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Rayven Feather
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When The Time Comes...

Chapter One: The Wolf Joins the Pack

A dark figure waited on a beach for the Warthog to come and pick her up. Her Black armor was scarred and battered, the warrior within even more so. The light blue that was secondary in color for the Spartan stood out in the dark. The medicine pack she kept at her hip was nearly empty. Her robot arm whirred softly in the silence and the Tac-Pad on her wrist glowed faintly. Her silver visor gleamed in the weak moonlight as she gazed at the stars of planet Reach. A DMR was at her back and her pistol at her side. Around her lay dead covenant soldiers, they had tried to gain a foothold on the planet, but she had prevented all chances of that here. She turned as the roar of a Warthog sounded in the distance. Her eyes narrowed beneath her helmet, she was being transferred to a new squad. She sighed, orders were orders, and now she was in Noble Team, serving as Noble Six. The warthog roared up over the ridge and down towards her, interrupting her train of thought. "Lieutenant Colonel Rayven" greeted the driver.
"Sir!" she replied.
"Good work defending the beach, troops will be arriving shortly to secure it." Rayven nodded in response. "Now I'll take you to the base where you’ll meet your new team, hop in and we'll be off."
"Will do commander" she replied while moving around the Warthog to the passenger seat. As the vehicle moved over the ridge and along a dirt road she thought 'this is when everything changes...'

An array of tents rose up on the horizon. Rayven heard the whir of Falcon blades along with the ring of commands being shouted out into the morning as they entered the base. The Warthog stopped in front of a tent with the Noble Team emblem on it. Rayven hopped out of the Warthog, bid the driver farewell and stepped up to the tent. She took a deep breath and composed herself before entering. It was dark inside, the only light was coming from a transmitter, and standing over the transmitter was who Rayven assumed to be the leader of Noble Team; Commander Carter. She started to walk up to greet him but was abruptly stopped by an arm blocking her way. She realized then that Carter was talking to someone over the radio. Rayven looked around the tent instead, there was a Spartan sharpening a large kukri knife, another with heavy armor, another that had scout armor on, and the one that had stopped her was a woman like herself who had light blue armor and she had a pilot helmet under her arm. She waited as Carter got orders from Colonel Holland to go and check out the Visegrád Relay that was lost the previous night. The whole team then turned to face her. She stepped forward.
"So there's our new number six, took you long enough...” grumbled the Spartan with the kukri knife.
“Kat, you read her file?" Carter said.
"Heh, only the parts that weren't covered in black ink..." the woman replied in a heavy Russian accent. Carter turned back to the screen and went back to speaking with Holland.
"Anyone claim responsibility, sir?" Carter asked Holland.
"ONI thinks that it might be a local insurrection. Five months ago, they pulled a similar job on Harmony. Hit a relay to take dry-dock. That cannot happen here. Reach is too damn important. I want that relay back online, Noble One" Holland replied.
"Consider it done, sir" Carter replied. The hologram then flickered off, almost leaving the room completely dark. Carter grabbed his helmet and turned to face Rayven. "Colonel" he addressed.
"Commander, Sir!" Rayven replied. The other Spartans began to move towards the door.
"I'm Carter, Noble Team's leader. That's Kat, Noble Two, Jun, Noble Three, Emile and Jorge, Four and Five.” He said. The rest of the team moved out the door, leaving Rayven alone with Carter. “Colonel, I’m not going to lie; you're stepping into some shoes that the rest of the team would rather leave unfilled.” Rayven nodded. “Me? I'm just glad to have Noble Team back up to full strength. Just one thing though, I've seen your file, even the parts they didn't want me to, but we're a team, that lone wolf stuff stays behind. Clear?"
"As day, sir." Rayven replied.
"Good, now get ready, your first mission in Noble Team begins now." Carter said as he led her out to the Falcons that would take them to their first of many missions...

Chapter Two: The First Mission

As Rayven followed Carter out into the crisp morning air; with the sun rising behind them, she felt a sense of anticipation. She had been so used to being a one woman army and now everything would change. She sighed inwardly ‘it seems as if the wolf has joined the pack’ she thought to herself. She followed Carter through the maze of tents and troops, until finally they came upon a set of Falcons with the rest of the team lounging around them. At the sight of their leader, the team stood up straight and waited for orders. “Gear up, Noble Team, we don’t know what we’ll be seeing out there so be prepared for anything. The team then loaded up into the Falcons, leaving Carter and Rayven seemingly alone yet again. “Ok, six-“ Carter began.
“Rayven, Sir.” She interrupted.
“-Rayven you’ll be riding with me.” Rayven nodded in response. She followed Carter to the Falcons and sat in one of the gunner seats. “Ok, listen up, Noble Team. We're looking at a downed relay outpost, fifty klicks from Visegrád. We're going to introduce ourselves to whoever took it out, then Kat's going to get it back online."
"Just get me under the hood, Commander." Kat replied out of the other Falcon.
“Sir, why would rebels want to cut off Reach from the rest of the colonies?" the one named Jorge asked.
“If you get the chance, you can ask them” Carter replied.
The soft murmur of the Falcon blades got louder and louder as they began to rise up into the air. Everyone was silent as they began to move towards the mountain range in the distance. The team seemed to be at ease, so Rayven took off of her helmet and relished the breeze of the morning across her face. Her crystal blue eyes sparkled in the rising sun and her short black hair was slightly disturbed by the light wind. She marveled at the sight, the vast landscape stretching out before her. She remembered the training drills in her earlier days and her first deployment on the planet Sequia. It had been a recon mission with her friend Eagle; she wondered how he was doing... perhaps-
“Enjoying the view?” Jorge asked from behind her, interrupting her thoughts.
“Given the current circumstances, why not?” she replied.
“Glad to hear that, and by the way, I would like to formally welcome you to the team.” He said.
“Thanks, that’s about the most welcome I’ve gotten so far.” Rayven said. He chuckled.
“Don’t worry; they’ll warm up to you when they get to know you more,” he paused “you don’t seem to be that bad though, so I hope that I won’t have to drag your dead body out of a ditch, because it would be a shame.” He joked, and Rayven smiled. They talked for a bit, but were interrupted when Rayven’s tac-pad gave out a shrill beep, alerting her that communications with the base had been lost. Carter’s gave a beep as well from behind her.
“Commander! We’ve lost all communications with the base, it seems like someone is jamming them!” Kat yelled from the other falcon
“Any way to get them back online, or a way to boost the signal?” Carter yelled back.
“Negative!” she replied.
“What about the backup channel?”
“Checking…and nada”
“Well…it looks like command won’t be accompanying us in this mission, gear up! We’re coming up onto the drop zone!” Carter said as he put on his helmet.
“I'm already lonely.” The Spartan named Emile remarked. Rayven looked down at her black air assault helmet and sighed as she put it on. She reached back and took her DMR off of her back, clicking the safety off before settling it in the crook of her shoulder. The falcons lowered down to the ground until they were just barely hovering over the earth. Carter gave them clearance to go and they all jumped out of their seats and regrouped before marching onward behind him. They trekked for awhile, the morning dew coating the boots of their armor and the sunlight glinting off of their visors. They cleared another hill and saw the wreckage of the outpost down below. They made their way down the hill and entered the wreck of a base; there was a destroyed vehicle in the middle along with the beacon. Carter picked it up and tossed it to Kat.
“Make out any ID?” Carter asked.
“No, but it’s defiantly military, but the signal isn't only coming from here” Kat replied.
"Where else is it coming from?" Carter asked.
"No clue" Kat replied.
“But where are all of the troopers?” asked Jorge
“Not sure… but why aren’t we seeing any explosive residue?” Kat questioned.
“Plasma? Maybe…” Carter ventured.
“No…that’s impossible…” Jorge said firmly.
“There’s nothing more to see here, we should get moving” Kat concluded.
“She’s right lets go, but before we do…Rayven go with Jun and do some recon up ahead, try to find the missing troops as well, we’ll call the one of the Falcons to get you over the mountains. Dial into the COMM channel and we’ll keep in touch from there.” Rayven switched on the COMM on her Tac-Pad and dialed into the channel Carter gave her. She nodded to him and set off with Jun to the landing zone of the Falcon.
The wind had picked up a bit, sleeking down the grass. Rayven felt an eerie chill go up her spine. This didn’t feel right at all. The Falcon arrived and Rayven switched out her pistol for a sniper rifle and clicked it onto her back. They were silent as they were lifted over the mountains and dropped down in a clearing. She brought up her DMR and swept the surrounding area for possible threats. When she saw that there were none, she signaled to Jun to move up and stay quiet. They stuck to rocky outcroppings and kept out of sight, looking for any signs of movement. Carter’s voice came alive over the COMM channel “Damn…”
“What are you seeing commander?” Rayven asked
"We've got military casualties, two of the missing troopers. Looks like they were interrogated....It's messy."
“Seems that we’re not very alone after all…” Emile said. Jun chuckled from behind her.
“Whoa, whoa! Contact!” Jorge exclaimed.
“Rayven, Jun; we’ll talk to you later, continue forward and try to find the missing troops.”
“Over and out commander” Rayven replied.
They continued through the rocks and stopped when they heard weird noises coming from farther up a nearby hill. She glanced back at Jun; he shrugged and pointed to a way up the rocky cliff. Rayven nodded in response and together they began to scale the rocky cliffside. When they made it up to the top they crawled forward and looked over the edge. Down below them was a squad of five elites moving down the hill, unhindered by the escalating wind. Rayven switched on the COMM and spoke into the radio, hoping to reach Carter. “Commander, sir! We have found a squad of elites down in the valley, permission to engage?”
Carter’s voice crackled back over the COMM “permission granted, take em’ out before they even know, I’ve heard that you are a fairly decent sniper.”
“Will do commander, Rayven out.” She flipped off the COMM and turned to Jun; “you want the honors?” she asked.
“Nah, pleasure’s all yours” he replied. Rayven nodded, she brought out her sniper and took aim at the squad leader.
“Shoot after me before they scatter” she whispered. Rayven closed her eyes, relaxed and flicked them open. She took a deep breath and steadied herself; she made adjustments for height and wind. She applied the necessary pressure and the bullet was loose. Time seemed to freeze as the bullet left the barrel, and before she knew it the elite dropped dead and a second shot sounded beside her as another elite fell. The remaining three scattered and tried to find the source of the bullets. When their backs were turned, two more fell leaving one remaining elite. Jun hit him with a body shot and Rayven finished him off with a headshot.
“You’re a pretty good shot; you just might be somewhat useful, welcome to the team.” He said jokingly.
“Thanks, but we should keep moving those missing soldiers aren’t going to be found any faster with us sitting here and chatting” she said.
“You’re right, let’s move, but first why don’t we hide the bodies?” Jun suggested.
“Yeah, so future squads don’t see them…” Rayven agreed. Five minutes later the elite’s bodies had been dragged to a neighboring lake and they were back up on the ridge walking quietly, scanning the valley below for movement. After about ten minutes they came upon a building with covenant crawling all over the place and gunshots from assault rifles and pistols. “Looks like we’ve found our missing troops,” she then entered in her location to send to Carter on her Tac-Pad “I’ll contact Carter, start setting up to make a show.” She said. She flipped on the COMM channel. “Noble One, This is Noble Six and Noble Three, we have located the missing troops, I am transmitting my location to you now.” Rayven reported. It took a few moments until Carter finally replied.
“Good job Rayven, but you’ll have to hold out until we can reach you we ran into a covenant strike force, I estimate that it will be at least 30 minutes until we can reach you.”
“Affirmative, sir.” She turned back to Jun who was setting up, and began to set up her sniper rifle as well. When she was done she turned to him and asked; “ready?”
“As I’ll ever be.” he replied.
“Then let’s get this show on the road.” She whispered as she set her sights on an elite’s bulbous, ugly head. She fired and the elite dropped dead, she heard another shot go off next to her confirming that another had fallen. They exchanged shots until every covenant soldier was dead. She flipped on the COMM once more to confirm that all of the covenant forces had been neutralized.
“Good work we’re heading over to your position in the Falcons, but we’re not done yet, we’ve found the source of the distress signal, we’ll be heading there once we pick you and Jun up.”
“Got it sir, awaiting your arrival.” She replied while packing up her equipment and getting ready to head down to assist the soldiers and head to their next objective. As they made their way down, Rayven noted that the wind had died down and the dark clouds were retreating, they had won for now but she got the feeling that the real battle had yet to come.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok... this took longer than I thought... but a lot of stuff has come up and I've been busy, so don't hate me for taking so long. hope you all like it so far and I'll try to get Chapter Three up ASAP! And I didn't get to go over this chapter very much so excuse any errors or if something doesn't seem right, I stayed up late to finish this and i hope it doesn't go too far downhill...

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Looks great Rayven! I can see a lot of potential here, I hope you give us a bit more inbetween the chapters as well, it would be interesting to see :)

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Nice job Rayven. Like I said before, it is shaping out to be a great story. Keep at it with the descriptive imagery and all that good stuff to keep us reeled in. :)

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if you ever need someone to proof read or anything before hand youu can ask me!!

i'm super excited to see where this goes ! <3

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if you ever need someone to proof read or anything before hand youu can ask me!!

i'm super excited to see where this goes ! <3

I know some of it... =P And I saw the first chapter before it was even up on FC... (Hipster Grin)

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Nice update Rayven! Can't wait for the next chapter :) Also, I didn't see this for 3 days after it was posted... I would like to suggest that you post updated in the comments so it is easier to see.

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