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08-17-2011, 08:19 PM
Why hello thar!

Im back?

Let me stop you right about... There.

Im not back actually. I am leaving for good now I am cleaning up my computer and xbox. I will be tranfsering data, Fixing my email problem (to many emails x.x), and so on.

Wait Im back early from camp?!

Yep! Heres the scoop (Ik you dont care but Im tell you any ways). So last week from the 6th to the 11th I was a youth leader at a camp. I was the only leader actually taking part in camp games. I was actually running after kids (No pedo) and helping out. Heck my job at the camp was to only organize paintball. But I took on other rolls such as babysitting. Anyhore this week I left camp cause I was extremely tired and could not stand the SR youth drama shit. Basicly this on chick insulted everyone and didnt expect insults back so I said "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on." So I left!

Now Im here typing up my welcome back, Im about to leave for a while, and wtf man post.

Now for the WTF part.

So I get on XBL to play a game and then start fixing shit. And I get an email from Bazongaman saying I betrayed him?... Im confsued and mind fucked intensely. He is my 3rd XBL friend and Im going uhmm dude I never said anything abouts you and then he leaves the party saying "Thanks". Now I would LOVE to hear as to why he said this.

Okay let me fishish this thing off here.

So over the next week or so I will be transfering data (Pictures, Music, and such) to flash drives. I will be trying to get my computer cleaned (to much porn >>) I will aslo be making loads of phone calls to my dad. So if you hop in a party and here me talking nonsence and about life thats why. INow to finish off I will be cleaning my friends list out like hardcore! So if you get deleted by me please dont cry. Take a deep breath and say "He will always remember me."

Now I gotta gotake a REALLY long pee and take a nice shower (finaly dont have to worry about kids flushing the toliet on you while taking a shower.).