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01-13-2012, 09:30 AM
November 19th, 2024 11:00am
Tower City Ruins, Old Cleveland

I just realized I never took the time to document the people in the camp with me. Lets start with Chris, he is at least twenty years older then me, and was a teacher before everything happened. Cole, he’s just a few years older then myself, and is the mechanic around here. You can give him anything and he’ll fix it. Kelsey, who is the “mother” of the camp. She is twenty-one years old and makes sure that everything is kept cleaned and organized. Next, you have Anthony, he was a pro-mma fighter before “they” took over. He teaches us how to CCQ fight all the time just incase we are ever cornered by the Federals or anyone really. Finally, you have Trevor, my best friend and honestly the only person here that I trust my life with. When the oppression began both of our parents were taken to work camps. Swearing the same oath I swore in my first entry. From here on out I’ll be portraying everything as it unfolds.


I was sitting down on a half fixed chair looking out into the shattered city streets. Cars lay battered and burned, blanketed with dust and debris. Buildings had chunks of their walls gone and revealed the internal building insides. Cleveland had seen some fighting, but it was long before I ever moved into the city. Now it is nothing but a forgotten cluster of buildings. The survivors such as myself however, see it as a home. I stood up getting ready to get up and go look for supplies, and as I did I saw a man running through the streets, avoiding cars, and jumping over fallen rubble.

“Hey!” I called out and waved. I watched as his head snapped to where I was, he looked almost as if he was analyzing me. He quickly headed in my direction after a second of gazing at me.

“Get back inside and out of sight.” He said pushing me back into the ruins and behind a tipped over table. He slumped down and drew a canteen from the backpack he had been carrying.

Taking sips,”Federal scouts are after me. The bastards are getting smart, they were waiting for me.”

“What? Why are the Federals after you, and waiting for what?” I spoke confused.

“You don’t know?” He asked putting the canteen away, and looking at me in disbelief.

“Know about what?” I asked.

“We’re at war, we’ve finally got a large enough fighting force. The Second Rebellion is here, and I’m a runner for it. I was setting up a weapons deal, and when I left I saw them. Four Federal soldiers waiting for me. I took off down an alley that had at least four or five corners to turn down to throw them off. They kept on me though, then I ended up here.” He said and moved to look out into the street.

“Really, tha..thats amazing. I have some people here including myself who might wish to join the Rebellion.” I said getting excited.

This was everything that I had wanted.

“Here?” He asked looking around confused.

“Deeper inside the ruins we built a camp, it’s actually quite hard to get to unless you know how to get into it. We made sure of that.” I said looking behind me.

“Oh, well most of the survivor camps have moved to the old football stadium. We have a local HQ set up at the old science center and then all people not willing to fight are housed in the stadium.” He said.

“Well then follow me, this is news that Kelsey and Chris need to hear.” I said standing up, just in time to see the three scouts run past the shattered doors and windows.

“Alright, the scouts are gone.” I said holding out my hand. As he grabbed it I pulled him up, and we headed deeper into the ruins. Crawling under debris and avoiding traps we had set up. Once we got into the main plaza Trevor was the first to greet us.

“Kelsey said she saw... whose this?” He asked stepping back a bit, and looking at me.

“He’s with the Second Rebellion.” I said and looking at him. “I never got your name.” I told him.

“Adam.” He replied.

“This is Trevor, I’m Alex. Kelsey and Chris should be the next two people you meet.” I said. “Kelsey! Chris!” I yelled.

“So you with the Rebellion, people are really fighting back?” Trevor asked.

“Yep, we are based at the Science Center.” Adam said. “So I’m taking Kelsey and Chris are the leaders of this camp?”

“Ummm. No more of the care takers especially Kelsey. She is the mother figure for the entire group. Chris just keeps people in line.” I answered.

Kelsey and Chris came from around a corner and nearly froze when they saw Adam.

“Who is this?” Chris asked looking around for a weapon.

“He’s a scout with the Rebellion.” I explained.

“We’ve heard rumors of a Second Rebellion, but we didn’t think it was true.” Chris said relaxing.

“Oh we are very real and everyday the Federals become more and more aware of how powerful we are getting. We have base camps set up all over the US. The one in Cleveland is just at the Science Center. All civilians are housed in the stadium.” Adam said.

“Exactly how big is this Rebellion?” Kelsey asked.

“We have major base camps in nearly every major city, and small camps litter the small towns that dot this country. We are all organized under one flag. The Raven Wood flag. The Federal’s are very sloppy and actually have about half the population of this country in it’s control. They work in the labor camps, and the rest fight the war. ” Adam explained.

“War?” Trevor asked.

“The Federals are at war with Mexico. For what reason I’ll never know, but now is the time to strike. They will have the majority of their forces fighting down South.” Adam said.

“How long have you been in the Rebellion?” Kelsey asked.

“Well, my Uncle is the Major of the Cleveland area so since it has been created. You see this patch on my arm? It’s the Raven Wood insignia for runner. I my current job is to set up weapon deals and ambushes for we can get more weapons and supplies. More and more people join our ranks everyday.” He replied.

“Well how can we be sure the stadium is safe?” Kelsey asked.

“You have my word, we have over fifty soldiers on guard duty day and night. Our HQ with at least two hundred soldiers is stationed right next to it.” Adam explained.

Chris gave Adam a hard look before he spoke, “alright then. We’ll move to the stadium. I’m sure plenty of the young men and women here will be willing to fight. Including myself.”

I felt an over-arching excitement building in me and could see it building in Trevor. It was payback time, and we would make sure that it’d be a bitch.