View Full Version : Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

04-21-2012, 12:34 PM

I've noticed we have a good bit of people who like Star Wars in this community, as well as a good number who like RP. So, I wanted to see if there was any interest in doing a SWTOR roleplay. Little bit of info here:

•It will be during the time of TOR, the time period of the newish MMO released by Bioware
•I'm currently coming up with the story, most likely will be a planetary invasion. (If someone has some ideas, I'm still open)
•Jedi, Sith, etc. Will be allowed as long as it's not Lore-breaking for the time period. I.e. no X-wings flying around Korriban

Also, if you're interested, hut not really into Star Wars, it's pretty easy to pick up the basic amount of info to RP in Star Wars.
For example, if you want to RP a Jedi, create your brain child, look up the Jedi Code, and make sure your character's action don't break the code.

Interested? Go ahead and post below.