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I could hear the footsteps behind me not just two but around twelve. I knew they were going to catch me under the condition that I am at. I turned the corner and rested against the wall, this is it I thought. My asthma was really catching on to me so I took a shot of my inhaler. I looked around to see if I can make another run for it, I could hear voices everywhere. "Damn I thought my ride was supposed to be here by now" I said under me breath. "I have been running in circles for the last fifteen minutes." As I Said this I saw a shadow coming around the corner. My A.I. Came up and exclaimed to me that I was completely surrounded from all corners." I kind of knew that Siris..." I said to her. I skimmed across the wall to where the shadow was, "here goes nothing" I thought in my head. I came around the wall with full force and tackled a grunt to th ground, pulled out my knife and stabbed him right under the mouth piece. Turned around and punched a jacked in the throat leaving him to fall on the ground. I saw another coming onto my radar from behind and went at him. This time I didn't win,
I completly ate shit from the general class elite that tackled me. Without even thinking he handcuffed me and knocked me out.

Chapter one ~ information not worth getting...

I awoke from after the fight and I was in a dim light room with two grunts guarding the entrance. I panicked "I'm trapped, I'm trapped!" I thought. " I'm a spartan for god sakes, how did this happen..." I was pondering my thoughts when the same general elite walked in with a sangheili and a field Marshall. "So this is the demon you managed to capture" " yes, I tackled him and knocked him out" they exchanged conversation in English so that I could understand them. " why didn't you just kill him" the sangheili remarked. "why would you even think they, he has information that he could tell us" the Field Marshall was started to get angry. " I won't tell you shit" I spit in their face. I knew that t the cost of being a spartan I was sworn never to talk about UNSC tactics to family and especially the enemy. If I did I would be never seen again at the hands of the UNSC but if I didn't I would die at the enemies hands. I rather die from them then rot in a jail cell 300'ft underground. "he's a fiesty one" the general said. " don't worry I know how to get it from him" the field marshall exclaimed. He pulled out a pair of blow torches and started to wind them out. " Do it exactly how they would do it" said the feild Marshall. They are using our torture methods to get Information out of us. I tried to wiggle out of the chair while he came closer and closer to me. "you can't escape, don't even try!" screamed the general. I could fell the heat because of my helmet being off and it started to burn. Out of the comer of my eye I saw a laser pointer that resembled a red dot. I knew exactly what it was the minute I saw it. " I'll talk, I'll talk!" I screamed. "see I told you it would work" laughed the field marshall. " okay, okay I... I came here on a special mission to put a comms transmitter into your base to find out what you are up to". I said in one full sentence. " but I came here as one person, nobody else was with me.." I said without missing a beat. " that makes me feel better" said the general. "So nobody came with you" asked the sangheili. "no, nobody came with me, except for the three special ops snipers that have been watching us for the past three minutes.." I said smirking. Right then three booms go off in the distance and flew each into the general and field marshall. They lay dead while the sangheili flys down to the ground. He runs out before any other shots go off. I waited about 30 seconds when the door blew open and three Spartans walk in. I thought to my self this isint my squad who is this. One of the soilders comes over to my seat and cuts me off the seat. " who are you" I asked. "We are Bellator squad sir,
In the company Acension, You have orders to come with us". Said the soilder that cut me loose. the other two soilders nodded and we walked out.

Chapter two ~ meeting the squad under circumstances...

"you are Bellator right?" I asked. "yes that is right" said the other spartan. We jogged out into the hallway where then I could see their unique colors. The leader I presumed had enormous armor that was complety purple with shades of blue on it, he held a machine gun which was presumably purple as well. The other spartan had a sword pouch his armor had shades of gold with blue. The last that was running beside me looked like an engineer, had blue with shades of light green paint. " So what's your names?" I asked. " my name is purple, as you can see I'm purple, I'm the leader of this squad" purple exclaimed, "I am a first Luienteant, and this is king and nex...what about your self?" he asked while running down the hall. " my name is James, I was in a squad called Aries" "So my order were to save you and bring you to our outpost, our ride should be here in a mome...". The sirens blared cutting purple off, "we have intruders" came on and off for over minutes at a time. "shit this was supposed to be a stealth mission" said nex. " it's okay we are almost to the landing zone" exclaimed king. We ran down the hallway where it cut off in two directions. We saw shadows coming from one side but was clear the other side. "I got this said king" he said it while pulling out his energy sword, "I kept this from my first kill on an elite" He positioned himself against the wall and swung his sword at full force while running. King jumped on the grunt and slashed the jackal above him while holding down the grunt on the floor. He made his move on the grunt and snapped his neck with one single swoop, all of this in a matter of a seconds. "Let's move they will find the bodies soon" said purple while we jogged around the corner. We came into an opening where it looked like an air yard. "Here it is, our ride should be here any second." I heard the roars of the pelican coming through the air but the sirens and screams were louder. "Let's go, Let's go" screamed Purple. "Where the fuck is Messi!" I heard footsteps behind, I turned around to punch him but was stopped by a UNSC sniper rifel. "Hey don't attack your own team bro" said the sniper. "that's Messi, he was the sniper that saved you" said Purple. " yeah I wanted to thank the other snipers too" I said. "what other snipers?" said Messi. "That was all me man, one sniper" I was actually scared that one sniper can do that type of damage to the high class elites like that. I shook it off and kept running while laughing. The pelican swooped down to pick us up and nex went to jump in. All of this was in slow motion, the roars of the engines, the jumping to the plane, and the wraith blast hitting the side of the pelican...

Chapter 3 ~ stuck without a ride

The pelican went down as soon as I shielded my eyes of the plasma. "Get down spartan, lock your armor!" screamed purple. I couldn't without the help of my A.I.,she locked it for me right as the nose of the pelican flew at my body. I took a little of the blast but king took all of it, his body flew into a parked banshee. It looked like explosions everywhere, but I couldn't see, I closed my eyes once again. A blinding light came across and hit the pelican again, this time it exploded on contact. I flew back and skidded against the pavement, while King laid there motionless. " James are you alright?" said Purple. That's all I heard when the daze came back to me. I looked down and I started to get dizzy. I couldn't see anywhere and at that moment I thought we lost. I dropped to the ground and fainted.

I awoke with a second to Spare an elite came running into view as I looked for my gun. "where is it, shit shit..." I panicked. Purple walked into my right eye view and I backed up to witness what would happens. This elite looked like a zealot and determining the battle scars and paint he looked like an important figure. Purple sized up to him pretty well and didn't look like he would lose. Purple pulled out his machine gun and started to gun down in his direction. The elite rolled away and turned in invisable almost instantly. "Where is he?" I asked. " Yeah I dealt with enough of these ass holes to know where he is moving" purple said. I saw a flash of white light glow up behind purple but he saw it faster he blocked the sword before it could rip through his armor. When he did he caught the elite's hand and bent it backwards, breaking it. He then pulled out his combat knife and stabbed the elite right between the eyes. The grunts that we're in the elites party looked and ran away, nex took out the rest. By then I was regaining my composure and was fit to battle again. I looked around and saw my Dmr 10 ft away from me. The only thing stoping me was a brute with a gravity hammer. I knew i couldn't take him down my self so i told purple over my radio what was going on. "he said he was getting over run and king has suffered major injuries" I looked down at my radio for a split second at that moment I remembered the brute. I looked up to see the hammer coming down at me in full force.

Chapter four ~ Surrounded, but not done

Siris locked my armor and I rolled away right as the gravity shifted. The waves of gravity flew through my feet and I got uneasy . It was like a tingling sensation at my feet, but if my A.I. didn't lock my armor I would be in pieces surely. I took into my surroundings and ran towards my DMR. I rolled towards my gun while the gravity hammer took another swing at me. I dodged the hammer, picked up my gun, and started shooting at the armor of the brute. The brute shrugged it off until he took a bullet to the eye where the helmet exposed him. He fell down to the ground and shook his head. He looked up and I saw the alien blood dripping down from his side of the face from his right eye. I knew he was pissed because he took one look at me and took of into my direction. He jumped in the air and shoved the hammer in my direction. I couldn't get out of the way but he didn't either. A bullet from Mess's rifel flew right into his head. The giant body of the brute fell down onto my body. I get absolutely crushed but my armor is high tech more than the others because of my skills in pelican driving. I crawled up from under the body and looked up to see that we have held the off, or at least for now. "James what can you do?" asked Purple. "I can drive any aircraft under any circumstances, sir!" "Perfect" said Purple, " this is what you are flying today" "Well shit" I said, "it doesn't matter we need to get King out of of here, he doesn't look good" Purple grabbed king and carried him to the Phantom that I was going to drive.

I ran with the squad to the aircraft that I had no idea how to drive but had to under the circumstances. I jumped up into the phantom with nex and we scouted it out. "Tell me when you get it up and running" said purple, "we will hold them off". I heard gun shots everywhere and explosions near the vehicle. "Nex is here any damage at all, can we fly it?"I asked. " looks good to me"said nex looking into the fuel chamber . " I've never been in one of these, you are the one driving." he said kind of uneasy. "don't worry i should be able to fly it" I exclaimed to make him feel better but to be honest i had no idea what i was doing. I messed around with a few buttons and levers, then found the main control. "okay this should do it" I remarked while pressing a button. Almost instantly the phamtom started to levitate and I could control it. " Get everyone on board!" I screamed. "nex help king, do whatever you can to put pressure on the blood loss, tell messi to help you too". " here's my extra med pack I save, that should help you with the blood". As I tossed him the med pack he ran to where the remainder of the squad was. I controlled it as much as I could until we were in the air, I kept thinking to my self it's a lot heavier then the pelican. " you sure you can drive this?" Asked purple felling as uneasy as nex. " I have drove pelicans, hornets, and even falcons" I said. " I think I can handle a phamtom" "you drove a falcon, that's Impossible!" purple said. " Noble team used to drive those what two hundred years ago?" " Yep I got my hands on one, my team had a mission to find one" i talked to purple About my team for a little bit longer. Purple said that we were getting close to Ascension base and we should start to slow down. "All Ascension units, Bellator squad has taken a phamtom and we are using it to fly" purple said into his radio. " all anti aircraft, please stand down that means you unicorn, don't shoo..." A blast came as soon as he cut his sentence off. I turned away and swayed before the rocket could hit us. "Sound off, Sound off Unicorn!" shouted Purple into the radio.

Chapter five ~ landing in Ascension company

"Unicorn we have wounded!", shouted purple. "is that you purple I could not hear you sorry about that" said unicorn. I heard their conversation while trying to land. I descended into the camp while purple goes back to king to get him off. I saw medical warthogs and staff to care for the wounded we had. I landed and purple picked up king and brought him to the warthog. "Get him to the medical room stat" said purple giving orders. Two blue officers it looked like walked up to purple, purple saluted and stated what happened. I heard him getting chewed out but decided not to get involved. "Don't worry man it's not about you" messi said. "it's probably about the stealth affect, that we didn't account to." said nex. Obviously it was about me, I said to my self, the whole mission was about me. " I can't take this anymore" I said jumping out of the phamtom. "No don't!" Messi said. I pushed through a group of marines and walked up to the group of officers. " this is his him sir, this would be James" said purple. " why we're your guys screaming at him, I want to know" I wondered. " I don't think you know who we are, and I don't want to be talked down too" shouted the officer. " my name is Cpt. Nick and learn it, you have a lot of nerve" he scooped me. "my name is lloyd, please just call me Lloyd, I do all the mission strategies, nick over here does the plan, and our leader salvnous does the call." Another officer started to walk over and I saw three guards surrounding him. We all saluted him and I had to geuss this his Salvnous. " Hello, James right?" he asked. "I see you can fly, pretty good" "Yes and yeah I have had plenty of training." " good work getting our spartan to safety" He said without expression. " I do my best" I remarked. "Let's keep it that way." he said. " I don't want to see any of my Spartans to die in your hands so early on, you are our pilot now" I saluted him and he motioned for nick and Lloyd to follow him. They walked away and nick stared at me until he reached the entrance of the officer tent and disappeared. "holy shit, are you stupid" purple said. "what the hell was that, I was only trying to help" I couldnt find any other words. "this isint like your squad man, that was the last covenant outpost, we are fighting something bigger" purple exclaimed. "Like what?" I asked in confusion. "The own human race again, ourselves..."

"What are you talking about?" I asked in conufsion. "Your armor is blue for identification for you squad, right?" Purple asked already knowing the answer. "Well our armor is blue because we are fighting the red troops" "The red troops?" I repeated. "Yes, we are known as the brotherhood and they are the empire" Purple stated. "They have killed many innocent lives and its our job to stop them" Purple said. "If its not us, it wont be anyone right?" I said. "Yes, you are catching on, follow me" Purple said motioning the rest of the squad to come with them. We walked through a vehicle depot and stopped behind a spartan. "This is wheel, he is the driver, sort of like you" said purple while the spartan turns around. "I know him, wheel you remenber me, the day when the base was attacked" I said laughing, " You got me and my leader out of the base when all went to shit" "Yooo, whats up man" said wheel. "All of the people I drove, that had to be the best day" "I cant believe you guys know each other" Purple said. "Yeah it was back before the whole war against ourselves deal" I said laughing. "I cant believe you are still alive" "Well I want everyone in my tent at 0600 tommorow morning" said Purple. "We all need to talk". I saluted him when he walked away, I said bye to the squad because I was beat. I walked over to the tent that said Bellator. Looks like my new home I said under my breath and I was relieved for once. I jumped up on the empty bed and before I knew it I was dozing off. Everything went to black and I fell asleep. I never felt so happy until I heard Messi screaming for me to get up.

Chapter six ~ Not getting the sleep I wanted

"Get up man, it's already six" said Messi pushing me.
"Holy shit, it felt like two seconds, I need more sleep" I rolled to the side.
"No you don't, I don't want our new member getting on purple's bad side" he exclaimed while pulling me off the bunk bed.
"You share a bunk bed with me and it's my responsibility to get you up and moving"
He said while I fell to the floor. I look around and see the rest of the squad in their armor already. I wished for more sleep but that's what purple wants I better get up. He's right I really don't want to piss of my new captain. Messi was already done by the time I got my shoulder and knee pads adjusted.
"Hurry up man, you are going to be late" said Messi hurrying me up.
"I'll be there, I'll be there" I said assuring.
"Good" he said waving his hand for the rest of the squad to follow him. I put my blue chest plate on and adjusted it so it was comfortable. I fit my helmet around my head and walked out in to the breezy air. I couldn't feel it but in front of the visor I could see that a storm was brewing up. I jumped down from the front of Bellator's tent and met the rest of the squad standing in a circle. Purple walked up to the crowd and we all saluted him.
"At ease" said purple. "You learned the ropes pretty well, I dont like late people"
Messi looked at me and looked back at attention to purple. Purple exclaimed to us that the REDD troops were marching towards our last defense of soilders before they reach here. Purple said that there were more than three hundred and fifty walking towards our stack of about one hundred marines.
"They did not confirm any spartans in the attack force, but I expect them too." purple said.
"So when are they arriving?" I asked.
"In about three hours give or take" he said.
"Anarchy wants us to move up and take that position back until Salvnous and nick come and push them back to their base" said purple, "Anarchy is the lead of Ascenion and you rarely see him in battle"
"So we are the strike force?" nex asked.
"Seems so, king will be out for this one, but he looks like he is recovering" exclaimed purple looking at the medical tent, "he should be good, but he can't talk as good as he used too. They are trying to get him a voice enhancer to help him talk"
"Good, I have only seen him for about 30 mins and it has already gone to shit" I said walking away from the group.
"It's not your fault, it was none of our faults" purple said.
"Nobody could of saw the wraith blast coming" messi exclaimed.
"Yeah, none of us, except this one" I said while thrusting my magnum to the side of an elites head. When I did he turned back to his self and not invisable anymore.
"Why are you here?" I asked. "The war is over with the covanent"
"I wanted to help you guys, I want to be part of the brotherhood" he exclaimed.
"You Are the one that said kill me before all this happened, you were there" I said to the Sanghelili.
"Kill him" I said.
"No please don't, I can help i have information to help you beat the REDD's." he said
"Wait, what information" asked purple.

Chapter seven ~ teaming up with the enemy

" That wraith blast that hit you, the one that hit your plane" said the elite. "That base was a air yard, we had no land vehicles in out vicinity" he said.
"So what you are saying that somebody else took a wraith and shot us?" asked Messi.
"Precisely" said the elite, " it was the reds"
"What's you name elite?" purple asked.
"My name is silent, because I don't talk very much" said the elite answering the question.
"I'll be right back, I'm going to bring salvnous here" said Purple walking away to the officers tent.
We stood in the group while purple was talking Salvnous. We didn't know what to say because of the elite just standing there. We motioned him to come over here.
"I wanted to ask why you wanted to kill me off in the first place?" I asked.
"Well its in my nature" he responded, " that's what our type of elites do"
I was totally blind struck that I forgot that these type of elites died off back in Noble team time. When i was being interrogated I totally missed that.
"How are you still alive, aren't you a sangheili?" I asked.
"Yes, when we took Reach, there were more rebels from our race than yours. We had elites, jackals, skirmishers turning on us. We didn't know what to do, covanent were during left and right because of the mind set these covanent had. They decided to throw me in a cryo pod before I was going to die too. Me and my sangehili brother were running to the cryo chamber and he tripped and fell. I went to help him while the hunters that were guarding us held the last remain rebels off. I picks him up and saw that he had a broken leg. I positioned him into the cryo chamber and hit the button for the door to come down. When he was in and it was working, I walked to mine and pushed the button for the door to open. I stepped in and the door shut, the cryo started to take over and at that time knew that me and my brother were the last remaining sangheilis that were not rebels." said Silent all together.
"I thought you were silent for a reason" said nex laughing. He shook it off and laughed with the rest of the squad. We saw purple walking over with Salvnous and a couple of guards.
"So this is the elite" said Salvnous.
"Yes" I said, " he believes that the reds might be using alien technology and vehicles"
" Oh really, they are using their vehicles now" said Salvnous. "Does that mean they are probably going to bring it when we are attacked?"
" Yes, and I can give you the air vehicles that we have in our air yard" silent said, " of course, I want one thing in return"
"What do you want anything for that technology" Salvnous said.
"I want to join the Brotherhood" said Silent grinning.

Chapter 8 ~ preparing for the battle

"You want to join the brotherhood?" asked Salvnous, "One question is why?"
"Yeah we killed so many of your people and you just want to join us?" exclaimed Nex.
"Well we did the same to you and when the war was finally over with you, I took into consideration all of the things that were happening" said Silent.
"Well yeah, you can join" said Salvnous, "You are the only one that knows how to operate those things anyway, aside from James"
"Don't worry sir, I wont fail you" said silent while saluting.
"He learns fast" said Salvnous smiling, "he will do good with Nick, unlike you..." he looked at me while laughing.
Let's get you to one of rokkman's boot camps before we can do anything else" said Salvnous while walking back to the officers tent, "Follow" he motioned to silent.
They both left at once, and I was thinking all over my experience. My one question in my head was should we trust him?. Over and over again it hit me, a couple days ago he wanted to kill me but now he wants to help us. It just doesn't add up but I didn't think of it at all after his boot camp. He's on our team and I have to respect that, I'm not goin to hate someone even when there on our team. It was 7:30 when we were all ready, but the assault wasn't supposed to start untill 9:00. I knew in my head I was going to fly something but what? I have never flew a banshee and I really dont think Salvnous would put me in that. I'm one of the only people that are fit to fly anything. He probably wants me to transport, which I'm ok with, considering I'm not going to be in the firefight that much.
"You will be transporting Bellator and Terminus to the battlefield" said Salvnous while walking to me. I'm the head of that group but i want to stay back at the base just in case we get attacked"
"Sir, Yes sir" I said, "what will I be flying?"
"Well, I want you to fly a fast moving transport pelican" said Salvnous, "it's a lot different then the regular pelicans you fly, they are equipped with flares and a machine gun to the nose of it"
"It moves extremely fast right?" I asked.
"Yes it's supposed to go fast and silent at the same time to offer the best in getting there stealthily" said Salvnous, "Even though we are going in there knees deep in shit"
I laughed it off even though I knew he was right, we should be landing about the time when the second wave of troops are coming. I was walking over to the pelican where I saw silent training a couple of marines on how to fly the banshees. I know they won't learn that fast but it should get them started. I jumped into the back of the pelican and saw a couple of the members of Terminus standing there. I only noticed one and that was Unicorn, the one who almost killed me twice. It looked like they had a sniper just like Messi and then one other that had a robot arm. The spartan walked up to me and shook my hand.
"My name is Raven" she said, " I will be helping you fly this, because I'm the only one that knows how to control this pelican."
"Well that's good because I heard that its way different then the other ones." I said.
" Not really, I will show you" she exclaimed.
I walked to the front of the pelican and passed the sniper. I motioned to him, saying hey but he didn't respond. He just shook my hand with out a word.
"That's Zeke he doesn't talk very much" she said.
I sat down in the seat and everything in my mind went blank. What are all these buttons I said to my self.

Chapter 9 ~ My first human Battle

" What are all these buttons" I said sweating.
" Look the stick to the right is where you control the flight, and everything else is just the exact opposite to the regular pelican."
"Why can't they just keep it the way it was" I said laughing.
"It's this way for a reason" Raven said smirking, "Lets get a test run in"
Looking at these controls, she was right. Everything that was in the regular one is just switched. I switched on the engines and radioed to the tower.
" Pelican 72 is ready for lift off, test run in progess" I radioed over.
"You are clear to go 72, the storm is really brewing up be careful with your surroundings" The Tower came back.
The engines heated up and we started gaining speed, then we took off. I couldnt see anything through this storm so I popped in my A.I. to the holder at the control panel.
"What can I do for you James?" She asked.
"I need you to clear up the front of the pelican glass so we could see better." I said.
" Right away, do you want a radar hud too?" She complied.
"You know what, sure Siris" I said.
As soon as I heard the beep I could see everything, no snow im my eyes. I looked around, I could even see the clouds the sky was so clear. It was magical, the technology, the fast moving pelican, the engines purring. We made a circle around a mountain and came back down to the landing bay. The engines slowed down and I couldnt hear them anymore, this is the silent affect Salvanous was talking about.
"EVERYONE TO THIER BATTLESTATIONS, ALL HANDS ON DECK, WE ARE LEAVING FOR THE BATTLE" I heard blaring through the intercoms. I saw about fifty marines moving towards the banshees, and another hundred running towards the warthogs and pelicans. I landed the pelican right on the pad and Terminus squad jumped in.
"Lets go people, we have to move it" I called out to the squad.
"Everybody is on board" I heard another woman say that. I knew it wasn't Raven because she was behind me.
"Hello my name is Zero, I'm one of the leaders of Terminus and heres Manderrs our other leader. I saw Manderrs wave and I closed the door on the back of the pelican. It was nice to meet everyone in Ascension but in this condition, this is our only hope until they reach this base. I don't like these odds, but we are spartans and we never back down from a fight.
"Pelican 72 taking off, with Terminus on board" I radioed over.
"You are good for take off 72, just watch out for banshees on your sides" The comm tower said.
"Okay people hang on to your helmets" I said while blasting the engines. We flew in the sky as fast as they held on. My hud was still up so I could see through the storm, it was amazing seeing all of us in the sky at once. We flew a couple kliks to the east and I saw our patrol under heavy fire. I swung my pelican around right when a wraith blast missed the pelican. I saw some of the plasma hit the front of the pelican but no big damage. Silent was right they are using Covanent vehicles, good thing we took all of the air ships before they could. I opened the door to the back of the pelican and they all stood up to get out. Unicorn and Zeke took point at the back of the pelican near the door. At the corner of my eye while descending I saw a R.E.D.D. Spartan shoot a rocket to us. Zeke was already on top of it, he shot a sniper bullet into the rocket and the rocket exploded a couple yards away frome the pelican. The shockwave blasted hitting the pelican and all systems went down.
"Hold on I can't control it, was that an EMP or something" I screamed to Zeke.
"Well Shit" He said without thinking.
The pelican was in free fall for almost 10 seconds until I got it to work again. All systems are working I said to my self. I blasted the engines and looked through the glass of the pelican only to see the ground. We were just shy of hitting it when I hit the engines.
"GO GO GO" I screamed. At que they all jumped out and I fired the engines to get off the ground. I flew into air as soon as Zero's foot stepped off the door hinge. I was back in the air when I finally took into my surroundings, banshees from our team were blowing up, explosions everywhere, but we were finally winning. The plasma was ripping through their marine body and the spartans couldnt get a shot off. Just the vehicles were the ones that were doing the work. Three squads of spartans should be able to hold them off. I spun around to get to the base and noticed the walls. I was back, but not out of the fight yet, I still needed to get Bellator over too.
"Come in Purple, this is James, I will be there in 1 minute" I radioed to Purple.
"We are ready for you, land in the cargo dock" He said.
I was descending into the cargio bay when I started to see members of Bellator. They all got in except for Wheel and Purple. They hooked up a warthog to the back of the pelican and jumped in.
"Everybody on board?" I asked.
"Yes, the head count is good, we are all here" said Purple.
I took off after those words were spoken, the engines blaring in my ears, sweet sound to hear. I flew over the area where I dropped Terminus off and it looked like we were holding them off for now. I went down as soon as I could and swung the back around so they could get off. I detached the warthog and the squad jumped out.
"Good luck out there" I said.
"Thanks, we are going to need it" Purple replied holding his machine gun in place. I flew over the R.E.D.D defence position and it looked like we were winning. I swung around to get back to the base when a bullet flew right through the glass. I was startled but not surprised until another hit the glass this one hit my leg. I bent over in pain when I saw the R.E.D.D spartan with the sniper, he looked like he was with an importan person, maybe and officer. Blood loss was all I could think of I grabbed a towel while still trying to hold the plane in place. I wrapped it around my leg and there went another shot. This time I was pissed, I took aim at the Spartan with my pelican machine gun and started to fire. His armor shredded instanly and the officer rolled out of the way. He took aim with his assult rifle and fired.

Chapter 10 - REDD's side of the fight...

Three hours earlier...

The door swung open, and a soldier walked in to the room. He saluted the person in the chair, the chair was facing the window, but the person knew he was there.

"Sir, I have been informed that you have a recruit for me?" said the soilder.

The officer swung around, his chair rolling to face forward. He smirked and let out a sigh,

"Yes, you will have to train a new recruit, even though you are a Major General and all"

"But sir, is there any other people to do this other than me, there is so much more important things to do than train someone", he rolled his eyes, and put his head in his palm.

"Major General Gargoyle", "As much as I do not like this either, we need all the people we can get to win this ambush" Lt. General Bazonga said.

"Okay, is he at least good at something?" Gargoyle said.

"It seems like he is very good at sniping," Bazonga contuines to look through the files, " He is exceptional with the UNSC Sniper rifle" Bazonga finished.

"He will be fighing along side you in this battle today, you need to show him the ropes" Bozanga.

"Yes sir!" Gargoyle saluted and walked out the door.

One hour until the ambush

Gargolye and the new recruit sit next to each other on the transport pelican, the recruit biting his teeth. He pops two peices of gum in his mouth, chews it while wiping the sweat off his face. Gargoyle sees his worriness and puts his hand on the new recruits' shoulder.

"Dont worry, we should overpower them, this should not be a big fight..., we have so much more alien technology then them now" said Gargoyle in a soothing voice.

The recruit nodded, and held his dogtags tightley around his hand, grasping a letter from his mom.

He was not happy, he was not sad, he just wanted to get out of here. The empire recruits people everyday, but some people get drafted. This recruit was drafted. He was scared.

The Pelican lands not a moment after they finished their conversation, now it was game time. The recruit shook his head, and jumped off the pelican back. He holstered the sniper and pistol that was given to him by a couple marines. "Spartans first" they also say. Their just scared too, nobody wants to be in this war, they just want to win and get it over with.

Gargoyle and the recruit jump in the chain gun warthog and turn on the engine. A marine jumps in the gun and starts to do his "check list". Gargoyle, the recruit, and the marine set off to where the fighting is. They pass wraiths, ghosts, and revanents on the way, they even passed a scarab. The scarab was having a hard time, being that it is controlled by marines, getting up a mountain cliff. The warthog skidded to a stop, and they waited.

2 minutes until the attack

They waited, waited, waited. All R.E.D.Ds were in position, they were ready for anything, or as they thought. Two frigates appeared in the sky, double charging a MAC blast. The two MAC blasts tear through the scarab, the scarab fighting its way to survive, shoots a plasma cannon at the advancement of pelicans. Three pelicans go down in the process, while the only chance of the REDD's survival was being dealt with. The frigates buggered off, while the advancement of pelicans and hornets come in.

"Alright boys, Lock and Load!" screamed Gargoyle

The R.E.D.D's on the front line took aim and shot at the oncoming marines. Casualties ensued and the R.E.D.Ds looked had the uper hand. Then phantoms came over the cliff side, with a swarm of banshees. The banshees shot down the transport pelicans and all the marines started to jump out instead of going down with the ship. A transport pelican took a hit from a plasma bomb, starting spinning out control, flew right towards the front line.

"JUMP" screams Gargoyle, making the recruit fall out of the warthog, the pelican flew sideways into the warthog, exploding on contact. The recruit covered his head, shrapnel flying everywhere, explosions in the back of his mind, his head hurt. He looked back up, marines body decimated, warthog nowhere near where it was. BLUE troops advancing into their front line. They were losing.

The recruit gets up, ashes smudged onto his armor, he sees a BLUE troop aiming a gun at him. He remembers basic training, he was not dumb, he knew his stuff. Just scared.

The BLUE troop aimed his Battle Rifle at the recruits head, "FUCKING PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"
The recruit put his hands up, not for defeat, but to win. He slapped the Battle rifle out of his hands, BLUEs are tough, he knew, they stood up for something, he was just tougher. The battle rifle flew and hit a piece of the warthog's wheel. The BLUE was shocked, he thought he was the winner, he was actually the loser. The Redd recruit threw the first punch, it landed on the helmet, the blue visor cracked under the pressure of the hit.The BLUE soldier flew back from the force, the blue visor shards stuck in his eyes. He looks up to see the recruit taking a Battle Rifle to the head. Boom. Win...

Gargoyle shook his head, and started to get up. The recruit held out his hand, Gargoyle grabbed it, he pulled his cammander up. They had a relationship. It was more than a partnership. Friendship...

"Shit, more transport pelicans, quick take that one" Gargoyle said.

The recruit aimed at the pelicans' window and shot. The bullet went sideways into the pelicans' window, obviously hitting, blood splattered the window. Not fatal.

The pelican' swung around, and the recruit took another shot, this one did not hit. He aimed one more time, into the pilot's eyes, and looked through the scope.

Gargoyle watched as his teamate, partner, recruit, friend got shredded into nothing. The blood splattered his visor, crimson red, different color than his armor. The bullets of the pelicans rotary machine gun was almost an advanced mechanism. Gargoyle did not care about how tough the machine was, he rolled away from his friend's shredded corspe, and aimed his Assult Rifle. The bullets left the chamber.

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Don't worry messi you will like te next chapter

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Ok now Im thinking I shouldn't have read this. Im worse then a 5 year old on Christmas eve when it comes to cliff hanger :( especially when I like it lol. James dont leave a brother hanging post it post it now lmao :D

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Arbiter the sangheili got out and lived didn't you read when he jumped to te ground. And yes I didn't really have a preset for what Time the story was going on. If I could geuss it's like halo 2 to halo 3 when the elites are on our team. You will find that later on...
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o i missed that part also... DANGIT!!!! no elites should ever survive!

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I could see myself saying that.....
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I would highly consider you proof read before you post... It has potential, but it's hard to get into when everything is all jumbled up. Same thing with Messi's story. You sometimes confuse present and past participles... This makes it a bit more difficult to read and halts the dynamic flow of words when reading...

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