I told my son we'd fly over him while he went shopping with my wife."

The pilot nodded in his seat.

"Copy that, glad I can help."

Cody leaned back out and looked below, glad his teams record and achievements could help him in things like this. He looked below as they passed over city hall and the COG recruitment center. Then the market.

Cody looked below for his son. He scanned the ground, looking last towards the fruit stand as the Raven hovered above.

"There! By the fountain!" Tank yelled from besdie him as Cody looked. There was his son, wearing his best waving up from the edge of the fountain, his mother, and Cody's wife waving beside him. Cody stretched out his arm and waved down, his boy now jumping up and down yelling up at him.

"Lt. we got a situation, sensors picking something up on the ground. Wait, rather under the ground. Something moving."

Cody looked down adn saw the ground shake a little. He was about to ask the pilot if it was hostiles from the north when the yelling started.

"Holy shit! Panthers hang on, something is flying at us. It's somek ind of creature, shit, hold on!"

The cockpit exploaded as glass and metal showered onto the market below. Cody looked to see more of the things fly at the Raven. The co-piolt came on.

"Pilot's down, fuel is draining, we're gonig down."

Cody felt the Raven start a spin, clockwise, smoke billowed from the cockpit and the engines.

"Panthers hang on!" Cody yelled as he grabbed a hand support. The Raven span, more creatures flying by now, hundreds. Cody looked below, the market came up fast as the Raven smashed into the cobblestone streets and came to rest on it's side.

Pfc. Ethan Tylore had been given the assaignment of watching the COG recruitment building at the city square. Ethan was a sniper and his current mission was to take out any attempt on the recruitment building.

Command thought that rebel sympthasizers might suicide bomb the the recruitment center.

Ethan had set himself up across the street and quickly became bored.

Ethan was fairly average, His muscle had been built so that while strong he remained thing making it easier to conceal himself.
One of the things that made him diffrent though was his grey eyes. They always had this sharp look like he could see through you.

Ethan was only 18 when he signed up and sister protested greatly because she thought he would be killed fighting the rebels, but the main reason he had joined was to protect his older sister.

It was his eyes that attracted attention to him immeaditly. At the base there was a saying that grey eyes meen death to those who they see.

He was quickly noted as a marksman and after a year was sent to sniper school.

He graduated from sniper school in 6 months and received a promotion

He was quickly given the nickname "Reaper" because any target he was given was swiftly nuetralized.

His thoughts were interupted by a transmision on his com.

"Reaper how do things look from up there" Said Sgt. Ferral

"All clear, over".

"Reaper you need to lighten up sometime"

"Noted sir"

A raven passed over head and crowed below cheered.

"Sir, will we be like that someday"

"Reaper all we can do is hope".

For the most part Ethan was looked upon like a cop and most people dident respect a soldier who hasent been on the frontlines.

The ground shook and then explosion shook.

"Reaper status report"

"I cant see anything sir there's to much smoke"

A black object rocketed out of the smoke and exploded next to the raven.

The smoke cleared and these things began to crawl out. Almost immeaditly they opened fire on the citizens.

"Sir im engaging, they have opened fire but i cannot confirm if they are rebles".

Air, need air.
Cody pushed a piece of the Raven's rotar off of his lap and reached for his weapons coughing through the thick smoke. He slung his shotgun and cocked his Lancer as he checked that his pistol was still holstered. He heard sparotic gunfire outside the Raven's hull, a mixture of Lancer fire, a sniper rifle, and some kind of burst weapon Cody had never heard before.
Must be rebels. Damn, they hit us first.
Cody looked back to see his team grabbing their gear and moving behind him, ready to get into combat.

"Alright guys, you know how bad these rebels are, they'll do anything to wreck the peace. No prisoners, kill all of them but watch your fire. It's the market, civilians will be everywhere."
Shit the wife! My son!
Tank seemed to read Cody's mind as Cody thought of his family.
"They'll be fine Cody, we'll get them to safety."
Cody nodded as he kicked open the Raven's escape hatch which flew into the street with an echoing clang.

He jumped out, Lancer first. The smell hit him first. A rotten, almost burning smell coming from the other side of the market square. Around the corner where the smell was coming from, was debris and rubble accompained by a thick cloud of dust. He swept the area around him as his squad took positions.

He heard screaming, the gunfire, more than before as the dust settled and Cody found himself looking on a horror creature out of some movie makers dream world. Towering overhead was what looked to be a spider, but this one was different. It's body was longer, much longer and skinnier than a regular spider, and it seemed to have some sort of combat harness on around its legs and mid-section. The most horrifying part was the head.

It looked like a human skull in shape, but that's where the resemblnce ended. A thick dark mask covered in spikes sat on its face with dozens of glowing yellow eyes poking through. The lipless jaw housed atleast a hundred pointed teeth dripping in a clear gooy liquid that dripped and splashed aginst the dust caked road below it.

Cody couldn't raise his weapon. None of the Panthers could. This beast that didn't exist was there, real as the sweat the ran down Codys neck. He was terrified. He dove for cover as it turned his way, its eyes looking back and forth, scanning for targets.
What the fuck did the rebels bring to this fight?

Cody motioned ofr his team to form up. Each soldier ran from their cover up to his position behind the Raven. Every one wore the same expression Cody did. A mix of terror, disbelief and sickness.
"Well uh, anyone got a big can of bug spray?" Stan said, attmepting to lighten the mood.
Tank cocked his Lancer.
"Garcia, shut the hell up."

what the hell is that things is about the only Ethan could think.

Its back appeared to be heavily armored so he would need to find a weak point.

It turned its back to him to look at the Raven. At the joint of its legs. He could see a soft spot and fired. The round went straight in causeing the creature to whip around.

Ethan quickly reloaded and shot it in the mouth. Now it was pissed the creature moved twoards him and reared up to attack. Ethan quickly guessed on where it's vitals would be and pulled the trigger.

It paused for a moment before falling forwards and smashing into the base of the building.

"Sir I think we need to call for back up". Ethan said

"roger that"

"Command this is Sgt. Ferral of Patrol Sqaud Charlie, we have encounterd unknown hostiles and are requesting backup at the city sqaure".

Ethan picked off another man sized creature as it attempted to crawl out of the hole.

Dammit they just keep comming

"Reaper cover us as we move to get some explosives in that hole"


The rest of the sqaud slowly advanced to the hole as Ethan picked off any of the hostiles that tried to shoot them.

The these ape like creatures began to pour out of the hole.

"Fall back to cover sqaud". yelled the Sgt.

They fell back behind a low wall and opened fire on the new threat. The sounds of some ravens could be heard approaching. They set down behind the sqaud and unloaded re-enforcements.

The new soldiers stared for a moment then moved up to cover the others.

They formed a line and then began advancing of the hole.
Ethan contiued to fire giving support to the downed raven.

Two large creatures came out and fired their weapons the rounds exploaded on the COG line and incinerated a big section of troops.

Ethan shot one in the head and its partner aimed in his direction.

Cody moved up, Lancer aimed high at the spider thing that towered above him. He heard a sniper shot, and saw the bullet impact near the leg joint, spinning the creature around which presented it's back to Cody and his team. Cody checked his aim for a split second before calling out his order.

"Open fire! Take it down! Take it down!"

The Panthers opened up with a hail of Lancer fire directed towards the creatures lower back which was slightly softer than the rest. Cody emptied his clip, and realoded sighting again on his target. A second sniper shot split the air and Cody saw the entrail from the shot. The bullet impacting into the gaping cage of teeth of the thing.

Now it removed itelf entirely from the hole and moved toward a tall building where Cody guessed the sniper was posted.
"Tank! Garcia! Grenades Now!"
Tank and Stan moved up, primed and tosses grenades which rolled and came to a rest just underneath the spider thing's back end. The explosions of the grenades sent pieces of its back flying as a third sniper shot put the beast down for good.

Cody looked up and saw a pair of Raven's swooping in to provide support. Atleast someone called for backup. Cody was relieved. Dozens of COGs ran off the Raven's ramps to the fight which now was concentrated around the large hole in the market's corner. Cody signaled his team to check on thier pilots as he ran to the fountain.

Cody was halfway when someone, rather something, charged at him, firing some kind of burst rifle. Cody dove for cover and fired back, spraying Lancer rounds up and down the rubble the creature hid behind. Click click.

"Oh fuck." Cody whsipered as the beast charged at him.

This is going to be nasty.
Cody revved his Lancer's chainsaw bayonnet and stood, driving it horizontaly acorss the tihngs midsection. The layers of hide peeled back as a flow of dark red blood poured onto the road as it roaored in poain. Cody quicky withdrew the saw and kicked it in the chest, kocking it down not quite dead, but imobile for now.

He continueed to the fountain to find his wife and son. Cody dropped to his knees and wept as bullets raced by him, expllosions rocked the ground and monsterous sounds came from the hole not twenty meters behind him. He grabbed his son and rolled him over, expousing a piece of metal lodged into his back, blood everywhere. He was about to stand when his wife spoke.

"Cody, please, don't leave me."
Cody grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder. Compared to other things he'd lifted, she weighed nothing. He ran back to the Raven, the newly landed COG soldiers being blow to pieces by more of these creatures emergening from the hole which now spread even wider.
"Hang on Stacey, I'm not going to lose you."

Cody was almost to his team when he was struck in the back by sometihng heavy. He landed, face first into the cobblestone, tasting dust. He rolled over to see the creature he'd cut with the chainsaw earlier. It stood now, holding a revolver the size of a Cody's forearm, barrle smoking. It laughed maliciously before turning and, clutiching it's chest, ran back to the hole it came from.

Cody turned to Stacey, her back imploaded from the revolver shot. He rolled her over to see her eyes , cold, empty, but still the same blue they were when he first met her. He closed her eyelids and reached for her neck, removing the necklace he'd given her when they first started dating. He placed it around his neck.

"You bastards pissed off the wrong COG!"

Cody charged at the hole, Lancer a blaze with dancing muzzle flashes while bullets streamed out of the red hot barrel like water from a hose. Cody sewpt his rifle across their lines, dropping one, two, and three, the fouth fell attempting to stand. Cody stepped up to it, the thing snraled as he got closer.

"Back in your hole mother fucker!"

Cody raised his boot, and came down hard on it's neck, break it into flash of blood and bone as it collapsed dead. Cody turned in time to see the next demon that came from the hole to hell. The first lay headless on the ground, teeth and face turned to pulp by a heavy caliber rifle. The second, aiemd an impossibly large gun and fired a grenade towards the roof where the sniper was.

Cody drew his shotgun and ran to it, a short six foot distance. He smacked it's back with the shotgun but and it turned to meet him.

"Eat shit and die!"

Cody fired, point blank into it's face, taking the head and the upper torso clean off spraying blood and guts along the wall of the building behind it. Cody recocked the shotun and turned to find himself face to face with another COG. Tank infact.

"Cody, sir, are you ok?"

Cody lowered the shotgun and slung it across his back while picking up his Lancer. He stared at Tank as Stan and James came running over.


Cody collapsed to his knees, head bowed. His tears dropping onto the stones below making patterns in the dust. His shoulders shook as thoughts of his late family entered his head, flooding him with memories followed by dreams he could never have come true. They wouldn't because this new threat, these things had come.

Cody arose, slowly, but steadily and faced his team, the tears remained but his eyes were different. Some say it was his wife's psirit gifting him with proper eyes, others say rage took him from the point on. His eyes now green, burning with black where filled with hatred and fury.

"Panthers, load up with as much as you can, we're taking these things down no matter what it costs."

To Ethan the grenade semmed to be moving in slow motion. It rotated through the air staright at him. Ethan rolled to the right and leaped off the roof. He grabbed hold of the edge of a fire escape as the grenade impacted.

It detnated on the corner of the building and shook the fireescape loose. He held on for a brief moment before the ladded detached from the wall and crashed to the ground.

Luckily Ethan landed ontop on the reckedge.

"Reaper you alright" asked Sgt. Ferral

"I think so sir"

Ethan got up and and brushed the dust off.

The things had stopped comming from the hole but Ethan still moved cautiously. He clipped the Longshot to his back and pulled out his shotgun

He walked over to hole and looked down,


"Shut up jackson" Ethan radioed back.

"Reaper report what you see".

"It just goes straight down Sir".

The hole seemed to go on and on, after awhile it just became dark and he couldent see any farther.

He walked over to the COG soldiers by the downed Raven. Their black armore caught his intrest and he wanted to find out more.

One off the things that looked dead suddenly tossed a Grenade at the members of Ethans sqaud.

Ethan turned to the grenade fly and explode in the center of his squadmates.

Sgt. Ferral was turned to pink mist, jackson was blown in half, and dan lost his legs and bled out almost immeaditly.

The creature dropped dead after its recent attack.

Ethan walked over and blew it in half to make sure it was dead this time.

He then walked over to the COGs in black.

He noticed one had the rank insignia of a Lt.

"Sir my sqaud was elimanated permission to follow you".

"Rodger sir." The Panthers said as the ran for dead soldiers and the crashed Raven for ammo and supplies. Cody scooped up the Raven's goebot black box and strapped it to his harness. Never know when you'll need it. Just then a Pfc. strode up to him.

"Sir my squad was eliminated, permission to follow you."

Cody was taken a back. Did this solider know who his team was?

"Uh, well um, listen solider, we're the Panthers if you don't know, it's the Sepcial Forces of the Gears and... Hey, that Longshot, was that you firing from the rooftop?"

The soldier nodded.

"Yes sir it was, gald I could help."

"Well uh, nice shooting. I guess we'll call that qualification for our squad, we'll take care of the tecjnical shit later. Get a new post and help secure this market, we got Raven's coming for pickup."

The solider nodded.

"Yes sir!"

The solider was about to turn when Cody stopped him.

"What's your name solider?"

"Private First Class Ethan, Charlie Squad sir."

Cody nodded.

"Alright, carry on."

Ethan nodded and started for another building which would give him an overview of the market and the streets leading to it.

Cody turned to Tank who was approaching followed by James. Stan was in fighting with the Raven door to get extra ammo out.

"Whos that sir?"

"Ethan. Pfc. Ethan. He's the sniper, figured he could tag along untill we find out what the hell is going on, not a problem is it tank?"

"No sir, not a problem, good to know we got some sniper cover now."

James nodded. "Agreed."

Cody pulled out a data pad and brought up a map of the market.

"Alright, Ethan is posted here, giving him a good view of the routes into the market square from the west. James, grab Stan and cover the roads from the north west, Tank you and I will cover the south west road. Our north and east is secured by the walls. Questions? No. Good. Move out."

Everyone broke off, moving quickly to thier positions. Cody nodded to Tank and the two of the ran to their road. Tank grabbed cover by a building corner while Cody jumped in behind a car that had be overturned in the previous fight. Behind them, other Gears secured ammo and supplies while taking up positions along side Cody and Tank and over to Stan and James.

Cody heard Ethan over the radio.

"Uhhhh sir, we got a problem. I see atleast three more of those spiders moving this way, along with about a hundred or so of the regular kinda human looking ones, and they have a big thing too."

Cody and Tank exchanged glances.

"Define big thing. Bigger or smaller than the spiders?"

Ethans voice was filled with fear, but he sounded calm and clear on his reply.

"Bigger. Maybe twice the size. Four legs and a shit load of arments on it."

Cody went white. He checked with Stan.

"Garcia? You get that?"

"Yes sir, pissed myself but I got it. Plan?"

"Yeah. Panther's dig in, be ready."

Cody switched to the global freq.

"Gears in the market, this is Lt. Shaer with Panther Squad, we have hostile forces advancing from the west, heavily armed with more spiders and sometihng else thats bigger. Dig in, and prepare for contact."

Cody cocked his rifle.

"Hey Garcia?"

"Yeah Cody?"

"I think you're going to want that bug spray now."

"Ok sir, thats just not funny."

Cody laughed as he looked through the smoke and dust down the road where he saw the first few creatures moving at him, followed by the legs of a spider thing right behind it.

Ethan sighted in the beast, it would take some serious firepower to kill it. To Ethan all it looked like he could do was maybe blind it or shoot parts of its weapons.

"Sir we're going to need some serious support if we want to kill that thing".

Ethan looked at the large force approaching them and it did worry him but he would take down every single one until his ammo ran dry.

He thought about his sister and wished he could have said good bye to her.

The enemies marching shook the earth raised a large cloud of dust behind them.

A man and a woman came up to the roof with a bunch of equipment. The man had somekind of strage gun and woman had a computer system and satalite uplink.

She booted up the computer and it showed a satalite orbiting the the earth she tunred to the man and said "The satalite will be in range in 4 minutes".

"How long will it be overhead" he asked?

"Only for 2 minutes so make your shot count".

A timer appeared on the computer and began counting down.

As it neared 0 the man began to aim the strange gun.

The woman yelled "fire", and the man pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened or so Ethan thought. Four lines began to close into one around the huge monstosity of a weapon. They became one and a beam came down from the sky and burned away at the creature for a full minute.

The creature had been fairly hurt so it turned around while the others continued on.

Ethan turned around to the see the duo packing up and leaving.

"Hey where are you going we could use the weapon".

The woman turned around and told him that it can only be used when the satalite is overhead.

Well at least the big thing is leaving

"Sir that giant weapon thing is heading in the opposite way". reported Ethan

Maybe just Maybe they actually would have a chance against against the oncomming doom. The fact that the creature was still alive wooried him though because he new it woulde be back eventauly and they might not have that laser weapon.

"Hey what is that thing you guys used called anyway". Ethan asked the two

"Its called the Hammer Of Dawn" They replied.

Ethan then went back to watching the oncomming enemy.

"Sir What are your orders" He asked over the com.

Private First Class Ryan Johnson was hearing things that he couldn't believe. Creatures that come out of the ground? How can that be? As the King Raven flew it's way to drop him off to the marketplace that had been hit. They had received reports that there was an assault force heading into that area and they needed support.

The only problem was, these things had hit pretty much everywhere, all around the globe. The attacks happened almost simultaniously and the COG military was shorthanded for the task. Heavy evacuations to high ground and secure bases were under way. Civilian casualties were already in the millions around the globe.

The very reason that COG was shorthanded was why Johnson was heading to the market, alone.

As a new recruit, nearly ten years ago, he had fought against the rebels. He had several medals in his service and was even about to be selected for the Panthers Special Forces.

In recent years, he had aquired the nickname Razor, mainly for his clean shaven head and face. He also was named that for a battle when Johnson had cut down seventy-seven rebels in a row with his chainsaw bayonet all alone. He had been seperated from his squad by and explosion and a cave-in. The rebels had closed in on his positions and he had ducked behind pillars to surprise them. He had killed five with his Lancer before the rest had closed in on him. All along his retreat he would cut corners and ambush them when they would try and persue him.

And thus he recieved the name Razor.

He actually liked it too. Many people thought he was a machine with the way he acted. He was so clean cut that he talked little and when he did it was with words like: Yes sir, no sir, acknowledged, negative. Things like that.

Most people just chose not to deal with him, and he liked it that way. The less they talked to him, the less he needed to talk back.

That was what Razor guessed why he was being sent in alone. He was a one man army. He inflicted heavy casualties wherever he went and he needed little support.

Razor was tall, muscular, but slender too, so that he seemed like a giant. He could easily lift things most couldn't and he had the stamina of a horse.

Sounds of gunfire ingnited the market below as Razor's Raven touched down and he hit the ground as the enemy opened fire on the team stationed in the market as a defense. Razor saw the sniper posted up in a building along the way. Good, snipers were his kind of guy. If they have his back, the better.

Razor needed to get in touch with the guy in charge here, so he opened up on the COM.

"This is Private First Class Johnson, I am here for support. I need to speak with the CO of this defense. I have ammo and supplies along with captured enemy weapons. I have moved the crates underneath the sniper post."

"They sent only one guy!? What are they, crazy!!!" yelled someone over the COM.

"Alright soldier, get some ammo to the sniper above you and you might as well take a Longshot if you have one, and give us cover. I will post our positions on the TAC Map once you are there."

"Yes sir!"

Cody clicked the radio.

"Ethan, wait untill we satrt to fire, then open up, aim for the regular ones, we'll contend with the spiders."


Cody shouldered his Lancer and aimed straight down the road, the dust from the enemy now swirling in dances unknown as they approached. Slowly but surely, one by one, the creatures came through the veil firing and yelling in a mixture of grunts and noises. Cody and the Gears around him fired unleashing hot lead upon the threat.

Cody took quick aim and fired a sustained burts which ripped a neat hole through a thing running from the back. He reloaded when he heard the voice. The low rumbling voice, hateful, yet authoritive.

"Locust! Attack! Drones to the front, then Grenadiers. Theron guards at the rear, cover the Corpsers!"

Cody peered over his cover to see something. I say something because there was nothing else like it Cody had even seen. Easily eight, maybe nine feet tall, as thick as a wall and rippling with muscles that were coloured a sickly grey. It wore a heavy leather breastplate along with gloves and boots. In one hand it carried a large magnum, in the other, a burst rifle.

Cody called out to Tank.

"Aim for the leader! Take him down!"

Tank nodded and poked out of cover, his Lancer jumping in his hand as he sped a stream of bullets at the enemy comander. Cody joined in, his clip draining at lightning speeds. He was about to realod when he saw them.

The commander stood, bullet holes in him yet he was alive. He side stepped and called while waving more Locust forward.

"Move, all troops attack!"

Cody looked back to see the rest opf the Panthers, James and Stan, running to join him. He turned back and contiuned his fire dropping a pair of Drones that ran from the front. Cody looked over at Tank.

"Cody! Grenadiers!"

Cody spun around to see a pair of slightly bigger Locust whirling grenades towards him. He aimed and fired. The Lancer fired for about a half dzoen shots before Cody heard a steady clicking, empty.

"Shit! I need help!"

Cody dove away as the grenades landed at his feet. The force of the explosion sent him flying across the street slamming into a buildings exteroir wall. Tank ran to him as tan and James engaged the new threat. Tank garbbed Cody and pulled him up.

"Come on, lets go, we're falling back to a Raven, it's done."

Cody turned to see about six of the once thirty Gears fighting back a Locust force of atleast four hundred strong. He turned to see Garcia fiished blowing apart the last Grenadier with his shotgun.

"Panthers! Pull back to the square, we're gettting the hell out."

James and Stan took up positions to cover Cody and Tank as they ran back to the square. The gunfire was deafening now, the Locust fire overwhelmed the last few Gears who stood as James and Stan ran into the Raven while Cody and Tank covered them

"Ethan! You need to get out of here, can you get to the Raven?"

"Negative sir, my path is blocked, good luck, I'll hold them as long as I can."

"No, we'll come pick you up from the roof."

"Quiet sir I'm busy."

Cody looked at Tank who shook his head. Fine.

"Pilot! Go! Get us out of here!"

The Raven spun quickly and blasted out of the square leaving behind Cody's wife and sons bodies to rot in the burning sun in their grave. Cody looked below as Locust poured into the square. Ethan on the roof held his Longshot with one had, Lancer in the other while he engaged three Drones now on the roof with him.

Good luck kid.

Razor tried to move the rubble in the first floor off of him. The blast had blown the whole front wall down. He heard Cody give the order to get the sniper, Ethan, off the building above. The soldier had refused

He's got gut, Razor thought as he pulled the last boulder out of the stairway. He magnetized his Longshot to his back. He grabbed a Lancer and a few grenades and rushed to the rooftop.

"Ethan, I'm coming up the stairs, are you hurt?"

"Nah, I'm bunkered behind and airconditioning unit."

"Alright, how many are there?"

"Three on your left, and two on the right."

"Alright, I'll take my left, and you cover my right with Lancer fire."

"Yeah, but get here fast."

Razor burst into the open sunlight and brought out his Longshot. He blew the heads off of two of the humanoid things on his left, and blew open the stomach on the last one. Ethan filled one of the humanoids with Lancer fire and then chainsawed the last one in half.

The entire roof was filled with blood from the corpses.

"Alright, since we're staying here a while, we might as well set up a defensive here. I got a lot of ammo downstairs and its sealed off so it'll be hard for the enemy to get to us. I have a Longshot too and those magnums and Knasher shotguns are downstairs too. Plenty of ammo for us both. How long until Ravens pick us up?"

"I dunno, I guess whenever Cody can get em to us."

"Well, people call me Razor, and I'm all you got for right now. What I just told you is about the most I've said in years. Don't expect me to be this chatty from now on. I am glad someone made it through though. Plenty of COG layin' around outside."

"Yeah, what are those things?"

"Buddy, I couldn't tell ya if I wanted."

Then, came a loud cry as another hole came from the ground on the far side of the market.

"Theres a high possibility that can dig a hole into the building so we need to move". Ethan said.

He looked around eyeing the other buildings looking for a way out. The COG office should have some transports in the rear parking lot.

Ethan leaned out and shot another hostile in the head. He had to consider all possibilities including not allowing the locust to reach them.

A loud shriek penatrated his thoughts, Then these apelike creatures came crawling over the sides of the building.

Ethan dropped the longshot and grabbed his shotgun. They were quick but dident have any projectile weapons.

One got to close and Ethan blew it to peices. He caught one out of the corner of his eye and hit like a baseball.

The things were all around them now, after every shot more parts littered the rooftops.

"Hey look we cant wait any longer we have to move".

Ethan saw what he was looking for the next building over had a fire escape on the side.

"Hey this way lets move". He yelled.

Ethan backed up to get a running start, he glanced over and saw his longshot. Ethan grabbed it and attached it to his back.

He than ran full speed shooting anything in his way. The edge of the rooftop neared and Ethan took a leap of faith.

He seemed to fly for minutes until he looked like he would be short. Reaching out for his life he managed to graba railing with one hand and pull him self up.

"C'mon man we gotta go" He yelled to his comrad.

Ethan then contiued up the stairs to the top floor where he smashed the window and climbed in.

He quickly looked around the room and made sure it was clear. Ethan ran to the door of the apartment and kicked it down. He went tomve on when he heard crying in a nearby room.

Protecting civilians was part of his mission so he had to investigate.
He walked down the hall to where it was comming from. He checked the knob, it wasent locked.

He found a girl maybe about 10 years old all alone in the room. Her parents had most likely left and went out for the day.

He picked her up told her it would be all right and then continued on.

Ethan got to the otherside of the building and he could see the COG office parkinglot.

He found a stairwell and went to the bottom floor. He quickly dashed across the street into the COG Office. He went to the locker room and ripped open his locker. and grabbed his keys.

He took the girl and than ran out to the parking lot. He stepped onto the lot only to get knocked to his feet. One of the hostiled picked up the girl and then shot her. It luaghed for a second before tossing her aside like trash.

It slowly walked twaords Ethan thinking it had won. It readied its rifle when Ethan pulled his pistol and shot the thing right in its smug smile, he then shot its chest several more times untill it dropped to the floor.

Ethan walked over grabed its rile and pumped a 12 bullets into its head.

He then picked up his shot gun and ran to his car. He unlocked it then tossed the things weapon in the back. He jumped in and started it up and waited it for a moment. Johnson dident show, shit we must have been seperated.

He tried him on the comm but he only got static. He then hit gas and floored it.

Cody jumped out of the Raven before it touched down. The quick four foot fall was over in seconds as the rest of the Panthers jumped out after him. Cody ran towards the command bunker, pushing other Gears and officers out of his way. Eventualy, he made it to the entrance where a pair of MP's stood, blocking the door.

"Do you mind? Get the hell out of my way."

The MP's exchanged glances.

"I'm sorry sir, we have orders that no one disturbs the command meeting, you can't go in."

Cody tapped his left leg with his hand while his grip tightened on his Lancer.

"Soldiers you will move or so help me god I'll move you."

The MP's raised their side arms, the standard snub nose pistol.

"I'm sorry sir, you're not going in."

Cody tapped his leg again. Instantly, his team behind him stepped up, Lancers raised pointing at the pair of now heavily outnumbered and outgunned guards.

"I wont ask you again. Step aside or we might have our trigger fingers slip. Last chance."

Now the Gears all around the building watched as the four lone Panthers, clad in black armour now ready to fire upon their own men. The MP's stiffened knowing that there next move would decide thier fate.

"Now sir, this isn't needed, There's still a war going on with the rebels and we don't want anyone hurt."

Cody shook his head. His left hand tapped his leg again.

The fight was quick, the only shots coming from the Panther's Lancers which punched holes into the lightly armoured MP's uniform. They fell quick as James and Stan turned back to the rest of the Gears who now backed away, fully aware that the Panthers reputation for brutality, even to their own, was very much true.

Cody kicked in the door with a bang, the brass scrambled off thier chairs and stared as He entered, his armoured body filling the doorframe. He took a step in towards thr large oak table.

"Who's in charge?"


"I said who's in charge god damn it!"

An older man, much smaller than him stepped forward.

"That would be me soldier, just what the devil do you think you're doing, first you bust into a closed meeting, and now you threaten..."

Cody fired his Lancer into the roof.

"Shut the fuck up, sir. What the hell is going on out there? What are those things that are coming out of the fucking ground because they sure as hell ain't no rebels."

The command element shifted. The old man spoke again.

"Well, take a seat Leiutenant, I'll explain, and I wont leave anything out."

The sped out of the parking lot onto the main street only to find locust moving in on him. He turned right as they opened fire on him.

Ethan pulled out a pistol, stuck it out the window and fired back. "You a$$holes stop putting dents in my car. He knew that having his car reenforced was a smart idea.

He was going well over 100 mph as he raced to the highway. He whipped around a corner, hit off some boards and went flying over some rubble.

When he hit the ground he had the tempory speed boost he had gained while airborne, which lurched him forward. It dident faze him though as he kept driving for his life. He glanced at the highway to find that immense traffic had caused people to leave their cars blocking the entrence.

Damit, why did they have to make this harder than it was.

He took a back road out off the city and followed the highway until he got on at the next exit.

Releif washed over him now that he was on his way out of here. As what happened finally sank in he realized how tired he was. His patrol shift had started at 6 am.

It was now late afternoon and wounderd if the things had attacked else where. He decided that before going back to the base he would stop at his sisters house.

He got off the highway and drove into her town. Smoke filled the sky and his instincts knew what happened before his brain recognized what had happened.

He stoped in his sisters drive way and looked in horror at her house. There was a large hole with scorch marks around it. Obviously an explosion had hit the house.

Ethan got of the car and walked inside with a shotgun raised. He looked around calling her name. No response came, he then saw some rubble move, he ran over to the spot. He tossed the rubble away and examined his sister.

She was still alive but he knew deep down that she die soon. Wood fragments ranging in size from a needle to a 2 inches wide had impaled her over most of her body.

"Im here kate dont worry". he said to her as he took off his helmet.

"Ethan, dont lose heart keep fighting for me"

"Im not giving up Im going to get you out of here"

"Oh Ethan you already know im going to die soon, but Im glad you got here before I did".

Even though he was a professional soldier he couldent keep himself from crying. He held her as she passed on, "You sons of b!tches, I'll get you" he screamed.

He picked up his helmet and shotgun, then he grabbed her and brought her back to the car. Ethan layed her down in the back set and then tossed his stuff in the passenger seat.

He go in and then drove to the base. He showed his dog tags to the MP's at the front gate and then drove inside. He stopped in the command office and gave the captured weapon to the receptionist.

Ethan then walked over to the supply building and grabbed a shovel.
He drove over to the base's cemetary and dug a grave. He took his sisters body over the grave, but before putting her in he took her braclet that she always wore and then set her down. He filled it in and then marked it by carving her name and his serial number into a tree that was at the head of the grave.

Ethan Removed his glove and put the bracelet on, and then his glove over it.

Razor woke up several hours later. He had a huge rock on his chest.

He heaved with pain from his chest, the rock slid away as he checked his surroundings.

The last thing Razor remembered, was that when he was jumping behind Ethan and an explosion erupted the rock below him as he was jumping. He was thrusted into the next building and he blew through the roof and through the second floor. The floor above had collapsed on him, knocking him out.

He had to get in touch with command, he was in enemy territory without any ammo, and only a full shotgun and a side arm left. There was a COG station nearby that had a communications relay that he could use to get in touch with the command base. There may even be ammo crates in there as well.

Razor checked his armor, there were several punctures and his COG symbol had been scratched right off. He looked pretty beat up. He had lacerations all over his body and a gash running from his eyebrow, down to his cheek below, but it missed his eye from damage.

As he got up, he checked his shotgun to see if it still worked. Everything was in working order, so he set off into the sunlight for the COG station.

"...comunications failed, they wouldn't allow us to comincate to them they just kept on coming." The old man (Identified by Cody as General Harrow) finished as he exhaled. Cody, now long standing for the eat he'd taken before the conversation began, paced as he finished absorbing the new intel that had been put forward. His team stood behind him half in the shadows motionless as statues.

"So where does this take us? Battle plans? Evacuation?"

General Harrow raised from his black leather chair, moving towards a holographic map of Accalia, criss corssings of red lines, green lines and various polygons played across the ghostly city.

"Well Lieutenant, the thick red line is where they seem to be mostly coming from. We've spotted major holes in that area and the Locust are poruing into the city from there. The green is where our Gears are making our stand."

Cody nodded.

"So why can't we hold the line?"

Harrow sighed.

"Their holes, the major ones are all near the west side of the city, their front now just three clicks past Gardillen Market, the one where you just came from."

Cody nodded as Tank emerged from his veil of shadows.

"General sir, what can we do?"

"To be honest Sergeant, I don't know, I've been in contact with our main HQ at the Jacinto Plateau, they have had no intrusions from below due to the granite substrata in the ground. It's a haven right now. We're gonig to evacuate who we can and pull back to it. Main transports leave in about six hours, all the civilians are being rounded up and brought here."

Tank nodded as he stepped back, Cody now looking up to speak.

"Where do you need the Panthers sir?"

Harrow smiled.

"I've got a great assignment for you boys, as long as your up to it. Hell it's basicaly sending you straight into hell."

Garcia now spoke.

"Hell sir, we'll clear that sector to."

Ethan layed down his Helmet on the grave moved on to find Lt. Cody.
His eyes were now lifeless like a dolls eyes.

He searched the base untill he found him and the other Panthers at the meeting room.

"Sir PFC Ethan "Reaper" Tylor reporting in. "My status report on the escscape from the city is in this report, you may read the details later". "The important thing is that Razor was seperated from me and is still MIA"

Ethan stood there waiting at attention for the Lt's response.

Cody was just about to start his team on Operations Detail when the door burst open. In the door frame stood a dirty, sweaty, and very tired looking Ethan Tylor. HE handed Cody a report folder.

"Sir PFC Ethan "Reaper" Tylor reporting in. "My status report on the escscape from the city is in this report, you may read the details later". "The important thing is that Razor was seperated from me and is still MIA"

Cody nodded as Ethan stood rigid at attention awaiting his response. Cody opened the folder, skimming over the details and main points. Paying closer attention to the details of the fight after he'd lifted off in the Raven. He closed the folder, placing it onto the desk next to his briefing.

"Adise son. You sit and listen, sepak if you think you need to. This is Special Ops, this meeting never happened and you heard nothing due to that we clear?"

Ethan swallowed.

"Yes sir, crystal clear."

Cody nodded.

"Good. Tank, please start off with the main points."

Tank stepped forward, a picture display of a SATLINK image appaeard, showing the Gear's frontline and fifty meters beyond, the Locust front as both lines struggled for the upper hand.

"As you can see, the battle on the front is intense, bloody, but going badly for us. We've lost almost three times of the Locust, their weapons are superior, they have more soldiers and well, they can spring up from anywhere really."

Garcia shifted slightly, his eyes glancing quickly to the floor then back up to the screen. Tank continued.

"At the moment, any Gears not in the fight are evacuating anyone we can and pulling back to the Jacinto Plateau where the Locust can't get up through the ground which evens the fight. For us though, we're not on any kind of evac duty. Infact we're doing the opposite."

Tank cleared his throat as he sat, Cody now standing to take over.

"Thank you Tank. Alright, our mission is as follows Panthers. While our Gear's pull the civies out of this god forsaken place, we get to have the fun job. We get to fend off thousands of scary demons who came straight from hell to blow our brains out."

Cody moved to the map as he withdrew a small baton which he used to point at different places on the map.

"Here is the Gardillen Market which is where we just were. It's under total Locust control now. About ten clicks east, closer to where we are is our fontline which is in a brutal fight against the advancing Locust. We hive them six hours before they reach us."

James stepped forward.

"Sir, permission to speak."


"With all due respect, why are we not on the front lines? We need evey soldier fighting these things off and..."

Cody cut him off.

"I understand how you feel James. I do. As much as I agree, we need someone to watch our rear, and I'd rather do it then let some regular Gear do it."

James nodded and stepped back.

"Anyways, our rear needs securing, a small Locust force of unkown numbers is moving from our flank to try and take us out from behind. Lions, that's where you'll come in."

Ethan jumped as the Lieutenant in the shadows stepped forward, a man at each side of him.

"Rodger that Ghost. What's our objectives?"

Cody continued.

"Alright Ace, I need you to take you sqaud in, you'll have command over a battalion aswell, you need to meet the Locust head on and delay them untill we can get everyone on-route to Jacinto Plateau . You'll have full air support and another battalion on stand by if you so need it. Questions?"

Ace shook his head no.

"Good. Ethan, This is Leiutenant John Cameron, or "Ace". You'll call him what he tells you to. I'm sending you with them. This operation will be difficult and you're one hell of a shot. Go with them and assist the Lions in any way you can. Uderstand?"

Ethan nodded.

"Wilco sir."

Cody smiled.

"Good. Tigers, your with the Lions on this one, rodger that?"

Ethan jumped again as he notcied another squad behind him. Their Lt. who was a beats of a man stepped forward.

"Ghost Sir! The Tigers will not fail."

Cody nodded.

"I know, help the Lions and hold off. Dissmissed."

The squads, including Ethan who was now amazed how the squads had concealed themselves when he enetered, saluted and satrted towards the doors. As Ethan walked out, he notcied another squad in the far corner, he listened in on his way out on Cody's next words.

"Cougars, you're with the Panthers on this one, and load up, you think they have it bad? They got the easy part."