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05-25-2012, 04:02 PM
redleader has inspired me to write my own story based on the FC universe. I haven't written much, so it might not be as good, but now, onto the point of this thread. If anyone wants, post suggestions or characters. If you want to be in my story and make an adequate character, i'll add you!

Carpe Vexillum
05-25-2012, 09:46 PM
I love it.

Alright sir; if your serious about being a writer I will give you a legit character profile for you to use or not use. Either way good luck.

╷Name╷: Adam Haumptem

╷Age╷: Twenty Nine

╷Date of Birth╷: December Seventh

╷Gender╷: Male

╷Sexuality╷: Whatever I have a taste for~

╷Affiliation╷: REDD

╷Rank╷: Officer. . . clearly


нeιgнт: Five foot seven. xxxxxx weιgнт: It is rude to inquire such, but if you must know. One hundred and fifty pounds.

нaιr color: Bronze xxxxxx eye color: Hazel.


╷Special Characteristics╷: Adam has a distinctive scar along his chin from a battle long told, and he has a tattoo on his right arm for the Empire.

Master Unarmed Combat Specialist
There is no equal to him within his platoon when it comes to unarmed combat as his main form of attack is through the use of his hands, he was taught how to fight in various forms of unarmed styles by his currently deceased father, who he had ultimately defeated and killed in single combat... as per the family tradition. His style tends to involve graceful dodging and using his enemies momentum against them should they come towards him, he already knows exactly how to defend himself against his opponents.

Adam is not the strongest individual within the army and he will dare not contest that fact as physical strength is not something within his own forte, as he relies on his conditioned strength to redirect an enemy from him or even use momentum against them. He possesses a maintained strength that could be considered modest at best, if not decent. Regardless of his physical strength, he is someone who is in the highest tier of fitness as he is capable of running a marathon and certainly doing more right after as a soldier must always be ready for anything.

Substantial Intelligence
Being someone of an aristocratic family he is someone who has received what many would consider the best education possible in both magical and ordinary life concerns. As he is highly perceptive as well as cautious when in battle as he is not someone to be overestimated should you be someone with morals, as he is a brilliant strategist and often times he plans in advance for any move that he makes towards any opponent. He is well versed in deconstructing threats regardless of what they were to be, and he is also someone who is highly perceptive when it comes to unorthodox tactics as he is one of the few who now hunt the rebels successfully. Yet despite his penchant for tactics, and knowledge of multiple subjects there is one thing that stands out the most about his intelligence and that is the fact he has built a career of hunting down sentient beings. He is capable of reading one's movements as well as techniques by merely sharing a conversation with them, he is insightful to the point where he can pick out cowards within a group of people without even getting to know an individual.

Body Control
Adam isn't just someone who communicates through the mere act of conversational means but on a whole other level as his body speaks to you on many levels. Almost countless in number. His body language is often one of the first tools that he uses against his fellow human beings as he speaks not through language in the verbal sense, but on a more base level. He is capable of capitalizing on the mere fact that he is a man in his prime and so he manipulates one's feelings through carnal attractions. His eyes promise things that you've been afraid to ask of another, his scent invokes feelings once thought to be forbidden, his voice is like a drug to one's ears. Every element of him is tailored to allow him to get close to his victims before the final silencing blow as he controls most individuals through sheer force of will. He overpowers the senses with physical charisma... he is a dangerous individual to even come close to.

Being a soldier of those who wish to follow in the footsteps of emperor he has been forced to adapt to the very circumstance that he cannot be seen when wandering through the region of certain areas, or even when rebels are present. Adam has a natural talent for remaining hidden from the eye until he wants to be seen, or if he gets far too eager and reveals himself. He has most notably infiltrated various council held buildings and even rebel bases, and more often than not, he is the platoon leaders choice for bringing a swift and silent death unto those who stand in the way of their goal.

╷Biography╷: Adams story is best told by the candle light upon a dark and dreary day coated with thunder storms and a heavy blanket of rain for it is among one of the darkest tales around. For it is a history coated in the deepest ocean of blood. He was born to a family of murderers and deceivers as his parents lived within a state of seclusion from the rest of the world, something that often provided a shady reputation unto the city that their mansion overlooked as it hung apart from the city itself. Built into the side of a mountain it served as Adams birth place. From the moment he could watch he received the grandest education any child could dare to hope for, but this education was not simply centered upon the general studies to promote daring and obscene success throughout his entire life. He was taught a great many other things as he was the brightest and strongest of their family to have been brought into existence in the last one hundred years. He was born with the gift of both intelligence and the penchant for wanton murder, skills to be cultivated and to be channeled into the efficient murderer that he has become to this day. He learned how to blend in plain sight, behave as others do and how to subtly influence another's actions as well as detect attempted manipulation as well. His family instilled caution through not only lesson but also by example as they sent him to military camp at the subtle age of six.

Needless to say it was a success.

He now resides within REDD army despite his own tendencies to wander off and seek out their goals in a more stealthy approach than most of his own squad mates, actively looking for various pieces of information that he could find within the council's own intelligence division. Getting information out of an individual was certainly easy these days, if not obscenely simple. Despite his own penchant for murder and espionage, he is an unknown element to the council's forces since he has remained secretive about his own allegiances if only to provide additional cover for his goal. Such things were far more easier should one remain an unknown, but now in the light of recent events, the council has taken a subtle interest in him. Particular his allegiances and how such a young man rose into High Society almost overnight, for some things simply don't add up.

Regardless of what is believed, he still maintains a close relationship with the war at hand.

There are few who'd speak out against Adam and expect to survive the outcome as there is very little about him that doesn't leave a sinister aftertaste when he is dispatched on various missions and duties as he is a precise individual and prefers to approach any situation with either an upper hand or secrets in mind. In certain situations he can be found manipulated the weak willed to become his eyes and ears for whatever situation as he intends to gather information more than anything at all. He is cautious by nature and naturally suspicious of nearly everyone and anyone who approaches him in public for he is involved in a fairly risky occupation at the moment. Some wouldn't exactly call him evil by person but more by reputation as he commands a level of civility that offsets the rumors that fluctuate about his true self. A trait that is rarely found among his fellow soldier compatriots, if not found at all.

Adam doesn't hide the fact that he is from an aristocratic origin from an aristocratic society that shaped the rules of the nation that he had once lived in when his parents were alive. Rarely does he show any moment of violent behavior outside of social interaction as he tends to lean towards social custom more than most, conducting himself in the aristocratic manner that had been drilled into his head by his currently deceased parents. He is not found wanting or in any level of envy towards other men as he cares not for the material and vain wants of the socialite females. Instead he is far more interested in the subtle interactions of social creatures as it is more like a game of cat and mouse, as it is always fun to ensnare unsuspecting prey into his net. He is often well behaved and won't dare make a bold move unless he is certain that such would result in results beneficial to him, and even despite this, he enjoys the attention supplied to him at high class gatherings. Such social interactions are intriguing to the REDD as they satisfy the dual lifestyles he possesses, for the sense of danger often provides a modicum of excitement for the young man. Yet there in lies his predatory nature as he feeds off of this excitement and transfers it into unbridled focus, a useful weapon when probing both the highest of the high class, and the dregs of society.

Strip away the socialite and aristocratic personality away and you then receive Adam the Soldier as he is someone ruled by the passion of the battle as he both enjoys the pain received during it as well as inflicting pain. He lusts for the death of his victims and often times he will take his time subjecting his unbridled amounts of cruelty upon the poor souls that are trapped by his little game of cat and mouse.

Adam unfortunately is someone, no one will ever see coming.

05-25-2012, 09:58 PM
wow. nice bio. Pre-prepared, i'm guessing?

Carpe Vexillum
05-25-2012, 11:12 PM
nope on the fly. I write as well, if you want i can give you all my pre-prepared ones.

05-26-2012, 10:07 PM
We should start a collaborative story, where we each take turn writing a chapter for the Story. We did one back in the day and it was extremely fun.

05-26-2012, 10:22 PM
That actually sounds awesome Donkey instead of people trying to mash random entries together.

02-09-2013, 07:02 PM
ok, well, i'm going to try to start this up soon, i completely forgot about it till now, which is probably a good thing cause i've gotten a lot more experience since than. If anyone wants to make any characters...

Lol its James
02-11-2014, 01:39 PM
Name: James "Ice" Lockhart
Faction: Empire
Age: 23
Personality: funny, likes to do his job, calms down new recruits with his personality, knows how to keep a steady shot, never misses.
Skills: Sniping(assassination specialist),


James enlisted when he was 19, because his parents did at the same time. He always loved his parents and what they did. His father wanted him to be a ground commander, but his mother, wanted him to be a naval commander. When he enlisted, he knew exactly what he wanted to be. A sniper. He took it upon himself to learn everything about surviving in the wilderness. He studied as much as he could, and excelled in his classes. He likes to lead, even though he is not the leader of the squad. His squad leader likes how he thinks and lets him step up when times are necessary. He tries to keep his squad first and then him. He loves every one of his snipers in his squad.

(Silver, I sent you a bio on skype, if you want to use that. thats more for the actual storyline of my character. But you can use whatever. If you want to use that one, i would be brotherhood first.)

02-11-2014, 05:13 PM
he can be a spartan, in which case you can write his AI description in your post, however, if he's a spartan than than he will appear less in the story.

Lol its James
02-11-2014, 05:29 PM
Didn't you say a character will be only in like two chaptes anyway :/

But, the marine or odst is good. just don't kill him off so fast xD

Lol its James
02-12-2014, 10:32 AM